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[OTHER] Shiraishi Ryouko

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[OTHER] Shiraishi Ryouko

Post  Shiraishi Ryouko on Sat Nov 12, 2016 1:32 am

Shiraishi Ryouko

"Hah! My students aren't only reliant on Esper Abilities!"

FULL NAME: Shiraishi Ryouko
GENDER: Female
OCCUPATION: P.E Teacher Intern
SCHOOL: Since she's an intern she's moving from School to School for diverse experience in teaching different Levels of Espers.
FACTION: Anti-Skill

A young woman with brown hair and eyes. She has short hair except for a thin lock of hair which extends to her back, tied in a ponytail. Her uniform resembles a stereotypical physical education teacher's outfit, with a loose dark blue long-sleeved jogging shirt worn over a white undershirt, dark blue jogging pants and running shoes.

175 cm (5'9")

61 kg (134 lbs)

She wears white anti-shock impact gloves which is usually worn along with her Anti-Skill uniform.

She is always energetic and shows a wide grin on her face most of the time. Her style of teaching is somewhat unorthodox, involving her students on personal fights under the excuse of showing a practical lesson and not showing mercy to her students on activities. She is a bit of a delinquent, finding herself in various trouble most of the time and getting scolded by her superiors as a result.

The teacher is also slightly sadistic and enjoys imposing punishment games on her students for the greater good. Has a habit of playing hooky with her day job aka teaching if opportunity presents itself, often visiting batting cages and arcades. She is widely known in the underground arcades as the undefeated champion of the fighting game genres. She's also adopted the principle that what won't kill you will probably make you stronger...and impose this same logic to her classes.

Away from employment, she is very relaxed and likes to hang out with friends to enjoy expensive cuisines, beer and ending the day at the local public bath.

Alcohol, Fighting Games, Martial Arts, Delinquent Kids, Bath, Smoke break, Sushi, Meat

Powered Suits, Frilly clothing, Chinese food

Ryouko is great at fighting games and martial arts. She's also far more understanding of how students feel and react compared to older teachers possibly because she's not too old herself or that she's acts not much different from a teenage delinquent. During work as Anti-Skill she is a skilled closer quarter combatant and possess advanced mobility compared to most trained officers.

She's not really a good teacher material, has a hard time getting up early in the morning to set a good example to her students and often screws up at both work which leads to her seniors scolding her.


Ryouko had previously been living in Okayama Prefecture where she was stationed in the JSDF base before moving to Academy City and entered the Anti-Skill on special recommendations. Initially she was assigned to human resources department where she worked closely with Anti-Skill and Judgment as the bridge between the two entities until her skills were demanded in the field as an enforcer. Undertaking the job as a liaison officer between Anti-Skill and Judgment by day and acting as a field agent by night, Ryouko unlike majority of the Anti-Skill members was relieved of teaching duties due to her other commitments.

During the 2 years she's been with Anti-Skill she has resolved various situation with little casualties on her squad which beckoned her superiors to shower her with promotions and raise.... if it weren't for the colossal amounts of property damage she has caused over the years during her sorties which only got worse when the Academy City's Weapons Research and Development (WRD) sector started to request Ryouko to be their test pilot for prototype Armored Suits.

The numerous property damage started to get the attention of the Board of Directors who began discussing this issue with her superiors. Eventually her superiors chose to relieve Ryouko much of her active duties and re-assigned her to serve as a intern teacher for the time being, until further notice.

Since then Ryouko has been dispatched to different schools as a intern P.E teacher, a post she wasn't too thrilled with at first.

RANK: Sergeant First Class

Martial Arts:
Not really a significant ability by itself but when used in conjunction with the anti-skill studies of apprehending dangerous Espers using unarmed methods, it tends to shine. Applying just enough force to knock an Esper unconscious without seriously damaging them is an ability Ryouko seems to have high proficiency within Anti-Skill, an ability rumored to have been passed down by a former senior officer who resigned from active duty and moved onto other areas of employment within Tokiwadai Middle School Dormitories.


Armored Suit Pilot
Ryouko is trained and used to possess a first class licence to pilot a Powered Suit which is a rare talent within Anti-Skill which normally operate without the aid of the PS unless the situation is dire. Before she was demoted for reckless actions during an operation she was the ace of the Anti-Skill's PS division and was often requested by the Academy City's weapon development industry to be their commissioned test pilot for the prototype suits. Now that she has been relieved of active duty and re-assigned to employment in education, her licence has temporarily been revoked.

Keen Instincts
Ryouko is proficient at detecting danger before anyone else, and act appropriately based on that.

Strategic Intelligence
She makes quick accurate assessments about situations and acts accordingly. Her decisions within the squad is helpful in the field and when dealing with people.

Firearms and Explosives
Though trained and drilled into her throughout her days serving in the JSDF she's not a great shot with the rifle but she's one of the best in dealing with explosives. Her expertise includes defusion, the use of conventional ordnance, and rigging makeshift devices given what she has. She has honed her skills well in the JSDF such that she developed a sixth sense for being able to tell where any nearby bombs may be planted.

Fighting Games Fanatic
A useless skill she has picked up and honed since her middle school days. On her free time she would sometimes frequent the underground arcades and dominate the fighting game genres with a single coin. As of late she has picked up the Gekisho franchise and has been playing it none stop, and specializes in the hidden unlockable character Accel Erator, to the point that she is revered among the gamer society as the undisputed Number 1 for her skills on using the hidden character. She has yet to fight against Tessou Tsuzuri, a fellow Anti-Skill member who is proficient in the character Jamie to the point she is called Empress Jamie.


CHATANGO NAME: Fiend with Many Faces
RATING: Child friendly
FACE CLAIM: Oriotorai Makiko 境界線上のホライゾン
MISC. INFORMATION: If you want more information you can ask but information isn't cheap. Are you willing to trade for more information? Don't keep sensei waiting. Other than that it's a bit short but I think it covered everything I need to introduce the character.
Shiraishi Ryouko
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