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Between the lines (Arc 4 Side Story)

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Between the lines (Arc 4 Side Story) Empty Between the lines (Arc 4 Side Story)

Post  Leivinia Birdway on Sat Nov 09, 2019 10:31 pm

Between the lines (Arc 4 Side Story) Arc_4_14
August 20th, 12:30 A.M.

It was a usual night. A couple of minutes ago the clock had struck midnight. London, being one of the world’s largest metropolis, however, was still pulsating like the heart of the country. People were out on the streets, walking, driving, riding as passengers or simply loitering. Even though many stores had already shut their doors, countless establishments would still attempt to lure in customers.

And yet among that bustling normalcy, there was this odd isolated spot right at the heart of it all. An area devoid of all life. Entirely abandoned by the natural flow of things. As though something was driving the people away.

About 20 minutes ago the first alarm bell had been rung. Soon after more followed. The source and centre of the incident being the British Library. While to the public there was seemingly no special merit to the place other than some antique books stored away in its basement, those living in the dark corners of the country knew way better: Given that the entire United Kingdom was dyed in the colours of Magic, the vast collections of knowledge locked up behind these walls could easily surpass any nuclear arsenal anywhere on the globe.

Thus, when the bell had been rung, the official forces would not hesitate to move. Special personnel has been sent. First the guards then higher classes. However, ever since nothing had been heard or seen. No trace of anything going on. Only silence. Until…


A large explosion reverberated from inside the building.


Shortly after another.

Something was surfacing. And as it did the dire circumstances were clear as day.

«The perimeter has been cleared. There is no word from the guards or the first attack team. Seems like the party’s going to blow up for real now!»

By nature the Anglican Church had been the first to move in an incident related to Magic. Among the three powers ruling the kingdom they clearly were the one with the greatest interest in maintaining the balance of the magic world and thus protecting the forbidden knowledge of falling into the wrong hands.

However, even they had taken their time to gather their assets. Using whatever forces found nearby they had only just dispatched another group jumbled together out of whoever had been free and sent them straight for the main entrance of the national library.

«You, try’n track down the intruder. I’ll see what I can dig out in the meantime.»

A laid back chewy voice was speaking to them through a communications charm replacing the inferior technology that was a radio.

«Ah right…good luck everyone! And don’t die, ok?»

Due to the chaotic circumstances there hadn’t been any proper information yet. All contact to the other team and the guards had been lost. It was a black box. And they no longer had any time to prepare. It was time to go. Now, what would their first move be?
Leivinia Birdway
Leivinia Birdway

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Between the lines (Arc 4 Side Story) Empty Re: Between the lines (Arc 4 Side Story)

Post  Saravati Nair on Mon Nov 11, 2019 3:49 am

August 20th, 12:50 AM

Sara could hardly call herself a delinquent. She was definitely out on the streets of London late at night, but she could hardly call herself a delinquent. After all, she may live in a women’s dorm, but the dorm enforced no curfew as it was one that housed people of many ages from old to young working in a somewhat professional setting.

In other words, as true as it was that she was out late at night after even the last of the trains in the Underground had finished running, she was not breaking any rules, and was, thus, not a delinquent.

“Haaaaahn~” The girl covered her yawn with her left hand as she closed her eyes stretched up into the air with her right arm, shaking up the fabric of her clothes near her shoulder slightly. Despite the late night chill, the girl was still seemed to be quite comfortable in her sundress held up by thin straps around her neck and shoulders. The messenger bag strapped around her left shoulder threatened to drop  to the side as the strap began to slip downwards.

As much as one would think that the girl was out too late at night, one would be more accurate to chalk such a thing out to pure planning. She had gone out for a night of prayer at one of the many temples littering the East Ham area and subsequently decided to splurge by eating out. She was always a bit of a frugal girl, which Akash noted to be a bit of a cultural thing that didn’t change despite her isolated upbringing, but her pay grade was still pretty solid—at least enough that she could go out and splurge far more often than she did.

Needless to say, it was meant to be a pretty eventless night aside from the fact that she could no longer take public transport back to the dorms.

“…” Her left eye opened as a voice relaying orders echoed throughout her ears and her left hand moved from its position in front of her mouth, placing her index and middle finger in front of the tragus of her ear.

