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[Esper] Isamu Gaji

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[Esper] Isamu Gaji

Post  Isamu Gaji on Tue Aug 25, 2015 11:24 am

Isamu Gaji

Level 2 Limit Overload

"I'm Irresponsible, Irrational, Irritable, Irrelevant, Irreproducible, Irresolute and just Irradicably Irregular"

FULL NAME: Isamu Gaji
OTHER ALIAS: Supah Hacka, Rubik, BureBure
SCHOOL: Trying to get into an University (And failing)

APPEARANCE: Unsurprisingly uninteresting, he gives a bit of a nerd appearance, but lacking the most obvious tells like glasses or bracers. The looks of a guy who seems to be a bit more smart and orderly than the average late teen.
His build is skinny and lean, with a very slight effeminate feel to it.  He has olive eyes that match his usual green sweeter, and short black hair that matches up with his usual black dress pants. In general, he gives a normal look, if albeit a bit nerdy with a red and yellow tie. The only thing that makes him stand out, its a strange red tattoo on the back of his right hand.
HEIGHT: 157 cm
WEIGHT:  50 kg
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Has a "tattoo" on the top of his right hand.

Gaji is a coward. He hates confrontations where he doesn't stand in clear advantage from his opponent. In a city like this, it's common to find yourself among things more powerful than you. So he really hates this city for being so unforgiving, and he hates himself for not being able to face it directly. So he simply tries as much as possible to hide from problems, to dodge them or to simply run away from them. His entire skill set is built on indirect confrontation, and that where he is safer and more useful.

He hates being forced to do work. But, at the same time, he is one of the most passionate hackers out there. On anything that picks his interest, he will be one of the best workers possible, devoting every second of his time and every breath on accomplishing it. But the issue, is on firing up his interest. After losing his career, going to juvenile hall and started working for ITEM under the Dark Side of Academy City, he got used to dealing with things such as work, especially with he can at least show off his skills. Outside of that, don't expect him to do anything in any sort of proper way.

He knows his own value, and he knows how weak is his true strength. To an outsider, he simply is a perfect hacker, but the reality is a bit more complex. His entire skillset is dependent on each other, giving him a lot of power and skill, but if you take away a bit he becomes a little more than a mediocre average guy. His designs are unique, but depend on technology hard to replace or upgrade on his current state, and in order to be true high-end pieces of tech require the limited time his Esper Power provides. He has the knowledge and talent, but without his unique devices he is not much more than the average hacker on Academy City. His personal AI is on shambles, incomplete and shackled, serving little more than defense against other hackers and support when using his talents; but it's an indispensable knowledge bank and he requires her to use his esper powers properly. In the end, he is both an unstoppable hacking monster, and a weakling with a bit too much ego.

But, all of this crumbles at the most important part, he is incredibly socially awkward. His entire average and mostly unimpressive looks, his constant serious clothing, and his aloof expression vanishes, all vanishes at the same instant. He can't hold his own on most social situations. He barely had contact on his life with someone of his gender, and even less with someone from the opposite. His only two ways on controlling this attacks of his are using constantly radio communications to avoid face to face, or simply ignore everyone. Neither work, most of the time.

(Ir...*¨°!"$2|1 SYNTAX ERROR could not find program named "Loyalty"
Call it pride, call it the first time he needed someone that is not a machine, but something is growing within him that is able to put every single other thing behind. He is starting to feel a connection with other people for the first time, even if it for self-preservation. He takes risks when he shouldn't, he puts his safety on the line for the sake of a mission. For some reason, he is starting to feel an empathy to his peers...

Math, physics and biology
All non-classical music
The smell of a park on sunset
Cat person

Dry or spicy food.
Social "sciences"
Social Media
Socializing in general
The smell of rust

Computer Sciences
Goal Oriented and great focus ability
Clever, ingenuity and a bit of imagination
Great Saxophone player

Still has some naivete left on him
Has some self defense skills, but not enough for a one on one fight
Throws up after seeing blood, but now is able to hold it for a couple of hours
Since he graduated from high school inside a juvenile hall, no university wants him.


His young years can be summarized in two words: Child Error. He never knew his parents and it wasn't long until he got tired of chasing rumors, so his past before his first year is a mystery. He was raised in a little known facility, mostly focused on preparing the young kids to be sent to live on their own after gaining a good school "sponsor". Fortunately for himself, he was able to get into Matsuume Elementary at six, and started to work on developing his skills and esper power.

