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Rules for the chatbox and other things

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Rules for the chatbox and other things

Post  Guy Li on Sat Jun 22, 2013 3:34 pm

Hello everyone.

I just wanted to let you all know that we've been listening to people's issues and suggestions and we'll be introducing a few rules for the chatbox and general conduct (since apparently there have been a few altercations recently.)

We'll also be implementing a few changes to profiles and character applications to deal with histories, power levels/grades and generally making things smoother and more easy to deal with both for you guys and ourselves. I'll also weigh in on the crossover discussion now that the mod team have had time to consider the implications.

I want to assure you that these won't be major changes and it'll still be the RP you know and have (hopefully) grown to love. Our main purpose is to make things easier and more enjoyable for your guys and to avoid any unnecessary drama.

The main things to remember for now (before we make a concrete list) is that discussion of a completed profile (approved or not) should be prohibited in the chat. As should any discussion of the forum in general. These issues should be take up over PM or through the Help/OOC forums where they can be discussed rationally and with everyone present. We don't want to stifle this kind of discussion, but there's a place for it.

As a rule the chat should be for discussion of the RP and off topic chit-chat. Please don't flood it with nonsense or overly serious topics.

I hope that's all clear for everyone. Feel free to weigh in with any suggestions/thoughts/concerns.
Guy Li
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Re: Rules for the chatbox and other things

Post  Guy Li on Wed Jun 26, 2013 1:27 am

Preliminary changes to the rules are as follows. Thank you to all those who pitched in with suggestions and to Misaka for helping me make compile this list.


A 2 character cap per player. Exceptions to be given pending moderator approval.

No non-canon level 5s.

Character levels will be assigned by moderators from now on.

Discussion of character applications will take place in the character app's thread. If you wish to discuss parts privately then you may PM the moderator handling your app. 

The character's history section should be a maximum of 3 paragraphs. For those who prefer a fuller record of their character's history, we will work on providing an alternative.


No talking about completed character apps.

No spamming nonsense

No 'serious' topics (politics, news, religion etc)

No trolling/bashing other members. (again, remind me why we need to make this a rule?)


Breaking forum rules = 3 warnings followed by a ban. 

Chatbox = 1 warning followed by a ban. (Strict, but fear will keep you on your best behaviour.)


Canon NPCs are now to be under stricter control. Players will now request control over an npc over the course of a single thread. Contact a moderator for approval.

SNPCs will be exclusively under the control of their creator.
Guy Li
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