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[SS] Hazy Silhouette

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Re: [SS] Hazy Silhouette

Post  Leivinia Birdway on Tue Aug 08, 2017 10:37 am

«I see. I see indeed.»

There was hardly anything to pick up on from Enrico Coppolla’s reaction, did he not only keep his eyes closed, but turn his back towards the other group, solely allowing the men and women of his own to glance at his face. What expression he wore then, however, should remain mystery.

On the next moment’s notice, though, he returned his eyelid concealed gaze towards the others, did that green haired girl who had suddenly forced her way into the talk speak up again.

Her lips forming what appeared to be a proposal to everyone present. And everyone would take it in in their very own way.

The motherly nuns and orphans falling silent, little Bláthín Neve just staring at the girl with a look of exasperation, as though she was close to grabbing her head.

And Coppolla? His talk would speak the truth unique to himself.

«What utter nonsense.

They have gathered in this town, because they wish to slaughter that creature themselves or to acquire another sort of gain from it. That entails that each and every person, no every of those fools who have come to Whitby is solely here to fulfil their very own desires, blinded by whatever ideals they have carved into their souls. Recklessly, selfishly they will chase it, minding neither the means nor the methods and of course not the sacrifice.

And here you stand proposing to such individuals to act as one, to form some sort of alliance?

What naive delusions. What despicable fantasy.»

His tone was sharp, his voice travelling between many intonations, only to resemble a hammer being struck down upon the girl over and over again. It was as though he was fully enjoying himself ridiculing the proposal. A stance shared by his followers, as a nearly unheard rustle wandered through their ranks.

«You agree, don’t you, little girl?»

Bláth held her breath for a moment, hadn’t she expected to be addressed so suddenly, especially by that man of all people. Her frail figure shivered, not only for his invisible glance’s intensity, but for the internal struggle that had even now been going on. She couldn’t stand him, however, she had to somehow make it out of this.

With everyone’s eyes falling onto her, she was pressured to talk. Would her comment serve to bring anything to proceed, though? She hated to admit it, but…

«…he’s right. Working together for the same cause isn’t possible. We, the Anglican Church would never work together with anyone for this goal, because we want to kill that thing head first, for our pride’s sake. The others, well, from what I’ve seen so far…they’re just blind idiots, as he said. They’ll come rushing in, trying to kill that thing not minding the collaterals or whatever.

So we gotta keep as many people out of this as possible and work with no one. If we kill it first that’s the best course…»

Crushing the hopes of other people truly wasn’t her thing. She hated to be this kind of person, was she someone filled with hopes and dreams herself, yet she was forced to right here, even though she would have preferred to do it outside that man’s view.

She took a deep breath.

«Besides…we’re on our way to treat the injured. So sorry, we can’t really throw away more time for some nonsense.»

No excuses to be made. There were matters more pressing than anything up on their plate right now. That went for that girl’s proposal and even more so for that cardinal, whom she dedicated that bitey comment to, blocking their path right here.

Yet, just when she thought to have delivered the closing words to this short intermezzo, that self loving holy man felt the urge to put something on top.

«I agree. That vampire? Me, like that lowly scum? How disrespectful. No, how insulting.

Why should I care about that lowly fiend? If I come across it, I will slay it, that is all there is.

And while I do, I will claim the heads of all those aiming to do the same. Heathen is heathen. Pagan is pagan. To each death shall be served, indiscriminately. That is the Lord’s will.



These gloomy nuns’ and priests’ voices would serve as an echo to his speech’s conclusion, expressing their alignment to the belief he’d just announced.

That was all there was about them.

They had come to kill. However their prey hadn’t been limited to the rumoured demon.

Truthfully, spilt blood was their eternal company.
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Re: [SS] Hazy Silhouette

Post  Sir Alexander Beathen on Tue Aug 08, 2017 7:27 pm

The young knight had avoided so far to say anything more than was needed and stood there stoically watching as the events unfold. When the green hair girl spoke about her proposal, Alexander saw the next step forward. And in some way, the obtuse Cardinal and the little girl from the Anglican church had only further confirmed his decision.

"Well forgive me for saying this Cardinal, but I don't agree with what you're saying here. While I also have my own pride, it hasn't done me any good since arriving in this town. My job is to secure this town and neutralise the threat. So I hope you appreciate we both are busy tonight." Alexander said who had initially come to this town to tackle the vampire incident together with other groups. He didn't research the topic beforehand not to take the threat seriously, and it didn't matter how big the Cardinal britches were not even they can kill a vampire so easily.

But that's the thing; Alexander didn't care who killed the damn vampire. If killing the vampire is what is even required, the important thing here was to neutralise the threat to Whitby and the country. No matter what it takes and sometimes that requires resetting your priorities.