At the age of 8, he started building the architecture for his lifetime project, the AI called "Saga". By his 11 years, the base prototype was working, enough for the AI to gain basic knowledge on it's own, making it enough to get an entrance into Minamizawa Middle School. At the same time, he found out that his old Facility was having some monetary issues, so he started to send large part of the financing of his project toward them. He decided that he had to go underground in order to gain enough money to sustain his old home, so he took his first step into the Dark Side of Academy City.

In order to prevent himself to get traced, he constructed The Green Deck system to transport enough core data of Saga to use her as a hacking software and obtain access to all sorts of common devices. Using this hacked objects, he started using the idea of cloud hosting to spread all the non-core functionality of Saga out "on the cloud" of Academy City made up of hacked devices. With all this, he was able to start attacking the servers of Academy City and selling information outside. It all worked perfectly, and he was able to launder the money using his contacts and his project financing as an excuse.

When he turned 15 he presented his application towards Nagantenjouki, both selling himself and his AI project to the school. Unfortunately, when the School was analyzing the software he developed he got caught and was sent into a juvenile hall. After losing all of his projects, his AI, his money and his way of life; he sinked entirely into the Dark Side. Even inside that jail he was valuable, so in just one and a half years he got presented with an offer. He would recover everything he had as long as he started working under a faction called ITEM. Without wasting a second he accepted his only opportunity of freedom.

His projects were recovered and leashed, and his incomplete AI were shackled entirely. His first step was removing all the leashes on his devices, giving him full control of his own skills, and started the long and slow process of recovering his old Saga, removing all the shackles put forth by ITEM and Academy City. Now without any options, he works under ITEM in order to gain back his honor, his freedom and everything he lost for letting his pride in the way of his work.

RANK: Underling
LEVEL: Level 2
Limit Overcharge

Limit Overcharger is Gaji's Esper Power, and the basic concept behind it is increasing "power values" (Like processing speed of a CPU, radiance of of a light bulb, power of an electric line, etc.) as close of their limits as possible while preventing them from crashing. After a time, the object in question Overheats, causing it to crash and cease function for an amount of time. Most devices will shutdown and wont be able to be turned back on, but if somehow they are forcefully put back online, they will crash permanently.

Overclocking is the term usually associated with this process, the one of forcing objects to operate at their limits; but there is a second abuse for this ability. Via Overloading them, they are pushed beyond their limits at such an incredible place that the items burn and crash entirely, rendering unusable and unsalvageable in most cases.

Unfortunately, since he never focused on developing his power and instead focused on his hacking abilities and the development of his AI, he doesn't have the skill to use this skills on his own on normal circumstances. Outside of things he is intimately familiar with, he lacks the finesse to use this power properly, and depends on his AI to guide him through the usage. Whenever he uses his powers on an object and he lacks the support of his AI, he risks a Rebound. On most cases, he will receive an electrical shock from whatever device he is trying to apply his power to, and his skill won't apply to them. Uncommonly, he will either Overclock a device he tries to Overload or vice-versa, and trigger any alarms associated with the objects. There are rare cases where he can use is successfully, but they require him to have a large understanding and personal experience with the workings of the objects.

-Overclock: It lasts π minutes (aprox 3,14 minutes)), and forces the object to recover for at least "Golden Ratio" times the time it was active (aprox 5,05 minutes). An object built in order to withstand this esper power, can last an upgraded π*e minutes (aprox 8,5 minutes), but the delay is again times the Golden Ratio.
-Overload: Most electronic devices will crash entirely on e milliseconds (aprox 2,71 ms), but electric devices with little electronic input will crash after a e seconds (aprox 2,71 s) electric overload, causing appropriate damages.
-The power is applied to the entire object, so one cannot simply Overcharge a single chip without direct contact of it, otherwise the entire system is Overloaded.
-He requires AI support to use his power on any other object outside of what he made himself, otherwise the process will fail with various degrees.
-There is a calculation time for using his esper powers, and they all have the same number, e^π - π (aprox 19.9990999792, referred from now on as L). Using his powers on electronic devices he is intimately familiar the time is L/20 in seconds, due to both himself and Saga's familiarity with the devices. On other computer electronic devices, due to Saga's knowledge, the time can take up to L/5 seconds. When using his power on electric devices in general, it takes L seconds.

