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[Esper] Tachibana Toshiro

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[Esper] Tachibana Toshiro

Post  Tachibana Toshiro on Wed Apr 01, 2015 11:42 pm

Tachibana Toshiro

Level 3 Cryokinesis

“Great now how do I get out of this mess I have gotten myself into?”

FULL NAME: Tachibana Toshiro
OTHER ALIAS: Snowman, Iceman
SCHOOL: A Certain Highschool
FACTION: N/A (For now)

APPEARANCE: Toshiro has a average build, Caucasion skin with short messy light brown hair, and dark blue colored eyes. When he is not wearing his school uniform he does not go for anything extravagant really. He tends to wear gray or black shirts, jackets with hoodies, and usually tan or black cargo pants.  
HEIGHT: 5'7”
WEIGHT: 160lbs

Toshiro is a kind person to people whether or not he knows them or not.
He does not like people knowing absolutely everything about him, he will tend to keep some secrets which would be known by his closer friends he might make, and other things he might not say at all.
Some things can cause him to panic. If something threatening happens, and if he is given a chance will be the first person out a window, door or whatever in five seconds especially if he is in a adrenaline high.
He does not like to betray his friends or family. Else he feels like he would be betraying himself.
Cool headed
He does not let anger take control of him very easily, it'll take quite a bit of pressing the right buttons to get him angry.

-Video Games
-Spicy food
-Cute things

-Adrenaline addiction
-Bad Situations

-Running: Despite having a average body he is quite fast.
-Parkour: He is quite good at passing most obstacles through running, jumping, etc.  

-Heavy Sleeper: Once he falls asleep he is extremely hard to wake up.
-Sweet Tooth

Toshiro was born in Academy City. When he was born things had changed for his parents, they had a little bundle of joy to take care of. His father is a electronic engineer, his mother is a software engineer. But after he was born his mother stayed home to take care of him while his father worked. When he was growing up around with people who had ESP powers, some of them good the others bad. He went through the school system of the Power Curriculum Program, and when he reached middle school his power manifested.

He was excited when it manifested, they grew up with them and now he had powers as well, there was no way for him not to be excited. He started in the low end only being a Level 1, in middle school. He worked with his power diligently, to get himself higher. Such things took time, and he understood that. He was not about to cut corners to get even more power, why try to use power that you did not know how to fully control without training it constantly?

As time went on at the turn of a new year he saw a video of someone doing something called parkour, it grabbed his interest. He turned it into a new year's resolution when he started to do it himself. Though his parents were against it, worried that he was going to hurt himself badly. He went ahead, and still did it anyway. He had started small, then started to work his way up. Though that did not stop him from getting some smaller injuries here, and there. Nothing major, no broken bones, just some small cuts, scrapes, and bruises. Then a couple years later he hit high school, his life was still from his view point normal.  

Cryokinesis: He can generate ice by gathering it whether from a pool, puddle, or from the moisture in the air, and slowing the movement of the atoms down making it freeze. For calculation time for water it is roughly 1.5 seconds, water molecules in the air 4-5 seconds. The range of this power is roughly 8 meters. The coldest his ice can become is roughly -10 -15 degrees Celsius, but becomes useless at temperatures above 50° Celsius. He can target up to 3 areas, unless he draws moisture from the air then it is only 1 area. He can rearrange the molecules in the ice to force it to crack or weaken as necessary. Actual water is better for creating ice, while moisture from the air would leave the ice more brittle and prone to shattering. High temperatures, make the act of attempting to get the water to freeze harder.

He adapts to the situation using it to possibly freeze the blood that seeps out of a wound to help stop bleeding. Or makes use of it through using attacks, using the ice to attack, defense or creates traps.

He can't target water inside the blood of a another person's body due to the rapid movement of it pumping through their body.

Sub thermal Resistance
With his ability to slow atoms down to or past the freezing point, he is less uncomfortable with lower temperatures to a point.

Ice Wall
He can create a wall of ice that comes up to head height, but the thickness and durability of the ice depends on the type of the water and the amount. An ice wall made from the moisture in the air is thin, like a pane of glass, and easily broken. But an ice wall made from actual water is a bit thicker, and able to handle more punishment. The amount of water used is a factor in terms of how thick it can be, and how durable it is.

Ice Weapons
He can create a sharpened icicle to use as a weapon at close quarters roughly 1 meter in length.

Ice Armor
He can create a simple armor made of ice, it is inefficient in protection. A thin layer of ice is made to protect more vital areas of the chest by attaching itself to clothing.  

