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A Certain Missing Esper (Arc 4 Main Story)

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A Certain Missing Esper (Arc 4 Main Story) Empty A Certain Missing Esper (Arc 4 Main Story)

Post  Aleister Crowley on Wed Nov 06, 2019 9:04 am


Academy City's strongest Esper, Accelerator has been defeated and the cruel experiment known as Level 6 Shift has been halted thanks to the efforts of Misaka Mikoto and her friends. A tragedy has been averted and life has returned to normal.

"Stay away?" He forced a weak laugh. "You've gotta be kidding. I've got him right where I want him."

"I told you..." Guy's voice sounded cold and analytical and completely without pride. "I've figured you out.

He only caught a glimpse of Guy's right hand roaring towards his face, the fingers coiling into a fist at just the right moment, knuckles grinding into flesh and crunching against bone. He could taste blood, unconscious before he hit the ground.

Guy's hand shattered, his fractured arm breaking under the force of his punch. A split second later and the unconscious Esper's fist collided with his own head. Without the force of Accelerator's Vector Control driving it the blow had all the impact of a regular teenager's punch.

The boy who remained standing wasn't moving.

In fact, though his body remained upright, his expression was blank. His eyes were glassy.

He was unconscious. As though even now he was unwilling to accept the reality that his body has far surpassed is limits.

But that is not the end of the Science Side's sinister machinations. Countless other experiments are taking place throughout the city's dark underbelly.

In a room that was far more secluded than any other experimental ground Shinobu had ever known of, the source of that error laid peacefully dormant within the orange liquid-filled incubator tank it was connected to...

It was a small girl who appeared to be ten years old, though was in full likeliness only a few months old. This girl resembled quite strongly what Misaka Mikoto herself would have looked at her age.

Out of the mass-produced 20,000 Sisters, her serial number was 20,001.

But while the dark side of Academy City continues, a new threat lurks.

“Hey boss.” Itsuki sat atop the empty shipping container, swinging one leg over the side as he spoke into the cellphone. “I've got my report. Everything went as planned.”

Deep beneath the surface, in a place even the dark side cannot reach, an unknown enemy makes its first move.

This is the tale of when Magic and Science collide...

A Certain Missing Esper (Arc 4 Main Story) Arc_4_10

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Aleister Crowley
Aleister Crowley
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A Certain Missing Esper (Arc 4 Main Story) Empty Re: A Certain Missing Esper (Arc 4 Main Story)

Post  Aleister Crowley on Wed Nov 06, 2019 9:05 am

August 20th, 7:30 AM

Yamazaki Reina ran.

She ran even though her bare feet were aching and sore.

She ran even though her pounding heart and burning lungs begged her to stop.

She ran even though she was no longer sure if she was being pursued. The dread that chilled her veins like ice water kept her moving and she somehow felt that every glance over her shoulder might slow her down.

The thin, plastic-feeling hospital gown offered her little modesty and there was no chance she could blend into a crowd wearing it. Not that there were any crowds to blend in with here, anyway. She couldn't tell what was worse, the possibility of finding someone or the possibility of not finding anyone at all. It was chancing the possibility of safety against the very real risk of getting caught.

Where was she?

Why had she been taken?

Reina's chest gave out before her legs did and she slowed to a stop at the mouth of the alleyway and reached out to rest her weight against the rough concrete wall while she caught her breath. Even the dizziness wasn't enough to dull her fear completely though. She looked about with the quick, harried stare of a hunted rabbit.

She could hear people nearby.

The confusion rattling her mind spilled over and she dove into the light like taking a plunge into an ice cold swimming pool on a hot day. Without caring who she ran into Reina burst into the open street.


“Come on!”

“You're really asking for an arm wrestling match against someone with a broken arm?” Guy sighed, casting a sideways glance at the small girl at the edge of his desk. Rachel was grinning at him with a confident gleam in her eye, her elbow propped on the surface of the cluttered desk as she flexed her fingers.

“You can still use your other arm.”

“So you want me to use my weak side? You're really going all out, aren't you?” He lowered his eyelids in a wry look, as if to say 'are you kidding me?'

“If you're too chicken you can just admit defeat now and get it over with.” Rachel flicked the long tail of blonde hair over her shoulder with a haughty expression of pride and folded her arms. It seemed she had already embraced victory. That smug look seemed to spur something in Guy, or perhaps it was more accurate to say that it dissolved any remaining reservations he had.

“Fine. This side, though.” He tapped on the other side of his desk, nearest the wall to his small corner of the office. Rachel's beaming grin widened and she eagerly hopped around him, setting her elbow on the desk again. Guy opened a textbook in front of him and without taking his eyes off of it he offered his own hand for her to grasp.