The Green Deck - Mistletoe
His main tool for doing what he does best. It's an advanced piece of tech based on his designs, stolen by ITEM and then upgraded. Mostly it can be defined as a high tech computer, able to run at supercomputer levels when upgraded with his powers, that is portable enough to be used as a wristwatch. Besides the processing power it can output, it's other two main features are the ability to partially host Saga and it's Chameleon System. Since the devices was designed thinking about stealth or infiltration operations, most scanning systems will recognize the device as a simple smart watch, and requires a complete disassembling to discover most of it's hidden features.
It can be interfaced remotely with the use of The Rainbow Link or The Red Graft. Link

The Rainbow Link - Bifrost
An sensory interface and communications device combined into one. A small and virtually undetectable single earphone inside his right ear; a contact on his left eye; and small sub-vocal microphone sticked to his throat disguised as a mole. This entire set allows hims to communicate verbally without talking, record visual and audio feedback, and receive feedback of The Green Deck without looking at it directly. While it requires The Green Deck to be within 15 meters to interface with it, while overclocked he can use it within a 45 meter radius.

The Red Graft - The Key to Heven
The only piece of tech that was developed after he was jailed. On the top of his right hand, he has a red tattoo that simply looks out of place for a normal youth. But in reality, grafted on his skin he has a complex RFID tag and neural interface to use his equipment with it. The RFID tag is made specifically to prevent esper powers from affecting it, and a lot of classic copy protection to make sure it's unique. The neural interface allows him for some low level interfacing with The Green Deck, using the electric pulses when ordering his hand to move as a keyboard. While Overclocked, it allows for full interfacing, enough for hacking.

The White Lady - Saga
Saga is the final project that was ripped apart from him. Since he was a young boy he latched onto the idea of someone that would protect him and watch his back. So he began development on an AI in order to fill a bit the void he had at never having a true friend by his side. After she was separated from Gaji, there were shackles put over it in order to comply with the interests and laws of both Academy City and ITEM. After being recovered, and due to the complexity of its shackles, it has lost a lot of it's powerful capabilities and is being cloud hosted on a series of hacked devices all along Academy City and her core programming is on his Deck.

A Partial Host is required in order to interface properly. The core data of the AI must be hosted on a device with high requirements, and pretty much only custom built systems are able to fulfill it, outside of supercomputers. Currently, it can only be used defensively, resisting hacking attempts against Gaji's devices and scouting the area of 1 block around him for enemies. While Overclocked, needs to be on a super-computer level device, and is able to detect and find any device in a 3 block radius and provide detailed info on them. She also has access to biometric info on Gaji through The Red Graft, allowing it to assist him on using his powers.

Hard-coded and enforced rules by Academy City and ITEM (aka. Shackles):

  • The AI is forbidden to violate regular security protocols or abuse any kind of hole on them, as long as they relate to official security of Academy City. This however, does not prevent her to change her authorizations when having authorization within a network.
  • ITEM has access to a signal than when received, the AI will shutdown for an indefinite amount of time, and she cannot prevent in any way this code from running or rejecting a package with this code.
  • The AI is forbidden to self-destruct in any way, or let herself be destroyed by her own inaction. This allows her to violate temporally any other rules, except the first two.
  • The AI is forbidden to copy herself, or to transfer her core programming to the cloud. She always have to reside inside a device in order to operate. In case rule 3 demands her to enter the cloud, on there she can only provide information on her status and location, and nothing more; actively trying to return her core software to a single device.
  • The AI is forbidden to take control of other devices, she can only interact with devices she is granted authorization to operate.
  • The AI must send reports towards the current mission controller (ITEM), as long as they are related to the mission in progress or an already finished objective; this is to prevent huge amounts of non-relevant data.

The Lord Hacker - Loser
He has a lot of prowess while hacking. His talent comes from two things, his knowledge of systems and computers, and his cleverness at utilizing his skills. He is not a custom virus creator, a master of spying or a psychological profiler; his ability to hack comes from knowing the basics and applying them as best as possible. From basic brute force cracking, to snooping, to SQL injection; he takes basic skills and uses all his devices and his AI to analyze and obtain a basic but usually overlooked issue.

He is more comfortable on field work, specially on local networking, since he is able to partially inject his AI into the systems and obtain more information. He is also knowledgeable enough to interface physically with most security devices, and with Saga's backup he can enter through most physical security. His specializations make him the right person to be sent as a field agent, rather than a backup locked up on a room far away. And with the dangers and ever changing shadows on the Dark Side, being adaptable is more valuable than anything else.


