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[SS] Hazy Silhouette

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Re: [SS] Hazy Silhouette

Post  Vita Vesta Caesar on Fri Jun 16, 2017 3:11 pm

Despite everything, there was no hint of regret on Moore's face. Inducing Longroad to cut ties with them himself was not something that he had expected to happen when he'd begun speaking. He was as of yet unsure whether this would be categorized as pleasant or not, but a miscalculation is a miscalculation no matter how you organize it. The one thing he was sure of at this point was that one way or another, they really didn't get along. It was almost as if he were saying it couldn't be helped.

On the surface, that's all one could tell of Moore's reaction.

"Thanks, Beathen," he said as he put a hand on the young knight's shoulder, to show his appreciation. He'd shown a troubled face in response to the young girl's outburst like he didn't know what to say to it, so when his subordinate indicated that his healing had proceeded to a passable point, he responded to that instead as if running away.

«Excuse us. I hope we are not too late. The way out here was a rather tough one, yet we tried our most to hurry,» said the newcomers, as if saying he had already bought all the time he'd needed. As Moore turned to see them, a relief completely contrary in essence to the girl's sprung up in his heart.

It would be a lie to say he didn't have mixed feelings about the nuns before him immediately after his final spat with Longroad, but relief was still his primary emotion. After all, he knew very well that there were few better in handling cases like the one he had on his hands than the ones before him. He would not have to handle it with his unreliable hands like he'd feared he might in the worst scenario.

Before following Beathen to speak with the nuns, Moore first fiddled with the inside his armor. Activating the communications with the knights who had not yet followed them here. He was originally going to call them here to help haul the injured somewhere more suitable, but the way Beathen's conversation was going it seemed they'd be fulfilling another purpose.

That done, he stood and, stretching his newly healed body, joined their chat. "I see, you have my gratitude. If you hadn't come, I'm afraid we would have ended up trying to take your job, out of a lack of options. As I'm sure you can see, I doubt it would have ended well for anyone involved." If nothing else, he would respect Longroad for following through on taking care of the aftermath here.

"Beathen, I've called Matthewson, York, Sanson, and Wortham here. When they arrive, take them and escort our benefactors to their destination. We've come this far, so we should follow through to the end." Like him. "After that, you can have some free time to rest. The privilege of receiving these ladies' full course belongs to these kids, not us uncles, so we'll still be out of commission for a while as we recover mentally."

"Ah, I hope we're not imposing," he somewhat rushedly tacked on at the end with an apologetic bow of the head.

Once the other four arrived and the nuns' kindnesses were completed, Moore took his formerly injured but still tired subordinates with him and left. He trusted that Beathen would be able to complete this task without issue; aside from Moore, he was the one with the most qualities of a leader in the group. Even including Moore, he most likely won only in experience. It was simply convenient that he happened to be the least injured, though he was sure the boy needed a rest as much as any of them.

On his way out, he glanced at the girl, and remembered the way she'd looked at the children she'd guarded in response to the nun's words. It took everything he had not to give a playful 'I told you so' as he left, and he was sure it showed just a little. But in the end his silence was maintained.

He was at least that mature, after all.
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Re: [SS] Hazy Silhouette

Post  Albrekka Starbright on Fri Jun 16, 2017 10:36 pm

The details of the files were interesting, but the lack of specific details was expected.  The papers were clearly stripped of references of Paul Oldturf.  But just because one removes such details, does not mean they're gone; certainly, an imprint of his existence existed, and who he was.  Still, there were a lot of papers, and she looked at what she could.  She could only hope that such papers wouldn't be swept into the bin the following day.

"Hmm...busy fellow."  She simply talked to herself for a split moment.  "Seems you had your hands full.  Though to be fair, I think everyone's hands are full.  Hopefully Mark and the others will be alright."  She didn't get much word on the matter, but she had some trust in him.  Regardless of whether or not Birdway put up the children as bait, Mark would make sure they were safe.  It was a shame that, whatever had happened, people died.  Children died.  For what?  This little mystery needed to be done with, otherwise more people would suffer.

"Hm?"  As she sifted through the papers, her eye caught the notepad in the corner.  She picked it up and flipped through it, just like the other papers.  "Anyway, you implied that you wanted to lead me here earlier, to the girl I came with.  I imagine you want something from me?  Or maybe Necessarius wants something from me.  Not sure, really."  She would start some small talk with Longroad as she looked.  He was going to ask his questions of course, and Albrekka was more than happy to answer.
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Re: [SS] Hazy Silhouette

Post  Erin Lightheart on Fri Jun 16, 2017 11:36 pm

"Listen, Mr. Fours. Nothing is over, nothing is hopeless until the very end."

She rose from her seat, her radiant willpower shining through the residence. Staring down at him not with anger or disappointment, but with warmth and encouragement.