“You're going to keep reading?”

“You got a problem with that, runt?”

“No, just don't go making excuses about 'being distracted' or whatever when I kick your ass.”

“Just start already...” He said impatiently. Guy felt her slender fingers clasp his hand tightly and her palm press against his. She was really giving it all she had but he was resisting easily.

“What gives!?” Rachel was grunting and groaning but his arm didn't budge as she leveraged her weight against it. In desperation, she grabbed hold with her other hand.

“That's cheating.” Guy told her, still not lifting his eyes from the book in front of him. “If you want I can just use one finger.” He waggled his index finger tauntingly in front of her face. Rachel puffed her cheeks and stepped back, releasing his hand.

“I don't need your charity. I'll beat you fair and square one of these days.” She pouted. “It's a trick, I know it is.”

“Trick, technique, it's the same thing, right?” The older boy rolled his wrist as he spoke in a disinterested tone. “It's not about how strong you are, it's about how you use it.”

“How's that any different from cheating?”

“It's only cheating if you get caught.” He spared her another quick glance as his lips peeled back in a mocking grin.

The blonde girl marched to the door and whirled, pointing accusingly at the young teacher sitting at a cramped desk by the back wall of the teacher's office. “I'll beat you one of these days! I'll figure out your tricks and crush you!”

“Sure, sure. Just don't let it go to your head when you do...” Guy waved her away with his good hand as he returned to his reading material.

Of all his students at the elementary school, Rachel Niwa was the one who most fit the category of 'problem child'. She was disruptive, barely paid attention in class and didn't get along with the other students. Truth be told, most of the other teachers had written the girl off as a lost cause.

She was also very bright.

Rachel excelled at English, among other subjects. Not surprising, given that her father was American. Though from what Guy could gather she rarely saw the man these days. She was another one of the city's infamous 'Child Errors'.

Perhaps that was why she spent so much time around Guy. It must have been reassuring to be able to speak her first language with someone else. He didn't mind. He found her particular brand of bratty behaviour kind of amusing. There was definitely some truth in the adage that teachers tended to prefer troublemakers.

Rachel wasn't a bad kid, he thought. She was definitely cheeky and maybe a little lazy, but she had a good heart and a sharp wit.


Index opened her emerald eyes to the rays of warm sunlight crossing her face. She groaned, blinking hazily and turning over in the futon. Her head of silver hair disappeared below the covers as she dragged them over herself and buried her face into the pillow.

An appetizing aroma reached her nostrils even through the sheets, however. Not just one, in fact. It was two. The delicate scent of macha green tea that was nearly overpowered by the far stronger smell of rich, dark coffee. Strange, it was rare that Touko woke up before her. And she hadn't heard the tell tale creak of the bathroom door opening.

Come to think of it, Touko didn't drink macha or coffee.

So where were those aromas coming from? Index sat up and wiped the sleeve of her pajamas across her eyes with a yawn before scanning her bleary eyes around the room. She blinked.



Three times.

The nun's shrill scream resonated through the thin-walled apartment at such a frequency there was a risk that the windows and even the bathroom mirror might break.

When the spiky-haired girl emerged from her substitute bedroom she was met with the sight of two strangers in her apartment living room. One, a tall and elegant looking girl with long, silky black hair and porcelain skin was perched atop her kitchen worktop with her legs crossed daintily. She resembled the kind of supermodel Idols one saw plastered across advertising billboards for high-end products. Across from her, with her legs stuffed under the low table of the kotatsu was a foreign girl with blonde hair and an expressive face with wide blue eyes. The way she smiled seemed at once mischievous and playful as she took a long sip of the cheap instant coffee sat in front of her.

“Good morning, Imagine Breaker.” The girl with sleek black hair and cunning look in her eyes spoke to Touko with a cool, husky voice. “We would have words with you.”
Aleister Crowley
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A Certain Missing Esper (Arc 4 Main Story) Empty Re: A Certain Missing Esper (Arc 4 Main Story)

Post  Kamijou Touko on Sat Nov 09, 2019 9:16 am

Oh, what a beautiful world. The skies were blue. The grass green. The flowers were blooming in a mandala of hundreds if not thousands of shining colours. It was warm, but not too warm. The wind was soft as it blew past the girl’s delicate legs, making her pure white summer dress dance. And the scent in the air was a truly wonderful one. Not only for the countless sensations offered by nature, but because his smell was perfectly mixed in.

Even now she had her arms wrapped around his torso, letting her right cheeks sink into his sturdy back. Closing her large and round eyes she would take in a deep breath of his wonderful scent, then only sighing in relief.