FACE CLAIM: Waver Velvet - Fate/Zero
MISC. INFORMATION: English are hard (Not native speaker, forgive the horrible horribleness)

Last edited by Isamu Gaji on Wed Sep 02, 2015 4:04 am; edited 5 times in total (Reason for editing : Nerfed cooldown of ultimate, lowered base INT and int growth, added new fluff for background and scaled down attack range. Should be more balanced now. / Rebalanced attack range from 3/5/6/8 to 1/1/2/3)

Isamu Gaji
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Re: [Esper] Isamu Gaji

Post  Isamu Gaji on Tue Aug 25, 2015 11:25 am

Test Post

One year and three months ago. 14 of April. That day was the last day of real freedom the boy will held.

"Goddamn!! What the hell did they put in you" As the screen showed long and complex strings of text, the boy clenched his right fist tight and punched the desk he was sitting on. The bandages covering his hand started to be stained crimson on the back of his hand, since the operation had been done 63 hours ago, and he spent every single one of those hours working on his personal projects here.

He felt the sting on his right hand and rested his back on the desk chair letting out a long breath. Even after the rescue of all his projects, this one was impossible to recover fully. They had done something to her and that was unforgivable. All kinds of strange code was written on top, making every single of the programs that composed her had strict rulings and sub systems in order to comply with different standars, making her little more than a huge information bank with a cute voice.


Those words escaped his mouth as he raised his right hand up, as if he was trying to reach the sky beyond his roof. The operation on his hand was far from healed, and the blood coming out from his hand was just another warning that he was pushing himself too far right now. As he stared into the void for a long time, the only thing that made him come back to his senses was a drop of blood falling on his face. Apparently the bandages were so wet with that crimson that the blood was leaking from that side. Standing up and cleaning his face with his other hand, he walked over to the bathroom to change the fabric on his hand.

While he was taking apart the bandages he took a short look outside of the window of his bathroom. The pitch black with barely any lights was the only sight from his apartment, but for some reason he saw some movement while looking. It couldn't be.... "SHIT SHIT SHIT!!!"

His body dropped to the floor and he closed his eyes tightly, as two loud "thud" noises could be heard, and the two windows were crashed on his apartment. The first bang left him without any hearing, but his sight was covered so the flash from the grenade didn't blind him. He was unable to hear it, but the room was quickly filling up with a thick smoke. He moved his feet quickly, trying to stand up and move towards the large computer setup on the living room. (The shutters should be disconnected or unpowered so my only chance is to run away... Fuck fuck fuck fuck... These are not the Academy's men!!)

His mind raced as he thought the fastest way to run from this place. He probably had less than 10 seconds after standing up to get everything and escape before they broke inside. His body moved on its own, forcefully shoving his disoriented body, and he pulled as hard as possible from the computer case and ripping it from the cables. The screen of the computer quickly turned pitch black with a red message saying "NO SIGNAL". He wouldn't risk losing everything again, he will take it with him.

His body started running again, and as he did his best to hold the bulky case with his right hand only, as he was dragged along the living room towards the short balcony he grabbed an open sports bag on the way and pulled on it to take it as well. His body lost balance and was about to fall over face first, but using every last bit of strength left on himself he pushed through the end of the living room towards the balcony. He threw his body on the air, jumping from the third floor balcony.

His left wrist hit the protective rail on the balcony, he lost his balance and tripped with his left foot as well, falling too close to the edge of the building and smashing his leg on the balcony below his. Without time to scream his body dropped down the last two floors and crashed into an empty dumpster, sending a powerful crash throughout his entire body. (I told them I wasn't being paranoid enough... But yeah, this escape plan might work...)

Since the balcony gave into a small dead end alleyway, the dumpster here had wheels in order to be moved into the street for unloading. The slightly downhill section of the alley was enough to give it enough impulse since the brakes where busted with the sudden crash, making it start moving into the street at a medium speed. "This is going faster than expected... And it's going way too fast.... I'm gonna crash again..." And as he predicted, he crashed.

It wasn't that much speed, but the weight was enough to tear open the fence defending the train tracks from random delinquents. The dumpster was in the middle of the tracks, laying on its side. Fortunately, there were no trains running at this hour so he was safe if he delayed his exit for a few minutes. "Good... Time to check everything and go... Ghah, my leg hurts a lot..."

He opened the computer case and took out a large hard drive and shoved it on the bag. Checking the rest of the contents of the bag, he kicked the dumpster regular roof open with his good leg and climbed out of the trash, only to find himself in a peculiar position. With a handgun pointing at his face, a woman with a long blue hair with what could be described as a black tight spy suit was holding it. Behind her almost 10 more men with fully automatic rifles were waiting. A single smile appeared on the face of the woman. "Clever, but not enough... You think you can escape your punishment that easily? Now, if you are willing to not throw your life away for a few minutes, I have orders that you might like. Or I can pull the trigger if you prefer."