Emergency First Aid
Theoretically his power could be used to help stop bleeding of small wounds by freezing the blood that has escaped the body to buy time for the blood to clot on its own. He would target the outer areas of blood to help prevent any discomfort or any possibility of frost bite. Large wounds with severe bleeding would be extremely hard or near impossible for him to stop.

With him taking up parkour, he has become more fit, he is able to run for a longer period of time before getting tired.

Standard 2-
Standard 3-
Cautious 2-

PLAYER'S NAME: Toshiro Tachibana
FACE CLAIM: Kyrie Illunis, Sands of Destruction

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Tachibana Toshiro
Level 3 Cryokinesis

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Re: [Esper] Tachibana Toshiro

Post  Tachibana Toshiro on Thu Apr 02, 2015 3:54 am

Uh how did he get himself into this situation now? He thought to himself as he ran, vaulting over railings without losing much speed. A small angry group chasing him in close pursuit. They wanted to put him in a wheel chair, and he was not about to let that happen. He had accidentally bumped into one of their group, and they tried to extort money out of him saying that he just severely hurt their friend.

Well it was not hard to tell that they wanted easy money, and they were going to get it out of him one way or another. So he said he did not owe them anything, the result a show of force to try to get the he had on him. He took off sprinting, he was fairly confident in his speed along with his endurance. If he had to he was going to used his power to forcibly take them out of the chase. Finished with his recalling of the earlier events it looked like it was about time for him to use his power. They were chasing him for the past what 5 minutes, and running at full speed was starting to tire him out slightly.

But it was not only him that was feeling it, a quick look back confirmed that a few of the group had dropped out of the chase. More of them were still in the chase that he thought, he was nearing a corner, and he started to create a small patch of smooth ice. Something that was more than enough to cause someone to slip, as he rounded the corner the trap was set. Seconds later he heard his results, though it was not going to be enough to stop them from chasing him, it would buy him some time, and distance to increase the chances of getting away or allowing Judgement to get involved.

All he really had to do at this point was break the line of sight, then getting away was going to be much easier. He realized how much quicker he should break line of sight when a small ball of fire narrowly missed him, hitting a pole that he almost ran past. He darted into a alleyway, he would set up another little trap to block their way. He had roughly fifteen seconds to do it in, if they do not notice it quick enough, it could buy him an additional five seconds, just for insurance purposes.

The alleyway path turned left, the moment he turned left he took a extra step before turning around. He started to build a small wall of ice he was not going for a big block of ice, but something a bit smaller. He created it about knee height, before he turned and started to run again, if a patch of slick ice causing someone to fall was not enough to stop someone. Then what about someone getting taken out by the legs from their legs hitting a short, but fairly solid wall of ice? After he exited the alleyway, and kept running throwing another turn at a corner before entering a small convenience store. He waited there for 10 minutes before he figured he was safe before he left the store.        
Tachibana Toshiro
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Re: [Esper] Tachibana Toshiro

Post  Mugino Shizuri on Fri Apr 03, 2015 12:06 am

Time to melt a snowman Razz.

1. Formatting
I see you fixed the most of it, but I still need to ask you to add the name of his ability to the upper section of the profile, so that it would fit with the other profiles. Further it would also be nice if you added the proper BB codes to the articles Height, Weight and Distinguishing Features.

2. Weaknesses
-Lying: He cannot tell a complex lie, tall tale signs can easily give it away.
-Ambush: Unless he is the one setting up a ambush, he can easily get attacked from behind or from the side.
It’s rather weird and unusual for me to bring such stuff up, however I can’t really see both of them as weaknesses, since I neither expect an ordinary teenager to tell a complex lie nor to be not taken by surprise when ambushed – the largest part of humanity is weak to that kind of trick after all. Therefore I’ll ask you to add a new set of weaknesses~

3. History
Due to him being born inside Academy City I wonder about his parents’ profession. Could you please fill me in about what kind of work they do or did?

4. Ability
All in all I feel like your ability needs some more stages of fleshing out, so let’s do this properly, shall we?

First I think it would be best if you named a maximum for his freezing ability in regards of temperature. What is the lowest temperature his ice could reach? Is there any point where the temperature is too high for him to rely on his freezing ability?

Next I would also ask you to add a range limit to your ability; like saying that he can only freeze things within X metres from himself. It goes without saying that he would need to be aware of his target.