What a perfect moment it was.

And then the first shrill scream would create cracks.

The second would spread them.

The third would shatter the illusion entirely.

Torn out of her dream and pulled back into reality, ordinary highschool girl Kamijou Touko would find herself back in the comfortable makeshift bed that was her bathtub. However, she was not given any time to complain about the fact that this had been the very first time she had overcome the painful stiff back the usually uncomfortable bathtub had given her, thus actually allowing for her to sleep comfily and have a dream for the first time in over a week, as the nature of the screams would immediately force her heart into a racing state.

Grabbing the first thing her dizzy head identified as a functioning weapon, she would immediately storm the living room to protect a certain nun from whatever hideous threat had invoked these three cries of panic.


But what our battle cry screaming spiky haired heroine would find before her eyes wasn’t the oversized spider or 40+ years old panty thief she had expected. No, when the mixed aroma of macha and black coffee dug into her nose, she found two highly attractive women – who clearly both served as high-grade specimen of their respective niches – making themselves quite comfortable in her living room. However, that didn’t really change the fact that they had forced their way in in the first place.

Faced with these two threats of unknown nature, Kamijou Touko with her messier than usual spiky hair in her teddy bear ornamented pyjamas holding a nail clipper as though it was the most formidable katana forged by some ancient swords smith, was trying her hardest to appear like the head of the household one shouldn’t mess with.

Until, reality would find its way back to her.

«Good morning, Imagine Breaker. We would have words with you.»

This wasn’t going to end well, experience told her.
Kamijou Touko
Kamijou Touko
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A Certain Missing Esper (Arc 4 Main Story) Empty Re: A Certain Missing Esper (Arc 4 Main Story)

Post  Guy Li on Sat Nov 09, 2019 12:41 pm

"You can relax. We aren't here to start trouble." The girl with long dark hair gave a disarming smile and delicately sipped her green tea.

"Hey, Hana, are you sure she's the one? I mean..." The foreign girl gestured towards Touko as though asking her friend to take a look at the specimen in front of her. "She doesn't look that tough." She quickly turned her face towards her spiky-haired host and added; "No offense."

"It's not about her skill as a fighter." Hana corrected her friend. "Though from what I hear she's capable of holding her own." She set the cup of tea down on the kitchen worktop and bowed formally. "Please forgive my friend, she can be a little blunt." The blonde girl gave a cheerful, if slightly apologetic, wave from across the room. "My name is Tanimoto Hana and this is Alice Jacobs. I must apologise for our intrusion, we only wish to talk." She spoke with a confident, articulate manner to match her appearance.

Index meanwhile had been turning her head back and forth with saucer-wide eyes while the conversation unfolded around her. Fear had turned to confusion, which in turn had given way to irritation. Who were these people barging into her home? What gave them the right? Now they'd clearly indicated that they were not a threat she felt emboldened to say something.


Today was shaping up to be an easy day for Guy. He had a few classes and plenty of downtime to prepare for them. The 1st graders were easy enough to deal with. They were bubbly and playful and easy to please. The 2nd graders were a bit more of a handful, being noisy and excitable. He didn't have to worry about his 3rd of 4th grade classes this week and the 6th graders were on a field trip. That left the 5th grade, who were preparing for an end of unit presentation.

This meant that most of the class he'd just be answering questions about vocabulary and sentence construction while the students made their posters. In the meantime he entertained himself by playing target practice with folded paper airplanes and wadded cuttings from the posters.

His target was the blonde girl sat at the back of the class, gently snoring as she sprawled out in her seat. A ball of crumpled paper bounced off her nose onto the ground. The impact caused the girl to stir and she mumbled something and opened her eyes. Guy lazily plucked the next airplane in his salvo and tossed it with unerring precision. It sailed through the air and hit her in the forehead.

"What the hell?" She grumbled, still dazed from her nap.

"Ah. It's a moving target now. Things just got harder." Guy flicked a small wad of paper at her.

"I'm not an it, you jackass!" Rachel pouted.

"Careful with your language." Guy reprimanded her.

"You be careful where you're aiming! Besides, it's not like they can understand us." It was true enough, the other students were looking back and forth between them, muttering amongst one another as they tried to decipher what the two were saying in English.

"I'm aiming exactly where I intend to." Guy was already preparing his next projectile. Rachel clearly wasn't going to take this lying down because she picked up one of his spent munitions and launched it back at him with a smile. Guy deflected it with his hand and it hit one of the boys in the front row, sparking a cascade of mayhem that quickly spread through the classroom.

