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[SNPC/Magician] Henry Moore

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[SNPC/Magician] Henry Moore Empty [SNPC/Magician] Henry Moore

Post  Vita Vesta Caesar on Sat Aug 20, 2016 11:42 pm

[SNPC/Magician] Henry Moore Nv7ibEY

FULL NAME: Henry Moore
AGE: 33
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Tall and well-built, he is clearly at the peak of physical fitness. Although at a glance his hair seems unkempt and his face unshaven, in reality they are well-kept. He believes that if you’re a man, you should look at least a little wild, but at the same time just ignoring his hygiene would be far too much of a lapse in etiquette for a knight, so his appearance is actually a compromise where he carefully manages his himself so that he maintains this specific level of unruliness. He has his brown hair and eyes, and though he usually wears the armor of a Knight of England, if he were ever to be found without it then he would be wearing a suit of suitable formality for the occasion.
INFORMATION: Many years ago, Henry was a member of the now disbanded First Lancer Division. Among his peers, his drive was dead average, his talent was dead average, and his dead ability was average. He had no particular traits or affinities that would cause him to stand out from the crowd. He was simply another member of the rank-and-file; an important part of the gears that make the Knights of England continue turning, but unlikely to ever obtain any notable achievements as an individual. However, one day he and his comrades were sent on a mission that would drastically change his way of living.

He and his squad were ordered to investigate a small mountain village in Japan that had an abnormally large flow of mana. They were to investigate the source, and if it had been caused with malicious intent, eliminate it. The higher-ups had felt little to no danger from the situation, so they had sent them with the bare minimum of arms. However, even though the knights logically agreed with that conclusion, they couldn’t help but feel fear. Contact with the village had already been lost before they had arrived, but some messages had made it through before then. And among then was what sounded like a dying message, declaring that the culprit wasn’t a human.

Fear doesn’t follow logic. So they felt uneasy as they approached, even knowing that whatever it was, they would certainly be able to handle it. They convinced themselves that that was so. They were the proud knights, and fear dulls the senses, so they had no choice but to do so. But when they arrived, what they saw blew all such considerations away. They found a great maelstrom of ash that may or may not have been the remains of an inhuman creature that was the greatest fear of the magic side. And standing calmly within that maelstrom was a small girl, who would from that day be recognized as Deep Blood. The one with the power to destroy the immortal, invincible vampires with impunity.

Judging immediately that they lacked both the power and armaments to deal with such a monster, they immediately left the area and reported Deep Blood’s existence to their superiors. However, despite their quick retreat, the scene Henry saw that day, the absolute power of the Deep Blood that had destroyed what he was sure had been a countless number of vampires, had already been carved into his heart. Where some felt fear, others wonder, and still more simple shock, he felt awe. To think that such power existed in this world. That such heights existed. This revelation shook him to the core.

Until that day, his drive was average. But now he strived constantly to attain those heights of power. Until that day, his talent was average. But now his constant efforts bridged that gap. Until that day, his ability was average. But from that day on, he would continue to rise in both rank and power. Now bearing the magic name of Futilitas665, and declaring that "It is not the highest mountain that can be climbed, but the pillar which can never be reached which holds the greatest meaning." he would cease to be one of the rank-and-file. Attaining the same level as that which he witnessed on that day may not even be possible, but that does not phase him. Rather, he revels in that knowledge and strives for it anyway.

And now, he has been sent on a mission to Whitby to deal with a threat whose name’s mere mention would make his sword arm shake in anticipation. He would act honorably and complete the mission, as befitted a Knight of England, but it would be a bare-faced lie if he were to say he wasn’t looking forward to it. As he chases the vampire of [SS] Hazy Silhouette, what will he discover?

Skill with Knightly Arms:
He was originally a member of the First Lancer Division, and like its other members specialized in the use of the weapon that was its namesake. However, as of seven years ago all such divisions were disbanded. This was not because the knights of the divisions lost the techniques that they were famous for, but rather because they had mastered every technique, rendering all such distinctions moot. Henry is not an exception; no doesn’t matter what variety of weapon he uses, his skill remains unparalleled.

Physique of a Knight:
Once upon a time, the Knights of England wore an enchanted armor known as the Surgical Armor which could multiply the physical abilities of the wearer by up to twenty times by channeling magical energy through it. However, for the knights of the modern day, any kind of magical effects applied to the armor would would be a hindrance instead. The knights are already far stronger than any spell could make then, so any enchantment would simply be broken by their own strength. In other words, Henry’s base physical capabilities are over twenty times that of a normal human.

