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[SS] Lighting the Fuse

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Re: [SS] Lighting the Fuse

Post  Guy Li on Mon Feb 19, 2018 8:27 pm

They had been running when the announcement sounded and it took a few moments for him to parse what was being said, slowing to a halt as he remained vigilant for more heavily armed troops.

“That was no test. How are they planning on covering up what's happened in that café?”

He glanced sideways at the girl beside him. Even after everything she'd been through she was still naive in a lot of ways. She likely didn't comprehend the full reach and power of the organisations who 'ran' Academy City. Covering up such a small scale incident was nothing to them. A few bribes, some threats and falsified reports. All that and worse were within the capabilities of the city's 'rulers'.

“...They might've found her after all.”

"It looks that way, doesn't it?" He uttered quietly.

"Listen. You and I don't need to get involved in this. Whatever 'this' is. There's nothing keeping you from turning away now before you get in too deep. We can report this whole thing to Anti-Skill and let them deal with it. I certainly wouldn't think any less of you if you took the smart option and stayed out of it."

He looked Mikoto in the eye as he said this, but after a moment that serious exterior fell away and he found his mouth curling into a foolish smile as he predicted her response. It was obvious to anyone who knew her which path she would take in this situation.

"So. How are we going to track those guys down? If they've found her then that should make our job easier, right? They're using electronic communications after all..." He said needlessly, as though he wasn't standing next to the world's only Level 5 Electromaster.
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