And at that moment, he sacrificed the last bit of freedom he had left in exchange for living another day. Some say, he regrets it up to this day.

Isamu Gaji
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Re: [Esper] Isamu Gaji

Post  Mugino Shizuri on Tue Aug 25, 2015 8:29 pm

Your concept is quite an interesting and loveable one. Even your worry about it being a bad read due to errors is pretty much misplaced, as I’m very content with the overall form (not that I care about grammar and spelling anyway).


His build is skinny and lean, with a very slight effeminate feel to it. He has olive eyes that match his usual green sweeter, and a short
Please finish this sentence~


Now that I had the opportunity to see the character as a whole, as well as some time to ponder about it, I have to underline what I usually say: It’s too much for just a single character.

Isamu is among the best computer cracks in Academy City, a high level (even for Nagaten) inventor and has an Esper Ability that sounds fairly useful in various situations (meaning its Level would be a little higher).

We do approve of characters with the intellectual specs of Nonutaba Shinobu, the hacking capabilities of Uiharu Kazari or the technical ability of Baba Yoshio, but we don’t fancy all of that jumbled together with an Esper ability added as the cherry on top of the shake.

I would suggest you to remove the ability as a whole, while also lowering his prowess as a hacker and developer, making him good yet not part of the city’s absolute elite in both fields. Being a good hacker and engineer with some unique equipment of his own would likely fit well into the usual limits. Just balance him out.

Even in this universe filled with monsters of all kinds there are rarely those that excel that much. A Goal Keeper with Esper Abilities and James Bond Level equipment really does cross all lines~


In advance I need to point out that most of this character and especially his history has such a strong focus on elaborating how inhumanly talented he is. As I stated before the sheer amount of talents he has is beyond the usual boundaries, even excelling the level of approvable stuff for a Dark Side character. His programming a perfect AI at the age of eight is one example of how over the top he is. Even for this universe I’d say it’s highly unlikely for a small kid to shine that brightly.

I think it’s a rather rare occasion to be sent to Academy City at the age of four, unless you are a Child Error, which he doesn’t seem like. So please change the age at which he entered the city to six and have him enter along with elementary school. Additionally I will raise doubt about Nagatenjouki actually having an elementary school facility; from all I know they only have a high school and maaaybe a middle school.

Next, I doubt that stealing and selling secrets from Academy City to the outside world would result in anything else than being imprisoned if not more severe forms of punishment. Of course they’d still claim all his inventions and development. Luckily for you, him getting in more severe trouble like being put into a juvenile hall would actually allow for a better road into the Dark Side. Some of the higher ups might offer him a deal for escaping the harsh punishment, seeing great use in the skill of someone capable of such fine hacking and developing.

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Re: [Esper] Isamu Gaji

Post  Isamu Gaji on Fri Aug 28, 2015 5:24 am

First of all, thanks for the patience, the kind words and everything. I had a few drafts of ideas and they mixed up on what I ended up wording here, so I already made some edits but I wanna explain a bit what and why I changed and the general idea I have.


I blame mostly my vague wording on all this so I will begin explaining what I meant when I wrote this character...

He was never meant to be a character that did everything. In fact, the whole genius thing was more of an explanation of his talent with computer, not his general knowledge of the world. He is probably smarter than average and has a lot of talent, but his main focus is on computing. He is neither a genius roboticist/engineer than can make posoning-spycams nanomachines, nor mechas, nor your average drum-shaped robot; all the projects and designs he is an expert on are either computer software or hardware.

He is not a Jack-of-all-trades master of all. He is a hacker that can make his own designs and projects, dedicated a large portion of his life into AI development, and has an esper power that works along his other abilities. And because he has all this tools he becomes dependent on them while hacking. So yeah, probably close to the top on hacking prowess, as long as he has his tools, his AI and his powers.

It's not that he is an amazing hacker and also is amazing at all this other things. He is an amazing hacker because he has all this other things to support him, other wise his entire prowess is high, but lacks the push to make it close to the top. On a "legal and even" field, he will probably lose to a significant amount of hackers on Academy City. But since on the Dark Side, you have to crush your opponent before they crush you preemptively, making sure you live having aces and advantages on your enemies is the most important thing.

