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[Esper] Sassa Mayumi (WIP)

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[Esper] Sassa Mayumi (WIP)

Post  Sassa Mayumi on Mon Jul 11, 2016 9:31 am

Sassa Mayumi

Level X Jetstream Lance

"I'm angry, but I'm not mad. You're forgiven, please don't do it again."

FULL NAME: Sassa Mayumi
OTHER ALIAS: Yumi, Sassy (Sarcastically)
GENDER: Female
SCHOOL: Tokiwadai Middle School

APPEARANCE: Yumi is a petite young lady, who looks very much like she needs to eat something basically all the time. Comparing her frame to a stick would be apt, as she is underweight even for her height range. Any fat that would be gathered in her body appears to have gathered around her bust and rear, which isn't saying much, but it does technically give her an hourglass figure. She has excessively fair, freckled skin, and dyes her hair pink (its natural color is strawberry blonde), wearing it down and straight at a short to medium length. Her usual choice of attire is a sun dress, some nice tennis-shoes or sandals, and her trademark sun hat, which has a wide-rim large enough to suffice as a wearable parasol, without looking utterly ridiculous.

Of course, when at school she wears the Tokiwadai uniform, as is required of her. However, she burns with great ease in the sun, and thusly wears her sun hat even still whenever she needs to go outside for any reason. She also on occasion wears rose-tinted heart-shaped sunglasses outside, because sometimes, a girl just needs to be quirky. Yumi is prone to a nigh constant look of pure innocence on her face, mostly because her her huge blue eyes, and her slight overbite giving her the elemental cuteness factor of mouse lemurs, or maybe puppies. This suits her just fine, because she is tiny and frail, and thusly she needs as much of an advantage as she can get.

Winter Gear:

HEIGHT: 5'2" (157.5 cm)
WEIGHT:  98 lbs (44.5 kg)
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: She has next to no pigmentation in her skin or eyes, giving her very fair, freckled skin and bright blue eyes. Because of the lack of skin pigmentation, she burns easily in direct sunlight. Thusly she wears a wide-brimmed sun hat anytime she needs to go out in the sun, to prevent herself from turning red as a lobster after 5 minutes in sunlight. It has become a trademark of hers, and people tend to pick her out in crowds with it, which can lead to confusion if anyone else wanted to wear a sun hat that day.

Yumi likes to get to know each and every person she meets and hangs out with, because she cares very deeply for all of her friends. She is a kind and compassionate person at heart, and always likes to get to know who all of her friends really are inside. She's very curious, and pries deeply into their lives with innocuous questions, memorizing details and learning from context. One could say that she's in love with all of her friends, and they wouldn't be far off. She is known for putting forth effort in friendship that some people don't put forth in more intimate relationships, buying her friends heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, bouquets of their favorite flowers, and getting them gifts that she just knows they'll love.

The young lady is very considerate of her friends, and receptive to their emotional state. Part of why she gets to know each person so thoroughly is so that she can use her knowledge to console them if ever they need it. In this respect, she is also a great emotional support beam. However, she is never confident that she knows enough about someone, or that she truly knows them at all, and thusly will continue to pry deeper and deeper, going above and beyond what is alright to know about a given individual. She insists firmly that it's her reasons for learning such detailed private information is purely benign, especially whenever she is questioned after purchasing her friends a perfectly sized swimsuit for the upcoming beach season.
If there is one thing that Yumi loves, it is caring about stuff. She really likes getting into certain subjects to the degree where she can proclaim having a passion for it. Passion gives her a goal in mind, allowing her to push forward if only to continue pursuing it. Passion gives her a drive, something to motivate her in her darkest moments. The young lady is very in tune with her passion and is known to get very good at something before her interests may slide to something else. This gives her a small slew of interesting talents which she once held a passion for in the past, such as a couple of instruments, a couple of video games, watercolor painting. When she likes something enough to call it a passion, she'll know, because she's very good at understanding and utilizing her passion to achieve.

