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[SNPC/Esper] Kaizen Satoshi

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[SNPC/Esper] Kaizen Satoshi

Post  Mugino Shizuri on Fri Sep 30, 2016 11:51 pm

FULL NAME: Kaizen Satoshi.
AGE: 18 years.
Black hair, tremendously thick eyebrows and black eyes welling over with strength. He is tall grown boy, reaching way above others, underlining his presence’s impact twentyfold. Always wearing a strict and strong expression on his face there is never even a single trace of a smile running across his lips. The standard choice of clothes he’d make would either be Nagatenjouki Academy’s school uniform or a simple black suit without a tie.

Man of Honour
Kaizen Satoshi is a modern day samurai. He serves with absolute obedience, never considering betrayal an option, no matter what, unless of course his contract would expire. He doesn’t take on fights in some sort of backhand manner, or lets others take care of his own fights, thus he’d always lead the pack, even when testing weapons on a dangerous battlefield where even specialists feel fear. Kaizen Satoshi is just this kind of man.

Bad Communication
He really isn’t someone easy to talk to. It isn’t that he is shy or anywhere near nervous when faced with other people, it’s just that he sucks at conveying his message. No matter how honest he’d face a situation or how straight he would want to bring it to a point, he just screws up somewhere along his wording, making everything all the more confusing.

Artists are quite passionate people and so is Kaizen. When he is on fire, he truly is burning like a supernova. The effort he puts into anything is truly tremendous, is he never able to hold back any of his emotions. Even though his facade may be that of a strict, devote man, he truly can get outrageous, acting on behalf of his emotions more often than not.

By the end Kaizen Satoshi is no saint, he’s a scientist after all. Morals do not exist in this cruel world, even if honour probably does. He follows whatever he believes in with the coldness of a man that devoted his life to science. Especially his kind of science is the one that brings misery over the vast masses, thus he is not someone to appeal to with concepts of humanity or the like. He isn’t a hero in any category, that is for sure.

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