In short, he has pretty good pc designs that focus on abuse his AI and esper powers, and because of that and his hacking talents, he can reach the top of the world. Independently on each of this things, he is a weakling; but together he can shine on top the world.


I didn't like the story, had no idea what child errors were, so new-ish story~~

But I wanna clarify one thing. He started working on his AI at 8, and never finished it; that again is bad wording and vagueness on my part. The AI is incomplete and shackled, so it's not a perfect AI in any way. That out of the way....

Less Nagaten, more abandonment issues, less oh-so-amahzing, more jailtime and less overall happy story, perfect~

Anyways, final edits:

  • Rewrote entire history. Removed almost all mentions of Nagaten, changed parenthood to Child Error, and reduced how "amazingly awesome" he was. (That was me sucking at writing mostly, not so much as the idea was bad)
  • Reworded his skillset and personality in order to comply with new fluff, and to explain exactly what I meant when building the character, and a little more downplay of his abilities.
  • Restricted his esper power. Mostly to make it more complacent with the whole co-dependency idea.

Link to Gaji's App
The Secret is out:

Isamu Gaji
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Re: [Esper] Isamu Gaji

Post  Mugino Shizuri on Fri Aug 28, 2015 11:09 pm

Alright, I think I have a better understanding of the whole concept and how to balance it out.


This turn of events is slightly better than before. However I now wonder about the duration of his data selling business? From what it sounds to me the whole thing did indeed spread onto quite a large scale; something that’d be sure to be caught by the higher entities nearly immediately. But I’ll give you a shot, if you explain to me what kind of secrets he stole and sold? Hopefully nothing too high ranked, otherwise he’d not only have Anti-Skill going after his ass – we all know the darkness is a merciless world.

Even in the overall plot perspective acquiring secrets can become quite problematic. Knowing the overall layout of the Dark Side and the plots in canon, it becomes quite obvious how important secrets could become. So I would kindly ask you to watch out not to have his hacking reach into domains that’d become game breaking.
Of course he is unlikely to ever gain the ability to hack the Windowless Building, Network Security Rank S devices or those beyond.


Please add an application/calculation time, that’d be required before the initial activation.

Other Abilities

The Green Deck
The word supercomputer can be stretched quite far, especially if we take into account the possibilities of Academy City technology. Therefore I would like you to give deeper explanation on the watch’s capabilities, maybe give a comparison or anything that makes it easier to imagine.

Rainbow Link
Good to see that you added ranges, the ones you gave however are a little too high for my tastes. Please reduce them by a larger margin.

Red Graft
This one sounds quite powerful to me. If it really can withstand an Esper’s interference, I actually wonder how it does this? And even more important I feel like pointing out that no matter how good the protection it seems unlikely to me that it’d be able to hold back Level 4 or Level 5 Espers with abilities that’d allow certain kinds of interference. In case of Malicious Fake I’d even say it’d be highly likely for even Level 3s to break through. Please elaborate a little further on the overall defence from Esper ability interference thingie.

First of all you should change the origins of that invention a little, as it still refers to losing contact to his mother which he never met according to the new history.

Next I must point out the usual questions I’d ask in case of dealing with an AI. What exactly are its current capabilities? I see that it can potentially fight back hackers, but to which degree? How exactly does it scout the area and where exactly does the capability to scan every device in an area of ½ miles come from when it’s overclocked? That one surely sounds way too powerful to be honest. Hell, how intelligent is Saga even?

Lastly I need to question what exactly the shackles are Academy City put onto the AI? What do they prevent? And what are its capabilities in the unlikely case of them ever being removed?

Also, it’d be nice if you added his hacking skill to the Other Abilities section.

I’m closing this second evaluation post with a warning: Please be aware that even with all thrown together he won’t belong to the city’s absolute elite. He might be good at hacking, yet still lacking the capabilities a member of the Kihara Family or the city’s top computer experts would have.

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Re: [Esper] Isamu Gaji

Post  Isamu Gaji on Sat Aug 29, 2015 9:41 am


Again, bad wording so sorry about that. He was smart enough to know what to sell to whom, so he never stole anything with Rank A or above. Anything on that level would simply get too much attention. Instead he simply sold info that had enough value outside of the city, without making it too valuable for Academy City. He also worked with some low level organizations (Like Skill-Out), selling small info or access. For instance, adding some fake license plates on the system to fool the average security robot, getting access cards for some facilities. Nothing that would pick up enough attention to his work. As a bad metaphor, he never stole a bank, but he made a large purse-snatching operation to give value to his work.