On a similar note, one of her constant passionate topics is, obviously, friendship. In this respect though, she knows exactly what to say to achieve a goal in regards to her friends. In the same regard though, attacking one of her friends is like attacking one of her family members, or her personally. She's very dangerous when her passions are assailed, because she'll protect them wholeheartedly, even more so with people who are living beings with feelings that she cares deeply about. If one were to make the mistake of literally assaulting her friends, hospitalizing them or worse... well... there's a saying that goes something like "Demons run when good men go to war..."
Morally Upright
One thing that Mayumi has a good grasp on is a highly functional moral compass. She has strong instincts when it comes to what is right and what is wrong, and she can usually go on a gut feeling whenever she has a hunch that something is amiss. Whilst she isn't good at catching liars in the act, she knows what lies are right and wrong. It's not a matter of content for her, it's a matter of purpose. A lie to protect is noble, whereas a lie to hurt is despicable. Her ethics lead her to a neutral-bordering-on-chaotic world view, where the laws obviously serve a purpose and should be followed in almost every situation, but if they get in the way of things that are morally right, then laws, rules, and regulations can screw right off. Even so, she lacks confidence in her morals, not knowing if making any moral decision was indeed the correct choice. Such a subject can eat at her for weeks after she deals with is. Thusly, she usually attempts to influence other people to make a choice for her, hiding behind their moral resolve to mask her weak one in the end.
Yumi is a very instinct-driven person who can discern intentions and read context clues like a children's book. At the same time, however, she is deeply caring and compassionate, one could say that she couldn't bring herself to hate people, especially if their hearts were in the right place. Even personal slights and attacks against her friends are somewhat forgivable if the subject of her judicious appraisal was truly just trying to do what was right. She would make a really terrible judge though, because she is borderline insane levels of merciful, bordering on naivety. The young lady can walk away from a fight in which she fought tooth and nail for hours; She can spare a terrorist; She can give up the piece of candy, all just because she cannot fault the individual for their actions. Her empathy truly shines when she can get to know an enemy, and find a good person beneath their antagonism. She's also a sucker for direct and sincere-sounding apologies, and funnily enough be totally fooled by even a halfway decent act.
This one has popped up a number of times throughout the personality already, but she lacks confidence in herself, having a perceived shortcoming in her attempts to be a just and caring person. She believes almost constantly that she is too harsh on people, or didn't make the right call. Despite a sharp intuition and great skill her passions sometimes she isn't able to persevere because she fears she may be passionate about the wrong thing. While it wouldn't seem apparent in the moment, because she works best in the moment, she is always second guessing herself, thinking that she isn't being honest and straightforward enough, thinking that there is something wrong with who she is, something she needs to improve. This causes her to strive towards her ideal self, and generally overcompensate in all the regards she can manage, and shy away from things she cannot. She may appear meek at times, and stronger than anyone at others, especially when it comes to the things she cares about.

Learning About People: She enjoys little more than getting to know people in whatever way she can manage. The more she knows about them, the more she can do to help them and impress them.

Friends: This may seem obvious, but she has a borderline romantic fixation on each individual person who call her a friend, and goes out of her way to show her platonic affection with gifts and favors that those people wouldn't receive from a casual lover. She likes her friends more than people like their friends.

Physical Contact: Tiny and frail as she is, Mayumi's concept of personal space could definitely use work. Along with her borderline romantic tendencies with friends, she likes to latch onto their arms, and gives out uncomfortably long hugs to anyone who doesn't outright push her away.

Candy: More humorous than anything, she has a crippling weakness for candy. A person could probably throw a wrapped lollipop across the street to lose her, and it would work. She prefers more sugary candies like taffy and lollipops and jawbreakers rather than chocolate candies.

Small Animals: Yumi has an affinity for small critters for some reason. She finds them to be adorable and incredibly relateable, empathizing with them like she does her friends.
Violence: She is a lover, not a fighter. While she understands that some people will not listen to words and violence is necessary, she will never become violent over anything short of putting her friends or herself in immediate danger. Yumi even hates violence, and gets really upset when she needs to resort to it.

Dissenters: When people actively go out of their way to hate others, even reaching for reasons to get mad. She hates haters of anyone, essentially. especially people who hate for no real reason. She thinks of herself as a person aiming to be genuine and kind, so when people aim to be fake or aim to hurt others, she cannot empathize with them. It hurts her, personally, to see people angry for no reason.

