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SS Idea: Roommate in Need

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SS Idea: Roommate in Need

Post  Damion Koyoko on Sun Mar 22, 2015 5:18 pm

Damion Koyoko, the most if not the most unfortunate soul in Academy city, need a roommate. After going from job to job he can not find a suitable income level in which to pay for the rent of his apartment. Being a drop out, a low level esper and overall anti-social, it was in his best interests to find someone who is willing to share the responsibilities in exchange for living with him. Of course, his father could shelter him but they detest each other with a passion and would likely end rather bitterly at one point. So he has put up adds for a roommate in hopes one will help share the burden of the rent. The specifications in the add are as followed

Requirements (Exceptions can be made with good reason)

+14 years or older

+A citizen of Academy City, preferably a student

+Must have/eventually have some sort of income level.

+Must share all expenses when it comes to the apartment.

+Must be willing to share the labor.

Information about the apartment itself. There is exactly 1 bedroom, 1 kitchen, 1 living room with TV and a computer. 1 changing room with a wash and dryer and 1 full bathroom. There is only one single bed so one must settle with a futon or both need to pay for another bed, in which there is room for. Wifi is free so internet won't be a problem but cable TV will also be paid on a monthly basis. Electricity and Gas are not paid unless you exceed a certain limit, and so is water.

This can be said to be a bit bigger than the average dorm, say in Tokiwadai or A certain high school. But it wasn't built for luxury, not by a long shot. It's a rather ordinary apartment simply built to accommodate every day needs, not to party or have guests over all the time. Also this whole SS is mainly slice of life and maybe a bit of comedy depending on the partner chosen. If your school has a private dormitory, you should consider whether or not moving is in anyway in your benefit, or at least give a good reason.

Want to be Koyoko's roommate? Post your character name down below with a good reason, if possible, why they need the apartment. I will go over your character profile and will approve it with in a couple days...Or brutally deny it.

Note: I can't enforce the voting properly, but don't vote for yourself. Approved volunteers will be added if a mod is on at the time to help. This poll ends in three weeks.

Damion Koyoko
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Re: SS Idea: Roommate in Need

Post  Misaka Mikoto on Sun Mar 22, 2015 10:21 pm

Due to issues, the poll has been deleted. Since this is also a serious interest check thread I'll be requesting genuine opinion here and not just messing around anymore.

Please submit your votes in the form of a post, explaining why you'd want the character you nominated to be roommates with Koyoko, and what could that character bring over any other.


"Mikoto speaks"
'Mikoto thinks'

Misaka Mikoto
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Re: SS Idea: Roommate in Need

Post  Kihara Kisue on Sun Mar 22, 2015 11:44 pm

I would like to nominate Gou. My reasons? Iva said that he could bring some plot to the table, I'm interested in seeing them interact, and I refuse to allow Koyoko to have a female roommate.

I shall not allow it!


Kihara Kisue
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Re: SS Idea: Roommate in Need

Post  Kobayashi Iori on Sat Mar 28, 2015 2:08 am

I also nominate Gou. Like Jack, I also am really interested in seeing them interact. As a Judgement Officer, he'd be perfect to keep Koyoko in line and keep him out of trouble by arresting him if he ever tries to be a delinquent. Not only that, I heard Gou's "Tremor Touch" massages are lovely~

They'd be perfect living together~

But really...:

I'm nominating my own character as Koyoko's roommate. She's Koyoko's friend, and wouldn't mind moving out of her dorms to help pay for his apartment. It also gives her plenty of opportunities to mess with him and be a nuisance~ Plus, living on her own might have its advantages in terms of privacy, but it's rather lonely. She gets plenty of income from her job as a waitress, and would be able to pay for any expenses.

I'm interested in the slice-of-life/comedy part of the SS, and would love to see more interactions between her and Koyoko.

Kobayashi Iori
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Re: SS Idea: Roommate in Need

Post  Damion Koyoko on Sat Mar 28, 2015 5:53 am

I know it seems to be odd or a bit contradictory to why this vote even started, I decided to vote as well, which is going to Koyabashi Iori. Why? Because like she said: is already familiar with Koyoko, has a decent job for her age, a student, and considering her job as a waitress, she can probably do things around the house. She is an excellent candidate. But I also have another reason.

Should this vote be a tie, I can make things more interesting in the thread that can benefit both participants. Rather than keeping this vote going, we can possibly end it here and move on with my idea with both Gou and Iori. I'm not gonna spoil it to anyone other than the two participants in which I need to talk to about this idea I have

I liked Gou's possible character development through this, but he does not meet all the requirements to my knowledge. It might be a bit selfish but I'm taking this issue with Koyoko very seriously and want someone who can benefit him the most without losing his home. Gou can still participate of course but that's just a little issue as to why I voted for Iori instead.

Jack don't hate me for having a female roommate...

Damion Koyoko
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Re: SS Idea: Roommate in Need

Post  Hujisaka Natsumi on Sat Mar 28, 2015 10:55 am

There's just one thing I'd like to mention. It's not a "big inspiration".

I already said it.

But it's okay Koyoko, we all know you're slow.... It's okay.

On that, I do prefer Jack's idea of having Koyoko, Gou, Iori and Natsume living in the same building, personally. I'll add reasons when I get a computer to write on.

Hujisaka Natsumi
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