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[SS] New Territory Exploration

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Re: [SS] New Territory Exploration

Post  Furuhashi Gou on Tue Aug 26, 2014 12:18 pm

“Thank you.“ For some reason he felt as if there was something special about that spiky haired girl. That special thing, what was it? He couldn’t really tell. On one side it felt a little fishy, on the other, though, he felt as if she was a person one would easily come to like. Gou didn’t understand. So he couldn’t help but bow in front of her again.
”So where are they?” It may have seemed old school, but a true gentleman would never make a girl handle work of physical nature, especially if he was the one at fault. So of course he already decided to fetch those spare desks all alone.

Before, he could continue to work his way towards the things, he wanted to do, however, there was someone once again interfering in his own way. The same scene again, the exact same action like back then.
All of a sudden the pile of wreckage had disappeared; of course it had appeared as if the whole junk simply had sunk into the floor, just like back then when that troublemaker had decided to help Gou and his partner to clean away the garbage. His memory of that day was still very clear, so he could tell immediately what kind of phenomenon they were allowed to witness. ”Again, Kazuki? Don’t you ever learn?”, he spoke out in a very unusual way. Usually he would have attempted to tear off the other boy’s head immediately while shouting out in the most aggressive fashion one could expect, but today, nothing happened. Furuhashi Gou was simply standing there, giving off a rather relaxed atmosphere.
He only appeared to be a little disappointed, turning his head away from said idiot.

”I’d like you to remember that rules are still rules, Kazuki. There are reasons for them to exist. Good reasons, actually. Keep that in mind.” Why did he even bother? Wasn’t it obvious that that boy would never listen to anything he told him. He could try a hundred times and would always be ignored. It was frustrating.
But no matter how often he wouldn’t be hear, Gou wasn’t ready to give up on it.

Furuhashi Gou
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Re: [SS] New Territory Exploration

Post  Kamijou Touko on Sat Aug 30, 2014 7:13 pm

"Follow me." Was Touko's easy going response to Gou's question and she made for the class next door, pausing to watch the short haired boy's comically stiff reaction to Kazuki's trick. Almost like the 'Tsukkomi' in a comedy sketch, he appeared to be the voice of reason for his companions. It was kind of strange to watch in real life.

Could this be what people think of me when I'm around those two? She came to a depressing realisation that her interactions with Aogami and Motoharu often played out with worryingly similarity to the scene in front of her.

When Kamijou and the others filed into her classroom, Motoharu and their blue haired friend watched from their seats by the window, sharing curious glances between themselves as Touko started to lift a table from the stack at the back of the room.
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Re: [SS] New Territory Exploration

Post  Zuisho Ryuketsu on Mon Sep 22, 2014 8:38 pm

Zuisho had followed the girl out aswell. If they were to get the desks, at least it would be easier to place them with more guidance then not. He just had to remember well that the man he was formally escorting around the entire building was actually with judgement. The other one, most likely having met him because of this would mean he....probably wasn't as kind as he seemed to try to act. Though such suspicion was already confirmed to him when the teen he was showing around practically collapsed at the sight of him. The other class room seemed to be in the same order as one could expect most of the generic put together classes were. It wasn't like it would be too outstanding, though all and all it wasn't like he was hoping for it to be either. They had to finish this all up before the bell rang. That alone was more then enough for punishment at this point.

He watched the other 2 carefully as he moved toward Touko who seemed to be moving to take a table. “ Please allow me.” He stated calmly as he moved beside her. “You didn't have too much to do with this. I'll be sure to take the desk myself. You have done far more then needed, and I greatly appreciate it.” he states kindly. He didn't think it was right that she would have to move the desks. Though he hoped she didn't take it offensively, she was merely pulled into this because of their own silly seeming actions.

“Furuhashi-san, I believe you can handle the chair?” He stated as he waited patiently for Touko to move so he could take the desk. Of course, this was all if she was willing to move herself.
Zuisho Ryuketsu
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Re: [SS] New Territory Exploration

Post  Tanaka Kazuki on Wed Nov 12, 2014 11:06 pm

”Again, Kazuki? Don’t you ever learn?” Gou said in an uncharacteristically relaxed manner ”I’d like you to remember that rules are still rules, Kazuki. There are reasons for them to exist. Good reasons, actually. Keep that in mind.”

"So you keep telling me," Kazuki said with a grin on his face as he stood up one of the knocked over desks. "And with that i will take my leave."

Kazuki spun around on his heel to face the door way. He walked casually out the the door briefly rounding the corner before poking his head back around the corner.

"That was fun Gou, I'll find you tomorrow and I'll annoy you during lunch again." With a wave of his hand Kazuki left Gou in the mostly repaired room. Kazuki walked over to the place he had moved all the broken pieces of the desk to and place a portal on the bottom. He couldn't leave on such kind parting words without some sort of prank. Kazuki walked around the school poking his head into classrooms until he found Gou's classroom and then his seat. Kazuki then opened a portal above Gou's seat and not so neatly deposited the pile of broken desk pieces.

"There we  go, that should be good enough." Kazuki though to himself as he strolled out of the room. A terrifying though then crossed his mind. "CRAP, I got so caught up in all this commotion that I forgot to eat lunch."
Tanaka Kazuki
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Re: [SS] New Territory Exploration

Post  Furuhashi Gou on Thu Nov 13, 2014 12:42 pm

With Kazuki gone and the beginning of a new journey, everything went on.

Even though those last words were nothing to feel comfortable about, Gou tried to calm down even more. That however grew difficult, once the group entered a new classroom. Entering your own classroom on the first day was one thing, but entering a foreign one? Such a thing would always be a challenge of some sort. He may have done so before, but the numbers grew.

Upon entering the room, Furuhashi did, what was to be expected of any Japanese man: He bowed down quickly and announced his intrusion with the necessary phrase of ”ojama shimasu”.
Once inside the room his nervousness grew even more. So many…people…looking at us… For some reason his attempt to appear as calm as possible resulted in him emitting the vibes of an even more dangerous delinquent than usual.

”Yeah, thank you for your help. I’m still sorry for even dragging you into this”, he stated once again. He would do it again and again and again. It was just natural to him to act like that.
With a nod he answered Zuisho’s question and picked up said chair. There was nothing strange about this scene, only a rather lengthy period of awkward silence surrounding those three.
Maybe someone should start a conversation? ”Those chairs actually are of high quality, aren’t they? Must be a joy to sit on those every day, huh?” Following the “Rules Of Smalltalk Conversations” was the only thing that had come to his mind faced with this task. He had read that book a while ago, however following such rules would always prove to be successful…wouldn’t it…?

He took another look around the room. ”Say, do you believe those chairs would actually be useful during a wrestling match? Like the ones from manga.” Why did he have to think of Kazuki in that situation?

For some reason, ever since Kazuki had disappeared, there had been a bad feeling coming from Gou’s stomach.
Furuhashi Gou
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Re: [SS] New Territory Exploration

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