Even if it hurts his pride

"So Cardinal Coppolla, let me help you with what I know so we both can get on with our business. The one you seem to be looking for was last seen in a ruined warehouse near the industrial area. So probably about ten or twenty minutes behind us will be a roundabout, from there go left onto Copper Street than it's just straight down the road and you will eventually find it. I will have you know though this was an hour ago, so I can't promise you she will be there or not. But the very least you might pick up her trail there." Alexander said without breaking his stoic expression, the very least the nun was of the Catholic church and this seemed like an internal matter so he had no intention of getting involved further.

"So now I've shared what I know, you don't mind if I carried on? Matthewson, York, Sanson, and Wortham." Alexander said who believed there was no longer time to dilly-dally.

"Sir Matthewson and Sir Sanson continue with escorting the children. Contact me when they're safe or if anything happens. Sir York and Sir Wortham, you will be coming with me as we now have a different escorting mission to attend. " Alexander said confidently as he turned towards the green hair girl.

"If that is OK with you, My Lady?" Alexander said accepting her proposal who all the while had activated his communication talisman in his armour. This was done upon the moment he called on his fellow knights so Moore would stay informed of the change of plans. But also he whispered silently that only Moore could hear his next words. "Cardinal Enrico Coppolla of the Roman Catholic Church. Hes standing right before me."

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Re: [SS] Hazy Silhouette

Post  Albrekka Starbright on Thu Aug 10, 2017 12:43 am

Of course that would be their response.  Two major forces, among many, whose core desires might as well be night and day.  To some, it is no surprise that, despite their posturing, they have not made any progress.  Thought perhaps that could be said of all present?  But to dismiss it because of the source would be bias.  Even a green researcher could stumble on the truth the experts could not see.

"Sir Matthewson and Sir Sanson continue with escorting the children. Contact me when they're safe or if anything happens. Sir York and Sir Wortham, you will be coming with me as we now have a different escorting mission to attend.  If that is OK with you, My Lady?"

Well, it seems that the whole situation between them and Longroad seemed to have left an impression.  At least someone present was willing to hear reason.

"Thank you."  She said, nodding to him.  With that, she looked to the Cardinal and then to Blathin with a curious look.  What would they think of this?  Certainly, this man, Coppolla, was behind the threats earlier by sending a priest, but what would he do now?  Blathin, being a supposed speaker for those present, would want things to end by her own standards.  Would they allow the four of them to leave?

"Well, I apologize if my proposal doesn't suit you; I understand that the both of you have your own ideas about this matter.  I'll propose this, then.  Those willing to come with me can do so.  I sadly can't promise protection, but a possible solution.  If the vampire threat is dealt with, real or imaginary, a lot of the chaos and trouble this city is facing would dimish or very well dissipate.  If we fail, well, the rest of you will know what to do, I'm sure.  Still, thanks for listening, I certainly did interrupt."  She would give a slight bow to both the Cardinal and Blathin, as some form of respect and a way to note her exit of sorts.  With that she turned back to Alex.  "With that, well, I'm ready when you are.  Lets see if this lead is fruitful."
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Re: [SS] Hazy Silhouette

Post  Vita Vesta Caesar on Thu Aug 10, 2017 8:45 am

No traces of independent thought could be seen in the figures of the four knights who stoically followed Beathen’s orders.

It was not their job to question their superiors. They were the swords and shields of the country, and tools did not decide how they were to be used. Following their commands to the greatest extent possible was their greatest honor.

But despite that, they were still humans with human hearts. The larger a group they were a part of the more they suppressed that human side of themselves, but it was not something that could ever be fully extinguished.

Currently, they were a unit of only five, and soon they would be split further into units of two and three. And for York and Wortham especially, the audience their show of solidarity was intended for would disappear.

It was the same principle as to how a crowd may appear to be an emotionless mass, but picking just a few individuals out of it will reveal a surprising degree of color. And now that they had split so far, colors such as worry, anger, apprehension, and more began to appear in their eyes.

""""Sir!"""" Wary of the many clergymen watching over them, it spread no further than that for now as they gave a softーout of consideration for the children and late hourーbut firm affirmation that they had received their orders.

But inwardly, they itched with a strong sense of impatience. Once those ill-mannered priests left and they set off once more, those knights who had not even had the opportunity to give their names would finally be given the chance to speak.

“You can’t even see the sky... Damn haze.”

A good night’s sleep was the cure to all ills, it was said. Barring that, even simple rest provides a wealth of benefits.

To those knights who had escaped that fiery battlefield with their lives intact, it was just what they needed to recover from their ordeal. And if they were to continue their duties as normal from thereon, it was a necessity.

“Even if it’s just five feet in front of me… I can’t see a thing.”

