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[Esper] Hujisaka Natsumi

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[Esper] Hujisaka Natsumi

Post  Hujisaka Natsumi on Mon May 06, 2013 6:50 pm

Hujisaka Natsumi

Hujisaka Natsumi, Level 4 Ignikinesis

"Are your ears plugged or are you simply retarded?"

Additional Quotes:
Right, right, I understand. (I don't care but I guess I won't mention that.)”

“You have the right to talk, I have the right to not listen to you.”

“Cuteness is relative, so no, I don't think that stop-at-the-ass miniskirt looks cute, Jun.

FULL NAME: Hujisaka Natsumi
OTHER ALIAS: "Firestarter".
CURRENT AGE: 15 years old
GENDER: Female
OCCUPATION: Student affiliated with Academy City's Dark Side.
SCHOOL: Tokiwadai Middle School.

APPEARANCE: She is a middle-schooler with past-weight long chocolate hair and cold honey-coloured eyes. As a child, she used to wear her hair in twintails with ribbons though now she rarely does so, much preferring having her hair down or in various other styles.

HEIGHT: 160 cm
WEIGHT:  41kg


Aloof: She is emotionally and physically distanced from others and usually will not talk to other people unless needed. Some exceptions may arise with certain people where she'll find herself to be more at ease when talking to them.

Cynical: She doesn't believe in the sincerity of human motives and will often call people who do either 'naive' or 'plainly stupid'. Due to this, she has an uncanny hate for any kind of 'heroes of justice'.

Frank: Despite having some problems to communicate with others, she has a tendency to bluntly state what she's thinking and rarely even thinks of a nicer way to put it.

Reliable Mischievous Troll: Around certain people, she find herself greatly amused by annoying them. However, when shove comes to push, she is a pretty reliable friend who you can talk to even if she won't mind her words.

Rational Observer: She is called an “Observer" due to her habit of observing how others interact with each other. In serious situations, she will use this to know what to do next, but in more common situations, it's more due to her personality over anything.


Sweets: She has additional stomachs for her sweet-tooth and rarely ever eats anything other than sweets in midday.

Games: She sometimes play games in-between classes though she doesn't have either the time or will to play outside of classes.

Down-to-earth persons: She can't stand superficial people.


Liars: Originally having some trust-issues, as she is not able to trust someone properly before a while, she hates being lied to in an important manner and ends up never trusting recurrent liars.

Hypocrites: She despises hypocrite but can shown to be one herself.

Losing: She is a sore loser with somewhat of an inferiority complex


As an observer, she tends to think rationally and with a certain degree of maturity. Though on some occasions, she can be shown to drop both of them as well as her status of observer to stand up for what she believes in and show a somewhat childish attitude at times. She is both strong and weak-minded at times.

She also has vague versatile knowledge in a lot of domains, going from coding to make-up (although she only uses this on others) due to the amount of boredom she constantly tries to relieve.

However, this 'versatile knowledge' skill wouldn't even classify as average, as she can be prompt to quickly lose interest in whatever she's currently doing.


Natsumi is poor at social interaction with others, usually she leaves herself out of discussions due to being completely lost. She also suffers of a light case of Haphephobia and Gymnophobia, being uncomfortable with either skin contact or nudity from both genders.

She is very stubborn, and usually needs a fair amount of time before starting to agree, though she can also be a sore loser with an inferiority complex.

Aside from her school rules, she usually doesn't abide by any rules, going as far as not paying for stuff she doesn't consider 'useful' such as vending machines. Accompanying her, rather blunt personality, she can also be awfully impolite towards people, showing respect towards only one teacher.

HISTORY: Natsumi was born in Japan, but was brought to Europe on a year long trip as a child along with her parents and her two sisters, her twin and elder sister. However, they were involved in a traffic accident after returning to Japan that killed their parents, leaving the three children to the one of their relatives. Natsumi however grew to hate the household, as they were close-minded people that put unwanted priority on children they thought was worth competing against the children of other relatives.

One could say that the childhood of those three girls was normal, but it was filled with stress and specific expectations for the twins, who were both getting along quite well and often agreeing on things. After hearing of a city where students of any age lived alone, Natsumi bargained to be transferred to Academy City, as she was Japanese anyway. At first, her relatives were reluctant at sending her in Academy City for various reasons, even considering sending her to a normal school instead, until Natsumi pushed the button a bit too much and they agreed in exasperation.

