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[SS] Hazy Silhouette

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Re: [SS] Hazy Silhouette

Post  Sir Alexander Beathen on Tue Jun 05, 2018 1:36 am

There was bitterness in his mouth, regret in his heart as he knelt down to help his former enemy. The shield on his back glowed, not only enchanting his hand to perform the healing magic, but it also created a calming sensation. Alexander knew that no matter how he could help him, the shadow that became known as Peter must make that decision on his own.

Peter would talk about the final thing which he knew, and Alexander could only sigh. He would never have a clear understanding of the situation, but, commenting on what Peter had said only made him feel awkward. Because now understanding that the Vampire is also a pawn had only wanted him to intervene. At the same time though, it seems these gears that had been set in motion was to distract and bring us together for some purpose.

Though he had no proof of the later.

"A part of me wants to go and help the Vampire of Whitby. It feels like they're just another victim in someones twisted game." Alexander had said showing a remarkably different tone from earlier in the night where he wanted to kill the vampire. Maybe, the story of the shadows had got him thinking and changed his perspective. "It feels like that those gears set in motion was designed to keep us in Whitby, they either plan for us to kill each other or do it themselves. Though that's just a theory, though maybe we've been looking for a Vampire who isn't entirely here anymore? "
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Re: [SS] Hazy Silhouette

Post  Atsa Tsinaajinii on Wed Jun 13, 2018 10:03 am

The Vampire of Whitby was just a pawn? She hadn't been given any reason to doubt the words the shade had spoken but the implications of this truth were terrifying just to think about. The Roman Catholic Church, The Knights of England, Neccesarius, Dawn-Colored Sunlight, Annihilatus, and every other magic organization/lone magician had unknowingly allowed themselves to fall right into the hands of the person currently only known as the master.

They had turned every magician that had been attracted to the rumors of the vampire into their pawn even if they didn't realize it but what was the purpose of it all? Did this master just want all the magicians to destroy each other, was this chaos all just an elaborate distraction, or were they just a sadist who wanted to sate their bloodlust through battle?

"It seems so. The 'vampire' we've all been searching for is a victim of this puppeteer who seems to have manipulating this entire situation and everyone in it since the very beginning"

The girl quickly responded to Alex before turning her attention back to the dying shade. It felt cruel to push the dying shade for more answers when it appeared as if he was only keeping himself alive through sheer willpower but at the moment he was their only source of information. At the very least she was hoping to atleast learn the master's name.

"Can you tell me your master's name? Do you have any idea what their goal is?"
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Re: [SS] Hazy Silhouette

Post  Leivinia Birdway on Thu Jun 14, 2018 1:20 pm

Instantaneously the comment raising the idea of saving the ‹vampire› was rewarded by an excruciatingly pained chuckle that otherwise could have become a laughter. The man was clearly making a fool of them, or at least considering the absurdity of the thought somewhat entertaining.

«…Saving that fiend…only a madman would come up with such a proposal…!»

Amongst his amusement there must have been some sort of truth. He seemed to have met that ‹vampire› after all, so his personal impression may have been rather grave. Grave enough to prevent him from offering any further information on that, did he use the chance to drop the topic right away, leaving them only with that short outbreak.

However, as for the rest…

«Can you tell me your master's name? Do you have any idea what their goal is?»

«That I cannot. Apologies, but even if I knew the truth of their name and goals, I would never allow myself to reveal it to their enemies. After all, this is the pact I engaged. No, we engaged. And it shall be our pride to keep our word…at least what is left of it to keep.»

A serious and straight forward reply. The man had some honour left in him, building his very person. He had already given them more than they needed and much more than he should have revealed. Yet, at least that one line should not be crossed. That one line he’d determined long since.

«That doesn’t matter anyway. We’ll find out the name sooner or later, so don’t worry about that. Let’s focus at what we have at hand instead!»

Butting in from the sideline with as little decency as he had, Longroad would not let the dialogue draw their attention away from the matters he saw as the more important, simply using the gesture of pointing his index finger at the raging battle.

«That ain’t over yet, y’know.»

The violent brawl between the countless of Magicians was spreading the traces of destruction further and further. The hatred and despair were clearly visible no matter how far away they had been. Explosions, blood fountains, shiny lights, continuous rumbling of the earth. It was a sight to behold.

«Besides, ya’ll are too blinded to see the truth, when it’s right before you. That is their goal. Or rather, that which is born from that. In the beginning, it was just the drive for competition, then it developed into mass hysteria, an obsession, a heated rivalry. And now it’s conflict. Straight from the books. With all those small guys and big guys present, you basically have the full spectrum of the world. Yeah, you could very well say that the entire world is here in Whitby, assembled with their biggest big shots.»

«Now start an argument, or well, shoot someone and we have 1914 all over again.»

Seated there like a complete lazy-ass idiot he simply ran his tongue in the most casual way possible to explain the most disastrous of all possibilities, making up the pinnacle of this overly complicated incident. He had used as little words as he needed, as many implications as there were to round it up appropriately and arrived at something that would clearly lead them to continue from there on. Making someone feel as though they reached the understanding themselves was mandatory to motivate them, after all.

Thus, expressing the conclusion was left entirely up to them.
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Re: [SS] Hazy Silhouette

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