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[SNPC/Esper] Mack Blau

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[SNPC/Esper] Mack Blau

Post  Kerri McKinley on Fri May 31, 2013 4:51 pm

FULL NAME: Mack Blau

AGE: 22


PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Mack is a young man with an average looking face. He has a noticeably toned body, and might be considered attractive if not for the dead look in his eyes. He also has a head of scraggly black hair, and a scar going through his eyebrow and another through his lip.

INFORMATION: As a person, Mack is usually very concerned for the well being of those he works with. He is constantly trying to make sure they do smart things, keep themselves out of trouble, and make sure they eat healthily. Though he doesn't really care bout his own well being, mainly because he is solely concerned for the well being of others. Is seen randomly helping anyone in need around academy city, and despite how helpful and kind he seems, he feels bad for all of the Level 0 espers forced to live in poverty because of simple misfortune of not immediately showing potential, and a hatred for those that would hurt others for their own selfish needs. He does what he does for the city, and for his friend's well being.

Mack grew up as a young man who was taught at a young age about how there are many hardships in the world. He was someone who constantly went around his home town in America, aiding anyone who needed it with things like public products or charity works, because he enjoyed helping those less fortunate. When he was sent to Academy City by his parents, he had been hoping that he would be able to attain a great power that would help the world, but he was categorized as a Level 0. He was placed in school's meant for other level 0's and worked his hardest, but no matter what he did, he couldn't raise his level, and fell into despair. He had classified himself as one of those without power, and became depressed not just for himself, but for the fact that he would always be useless, as he was told he was by espers above him level-wise.

One day, he had attempted to kill himself by jumping off of a bridge, but was saved by an old man who still saw value in him, despite him being a Level 0. Mack tried to tell the man that he was nothing, but he was sternly told that he was wrong, before being smacked in the head with the man's cane. The old man decided to offer him a chance to do something productive instead of wasting his time in school, and actually be able to help other people. The old man's people, as well as a majority of Academy.

ABILITIES: Mack is a skilled street fighter, as he has been doing it for years, having had to adapt to being a Level 0, in order to combat other Level 0's and espers. he is skilled at sneaking around area's, staying quiet, and sneaking into buildings, a skilled lock pick. He uses a retractable baton as his weapon. Officially, he is registered as a Level 0 but...

He's actually somehow managed to develop his own ability. He has coined the name Sting Glow based on how he can use it, and has confirmed it to be around a Level 2. Mack is able to absorb light particles around him and release them. He can either release them as a regular light, like from a light bulb, but if he can absorb enough, since he needs time to do so, he is able to use the light to make a flash like that of a flashbang bomb. He can either use this to escape, fake out his opponents, or blind them while he attacks.

(Picture to be placed later on)

FACE CLAIM: The character's series of origin and full name.
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