Three years after arriving at Academy City at the age of eight, without her siblings, while lost she met a childish woman called Miyako. Though it could be questioned why a woman would spend so much time with a child, they got along pretty well so they would often talk to each other until Natsumi's first year at Tokiwadai where she was requested to help Miyako with a “job”, at the time unknowingly being blackmail material and manipulated into working for the dark side as well. She doesn't resent Miyako for dragging her into this as she lives a... rather interesting existence, but she hasn't forgiven her either.

RANK: Freelance

LEVEL: Level 4


She can generate fire by exciting or speeding up an object's atoms, increasing their thermal energy and making it ignite. She is also able to do the same with air particles, which is pretty useful against wind users.

Due to the habit of Espers to always rely on their powers, she takes extra care as to not rely on her ability to attack too much. Instead she favours using it in more intelligent ways.


Thermal Manipulation

Natsumi is capable of altering and manipulating the kinetic energy in atoms, and can heat object until they combust or melt. She does have high thermal resistance but her skin isn't fireproof

Flame Aura

She can also surround herself with an aura of fire, which she uses as a 'protection aura' by solidifying the fire around her, though she manages to make it invisible to the naked eye. She usually sets up her Flame Aura all the time at the price of naturally having a body heat that is higher than the norm.

This doesn't serve any actual use beyond things like preventing small stuff from getting in her eyes, or warming up in winter.


She is decent at handling guns, but utterly sucks with long-ranged weapons.


From travelling as a child and her classes in Tokiwadai, aside Japanese, she can speak fluently English, French, Spanish and Arabic. She can also read Chinese to a certain extent though she isn't able to speak it and is currently learning Russian.


Theme: A World is Born (Umareochiru Sekai) – Little Busters! Original Soundtrack

Neutral Theme: The Afternoon Streets (Twilight Town ~ Sora) – Kingdom Hearts II OST

Fighting Theme: watch out! – Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo Original Soundtrack

Sad Theme: Till The End of Time – Stefan Grossmann

PLAYER'S NAME: Hujisaka Natsumi.
FACE CLAIM: Hujisaka Natsumi - Original Character. Drawn by 'Warrior known as Best Friend' © 2013

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Hujisaka Natsumi
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Test Post

Post  Hujisaka Natsumi on Mon May 06, 2013 7:32 pm

Hm, I hope I'm good with the character application...

Anyways, here's my test-post!


It was the dead of the night, normally, students would already be fast asleep by now.

A boy was running around the Switchyard of the 17th District, he has been running for 10 minutes now, he was being pursued.

"Can you not make me lose my time? I'm going to catch up with you anyway, so just give up already.." The pursuer said, while peacefully walking.

The pursuer had a feminine voice, so the boy guessed that she was a girl, she didn't sound old either..

The girl did not need to raise her voice that much for him to hear what she was saying, aside from the footsteps, there was no noise in the Switchyard.

The boy turned to face his pursuer.
She held a gun in her right hand, and looked bored to no end.

He decided to face her, as he thought that if he continued running away, he would get tired eventually, and she would catch up with him.

"D-Don't underestimate me, I am a Level 3 Cryokinetic!" The boy yelled, hoping to scare the girl away.
But the only thing she answered was "Oh, really..".
He assumed she thought he was bluffing, so he gathered his hands together.

"Haha ... You really shouldn't underestimate me." He had regained confidence due to a belief.
He then put his hands in front of him, as if pushing something.
An ice tiger leaped from his hands.

"..What, a Cryokinetic Construction.." She sighed.
The tiger was running towards her, but she didn't budge an inch, she was ready to face it on.

As the tiger leaped on her..
That's when the boy's belief was shattered
He had believed that she was a Level 0 since most Espers would have already used their powers, they wouldn't even consider holding a gun.

The girl took the gun in her left hand, as she was right-handed, she would have more accuracy with her right one.
She extended her palm, and from it, a fireball flew out and headed for the tiger, destroying it.

The fire had created light for a moment, so the boy was able to see her during that moment.
He couldn't before, as he was running away, and it was too dark to see something.
The girl had past-waist brown hair, and honey-colored eyes.
And the uniform she was wearing was the Tokiwadai Middle School's uniform.

(..Wait, wasn't Tokiwadai an elite all-girls school? I heard they only took Espers from Level 3 and higher, and it even caused an international incident when they refused to admit a girl from a royal family.... Don't tell me that girl is actually damn strong?!!)