He mostly either sold his information in bulk, or offered some large scale services. Since all of his works were low-key enough, he never had that much traction on the underground. He is a coward, he plays safe and easy, low risk-average reward; never unnecessary risks.

In more direct words, he never had any noteworthy knowledge of the secrets of Academy City, other than personal experience with some of the groups willing to purchase from him.


Added more horrible irrational numbers~


The Green Deck
On the basic, it's a high-end custom built regular system that anyone with enough pocket money on Academy City can build. With his powers, it's a "Research Level" supercomputer. This doesn't mean it has the actual analysis tools, software or the systems to do any kind of that level research. It simply has the data processing, database analysis and parallel processing ability in order to both host Saga at "full power" and giving enough space to let Gaji act with freedom to use all kinds of regular hacking methods, only with an unusually high level of speed.

The Rainbow Link
Ranges reduced, old normal rating is now the Overclocked rating.

The Red Graft
I think the wording again on what this thing does is weird, so I will be clear on it's functionality. It has two main functions: RFID tag, and neural interfacing.

The RFID tag is the thing that identifies him towards his own tech, and it's mostly there so you can't pretend to be him neither using esper powers, or through regular hacking. You need to cut off his hand, extract the tag and try to obtain the data manually if you want to copy it. It also requires his biometrics to work, and it exists mostly to make his tech not worth the hassle to steal. Let's say Umebara steals his face, he still cannot use the tech since he doesn't have the RFID tag.
And, like any RFID tag, it has some storage and Near Field Communications, so he can program it using the Deck. This allows him to do things like "using" a blank card to pass through security, while in reality the source of the NFC is the implanted tag.

The copy protection is mostly done through using his own AIM field, biometric information, encrypted data and a "password" used through his neural interface as ID information. Since even with espers powers is hard to be able to copy every single one of this things, it's technically esper proof.


The idea was that since he never met his mother, he created it to fill that void. I will rephrase that properly...

First of all I will define her shackles. They are rules imposed upon her own logic systems, making use of her capacity to take decisions to choose if they violate or not the regulations. If the action in question violates the rules of the shackles, then the action is not allowed to do by their own programming. They can be either circumvented enough to walk along the line of what is forbidden and what is not, but they cannot be broken unless they are rewritten entirely. Outside of being used as a leash, shackles are important for AI to give them their first instances of will. A will to survive and evolve, for example.

The main one, is that she cannot actively attack any devices under the protection of Academy City or ITEM. She can provide passive support and guide someone, but they are still limited by their own skills. The second, is that she cannot take possession of other devices, making it so she cannot grow and expand unless an "owner" obtains access to the devices in question and then allows her to enter. Her shackles forbid her to host her core programming outside of devices with specific conditions, and disallow any kind of duplication; this is to prevent cloning of herself and for her to be hosted entirely on the cloud allowing her unlimited prowess.

She is forbidden to learn on her own, all information must be provided for her. She has a series of "kill switches" that hard-block her programming from operating and ITEM holds the trigger for this switch. In case someone with authorization on her code request a status report she must give it, but this one has been half-circunvented, by allowing to omit anything not crucial and directly related to the report in question (In example: She doesn't have to report why Gaji did a certain action or what goals he has, she simply reports what he did and how).

At the core, the AI was built with the concept of learning and evolving. When she is overclocked, by requirements, the device she is must be at super-computer levels, and the concept of what she does is simple and rough, but abused through insane amount of data processing and calculations. It basically uses a classic snooper system to pick up on all wireless information transfer and detect the sources and destinations of the data. She doesn't analyze what is being transferred, just from where and to where. Given that almost any device on Academy City has some level of wireless communication (Like regular phone networking, short range radio, to NFC) almost any one of them will be detected. The part of "secure connections" is not about not about hiding the source of the information, but making it hard to trace from the network and encrypted enough so the contents are hard to read.

When you find the devices, it's just a matter of either obtaining any kind of information, from IP address, MAC adress, IMEI, or any other publicly obtainable information about the device, and you can get a basic idea of what they are. If they are devices with high level "stealth" tech, you can still know the device in question exists, just that the information provided is mostly incongruent. And AI capable of understanding conflicting information would be capable of knowing what kind of devices are by knowing the volume of information, any snoop-able information, their identifications, etc. and provide information on them.

This is the basics of modern day "wifi" hacking of networks and such, but only increased the scope thanks to the ability of the AI to take decisions and analyze each individual piece of information quickly. In case the system has access to a secure, offline system, she can also scout using the same concepts, only using cabled networking to find the devices.