Not much studying got done that day.
Guy Li
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A Certain Missing Esper (Arc 4 Main Story) Empty Re: A Certain Missing Esper (Arc 4 Main Story)

Post  Kamijou Touko on Sun Nov 10, 2019 12:06 pm

It took Kamijou a while to adjust to the new situation. Her ‹demon sword› still in her hands, she would, however, eventually let her guard down – if only slightly – to listen what those two had to say.

«You say that, but first of all, you broke into my house! Second, what you’re saying clearly implies trouble no matter how much you sugar coat it! And third, you broke into my house and made yourself at home!»

She may have been an idiot, but not stupid. Words and phrases like ‹Imagine Breaker›, ‹she doesn’t look that tough› or ‹she's capable of holding her own› in combination with the fact that at least one of them was an obvious foreigner just didn’t signal any good developments in her world. In fact, experience immediately told her which road this was going to go down.

«Look, today is not the day! I don’t want to be thrown in another zombie apocalypse, gang war, evil Magician trying to capture a vampire, high profile assassin operation or angry mob chasing after an innocent cat type of incident! So, whatever it is! Find another person!!»

By the workings of these types of scenarios Kamijou Touko’s common mistake was getting caught up in the middle of it by letting it get to her in one way or the other. However, if she would slam the door shut before anything would happen, she hoped to – for once – prevent the point of getting deeply invested only to be thrown down a hellish roller coaster that’d eventually cost her the already brittle hope at passing the school year.

Oh right…

«Besides! I have make up classes to attend! So excuse me!»
Kamijou Touko
Kamijou Touko
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A Certain Missing Esper (Arc 4 Main Story) Empty Re: A Certain Missing Esper (Arc 4 Main Story)

Post  Guy Li on Sun Nov 10, 2019 1:38 pm

"Eeeeeh?" Alice cocked her head incredulously. "Hana, are you really sure it's her? Really, really sure?" Touko's reluctance was clearly defying her expectations.

"You haven't heard what we have to say and you're already dismissing us?" Hana combed her fingers through her hair and flicked the strands over her shoulder. "This isn't what I expected from you, Imagine Breaker." She shook her head. "Would you really turn your back on us if you knew it meant countless people were suffering just out of your sight because of it?" The tilt of her face and the way her eyes were lidded made it seem as though she was looking down on Touko. In reality she was scrutinizing the girl's reaction, reading the play of emotions on Touko's face.

This was Tanimoto Hana's way. She would not use threats or coercion. Those were brute force tools employed by thugs and the dim-witted. Her tools were more subtle. If she wanted someone to do something she would direct their will towards it, and in that way make it appear as though their wants coincided with her own. She would make them want to help her.
Guy Li
Guy Li
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A Certain Missing Esper (Arc 4 Main Story) Empty Re: A Certain Missing Esper (Arc 4 Main Story)

Post  Watabe Tsubasa on Wed Nov 13, 2019 2:45 pm

The alarm clock started ringing. A hand lazily reached out to shut it down for the 5th time this morning. After mumbling under her breath, face flat on top of the pillow, the reality struck Watabe like a jolt of lightning.

“Oh fuck! This is baaaaaaad. I’m late to the final rehearsing.”

Watabe shot up from the bed, took a quick shower, brushed her teeth, hastily wore a pair of jeans, converse shoes, a tank top, and a biker jacket.

As per usual, she forgot to brush her dark brown hair.

Nonetheless, before leaving the house, no matter how in a hurry she was, she had a daily ritual she had to do.

She sat in a corner of the dining room, in front of a picture of a certain someone, and gave her prayers.

As she got up and was about to exit the apartment---

Take care Tsu-chan. Today is going to be hectic.




She could swear she heard a voice talking to her… his voice.

“Heh… I’m going nuts...”, she chastised herself as she ruffled her already messy hair.

She glanced at her clock one last time.

“AAAAH! The coach is gonna tear me a new one!”

She quickly put her helmet and gloves on, rode her bike and accelerated. She was dashing between the cars. The wind was hitting her face, playing with her hair, and she let herself enjoy the feeling of freedom for a moment.

A huge grin unintentionally found its way to her lips.

She was enjoying her moments of bliss when a silhouette suddenly emerged from the shadows of a dark alleyway.

Caught by surprise, she didn’t have many options. Had she been driving slowly, she probably would have handled this better. But alas, Watabe wasn’t the careful type of driver.

Immediately hitting the breaks at her speed would result in a big crush and certain death, either hers or whoever was in her way. She was wiser than to do that. So instead, she swiftly avoided the obstacle in front of her, by changing directory completely, and then stopping. Thankfully, there were no cars coming from the opposite way.