“I see. A hunt has begun.”

The girl looked around the streets as she groped around the contents of the bag at her hip. At her fingertips, she could feel a wide variety of jewelry and flowers sitting inside, along with other contents like knives and a hammer.

London may have still been active in parts, but in the area of East Ham, Sara could honestly say it resembled a ghost town that night. Still, it wouldn’t hurt just to move into a corner. As she did, she placed on herself seven water lilies and as she finally stopped, she adorned herself with a pair of  fingerless gloves, a pair of bracelets, a necklace, and a headdress, all made of gold. Even though her outfit seemed almost mismatched, it didn’t matter.

“Yes, I’m set~” The combat-ready girl said as she let down the flap of her bag but kept it unlatched.

Without a moment’s hesitation, the girl jumped up onto the roof of the nearest building before heading across roofs and streets towards the direction of the British Library.

“This is Nair. I can be in the vicinity in 4 minutes. What’s the current status on the intruder and his whereabouts? Any idea on what his objective was?”

For the time being, she needed to gather as much intelligence as possible. It would be poor form to run in without any knowledge. She may have been fast, but she would be useless if she had nothing to work on.
Saravati Nair
Saravati Nair

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Between the lines (Arc 4 Side Story) Empty Re: Between the lines (Arc 4 Side Story)

Post  Vita Vesta Caesar on Fri Nov 15, 2019 8:56 am

London, land of the Anglican cross. It was far too late in the evening for any person possessed of a respectable job to be out and about. Those who persisted in their activities despite the late hour were invariably young men and women enjoying the nightlife of the city, or else individuals using the cover of darkness to carry out actions of ill repute, such that could never pass so easily during the illumination of the day.

Needless to say, a young girl not even of the age to enter high school held no place in either such category. Too young to be accepted by that community of hedonists who sold their rest for pleasure, and too inexperienced to serve as anything but a victim in those ill-mannered dealings which found shelter 'neath the light of the moon, the place she belonged was only at home, resting in bed and conserving her energy for the next day.



Nonetheless, long past the setting of the sun, a young girl who offers no name but Vita 'Vesta Caesar' received a certain message from a certain emergency channel.

Surrounded by a group of men who obviously outclassed her in size, strength, and seniority all, she stood docilely in an alleyway far removed from the illuminating shine of the streetlights of the main road. At a glance, one could that they weren't simple thugs, but they lacked the imposing presence of true professionals. Second-rate criminals whose ranks were made up of the likes of swindlers and career robbers. But to a girl as young as her, such a distinction hardly mattered. Rather than enjoying the nightlife, it was clear she was involved in far less savory matters. As if unaware of that, she innocently inclined her head upwards as if in thought; perhaps craning her neck to catch sight of the moon.

"So, what now?" The man - second of a trio - spoke with a clear eagerness in his voice. He seemed unaware of their young companion's preoccupation.


Vita, as if unaware of her predicament, seemed to show no response to the men's excitement. On a closer inspection, however, faint signs could be seen. An ever-so-slightly crumpled brow, perhaps a faint glimmer in her eye. Noticing those minor signs, the men became agitated.

The British Library isn't far. I could make it easily. But considering their seeming lack of coordination, even if I ignore it, I might be able to skip out... No, but properly assisting would help considerably in accumulating merit...

With a sigh, Vita at last addressed the men surrounding her, whose confusion had only increased as she maintained her silence.

"We'll have to continue this later."

Casually escaping the encirclement, Vita began walking away from the trio and out towards the main street. And yet they offered no response, giving merely a shouted "Wait!" that they soon recognized was futile.

Certainly, Vita was entangled in the seedy underbelly of the city.

---But that didn't mean that the position she held was that of a victim.

In a city as large, old, and urban as London, not even the best and most draconian of police forces can completely stamp out crime. And though at the time she held a very different position than she did now, her time living on the streets of her home city of Rome had acquainted herself very well with their workings, an understanding which was only built upon by her later experiences in the Roman Catholic Church and with Necessarius.

Two-bit thugs and gang members were numerous, but they cycled in and out of prison, were untrustworthy, generally lacked in capability, and seldom stuck around long. Meanwhile, those legitimate professionals would never prowl the street, and associating with them would cost far more than Vita was willing to offer with her hands to joined to Necessarius. Their actions were too high-profile to pass muster.

