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[SNPC/Esper] Hoshino Noriko

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[SNPC/Esper] Hoshino Noriko

Post  Kira Kohaku on Sun Nov 08, 2015 5:42 am

FULL NAME: Hoshino Noriko
AGE: 14
GENDER: Female
Noriko stands at 160 centimeters tall with a slender frame and a fair chest. She has green eyes and shoulder length purple hair which she ties up in a ponytails with a yellow ribbon. Going on the sides of her hair are two symmetrical light blue streaks of hair. On her right wrist is a silver-colored bracelet with an spherical center that has a blue gem in it and on her left hand is brown sleeveless glove she likes wearing. As a diligent Tokiwadai student, she wears the Tokiwadai student uniform at almost all times.
Noriko was born in the Ibaraki Prefecture to Hoshino Kyouhei, the CEO of the Hoshino Zaibatsu, a giant in the precision machining industry. It was a posh life for Noriko, who Kyouhei wanted to raise Noriko to eventually take over the zaibatsu. However, Kyouhei's father, Fudo, wanted something different. He thought that his granddaughter was being raised with a lack of discipline. As such, he convinced Kyouhei to allow him to raise Noriko.

Any observer would almost be scared at how well Fudo's attempt to hammer discipline into Noriko had worked out. Fudo was able to hammer in a sense of etiquette and a love for discipline fitting for someone who was slated to take over the zaibatsu into Noriko very quickly. During her discipline training, Noriko started taking a liking to manzai, especially the ones where the tsukkomi was using a harisen. It was then that she came to the epiphany: harisens=discipline. From that moment forward, she began to carry a harisen with her almost everywhere though nobody knows where she stores it.

This continued even when her parents sent her to Academy City and even when she eventually got into Tokiwadai. In her second year, she took over as the president of the school's disciplinary committee and became very zealous as she stood in her position. Ever since then, there have been rumors of a ninja who smacks people across the head with a harisen and disappears quickly after. To this day, harisen ninja Noriko remains as the stern keeper of Tokiwadai's discipline.

Noriko is a very strict girl. She tends to hold a neutral expression and gives off the impression that she is a no-nonsense kind of person. She does not take kindly to breaking the rules and is at times very quick to use the harisen on those she deems to be acting without discipline. Though, it's not like the stress of being the disciplinary committee president does not get to Noriko. Whenever stress builds up, the girl loves watching manzai or general comedy routines in secret. It's one of those things that tend to de-tense her aside from a good cake.

Noriko's teleport ability has a radius of 120 meters and 100 kg. She specializes mainly in teleporting herself (for the express purpose of smacking people upside the head when they go out of line). Momentum does not get conserved during teleport and anything she teleports which matches the coordinates of another object will get lodged in and displace the object. Like with most teleporters, Noriko needs to maintain focus in order to do the calculations and the teleportation will fail if she cannot maintain enough focus.

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