Hypocrisy: She can understand lying to protect someone... But what she doesn't understand is lying to suit one's own interests. Why would anyone think they need to lie about what the want or who they are? People who use others while preaching against it, people who kill to "show that murder is wrong", people who enforce their ideals on others and reject any other perspective. She hates those kinds of people, not because they are doing bad things for selfish reasons, though that's a part of it, but more for the reason of their outright bullshitting people while doing it.

Hatred: Yumi hates the fact that she can hate things. She hates hatred as a concept, and wishes that it were human nature to forgive and understand rather than continue pointless cycles of wrongdoings and revenge. It's a powerful feeling which masquerades as something akin to passion, driving people to do the utterly insane for the sake of accomplishing tasks they wouldn't even want to accomplish if they would consider what it is they truly want. She's not immune to the feeling herself, and that scares her deep down.

Green Vegetables: The most she can handle in the way of green veggies is iceberg lettuce in her salads. Anything more intense than that in bitterness causes her to recoil in disgust when she tries to eat it. The worst part is that she tries so hard to ignore her disdain when they are offered to her, because she's too nice to say no, and would openly cry whilst eating them than let a kind gesture go to waste.
Learning: Yumi is probably one of the best people at learning about things she cares about. She is excellent at investigating things and people to the best of her capabilities as a normal esper without mental powers. She's excellent at learning from information presented using information she knows that she knows. However, if she doesn't really care about a given subject, she won't bother putting in much effort to learn about it, as logic would dictate.

Clever: The young esper has a pretty restrictive power and set of practical abilities. However, she is clever in her applications of those abilities, and knows the best way to apply herself in any given situation. One could say her sharpened self-awareness is one of her best strengths, and she'll push herself hard and right to come out on top of a challenge, using every metaphorical inch of her capabilities.

Compassionate: A universal truth, no matter who or where you are, is that true compassion is rare and valuable. Even when she is angry, furious, even outright hateful, Yumi is always looking for a reason, any reason at all, to not hate someone. She wants to help everyone she can, even her enemies, even someone who is torturing her, even the most cruel and evil people. This level of care for her enemy is disarming, nigh on weaponizably so, and is thusly a strength in a fault.

Tactics: Yumi's cleverness does not just spread to her own abilities, her tendency to delve into each person she knows' personality and true self allows her to know the various limits and restrictions of her friends after a while, and once she has that kind of information, she can masterfully suggest courses of action, and delegate friends to tasks they are best suited for. She can even think of power tricks and clever tactical uses for powers that aren't her own.
Itty-bitty: This young lady is very tiny and thusly doesn't stand out as an individual at all unless you know to look for her sun hat. While this may seem like a strength in practice, her smallness is incredibly vexing, as she would love nothing more than to be a proud, tall and powerful woman, who can stand out in a crowd and make all the friends. So while it's a trade-off, at least in her eyes, it's a flaw.

Weak: Her physical strength leaves a great deal to be desired. She struggles with 50 lbs of weight with both hands, and even then can't maintain her maximum weight-bearing for anywhere close to a sufficient time. It's a wonder she can carry text books, really. She hopes that she'll at least become strong enough to hold a job one day.

Frail: Her durability is also irredeemably low. She can't take a few body shots without passing out, Yumi has next to no physical protection on herself. Even if she were to wear a bulletproof vest, the impact would probably still kill her, or at least knock her out. That said, she manages to remain noticeably healthy, it's just her physical structure that is frail.

Mercy: Mayumi is too trusting of people, and wants to believe in them, even if they are lying outright she'll try to believe them on purpose. She lacks a moral resolve which lets her follow through if a person appear to be afraid, she can't bring herself to harm someone who apologizes sincerely, even if it's all a facade. Because of this, she'll let people get away, she'll surrender in a mock battle or even in a real battle. In this respect, she is weak-willed... This isn't to say that she'll fall for it over and over and over from the same person: Eventually she'll dissociate the individual from her rule-of-thumb that everyone is good deep down, and follow through, especially if she's been being used as a merciful punching bag for deceit.

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PLAYER'S NAME: Sassa Mayumi
FACE CLAIM: Takagi-san by Tansuke
MISC. INFORMATION: It's not complete.

Sassa Mayumi

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