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[SNPC/Magician] Sekimon Tomoe

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[SNPC/Magician] Sekimon Tomoe

Post  Vita Vesta Caesar on Mon May 16, 2016 3:09 am

Sekimon Tomoe

Adeptus402 “When death’s doors open, I shall stride forward.”

"I wonder, what expression will you make when you die?"

FULL NAME: Sekimon Tomoe
AGE: 17
GENDER: Female
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: A schoolgirl with dark black hair and of an average stature, without any distinctive mannerisms or qualities. While she is normally quite unassuming, once she gets going she becomes absolutely terrifying. Without doubt, a monster wearing the skin of a lamb.
INFORMATION: In the beginning, Tomoe lived a perfectly normal life. She loved her family, enjoyed school, and looked forward to growing up in the same way all children do.  But at the age of twelve, all that changed. While she was out of the house playing with friends, her parents had been killed by a robber who broke into the house. When she returned she discovered the bodies in the kitchen and simply stared in shock, with no idea how she should react. But the robber, who had yet to leave the house, had heard her open the door and went to investigate. When he found her, it was only due an extraordinarily lucky stab with a knife from the kitchen that she managed to avoid joining her family on the family on the floor. Up until this point, there hadn’t been anything particularly odd about her reactions to these traumatic events. But as she stared at the bodies lying on the floor, questions came to her mind that no normal individual would have normally thought.

“What is it like to die?” She felt no fear over the dangerous situation she had just experienced, and not for a moment did the slightest of sorrows over the deaths of her family afflict her heart. All she felt was an intense sensation of curiosity, an intense desire to answer the question now that it had been asked. Perhaps this was the moment where she broke. If so, then one could say that she was not inherently evil, that she was not a monster since birth. However, the composition of the human known as Sekimon Tomoe was one such that, exposed to that stimulus, she would become such a thing. Where any of an uncountable number of reactions and transformations could have occurred, Tomoe became a monster.

In the aftermath of her family’s death, custody was granted to her father’s brother, who was a priest at a Buddhist temple in a different prefecture. Obsessed with the question she had asked on the day of the robbery, Tomoe had become quiet and withdrawn. Her uncle, mistaking it for depression and grief over her sudden loss, decided to give her something she could put effort into and hopefully allow her to distract herself from her sorrows.  That something was magic. For the next four years, she devoted herself to her studies, and she made astounding leaps of progress. Whether it was due a latent talent or simply the result of her incredible efforts, there was no denying that her growth was astounding. The priests and her uncle, however, were happier that she seemed to have vacated the shell she had created after her family’s deaths, completely unaware that this was actually because she saw hope in her study of magic that she could find her answer.  If things had continued like that, then even broken as she was, a tragedy may not have occurred. But whether it was due to freak chance or if it was simply inevitable, one day she noticed something that caused an unimaginable change to occur.

It was nothing so significant that it would have compelled her to shout eureka. Rather, it was something incredibly simple that she hadn’t thought to apply to her search, absorbed in studies as she was. Until then, she had simply thought, pondered, and meditated on the answer, like the philosophers of old. But if she really wanted an answer to the question, then there were several exceedingly simply methods that everyone born in a civilized country was taught at a young age. The scientific method. Trial and error. Experimentation. Practical testing. Upon noting that she had yet to try these methods, she began to plan their implementation. And with her question in mind, that implementation was terrifying indeed. Simply, she would observe deaths of all sorts and record any and all data she could. That alone was a morbid thought, but she did not stop there. Her inquisitiveness was not so weak that she would be satisfied with merely seeking out deaths to observe. Rather, she had every intention of creating deaths to observe.  

Later, on her sixteenth birthday. All the priests had gathered in one place to celebrate. They ate cake, she received many presents, and it was all around a joyous event. But when it came time to open her gifts, instead of moving to tear the wrapping paper, she simply smiled. She smiled, and then she viciously, mercilessly, agonizingly slowly killed every single last one of them. Because of both her strength and the utter surprise of the assault, what little resistance they mustered was easily quashed. Throughout the entire ordeal, she carefully, meticulously recorded every last detail and asked countless questions of them. How did they feel? Were they in pain? Were they afraid? Sad? Did they just want to die? Her journal contained the answers to them all. And when the last one passed, she calmly cleaned up the mess she made, disposed of the bodies, raided their belongings for some supplies, and left town without care of whatever happened next.

Even today, she is wandering Japan, wondering what kind of death she wants to record next.

ABILITIES: The premise of the first of her two spells is simple. The first of the Four Noble Truths states that so long as one exists in the material plane, suffering is unavoidable and satisfaction impossible. Her spell, however, applies a twisted syllogistic logic to that truth. Continued existence in the material plane can be construed as, for a human being, life, and therefore ‘life is suffering’. However, just as life is suffering, suffering is the proof of being alive. So, so long as you suffer, you cannot die, regardless of the state of your body. As a result of this spell, she has obtained powerful regenerative abilities whose potency correlate directly with the amount of pain she feels. If she is slowly crushed by a heavy boulder, then the intense pain and suffering would keep her alive and struggling even as the weight threatened to completely squash her. But if one were to swiftly snap her neck from behind, killing her before she even realized she had been attacked, then the lack of suffering would fail to trigger the activation of her spell. The spell is powerful enough that even if she were to be completely bisected, the amazing pain would allow her to heal even as her organs spilled from her stomach. As a truth is something that can be communicated to others, she can also apply this effect to others, though a laying of hands is required to sustain it.

Her second spell is based on the of the many Naraka of Buddhist mythology, which are the religion’s rough equivalent of hell or purgatory. The Naraka that she bases her spell upon is the reviving Naraka, Sanjiva. There, whenever its inhabitants experience fear of being harmed by others, fiery hell guards appear and attack them with blazing weapons. Her spell has her assume the position of a hell guard, and dole out attacks of blazing fire whose heat is directly proportional to the amount of fear directed toward her. The intensity varies from the heat of matchstick at the very least to heat enough to rival the flames of Stiyl’s Innocentius.

FACE CLAIM: Original work by artist Aoikamaou
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