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[SS] Friendship Is Fate's Craft

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Re: [SS] Friendship Is Fate's Craft

Post  Guy Li on Mon Aug 20, 2018 5:30 pm

“Is this some new method for flirting?”

Guy chuckled, more at her surprising innocence than anything else.

"I don't know if you'd exactly call it new..." He muttered quietly. So close. Normally they just play along with it but this girl seemed lacking in subtlety or guile. Was she the sort of wallflower who had somehow managed to avoid interacting with the opposite sex until now? Or just a bit of an airhead?

"If you're new at this sort of thing I'd be happy to show you the ropes. We can start with a walk in the park, maybe a movie. It'll be fun."

"Please don't corrupt the youth, Guy-sensei." Heaven Canceller intercepted the boy before he could continue any further with his proposal and led him towards the door with a widespread arm.

"I am the youth!" He protested as he was gently but forcibly escorted from the premises.
Guy Li
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Re: [SS] Friendship Is Fate's Craft

Post  Kira Kohaku on Thu Sep 06, 2018 7:17 am

Despite her attempts to suppress it, Kohaku could only find herself stunned at the end of it all. Again and again she had continued to have herself thrown off balance by the young man going by the name Guy.

She could only stare with both an expression of shock and a blush, signifying her state of compound confusion and embarrassment, as he left an obviously flirty comment and was escorted off the premises of the hospi—

Wait. Wasn’t he supposed to be here for an appointment? Wasn’t he leaving on his own? Why is he—

A moment of single-mindedness took over as she tried to make sense of this weird alternate reality, out of logic space that had formed around this man. Clearly, the laws of the universe and logic had shifted way out of whack in those few minutes.

“It’s probably best not to let that man get to you.”

It was hearing the frog-faced doctor’s voice again that finally brought her out of her trance of pure confusion, leading her to turn her head almost mechanically while maintaining the same expression.

“He’s an odd one.” The doctor seemed to try to give the vaguest statements possible in order to prevent himself from drawing any of Kohaku’s curiosity away from him. “Just go on doing whatever you were doing before you met him. You’ll escape that cognitive dissonance you’re harboring now much more quickly if you do.”

“Ah...right.” Kohaku, struggling to find a proper response, said that lone word and took a bow to the old doctor who had read through her far more accurately than she would care to admit before speed-walking out the hospital’s front door.

Yet despite all that…

There’s no way I’m letting this go.

She could hardly say she was feeling rebellious, but that cognitive dissonance the old doctor had sensed was pulling on her way more than he may have estimated. She just needed to follow him a bit from behind the corners and lampposts of the city.

There's no downside~

Apparently the word ‘stalking’ may have been erased from her vocabulary for that moment.
Kira Kohaku
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