But men like those she had been meeting when the emergency assistance request had been sent out were perfect. Career criminals, people who knew what they were doing well enough to stick it out in the long haul without being caught, whose actions were low-profile enough to not draw attention from the authorities, they were largely ignored in favor of bigger fish and easier bites. As a result, they were the perfect targets to form connections with, and then be used for a grand variety of purposes.

But Vita, having been interrupted by the emergency transmission during the middle of a discussion just three such individuals, had after that made her way to the front of the British Library where she received a more detail briefing on the situation inside.

"I know death traps are par for the course with us, but this really takes the cake..."

Despite her complaints, she was ready to move at a moment's notice, waiting only for the arrival of her fellow unfortunate compatriots. In the meantime, she paid close attention to the comms, eager to gain any and all information she could.

Slacking off might very well prove the death of her, after all.
Vita Vesta Caesar
Vita Vesta Caesar

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Between the lines (Arc 4 Side Story) Empty Re: Between the lines (Arc 4 Side Story)

Post  Atsa Tsinaajinii on Sat Nov 16, 2019 8:12 am

"Dinner is ready! Sorry its so late"

The those words echoed out of the shaman's mouth movement erupted all around him as a number of animals seemed to peek out of every nook and cranny. A German Shepherd, an American Pit Bull Terrier, a black cat, and a few birds of varying species moved from their resting positions throughout the room and moved towards the small table at the center of the room were Atsa had begun unpacking the bags he had brought in with him. The birds had landed on the table and had already begun pecking at a small sealed container that the shaman had already unpacked while the dogs moved around the boy's chair sniffing towards the top of the table shaking the table slightly in the process. Meanwhile the black cat had managed to climb its way up to the boy's shoulder while it started to become more and more difficult to unpack the food as the small table had become significantly crowded.

It appeared as if all the animals were all going to make a mad dash for the food any second and Atsa was going to get caught up in the chaos he had accidentally started. Yet just as the situation was about to reach a tipping point until a high pitching short screech echoed out from one of the shelf towards the right side of the room as the bird sitting on the shelf opened it mouth and extend it wings before taking off and landing on top of the bags on the table. After the landing, the golden eagle released a few more short high pitched screeches and in response the rest of the animals immediately seemed to back down. The eagle was Atsa first pet and partner in crime and when it came to animal hierarchy in the dorm this bird stood at the top of it.

The shaman sighed with relief as the situation was diffused and returned to unpacking the food. The animals which had been on the verge of a riot just a few minutes before had seemingly calmed down and patiently waited for the food to be served as they were watched by the eagles watchful eyes. The only animal that didn't really change its behavior was the black cat, which had chosen to stay hanging about on Atsa's shoulder. After all the pet food contained in the bags had been unpacked the bowls were collected and filled with along with the bird feeders. As the rest of the animals began their meal Atsa returned to preparing his own dinner but not before putting out some rabbit meat for the golden eagle.

Unfortunately, the universe had no intention of letting him have his dinner as only a few moment later the call from the Anglican Church came in. For a moment, Atsa wished that he had been out of the country on some mission where his meal wouldn't have been interrupted but he wasn't so after a short pause the boy would run over to his bed and grab the bag that had been sitting on it.

"I've got to run! Don't break into the food bags while I'm gone!"

With that said the shaman dashed out the door and began to make his way towards the library as quickly as he could. Meanwhile the rest of his pets returned to their meals except for the eagle, which quickly took flight and followed Atsa out of the building. It didn't take him long to reach the front of the library after he took a short stop to cast the spell needed to assume the attributes of his spirit animal but he was still a bit out of breath upon his arrival shortly before the blonde haired girl made her comment about death traps and cake.

"They chose an awful hour to attack as well. Would've appreciated it if they had been polite enough to choose an earlier hour for this death trap of theirs instead of ruining my dinner along with my sleep. Anyways, you must be the other poor soul the Church managed to drag into this mess last minute. My name's Asta, could you tell me yours?"
Atsa Tsinaajinii
Atsa Tsinaajinii

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Between the lines (Arc 4 Side Story) Empty Re: Between the lines (Arc 4 Side Story)

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