"Your friend may still out there. Is he in trouble? Most likely, if someone is indeed 'after him', as you said. But not yet lost. You alone possess the key to his future, but I won't force you to take that step, if you are truly unwilling. Given that you've shared this information with me already, while denying it to those others, you must know that I'm not out to steal things or sow chaos. Admittedly i'm curious about the object he left with you, but it is up to you to open it up, if that is your choice. Either way, i'd like to look around at the places he frequented to look for clues, presuming the object doesn't lead us someplace else."

Erin Lightheart extended her hand toward the man, for him to take it.

"Will you join me in helping your friend before people here take things too far?"
Erin Lightheart

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Re: [SS] Hazy Silhouette

Post  Leivinia Birdway on Tue Jun 20, 2017 6:02 pm

«Well, that’s what happens when you try to organise a big festival. The trouble makers are everywhere and they really wanna challenge you. So you gotta deal with them without them harming the paying guests. Thankfully my helpers aren’t just here for their adorable cuteness.»

A disorderly handwriting born from over extensive hurry depicting words and numbers somehow aligning to sentences. While hard to read it would reveal a certain amount of information when finally decrypted: Bullet points. Names. Dates. Times. Addresses. Thoughts. All in all case notes.

Did the girl finally find a good lead or was it just another loose end?

Whichever it was, her words would be caught onto.

«That’s correct. I had her bring you here. Not for Necessarius, though. You could call this personal if you want to. Then again it’s a bit roundabout to put it that way, too. So probably an in-between thing?»

Suddenly the voice didn’t have to reach her from the room’s other end, but right from behind. Close enough that if she tilted her head again, she’d catch Longroad leaning right over her shoulder, his eyes still buried by his messy yet fluffy bangs, obviously expressing something along the lines of «found something?» in silence.

«You could say, I’m curious. Hearing about someone hanging out with the Dawn-Coloured Sunlight, hell, Birdway of all people, I couldn’t help but look into this Albrekka Starbright. In the end what I found was hollow. An advisor or something from the far end of England. More the spiritual kind, low key, not meaningful at all. There was so little to dig up and yet she somehow stood at the centre of the show. Why?»

There was his laid back tone, yet with some dark twist buried within. Something was odd, threatening or even maniacal. It was hard to tell with the illusive kind of person he was.

«But that isn’t all, you know. When I read up on you, asked around and monitored you I noticed something that moved outside the usual spectrum. It isn’t as strong as with that girl, but I can tell you have something fairly unique about you. Your mind is of the intriguing kind and most certainly I need an intriguing mind. Whitby needs one.»

The sinister rose from behind his facade; an eye became visible from within the shadows, its horrifyingly sharp glance digging straight into her.

«You wanna know about Paul Oldturf, right?»

There was no need to express it in any words, did his demeanour make the current conditions clearer than anything: Her choice right now would block all paths of return.


That girl was many times younger than he ever felt he was. The difference in life time experience was on a scale as high as it could be. He had seen and experienced things she had yet to have in front of her. Looking around the small kitchen space he could see the many photos spread around. All those people he had met in his lifetime. Their faces telling their stories to him once again. He hadn’t been on a single of them, yet he could recall what he’d been like the time they had met. He could recall the stories he had experienced through meeting them. He recalled the many experiences, the many teachings, that history. He was a man grown through his lifetime. A man that had thought he’d seen anything he ever wanted. A man that thought he knew the world’s workings.

And yet her words opened a path he had never encountered before.

«I haven’t seen Silas in the longest time. While I do feel like he is a close friend to me, I wonder what he thinks of me. I can’t know and I can’t find out the way things are right now. Would it be preposterous of me to meddle with his business? Most likely. Would it be something he would hate me for? Probably. Is there anything to gain from this for me? Not at all. Is there someone cut out better for this kind of thing. Yes, indeed.»

A smile formed on his lips as his eyes collided with those of the detective girl.

«Yet, what kind of man would I be if I rejected the chance to still try. It is for my dear friend’s sake after all.»

With all hesitation thrown overboard his wrinkled hand grabbed her’s, pressing it with the strength of overflowing youth.

«Let’s go.»

Thus their deal had been sealed.
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Re: [SS] Hazy Silhouette

Post  Albrekka Starbright on Tue Jun 20, 2017 8:48 pm

"For an indirect reason, yes."  It was only natural that Longroad would attempt to read over her shoulder; the notepad was curious, and if anything, perhaps it had something of interest.  At this point that wasn't clear, though.

"You could say that Paul was the closest person to the truth.  The fact that the vampire chose him is a key point here.  It is human nature to leave even the most miniscule of clues when one's mind is focused.  That's what I'm counting on.  Though, it seems that someone has already begun cleanup duty in terms of information.  I expected that from your group, anyway, while also trying to figure out what is going on.  But there are enough gaps here to form a story I can work with, regardless of a direct line to the truth."