The boy was paralyzed at the fact that his ice tiger had been destroyed.

(W-why ... is she after me..?)
He considered asking her, but he assumed that she would not answer.

"Hey.." The girl called out.

"Can we finish this now..?"

She took her gun back in her right hand, and started raising it, pointing the gun towards the boy.

"W-wait!! I don't understand why you're after me!!" The boy shouted in despair as he tried to save himself

"Orders. It's not as if I actually had fun doing this, you know..." She answered back coldly.

The girl figured that if he had to die, he could at least know why, even if it was quite a stupid reason...

"Well ... I guess this ends it."


She pulled the trigger.


The girl sighed, this was the seventh time of the week she had to do something like this.

"Talk about extra work ... Why the hell should I do that woman's dirty work.." She complained.

The extra work she was talking about referred to a 'Mission' as the person who gave it to her would call it.
She had received a message earlier that day, saying that there was someone who had to be eliminated this night.

(I've been having those nighttime mission a lot lately ... I haven't gone back to the dorm for four days ... The Dorm Supervisor is so gonna kill me...)

The girl was deep in thought at how to deal with her supervisor

Abruptly, her phone rang, she took the phone out of her jacket's pocket and stared at the displayed number

(..What ... What does she want now ...)

As much as she didn't want to take the call, she had to.

As soon as she put her ear to the phone, a voice could be heard.

"My, thanks for your extra work, Natsumi-chan."

It was an older woman's voice.

"I thought I told you not to call me that, also, if you recruited some new girls to do your dirty work, why'd you send me out?"

"Well, they are new recruits, so they wouldn't understand what to do yet ... Besides, you are the only recruit in Japan, Natsumi-chan."

"Then, could you consider recruiting Japanese persons? I'm not gonna take care of every single one of your missions in Japan.."

"That's what makes you unique, Natsumi-chan!"

The woman on the other side of the line was named Hisakawa Miyako.

What she had meant by 'recruits' was that she would go around the world, looking for young people to 'recruit' and fight against what she called "darkness".

She had claimed that to fight darkness, you needed darkness.

After she had met her first recruit, Natsumi, she got her enrolled in Academy City, and left.
The only way to reach her, was by phone.

Natsumi had never met the other recruits, as they were in different countries, and since enrolling into the Academy City, she had never left Japan.

Natsumi sighed, it didn't seem like Hisakawa would give up on the "-chan" any time soon.

"Now, can you explain to me what was that?"

"What was what?" Hisakawa feigned ignorance.

"That 'intruder', didn't seem like anyone suspicious, why'd you tell me to get rid of him?"

"Oh my, have you gotten soft-hearted?"

"No way in hell, now hurry up and tell me, if I don't get back to the dorm tonight, I'm going to lose my neck here."

"Aah~ Youth, such a good period in life, reminds me of whe-"

"I'm hanging up."

"Okay, okay ... I'll tell you, but before that, what do you think my reason was? I'm curious."

"Let's see.... Randomly picking people to kill? Either that or you thought he was suspicious, there aren't really any criteria to 'suspicious' for you."

"Why so cold~ It breaks my heart you know~" Hisakawa faked a crying voice

"If you don't hurry up and tell me, I'll come and find you to burn to ashes the remaining pieces of your damned heart."

"Let's say, I just had a bad feeling about it ... My sources, too."

"Your sources are really something ... What's the next step? Burning down a house that brought ugliness to the scenery in your opinion?"

Natsumi was fed up, literally.

Over the course of the week she had taken at least seven missions.

Four of them were during nighttime, and kept her outside the whole night.

Three of them were during daytime, where she had to skip classes.

All of which she didn't understand the purpose.

"Maybe. Well, it's time for me to go and train the new recruits, I'll call you soon ♥"

"You don't need to, actually I'd jump in joy if you told me you'd never call back."
After saying that, Natsumi hung up, she had arrived in front of the Tokiwadai Middle School's Dormitory.

When she thought about it, there was no way the Dorm Supervisor would let her off the hook...
She felt like she was definitely going to lose some bones...

With a sigh, she entered the dormitory.

There! I hope it's good enough, it's my first time writing something like this so..
Hujisaka Natsumi
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Re: [Esper] Hujisaka Natsumi

Post  Accelerator on Fri May 10, 2013 1:45 am

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Re: [Esper] Hujisaka Natsumi

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