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SS Idea: The Forgotten (recruiting participants)

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SS Idea: The Forgotten (recruiting participants)

Post  Damion Koyoko on Wed Dec 17, 2014 6:59 am

Alright so this is probably going to be a sloppy summary of the general idea of this SS, but I'll edit it whenever I have time. Note: If you don't like potential brutality and basically anything kids aren't supposed to read but read it anyway, this may not be with you because this thread will have...quite a bit of it. Anyway onto the idea.

Project Synergy: A project aimed for advancing technology of cybernetic machines and how compatible they are to the human body, the eight story underground facility located somewhere in District 10. Simple child errors are in no way mature enough to be used in their research so, the project heads decide to handpick their subjects via prisons, the reformatory and maybe some low lives that are easy to pluck from the city. Of course, it would be a huge problem if people actually notice that individuals are disappearing one after another, which is why they rig it so that they've practically never existed in the first place. Any acquaintances, as long as the subject isn't too popular, has their mind wiped clean of that person. All official records of that person are also deleted or moved somewhere highly confidential where no one can access them. Each subject would be tested for compatibility and replace whatever body parts the care taker of that subject see's fit. And why not test these many variants of cybernetic machines by having these subjects go through combat simulations, but also pinning them against each the death. They have no need for weak links or someone who can't preform, being an efficient way to only test with the strongest.

There was more information here but i deleted since we need to revise it a bit. But the concept still stands.

Please post below if you want to participate. Have any questions I'll gladly discuss whether in the thread or through Chatbox PMs.

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Re: SS Idea: The Forgotten (recruiting participants)

Post  Fuuka Eto on Wed Dec 17, 2014 8:21 am

Uh oh. Do-gooders trying to interfere with an ethic lacking experiment? Guess the dark side better call in assistance. The Burned Witch of Kirigaoka, Voodoo Doll, will be all too happy to make her debut (as long as there's plenty of pain and suffering to inflict.)
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Re: SS Idea: The Forgotten (recruiting participants)

Post  Misaka Mikoto on Wed Dec 17, 2014 9:02 pm

Right, so while the idea is much better than the original one you had, the problem I still have with this SS idea in general is that it's far too focused on Koyoko. He's literally the only character in that plot and project that players can get involved with.

While fair enough for a thread concerning his personal plot, I can't read a part of the summary that doesn't somehow involve or fits Koyoko, so you're basically offering only two choices to all possible participants; they try to help him (for some reason or another, considering he doesn't really have friends) or try to kill him.

That doesn't offer for much creativity on any player's part if they have no reason to really get involved with Koyoko, or heck, don't even know him.

I don't think I'll really be able to approve of this thread until you either merge it with some other plot to allow players more possibilities, or you re-arrange the thread to have Koyoko participate in it, instead of being the main focus.

Additionally, he can't just “wake up” with metal limbs. Are you going to tell me that whatever happened to him knocked him out so badly he didn't wake up a single time while his limbs were being cut off and the metal parts were being connected?

Because you haven't read the light novels I can't really use a character as an example, but for you who has seen Edward and his automail surgery, even if the universe and ways are different, I thought you'd realise that replacing each of his limbs (and apparently, his eye) would not only take time, but be to some extent quite painful. I can't imagine he'd just sleep through all that.

And even if he did just “wake up” with metal limbs, he wouldn't be able to move. The additional weight and the fact that his body now has foreign parts would require quite a lot of adaptation that would only be gained after at least weeks.

Plus, Edward's automail surgery wasn't only about connecting the nerves to the machine, it involved rehabilitation that made him cough blood even if he aced it in one year.

The researchers would have to spend months rehabilitating the subjects because if they want them to fight, they'd need to be able to use their limbs properly.


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Re: SS Idea: The Forgotten (recruiting participants)

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