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[Esper] Misaka 10032 (Imouto)

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[Esper] Misaka 10032 (Imouto)

Post  [Old] Misaka Imouto on Thu May 14, 2015 1:48 pm

Misaka 10032

(Level 2 Radio Noise)

"The Misaka units are products created for this experiment. Artificial bodies with artificial minds. Laboratory animals with the unit price of 180,000 yen. And with the right collection of chemicals Misaka can be reproduced with a touch of a button when using the right equipment."

FULL NAME: Misaka 10032
OTHER ALIAS: Misaka Imouto
CURRENT AGE: Biologically 14
GENDER: Female

APPEARANCE: Misaka 10032 is a girl with chestnut brown hair and generally wears a standard "Tokiwadai Middle School" uniform which is comprised of a short-sleeved white dress shirt worn under a light brown vest with the school emblem on the left side. For bottoms, the girls wear dark tan pocketed skirts that reach halfway down their thighs. Since she isn't the original, she doesn't wear shorts and therefore wears a blue and white strip panties and military grade goggles

Height: 161cm
WEIGHT:  52kg
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Her rather unemotional eyes which is apparent all the time with no emotional sense in her expression.

Lack of Emotion
Imouto just like every other sister shows little emotion and sees her life as easily expandable and replaced. As such she doesn't worry about her own existence to the point she is willing to take part in what was a clearly a death sentence for her and the sisters.
Cool beauty
While it's not intentional Imouto barely is moved by the action of others or doesn't experience the same set of emotions normal people would in situations; like awkwardness and embarrassment or even fear. Instead she always seemed to be grounded and refined in their actions all the time.

Earl Grey Tea
Animal abusers
Helping others when its possible.
Telling Jokes
Understanding Social interactions outside her testament programming.

HISTORY: Imouto is the 10032nd clone of the 20000 sisters being used for the level 6 shift project. In which she, along with the others is to be killed by Accelerator. She had been created only a few months before the present time and is presumed to have undergoing the typical structured routine every sister takes until their experiment is up.

(Radio Noise): A deformed type of the Electromaster ability unique to the Sisters, Imouto is a level 2. As she is a Electromaster, she can generate at least 50,000 volts of electricity, though she is unable to track electrons like Mikoto can and require goggles in order to assist her in seeing them. Since she is an Electromaster, she generates a small electromagnetic wave from her own body and the consequence has made animals like cats to avoid the sisters entirely.

Misaka Network: Unique to the Radio Noise ability is the ability to connect to the Misaka Network, which is a brainwave network formed out of their similar brainwave frequency patterns between the sisters. With the Misaka Network, Imouto can talk in a quasi-telepathic manner, experience and share the same memories with the other sisters. This shared experiences, as well having the same powers, allows them to boost their initial abilities and give Accelerator a much harder challenge as the experiments continue.

Military training: Included in the information that was transferred with the Testament machines, Imouto is efficient in self defense training, espionage and skill with a variety type of firearms. She also had tracking knowledge and able to track specific targets down or even shake off those who are attempting to capture her with a real sense of professionalism.


Electron (NV) - Notably the one thing which allows other to tell Imouto apart from the original. These speical set of goggles are night vision capability and also gives her the ability to see electron beams which she naturally can't at her level.

Toy Soldier - Is one of the notable assault rifle guns, which is used often by the sisters that came before Imouto. Since it's effective and easier to use applications she continues to use it. It is able to be used with the Electron goggles to improve accuracy specially in dark areas. It is often hidden away in a school bag or a guitar case.

Metal Eater MX -  Is one of the other staple weapons used by the sisters and still favored by Imouto. It is an anti-tank rifle which is used for long range fire support and the version she uses has an full auto feature. While its normally disable due to the recoil effect, the testament has given her the knowledge to counteract the recoil.

Weapons training - With over 10000 battle situations implicated during the experiment a wide variety of weapons have been used in the experiment against Accelerator. With the effects of the Misaka network ability has given Imouto past experience with all items used in the experiment upto this point. This includes the use of remote land mines and methods to use weapons in unique ways to give her the advantage.


PLAYER'S NAME: Misaka Imouto
FACE CLAIM: Misaka 10032
OTHER CHARACTERS: Alexander Beathen

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Post  [Old] Misaka Imouto on Thu May 14, 2015 2:52 pm

"Misaka thinks if you continue this type of life style, then you would become a rather lazy individual says Misaka with a disapproving tone."

Touko who was sleeping in her bed had slowly opened her eyes to a sight she didn't expect and that was seeing a cool beautiful girl right in front of her and she slightly feeling blushed even knowing it was just her imagination. Though it took her a few seconds to figure out this cool beauty was actually somebody very real and not a figment of her imagination. Jumping suddenly much to the sister's surprise out of bed and onto her feet who then pointed towards the girl.

"Ambush!" Touko shouted.

Though upon overreacting it had finally clocked in her head that it was one of the sisters. Even without her saying her serial number, she had a slight guess from the necklace that was round her neck. The sister in front of her was Misaka 10,032.

"You got me. Says Misaka while holding her hands up with a fake sense of guilt"

"Don't play smart with me. How did you get into my apartment?" Touko said who seemed rather agitated from being disturbed. This is because it was the first night in a long time that Index wasn't here. She had gone to stay over Kome's house since she was having meat for dinner last night.

"I didn't break in since Misaka had a key. Answered Misaka while feigning innocence."

Touko lowered her hand for moment before realizing what she had said.

"How the hell did somebody make a copy of my key already? I just got the locks changed yesterday! Show me it!" Touko said reveling that she had got them changed to keep Index and anyone else out at least for a day. But that obvious plan hadn't work in the slightest with Imouto's presence here.

Without a change in her seemingly innocent expression, Imouto took out a small pouch which on a closer inspect was an actual pick lock kit.

"That only just proves you broke in!" Touko shouted from disappointment who couldn't believe she could get away with it by showing the tool of the crime. "So why did you come here in the first place?" Touko asked who was expecting that something bad must of happened, but what the sister said next would catch her off-guard.

"Misaka just wanted to understand you much better Misaka had answered while her heart begins to race after expressing her intention."

Touko begun to blush in response and wasn't sure how to respond to the sister's words, scratching the back of her hand from a lack of answer to the sisters words she slowly smiled warmly. "Then let go out and get breakfast." Touko answered who's words managed to spark a small sense of joy out of the mostly emotionless sister.

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Re: [Esper] Misaka 10032 (Imouto)

Post  Misaka Mikoto on Thu May 14, 2015 2:56 pm

Hey there.

The profile looks all right, but I only have one issue which seems to be recurring with members adopting canons; it's too similar to the wikia version of it.

While I understand that there's not much to submit for Imouto at the moment as she hasn't become a fleshed-out character IC, some parts of the profile feel so similar to the wikia counterpart that you'd forget which one you copied first if you tried to compare both after copying them.

Notably the Military Training section where it's almost word-to-word, and other parts such as the personality section.

I would therefore like you to rewrite the profile in terms you came up with yourself only using the wikia as source of information for this point in the story.


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Re: [Esper] Misaka 10032 (Imouto)

Post  [Old] Misaka Imouto on Thu May 14, 2015 3:48 pm


It should be less Wikipedia this time around. Please let me know what you think, since nothing on the bio now is a copy and paste.

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Re: [Esper] Misaka 10032 (Imouto)

Post  Misaka Mikoto on Thu May 14, 2015 8:08 pm

Seemingly for you, fourth time's the charm even though it's the number of misfortune and death in Japan!


Level 2 Radio Noise


"Mikoto speaks"
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