The tires did leave marks on the road though. A black arc. The stinking odor of burnt rubber could be smelt in the air.

That was so close!, She couldn’t help but scream internally.

But such instances weren’t something new to her. And she prided herself on her ability to adapt to abrupt situations like this on the road.

She was curious however, to see who would be throwing themselves ahead like this without checking the road.

They were either suicidal or complete morons.

Or maybe both.

She hopped down from her motorbike, and headed towards the person, who, once getting closer, noticed is actually a girl.

But there were many odd things about her.

To begin with, she was in a hospital gown?! Besides, she was so pale, and breathing so heavily, as if she had been running from a ghost. Her eyes weren't focusing, she seemed distracted by something. But the biker girl had no way of knowing what exactly.

It was still morning, and the day was already starting to smell of trouble and weirdness. However, Watabe couldn’t let the uneasiness affect the first impression she had to give. She decided to head towards the girl with confident and steady steps. Also she felt kind of guilty. What happened just now was probably going to traumatize the poor kid for a while.

She started speaking while removing her helmet, and smiling in her usual charming way, as a way to reassure the girl in front of her:

“Heyyyyy, sorry about that, should’ve been more careful. You okay?”

A Certain Missing Esper (Arc 4 Main Story) TAWVTmt
Watabe Tsubasa
Watabe Tsubasa

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A Certain Missing Esper (Arc 4 Main Story) Empty Re: A Certain Missing Esper (Arc 4 Main Story)

Post  Saito Hirashi Yesterday at 1:49 pm

It was morning, the sun was up in the sky and its radiance beamed down towards the earth, through a window, and between the curtains of a certain esper, stabbing his eyes with far too many rays of light to remain comfortably in bed. Hirashi rolled sideways off his bed and probed around his desk for his glasses while simultaneously moving his feet around to locate his slippers. The rest of the usual morning activities, teeth brushing, body washing, and breakfast eating, shortly followed.

Whilst munching away on some toast, Hirashi thought about his plan for the day. He had nothing of importance to do today, that gave Hirashi an odd feeling, like a cold shard lodged in his chest. The violent and strange events which had happened a few days prior was still fresh in his mind and stranger still is his cold indifference to it all, a feeling of disconnect between Hirashi and the emotions he should be feeling. Was it because of his brain is still attempting to acknowledge all that has happened? Or was it because he wanted all this from the start?

Hirashi closed his eyes and finished the rest of his toast with a giant bite. His thoughts were getting far too heavy for his liking, Hirashi loved investigating the mysteries of the world, but he felt delving too deep into his own head will not be a pleasant experience, and should be left to another day. Hirashi glanced out the window, it was bright and the sun was burning with the utmost enthusiasm.

“A walk would be nice…”

Hirashi decided that catching some sunlight may help chase away the dark clouds lingering over his head and headed on out. The pavement was radiating heat despite it being early in the morning. Hirashi enjoyed the warmth as he made his way down the street towards the park but the heat on his skin did little to chase away the cold feeling in his chest. Perhaps he will spend a few hours watching the customers of the convenience store across the road from it and practise his deduction, maybe that will take his mind off of things.

The roar of a motorcycle above the usual hum of traffic caught Hirashi’s ear and his eyes flicked to it, the sight of a girl, hair absolutely ruffled by the wind and grinning like a mad person on her bike, rushed down the road. Inexplicably drawn to this peculiar sight, Hirashi’s eyes followed this strange girl and observed her near collision with another strange girl who, with little regard for her safety, lept out of an alleyway just a few meters in front of him.

The second girl looked younger, and was dressed in a flimsy hospital gown, no shoes. Her breathing was erratic and her muscles were tensed. Her eyes were darting all over the place, and she was as pale as a sheet. It did not take a Sherlock Holmes to deduce that she was being pursued.
“But by who? Her hospital gown should be a dead tell, it was not something which one can pick up from a shopping trip at Seventh Mist. Most likely she was already once captured and escaped during or shortly after transit to a secondary location…”

The spark of curiosity, as usual, overpowered any notion of self preservation within Hirashi and he made his way towards the two girls. The allure of a mystery, the promise of a chase to unveil the truth. The cold feeling in his chest dissipated, replaced by an electrifying sense of anticipation. Hirashi smiled, and for the first time after the events in that impoundment lot.

He felt alive.

“Aah, oh my word! Are the two of you alright?”

Putting on a worried looking face, Hirashi jogged towards the two girls.
Saito Hirashi
Saito Hirashi

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A Certain Missing Esper (Arc 4 Main Story) Empty Re: A Certain Missing Esper (Arc 4 Main Story)

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