But some people are just hopelessly foolish. Not even God can save the unwilling. Having unwittingly made himself a prime example of that truth, Moore wandered aimlessly through the streets of Whitby seeking to put his mind back in order.

He had slipped away from his compatriots, saying that idle hands are the devil’s plaything, but that was an excuse. Or, if the doubt and uncertainty plaguing his heart were actually that fiend’s work, perhaps the ungarnished truth.

“Goddammit. What am I supposed to do next?”

“What’s happening here. Who my allies are. Who my enemies are.”

“I think and think and think, but this damn haze just won’t…!”

Before Longroad and his subordinates, Moore had steeled himself to act upon his convictions. For better or for worse, they were the sole compass he possessed to navigate that battlefield where martial power held no meaning.

But now there was no enemy for him to face, and no allies in sight. Nothing but haze.

Moore had ventured out into the streets in hopes of curing his restlessness by moving his body. In the past that method had worked well for him, but in this instance it had proved to be a better poison than it was a cure.

Without any sense of direction, he and his thoughts wandered aimlessly through the haze, gradually losing both form and coherence, untilー

“…-atthewson, York, Sanson, and Wortham."

ーa sudden transmission cut sharply into his stupor.


After a short start of surprise, he listened in curiously to the message. The voice was Beathen’s, but he was not speaking to Moore. In other words, this was something he wanted Moore to hear, but he didn’t have the luxury of speaking to him directly at the moment.

So the boy’s decided to skip out on the nuns. Well, if it's him, I'm sure there's a worthy reason.

Moore refrained from speaking, aware that anything he said would not receive a response. The best thing to do here was wait until Beathen spoke to him himself, to ensure that he didn’t disturb whatever it was he was doing.

But even as he exercised that restraint, he felt the stupor leave him. Whatever was happening hereーhe didn’t know whatーhe was sure of one thing: that this was the direction he had been lacking, and he had to be sure to grasp hold of it. If he failed he would once again be set adrift, and only God knew if he would ever receive an opportunity again.

"Cardinal Enrico Coppolla of the Roman Catholic Church. He’s standing right before me."

“A Prince of the Church?!”

He didn’t even attempt to hide his surprise. A cardinal was an extremely high-ranking member of the Church. To be precise, they were the respected few who held the privilege of electing the new pope in the case that the seat becomes vacant.

For one to have appeared here illustrated the value and the threat that even the possibility of a vampire presented in a way that little else could.

“Beathen. Explain immediately; what’s happening over there?”
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Re: [SS] Hazy Silhouette

Post  Saravati Nair on Fri Aug 11, 2017 5:17 am

“I’ll keep that in mind.” Sara could only just respond awkwardly to Sasha’s interjection about the coffee. The small girl had quite the sharp tongue and just felt to be in another world from Sara. This whole group just felt to worlds apart from her in some way or another.

At least, that’s how she was feeling when she heard something from Vasilisa that made her ears perk up. “Goth loli?” Sara undressed and redressed Sasha in her mind. After letting her mind scan all over the image of Sasha in Gothic Lolita twice, she nodded with a smile. “That’d look pretty cute, actually.”

Sipping her sweet tea, she had to wonder if Sasha was super attached her absurd outfit. She seemed to be cutting out any suggestions, even a more conservative outfit like Gothic Lolita style. Hell, even a goth loli girl with various instruments of torture held its own gap charm.

“Such a shame, though,” she muttered, bemoaning the shut down of such a wonderful possibility.

"Ah, but you're just as bad, Sara-chan. I was just getting fired up for some girls' talk, but you're just trying to dredge that musty old thing back up again! A girl like you should be doing better things with your time, like trying out cute clothes, or chatting about that boy you like... Oh! Hey, hey, who do you like?"

The sip of tea she was swallowing ended up flowing down the wrong tube as she found herself unconsciously inhaling at the sound of those last four words.


Quickly, she placed the tea down, picked up a napkin and began to cough repeatedly until she felt the tea come up through her nose and she could breathe normally again. Taking a moment to fold up the napkin and lay it down she took a few deep breaths before looking at Vasilisa with a look of complete confusion.

While taking a few seconds to regain her bearings, she steeled herself and decided to roll with Vasilisa’s whims since trying to break the flow was getting her nowhere.

She genuinely thought about all of the male figures in her life.

No. No. No. No. Maybe—nah.

“Honestly, I can’t say there is anyone,” Sara said, picking up her cup of tea again. That would likely be a conversation stopper, so she decided to shift the topic to something within reasonable limits. “That being said, I couldn’t help but hear you wanted to put Miss Sasha in a goth loli outfit.” She was hardly calling Vasilisa out for her strange desires. After all, they shared some overlap. “I’d love to see and possibly try that myself.”
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Re: [SS] Hazy Silhouette

Post  Vita Vesta Caesar on Tue Aug 15, 2017 10:11 am

Sasha quietly let one hand fall away from her teacup to her side, where she gripped one of the tools which hung from her waist. She was now ready to escape in full Annihilatus style at any moment.

