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[SS] Hazy Silhouette

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Re: [SS] Hazy Silhouette

Post  Atsa Tsinaajinii on Fri Nov 09, 2018 7:52 am

Once again Sasha was lifted off her feet and carried by her companion in a princess carry. There was definitely a sense of embarrassment that came with being carried like this, especially considering that she was a completely capable magician herself, but in this situation it was the most logical plan of action.

Sara's speed allowed them to avoid getting hit by any of the golden explosions the blonde haired girl had released and allowed Sasha to focus solely on the events going on in front of her without having to worry about getting blown up. The nun kept her sight on the vampire and monster of a girl as their fight unfolded trying to find any exploitable weaknesses.

A wand. A sword. A cup. These were the three objects that the girl made sure to keep track of the battle unfolded. So far she had seen the wand ability to shoot fire and summon explosions. The cup seemed to be able to create a illusion of some sorts and the sword generated a slash attack of some kind. Now Sasha just need to figure out what connected all these objects. If she could figure that out maybe they could get a general idea of the symbolism involved.

"Second Question: Does a sword, cup, and wand remind you of anything?"

As the chaos of the two monsters continued Sasha directed this question at Sara. If they were going to stay in this area much longer she felt it was necessary that they tried to understand the magic being used around them. If they could understand it they had a far better chance of being able to counteract it or at least avoid it. After all Sasha was fairly certain that the blonde haired girl would kill them without hesitation if it meant she could get a good hit on the vampire.

Needless to say Sasha was also observing the vampire for weaknesses and for a few moments it seemed they had found one. The black clad girl was avoiding the attacks from the sword instead of taking them head on like every other spell. Had they finally found something she was weak against? Unfortunately it seemed not.

It had all been a trap. A rouse to lure the blonde haired girl within range and catch her off guard. The nun of Annihilatus watched as the tide suddenly turned once again and the vampire sent the monster flying. With that the last line of defense "protecting" the two girl's from the black clad bloodsucker collapsed. Despite the fact that the blonde haired girl had nearly killed them on multiple occasions Sasha heart sunk at her defeat. After all the enemy of your enemy is your friend.

As she was being carried the nun moved to remove a few nails from her pouch and looked back towards the vampire. All their attacks before had failed miserably due to the girl's insane levels of regeneration. It seemed as if nothing could ever harm the Vampire of Whitby. Fortunately, Sasha was no longer focused on hurting the vampire herself but instead at what she was carrying.

"Second Suggestion: Aim for the box"

Before Sasha got the chance to release any of her projectiles the vampire vanished into the fog once again. She knew that they were the next target, there was no escaping this predator. Yet if they could just find a way to weaken her they might have a chance and the box seemed like a likely suspect.

Alongside Mark and Francesca, Albrekka had been watching the whole scene as well. The three leaders of the strongest forces in Whitby had gathered in the chaos of the battle field. It was an event of historical proportions and if everything had worked out it would've been a peacemaking story of the ages. More importantly, the alliance would finally bring an end to the battle and drive out the haze engulfing Whitby.

Whatever organization had been running the incident behind the scene would finally be brought to light and Albrekka could finally return to seeking the truth she had come here for. Who was the Vampire of Whitby? What did they want? What was the goal of the organization running everything behind the scenes? There were still many questions that had answers hidden in the haze but for a moment at least it seemed they were making progress.

At least they were until a single strike and a spray of crimson red brought them all back to square one. With a single blow any chance of an alliance had been thrown out the window. Longroad had been struck down by the Cardinal as the Knight's Leader just seemed to stand by and watch. It was a gruesome scene and Albrekka could almost feel the haze growing thicker as it unfolded.

"They are letting themselves be manipulated like puppets."

If the villain's behind the scenes plan truly was to trick the gathered magic faction to strike at each other throats it appeared as if they had succeeded whole heartedly. With Longroad's death the chance of an alliance between the Church and the Knights was gone and with Alex's challenge an alliance between the Romans and the Knights wasn't even guaranteed.

To make matters worse if Alex lost Albrekka, Mark, and Francesca would be target by the Church as well as the Knights. Their situation had gone from bad to worse at a terrifying pace and they were going to need to figure out what their next plan of attack was if they were going to survive. Turning away from the chaos in front of him Albrekka looked over at Mark and Francesca.

"This definitely isn't the will of any god, just the lunacy of that Cardinal. I wouldn't be surprised if he tore this whole town apart seeking his 'justice' and unfortunately we seem to be on the top of his kill list. So do we have some kind of plan? The alliance has gone to hell so it seems finding the truth behind this chaos has been left to us."
Atsa Tsinaajinii

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Re: [SS] Hazy Silhouette

Post  Sir Alexander Beathen on Sun Nov 11, 2018 11:53 pm

Once Moore finally made his move, the fight had turned real as the elder knight thrust forward with tremendous speed and might that would no longer register on the normal scale. It wasn't something he hadn't seen before at least the scale of his ability, though standing on the side and witnessing it was a completely different experience than facing it head-on.

However, Alexander despite having all reason to run in fear was prepared to face this embodiment of destruction known as Henry Moore.

He had a plan in mind.

Though it was derailed before he even knew it and even his sharpened mind would take a moment to realise what had happened.

He had dodged Henry Moore at the last reasonable second and the problem was he had gone too far. His body had moved at such a speed that was not normally possible for him. It took only a moment for him to realise what had happened and realising the truth he felt a heavy weight upon his shoulders.

It was like the sword of the stone's magic was directed towards him and him alone.


He couldn't waste any time to think about what happened and had to close the distance between them and quickly. Henry Moore still held an advantage with his type of weapon and the only chance he had to do any damage was to rush his former ally.

So he surged forward while in a lowered stance with his shield tightly close to him. He would attempt to bash the spear out the way and follow through with his own thrust.
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