Claiomh Solais:
The Sword of Light from Irish myth, one of the four treasures of the Tuatha De Danann. Typically it is imagined as a longsword of sorts, but there are also accounts of it being referred to as a ‘white glaive of light’. Due to that anecdote, this weapon is not a sword, as one might expect, but a polearm. In legend, it is attributed with the common traits of an unparalleled legendary blade, with supernatural sharpness and durability, as well as a bright shine and alignment with of light as its name would suggest, but the unique traits emphasized in this weapon lie elsewhere.

In virtually every legend where it is featured, the Claiomh Solais is used to kill an inhuman creature that is unassailable by all other means. That is to say, it kills that which cannot normally be killed, and is the tool that allows heroes of man to destroy that which is beyond man. It is among the Knights of England’s weapons of choice for battle against creatures that are imbued with supernatural powers, and Henry himself is rather fond of it, using it whenever allowed even if the enemy they are facing is not necessarily the sort that this weapon can show its true worth against.

FACE CLAIM: Kondo Isao from Gintama

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Vita Vesta Caesar
Vita Vesta Caesar

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[SNPC/Magician] Henry Moore Empty Re: [SNPC/Magician] Henry Moore

Post  Leivinia Birdway on Thu Sep 01, 2016 8:33 pm

Will we make it or just stand here failing to keep up today’s progress?

I. Pointer - You Actually Failed There
Please mark your profile properly. There is no indication in the title saying that this is actually just a SNPC and not a proper character.

II. Magic Name - You May Not Escape
He might be a Knight, but I do believe that we can list Knights among Magicians, thus a need for a Magic Name would arise. Please answer that need by doing a proper edit. Of course it’d have to be well explained~

III. Bonus - You, Too!
Also make sure to sign up for Hazy Silhouette at the proper place.
Leivinia Birdway
Leivinia Birdway

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[SNPC/Magician] Henry Moore Empty Re: [SNPC/Magician] Henry Moore

Post  Vita Vesta Caesar on Thu Sep 01, 2016 9:32 pm

...I did, huh. Uwah. Why didn't I notice that on my own...?

Uweh, so not even SNPC knights can escape that rule of convenience? I would just like to say *begin rant*that even if knights are magic users, they are decidedly not magicians, so they really shouldn't have magic names. Even if Kamachi has failed to elaborate on such topics and details as why, how, and with what background the knights use magic, it is rather obvious that they themselves would never refer to themselves as magicians, and their mindset, methodology, origins, goals, personal backgrounds and more are all far too different from the creatures we call magicians for them to have something so iconic to them as a magic name. Even though I understand that you have a different perspective as staff members and profile evaluators, not wanting to generate another set of regulations for a poorly explained subset of one category, not wanting to have to create that sub-category and generate all the relevant information, and not wanting to have Kamachi possibly contradict something you create and cause trouble down the line, I still stand by my opinion that knights should not have magic names. Because magic names are what define magicians, which they are not. This method is like wanting to say that all birds fly and then going out and hunting all flightless birds to extinction just make that nice and simple categorization true instead of having to deal with any exceptions. I realize that the issue isn't nearly that simplistic and that there are other complicated factors that caused you to go with that, but again, I'll stand by my opinion. ...And wait, now that knights (sans Alex) are banned from being PCs, how much of that logic still applies anyway?*end rant*

...All that is another topic entirely, though, so I'll add a magic name in this next edit as you requested.

I was intending to do that after the character I'd be playing as was approved. You can't join a thread with a character you don't have, you silly billy, you~! I imagine Touge is the same.

EDIT: Edits made.

Last edited by Vita Vesta Caesar on Thu Sep 01, 2016 10:34 pm; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : Edit to note that I edited. - Edit to note that I edited the edit noting that I edited. Typos are to be purged.)
Vita Vesta Caesar
Vita Vesta Caesar

Posts : 288
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[SNPC/Magician] Henry Moore Empty Re: [SNPC/Magician] Henry Moore

Post  Leivinia Birdway on Fri Sep 02, 2016 1:02 pm

II. Magic Name - Just To Clear Things Up
Actually, I can see where you are coming from, but there are also reasons for me to say this that go beyond rules’ convenience. I do agree with the fact that we should treat Knights as a different category from Magicians, but in the end they are still the same at their baselines, going by the definition Kamachi gave for Magicians. Everyone capable of using Magic and dedicating their life to the Magic World are to be considered Magician after all. Once you actually practice it, it is something you live with. Plus, you don’t necessary become a Knight just from being born as such. You have to take up various sorts of training and I can see being taught in the basics of Magic can be seen as part of that road.
In any way, this topic is too complicated to simply discuss or make a decision over, since there are too many factors that have to be considered. Fortunately discussing it isn’t a necessity for us in the current situation.

Since there is no further thing to address in this profile’s case:

[SNPC/Magician] Henry Moore 68oi3ekl
Leivinia Birdway
Leivinia Birdway

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[SNPC/Magician] Henry Moore Empty Re: [SNPC/Magician] Henry Moore

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