She lacked the tension that would accompany readiness for such a burst of activity, but that action of hers was already enough for the other long suffering Annihilatus members to understand her intent and prepare themselves to clear a path if necessary.

Whether Sara, the cause of this, would be able to discern that from her considerably more lacking frame of reference was another question entirely, however.

"...My first interjection: that is unaccepta- impossible." She brushed off her mistake with a light pause and continued. "It is difficult to believe that someone of your age has never thought about it once, so please do not attempt to change the topic."

"That's right, that's right, Sasha-chan! Oh, you do get it!" Dangerous looking stars began circling within Vasilisa's eyes.

If Sara had been a practitioner of astrology, then she would have made a Sasha-esque attempt to flee right there, but unfortunately, Longroad had not equipped her with the knowledge necessary to survive this mission.

"A cute girl like Sara-chan, having nothing to do with romance? Why, that's criminal! It's just a complete waste! We can dress Sasha-chan up later, but right now, we have to fix this!"

A slight hint of despair crept into Sasha's eyes as her misdirection failed to do anything but buy time, but it passed unnoticed.

"So come on, tell us everything. Spill all your maidenly fantasies to this Vasilisa here!"
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Re: [SS] Hazy Silhouette

Post  Leivinia Birdway Yesterday at 10:04 am

Just like before, not a single word was spoken by that girl.

Not even opening her mouth to set her tongue and lips into motion, she simply gave a short nod in reply to Erin’s latter request, seemingly not paying the rest of it any heed or possibly pushing it aside for later.

They needed to hurry.

She didn’t say it, but her glance was enough to communicate the intent.

Not waiting and longer she began moving, taking a rather unexpected path, the one straight towards the alley’s single exit leading into the streets where just a moment ago the pursuers had passed by. With her hand she singed for the girl to stay close to her. However that wasn’t all: On first notice it may have seemed as though she was bluntly moving out into the open, yet on second glance she still kept close to the shadows thrown about by the sparsely lit sources of light, pairing it with the mystifying shroud that was the haze.

And it seemed that was all it took for her to feel safe. So safe, there was not a single sign of worry, neither on her pale face nor anywhere in her posture.

Just like that they would pass through the city’s streets, following a path guided by haze and shadow, surprisingly not invoking any attention at all.

Those eyes were everywhere. Figures wandering through the hazy night, their eyes seeking out the presence of their prey and yet even if they turned their way, none did seem notice. It was as though those two had become truly invisible…

「I am glad to see you are fine.
I had feared that I might have been too late.
You haven’t encountered any other troubles have you?
Finding you was really hard!
What is it with this attire?」

Showing the first set of scribbles in her typical archaic overly fine tuned high level calligraphy handwriting, the shadow walker finally engaged into conversation, once again underlining the odd feeling of safety that had come over them, even though they were still apparently moving out in the open.

「You have been betrayed.
Someone is using you.
You know who, don’t you?」

Tension grew visible on her face as she presented the next set of sentences, before quickly returning to rushing the pen all over again. While it had been a miracle of itself that she was somehow capable of walking forwards in fast paced manner and writing that perfectly at the same time, time and the circumstances didn’t allow for any celebration of that.

「Those priests are after you.
That’s all that should matter right now.」
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Re: [SS] Hazy Silhouette

Post  Erin Lightheart Yesterday at 10:10 pm

It was probably for the best to avoid attention while cloaked under whatever this was, so she didn't reply using her voice anymore. She got out one of her many notepads, and began to write down her own response, albeit in not so archaic a style as Millinda's. She tore out the pages and silently handed them over to her companion.

「Everyone here has an agenda. It is difficult to be betrayed
when one has no expectation of trust to begin with.
All I can do is maneuver in the space afforded to me.」

Then came the next few notes; the most important ones, as she stopped dead in her tracks. She wouldn't budge until a response was delivered.

「Even you were here before I arrived.
Before you knew of my existence, you came here.
Even after I rescued you, you remained.
Yet you do not tell me why.
And my help is still implicitly expected.」

「Before I take a single step forward.
I implore you.
What are you doing here?
What are you trying to accomplish?
It is hard to believe that you are helping me purely for my own sake.
I cannot and will not help unless you're honest.
It is something to do with your husband, is it not?」

Erin's eyes reflected a will of iron. Even in the face of this inexplicable rescue, she had to put her foot down here and now. No more mystery. No more vagueness. Things had gotten too dangerous now for her to keep being led along like a lost lamb. If Millinda wanted something, she had to come out and ask for it. No games. No lies. It would take the blindest of people to not see all of this in her eyes, should they choose to look.
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