Additionally to that you should also add a description for how much ice in total he is capable of creating (an example would be sufficient) as well as the time it would take him to make the calculations necessary for using his ability (Esper abilities aren’t always instant cast after all). Oh and don’t forget that it’s by far easier to freeze liquid water than water molecules found in the air, thus both should have different calculation times to begin with.

How many target points at once can he affect with his ability? Can he only focus on one thing at a time or his he capable of freezing multiple target points at once?

Can you also add an explanation as to how strong his ice wall is? Give an example of what would be powerful enough to break through it. Could you also define some kind of preparation time for it?

Besides that wall and simple freezing are there any other usages of his ability?

And that’s it. Thank you for your attention!
Mugino Shizuri
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Re: [Esper] Tachibana Toshiro

Post  Tachibana Toshiro on Fri Apr 03, 2015 4:38 pm

I think I got it all fixed.
Tachibana Toshiro
Level 3 Cryokinesis

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Re: [Esper] Tachibana Toshiro

Post  Mugino Shizuri on Fri Apr 03, 2015 10:05 pm

Beware: Wall of text incoming!

2. Weaknesses
To be honest, I’m still not happy. Long range combat isn’t something an average student should be naturally good with.
Keep in mind that Espers are nothing but ordinary teenagers that gained super powers. They are not yet your average character in a fighting anime/manga of some sort, but rather normal people with normal skill sets.

4. Ability
Ok, before I’ll get to the numbers, I need to comment on your ability’s overall concept and the things you should keep in mind.
It goes without saying that there is quite a difference between making use of liquid water and drawing out the moisture from the air. Not only in regards of calculation times, but the overall quality. The quality you’d get from using liquids would always be far superior to the one you’d get from using gas; this can be seen in the creation of an ice shield for example. While the shield made from liquids would be much sturdier, the one made from moisture would be frail and easy to break through, hence nothing secure at all.
A good solution to this issue would be to always carry some source of water around; the simplest being a water bottle.

The range of this power is roughly 20 yards.
Lessen that please. To me an appropriate number would be something along 9-10 metres, if not less.

but becomes useless at temperatures above 23-25 degrees Celsius.
If this means that he would be unable to use his ability at these temperatures, then I will ask you to raise that a little bit, otherwise he’d have heavy issues during summer time. On the other hand though, high temperatures would make the act of freezing difficult.

Looking at what I have in mind for his Esper Level, I’d also like you to reduce the maximum count of targets to 3. 1-2 if he were to attempt freezing moisture from the air. Keep in mind that the usage of Esper powers requires one to focus strongly, making it much more difficult to affect a larger count of targets at the same time.  

You shouldn’t overestimate his temperature resistance. While his AIM Diffusion Field would allow for him to handle cold temperatures a little better, it’s still not immunity, meaning he would not fully cope with it. Something you should keep in mind when looking at concepts like ice weaponry or ice armours. I don’t say that he wouldn’t be capable of holding them, though. It’d still be easier than for normals.

I don’t really need to say much about his ice wall, do I? It’s pretty much too strong when looking at what I wrote above. So please tone it down by saying that if he were to create it from the air, it’d only be comparable to thin glass, nothing more.
Besides that, it’d be nice if you toned it down either way; the overall output is way too high. My suggestion would be to let it depend on the amount of water he’s using.

Last but not least the armour and weaponry: Both would be extremely simple and rather inefficient, due to the fact that he wouldn’t be able to forge complicated forms in his current state. Imagine his best weapon to be something similar to a 1m icicle.
Mugino Shizuri
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Re: [Esper] Tachibana Toshiro

Post  Tachibana Toshiro on Wed Apr 08, 2015 5:41 pm

Well third times the charm, I think I got it this time.
Tachibana Toshiro
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Re: [Esper] Tachibana Toshiro

Post  Mugino Shizuri on Wed Apr 08, 2015 10:46 pm

Alright. I’m more or less fine with what you’ve wrote here.

This leaves me only two things that I will ask you to fill in.

First of all I think you should raise the temperature that is making his ability useless from 32° up to 50°.

Second: Please add the fact that he can only affect one target area if he were to draw out the moisture from the air.
Mugino Shizuri
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Re: [Esper] Tachibana Toshiro

Post  Tachibana Toshiro on Fri Apr 17, 2015 8:34 am

Took awhile, but edited.
Tachibana Toshiro
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Re: [Esper] Tachibana Toshiro

Post  Mugino Shizuri on Fri Apr 17, 2015 2:54 pm

I see you did all I told you to. Well done!


[Level 3 Cryokinesis]

Now go ahead and enjoy the beginning of your journey~
Mugino Shizuri
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