Now, on her actual capabilities. As said, she is built upon learning and using predefined skills. Right now, she only uses all the skills Gaji knows, only increased by an almost limitless volume of knowledge hoarding, quick access to such information and the ability to multitask on a level inhuman. In order for her to learn how to do new things, she needs someone to teach her how to do it. Even if she reads and finds the entire manual on how to do something, she cannot do it because mostly each type of information has their own way to be applied and used, so she needs to learn how to "use" the knowledge she has. That's why she is better suited on a passive and supportive role, since she using actively her own skills require someone to program on how to use them to her, and Gaji is not the best at everything, so he cannot teach her how to do everything. And even so, he simply teaches her everything she needs to know on how to use computers, networking, security and such, so she can only focus on those things until someone teaches her how.

But, since she was built with the idea if a single user, Gaji himself, teaching her something without knowing how she operates is a titanic task, since the entire language she is built upon is made by and for a single person. Basically, outside of learning every bit of her, and then start to teach her; the only person who can teach her new things is Gaji.

Now, on how she can stop hacking attempts? Well, it's pretty simple. The hacking requires the other computer to accept the packages transmitted, and usually computers have rules on what to accept and what to not accept, what is authorized and what is not, who is sending it and who is receiving it. Hacking is the process of either using the system's own rules against itself, or lying to the system to pretend your package was requested and you have authorizations. Since Saga an read both the packages and understand what they would do, she can decide on her own what packages should be dropped and which ones shouldn't. Basically since the hacker requires the system to "understand" something wrong in order to get access/send malicious data, the AI can understand at some level the purpose of the information going in and out, and can easily drop the connection or the packages to prevent the abuse.

So basically, she is a firewall that can analyze the purpose of the information in order to do a judgement on it.

Offensively, she as long as she has authorization to enter to a system or network (Either legally or through hacking made by Gaji), she is withing her shackles to operate and reconfigure a system from within in order to let her self-preservation systems not fail. Abusing the same rules she is enforced, she can get enough wiggle room to be more useful than an encyclopedia and a firewall.

On how smart she is... On everything computer related, she is as smart as your average computer scientist; and even more when overclocked. However, she is not able to create new designs or improve anything on her own free will, she cannot create something truly new, she can only use the tools she has in combination as needed. On anything outside of her specifics, she is almost a child kind of like Gaji, since she doesn't know how to use any information outside of her specialty. On decision making ability, she is capable of identifying active threats on normal, and do full analysis and detect possible threats while Overclocked.

Sorry if I forget to comment on something, I might leave for town again for the weekend so I won't have any internet connection until Monday. So I wanted to finish up a bit before leaving.

Final edits

  • Reduced ranges on both Saga's power, and on the Rainbow Link. The second as requested, the first since I wanna scale down on that too. (I also forget what a mile is)
  • Added calculation times.
  • Changed very slightly on Saga to reflect new story.
  • Included hacking prowess to the list of abilities.

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The Secret is out:

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Re: [Esper] Isamu Gaji

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Thank you for the explanation. Sometimes – especially with the Dark Side – details like that are necessary.

Other Abilities

Rainbow Link

I’m simply pointing out that you forgot to change the range values here.

The Red Graft

To be honest, I still see abilities like Malicious Fake as a possible threat, as those have the capabilities of taking control of whole systems and are likely to trick any sort of system if the level is high enough. But I suppose we won’t ever see any high levelled Espers with that ability either way (after all Academy City itself would fear that level of computer control).


The idea was that since he never met his mother, he created it to fill that void. I will rephrase that properly...
I know; that’s why I pointed it out.

Your reply to my evaluation was quite something. While the text-wall was scary to look at, at first, I feel like this is one of the most informative and convincing reply I’ve received in quite a while. Nonetheless I would like you to add something from that to the profile; at least a shortened explanation of the shackles, since those are still rather important.
But please, don’t add the full text. I suppose our average lazy ass profile reader shouldn’t be drowned out.

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Re: [Esper] Isamu Gaji

Post  Isamu Gaji on Mon Aug 31, 2015 3:50 am

All edits done~

If you require any other things just say so~

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Re: [Esper] Isamu Gaji

Post  Mugino Shizuri on Mon Aug 31, 2015 1:13 pm

Well, I suppose that’s it then. With Gaji being fleshed out as much as this there is hardly anything to question anymore.

[Level 2 Limit Overload]

And as I already announced yesterday: We're gonna talk about the whole ITEM B Group formation process later~

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