With that, she felt that glare from Longroad.  He was certainly an odd character himself, seemingly finding opportune moments to place pressure on those around him.  What was he trying to force?  "In terms of some sort of alliance, I would relax.  I'm practically the ally of anyone here who wants to know what is going on.  Since you want to know that is a given.  My interaction with Dawn-Colored Sunlight was more accidental than anything, as I was helping Mark find Birdway.  He seems to be a good guy at least, hence my trust.  And yes, if they want to know the truth, I will also help them, naturally."

With that, she continued reading the notebook, allowing Longroad to look as well.  What exactly was the punchline to this, if anything?
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Re: [SS] Hazy Silhouette

Post  Erin Lightheart on Tue Jun 20, 2017 10:53 pm

With their alliance forged and now tempered, the two detectives now faced an uncertain future, but a future nonetheless. A future they could have some sort of say in. The madness surrounding this town and its rumours had to be put to a peaceful end. Nobody else had to die, nobody else had to suffer thanks to pursuit of power and the unknown. Like moths to a flame, so many people gathered here as if caught in a trance, but the problem was that many of these moths were made of gunpowder. Whoever or whatever was at work here, this state of affairs was probably either vital to the plan, or at least tolerable enough not to act against it.

"Glad to have you, partner. First order of business is finding out what object he left with you.  I presume you stored it away somewhere, but if you'd rather leave it for now, that's fine. There's plenty of places to check you know where the most likely place is for him to be?"

Planning out a strategy when malevolent actors were everywhere would be hard. They had to act fast and decisively before anyone realized they were there unraveling things. In fact, their success depended on having nobody new even noticing they were a force acting within the town at all.
Erin Lightheart

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Re: [SS] Hazy Silhouette

Post  Leivinia Birdway on Wed Jun 21, 2017 10:02 pm

Between the lines 2

Heavy breathing.

Sweat dripping.

Pain stinging.

Moonlight shining.

His eye twitched as it was hit by the brightness through a slit in the roof.

He was glad it wasn’t the sun, yet under his current condition any sort of light would have been an annoyance. After all besides what got in through that minuscule slit right above the entire space was enveloped in black darkness.

It was dark. Entirely. All around. Left, right, up, down. As though there was nothing in existence besides it, the darkness had spread everywhere. And yet he could tell this wasn’t hell or death. It was life. That small slit’s view was proof enough.

As he was breathing he could feel his chest raise and fall, rhythmically, orderly.

He was calm.

There was not a hint of nervousness on him.

Of course.

He wasn’t the type to grow nervous just like that.

No matter how cruel the pain, no matter how heavy the losses, no matter how serious the situation. All he’d do would always be the same. Smile like the devil while keeping up good countenance.

『So you are saying that everything is going according to the plan?』

A foreign voice was speaking monotonously from the darkness.

«Yes. The Anglican Church has broken off their alliance with the Knights of England. The Roman Catholic Church is on the move. That person is still doing their work. The police officer is dead. Our presence has been erased. Everything turned out the exact course you desired. Even exceeding expectations.»

He simply jotted the words into the darkness underlined by his characteristic delight.

«They probably caught onto us, but their rage will blind them. You can tell with the knights rather obviously, however even that Richmond Longroad should have taken a hit.»

『I see. Fine. I won’t mind if they will eventually come after me. They may come if they want to, because by then it will already be too late. I will have obtained the key to my desires.』

He chuckled as he heard that man speak. The transmission may have removed all indication to the original speaker, did it reduce everything to just the monotonous talk akin to that of a doll, but the way the words were chosen was overflowing with his unique traits. That unending egoism.

『Be it the Anglican Church, the Knights of England or whoever, they no longer have the power to prevent things from moving. The time has finally arrived.』

«What about the Dawn-Coloured Sunlight?»

Silence became the sign of a moment’s hesitation.

«My bones can tell, that brat is plotting something. Will it really be wise to just let her slide like this?»

『I can tell what you are attempting to make me order you. But I won’t. You shall return home now and wait for further orders. You have fulfilled your task well, but I cannot allow for you to mess things up now. Any act of lengthening your presence in Whitby will solely result in the plan falling apart. I can’t have that. Do you understand, Ambroise?』

Again he answered with his chuckle. There was no noticeable change in intonation, of course, but he could still tell from the words alone how sharp that man’s tongue had become. He could feel the blade being pressed to his throat. He could feel the ice-cold shiver running down his spine.


«You should know, it might take a while longer before I can return to proper movements, so don’t expect me earlier than humanly possible, please. I ask dearly.»

『One hour.』

The connection cut, he could tell without having any other indicator. That was what their relation had been like. A servant and a master. The positions were obvious just from the way the conversation had gone.

«Sharp as always. I should not disappoint him. But in all honesty, he could at least feel an ounce of mercy. Shouldn’t it be a good foundation for a lord care for those beneath?»

He would have loved to laugh, but as he did he could finally feel the consequences of that come over him. The natural pain.

He gulped, then he did it either way.

In this dark space hidden in an abandoned farm house’s attic the jester lay laughing triumphantly, even though there was a large gaping hole decorating his upper body’s right.
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