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Contact List

Post  Misaka Mikoto on Mon Jun 23, 2014 7:05 pm

This thread's purpose is to facilitate communication between members in case of need, whether they use Skype, Yahoo, Google or even emails.

- Only members who have been approved and have been active, both IC and OOC, for a month or plus may submit their contact details to this list. This is to prevent constant editing of the list for members who leave the forum shortly after getting approved, or members who just lost interest half-way through making the profile.

- You may not harass another member to get them to download and use the service you're using or force them to post in this thread if they don't want to. Doing so will result in a warning and you might be removed from the list.

- If you are being disagreeable to and/or harassing a member outside of the forum, you will receive a warning. Repetitive infractions will result in you being removed from the list and being added to a ban list.

- And if you are being repeatedly harassed outside the forum, please report it immediately and block the person. Trying to keep it to yourself to not bother the staff members will only result in problems further down the line, and we're here to deal with these kind of issues.

Warnings and Recommendations:
Please beware of the following before adding your contact details to this list or before adding someone to your friend list:

- Anyone can see this thread, including strangers so please check who is adding you on this list before accepting the invitation.

- Going by this, it is highly recommended to warn the person before adding them to your friend list or send a personal message along with the invitation.

- Be regularly online on the service you're using. This thread is meant to allow easier contact from one person to another, and is useless if one person is close to never online.

- If your status is set by default to "Invisible", warn us beforehand and preferably with details on when you are/should be online. You are invisible, after all.

- While this thread is rather meant for IMs, you are free to use your email address rather than an IM service if you prefer, but please beware of your address ending up in the hands of strangers. If you feel uncomfortable with that but would still rather use emails, you are free to make a whole new email address for RPing purposes or distribute the address to specific persons via PM.

- If you are going to use emails, tell us how often and when you check your inbox.

- Whether you are using Chatango, PMs, IMs or emails, please take in consideration the fact that we do not all live in the same timezone/country, nor do we have the
same schedules.


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