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[SNPC/Regular] Kaede Faye

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[SNPC/Regular] Kaede Faye

Post  Haragi Faye on Fri Feb 08, 2013 7:42 pm

FULL NAME: Kaede Faye
AGE: 20
GENDER: Female
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Kaede's golden hair, extending just past her waist, is her prime physical trait that proves to steal all the eyes of other guys attracted to her. Her orange eyes declares her innocence along with the patch of a rosebud she wears as a hair accessory. Her clothing differs from time to time, for the purpose of trying to seduce her brother.

INFORMATION: Kaede was the first child born to Hanaka and Yulus Faye. After saving a frightened cat from a tree, she developed a urge to save lives through one way or another. Haragi Faye was born 4 years after her own birth. At the age of 10, her father was declared as MIA while away working on a research project which put great stress and depression towards her mother. This enabled Kaede to take responsibility of taking care of her family by cooking, cleaning, and even doing laundry.

During the age of 11, Kaede partook in the Power Curriculum Program but however failed to show any significance in her developing Personal Reality. She was slated as a Level 0, people who may or may not be able to show potential in having esper powers. However, her goal was not to achieve a high level esper power, rather to help others. She wanted to become a specialist in the medical field, where that way she could save lives from people with fatal disease.

As Kaede had turned 15, her brother entered the Power Curriculum Program only to achieve Level 1 status which meant he displayed a esper power unlike she once did. There was no sign of envy, but growth in her attraction towards him. Eventually, Kaede ran her Level status test once more, to show signs of a potential esper power. She had reached Level 1 by the time her brother had already attained Level 2. Her Esper power was called "Blood Control". She was able to increase/decrease the rate of blood flow by a small amount from interaction within a certain area of the human body part. This also showed that she would become of some use in the medical field.

However one day, she heard of her brother's harsh actions by his esper powers. He managed to kill a cat underneath the confusion he was in. Kaede had been struck with uncertainty of what her brother was turning out to be. A few days later, her brother came home with several Academy City Officials with the news of the death of her mother. The murderer was none other than her own brother. They had also said it was not under the influence of his own will, but his uncontrollable esper powers.

After that day, Haragi started to attend a different private school that Kaede had no knowledge of. It would be obvious that she was struck with grief due to the death of her mother, but she knew her brother needed love to calm himself down from any further event like before from happening. That was why she chose to fall in love with him.

After turning 20, she managed to reach Level 2 status with her esper ability being able to control the production of proteins, growth of cells, and even stability of blood flow. She was enrolled into a Life Sciences University, being able to pursue her dream of saving other people's lives. Haragi Faye, on the other hand, returned to a regular high school achieving Level 4 unbelievably from attending the private school he was in for 3 straight years.

When she was 19, an Academy Official had come to speak with Kaede about a certain project that needed her esper power to maintain. This had been during the time of a financial crisis, being slowly drained of her financial support. With the promise of being paid highly and possibly saving lives by doing so, she accepted without her brother's knowledge. The Academy City Official emphasized to keep this project underground, calling it the "Radio Noise" Project.

Kaede became a Medical Researcher assistant working part-time under her senior and mentor, Yoshikawa Kikyou. Genetic Cloning of the Level 5 Electromaster was the main desire of this project, but for what reason, she did not know. But she did know that the research division needed her for this project to accelerate the growth of these clones and prevent any irregularities from occurring.

Kaede can be described as a intelligent, purehearted and kind minded girl. However she is pure hearted to an extent. Her perverted side comes to life whenever she goes for the opportunity of attempting to seduce her brother into loving her. She also excels at making food solely for her brother. She clearly has feelings for her brother. Her beauty extends to other guys in her university to which she had received many love confessions and rejected. She kept her purity only for the time when her brother will realize her love for him. Kaede also dreams of becoming a doctor like the Heaven Canceler who's able to save lives on the verge of death. She is in no way violent or in support of fighting, being a pacifist like her father once was. Other than that, she tries her best to keep her brother in care, trying to replace both her mother and father for him.

Level 2 Blood Control: Kaede can use her personal reality to control the flow of blood of a person towards the area she touches with the tip of her fingers. She's able to stop blood clots, control the rate of protein production, or even support cell growth for organ repair. Kaede has the potential of healing wounds within a reduced amount of time, or even prevent blood loss. Kaede could also be able to sense any disturbance within the human body such as diseases, or unwanted chemicals through the controlled flow of blood.

FACE CLAIM: Cule Zeria from Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai.

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Re: [SNPC/Regular] Kaede Faye

Post  Guy Li on Sun Feb 10, 2013 11:43 am

Character Approved.

I'll bug Touko to move it to the appropriate section.
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