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(Science) SS Thread Idea: Sugar Crises

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(Science) SS Thread Idea: Sugar Crises

Post  Sir Alexander Beathen on Wed Jul 13, 2016 12:01 pm

Are you hungry?
Are you thirsty?
Well sucks to be you.

In modern day most foods and drinks include some sugars, artificial, naturally incurring sugars and otherwise. This fact is truer in Academy city itself, the city filled with students whose diets put most world's collogue shopping lists to shame filled with rice dinners and mountain dew. So what would happen if all that sugar suddenly evaporates? And that is what happens when one day sugar vanishes as if melted before your eyes.

No sugar in tea.

No vending machine drinks.

Nothing quick like a good burger, or prepared food for those who can't cook.

And most of all no cakes.

All foods with any sugars start to go foul, and all drinks with sugars turn tasteless.

Damned to the world without the sweet taste of sugar, you most work together to uncover the cause behind this unprecedented food crises. But in other news, it seems the health agencies are celebrating, and a newly level esper's power explodes into unprecedented heights.

Sir Alexander Beathen

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