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[SS] MissFits

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Post  Kamijou Touko on Tue Oct 16, 2018 3:56 pm

Absolute loss. That was the sensation experienced by Kamijou Touko, Fudou Natsuki and Tsukomata Kana. Izumii – nearly on his own – had managed to beat them all in just a few moments. Returning to her legs battered and broken as she was after that truly inhuman kick, Kamijou was hardly stable in any way. Yet the sight of Izumii taking hold of the princess she had fought to protect would fuel that idiot once more, meaning another unplanned and uncoordinated attack would follow suit.

«Oi, you're going to have to give up on saving your princess for tonight, Anti-Skill's going to be here any minute and we don't have time to deal with this. Help me grab Kana and let's run!»

Unfortunately, he was right. No matter what strength she could gain from her desire to protect the girl, there was no quick end for this in sight. The sound of sirens was no longer in the distance, forcing them to give up on it for good unless they wanted an entry on their criminal record.

«Yeah, let’s go, Fudou-san!»

Her announcement came in tandem with her already making the charge towards where Kana had been downed by the projectile hailstorm. However, with the victim no longer on her legs and therefore no longer posing a danger that one had easily ceased, making way for a quick retrieval, executed by the pair of idiots. Not bothering to succumb to the disgust invoked by the various substances spilled upon the elite, they would use their strength to pick her up from the ground and make a run for it.

However, before she would leave the alleyway, Kamijou would throw a final glance towards Izumii, or rather where he had stood just a moment ago. As expected, he had used the chance to take a leave right when it had occurred before him. That was fine, though. Things weren’t over after all.

Running like crazy the two battered idiots would carry the sleeping beauty to safety, making sure to get as far away from this underground club and the officials as they could. After all, getting caught here would trigger the bad ending right away, given the large pile of consequences coming their way otherwise. Long lectures by both teachers and parents, an entry in the ominous student file, possibly public service hours, even more hours of punishment classes and the eternal label of having some involvement in a shoot-out with gang war were clearly not amusing. Technically that spiky haired girl already had some of that somewhere on her record, but that didn’t mean she was asking for more!

Besides, that trouble would only slow her down. Something she could not allow to happen with the state of things.

In the end, Kamijou Touko and Fudou Natsuki had made it out of Anti-Skill’s range, splitting up to head into different directions. Fudou had decided that taking care of Tsukomata should take priority for now, deciding to bring her somewhere safe until she would have recovered enough, leaving Kamijou to head for her dorm for now – at least that was what she had told him.

Yet, that was not what she was truly planning to do. Taking a turn after having left the other boy’s sight, she begin to spring yet again. Back into the heart of the city. Back into the night.

«Just wait a little longer, Akirin! I’m gonna come for you!»

That idiot would never change. No matter how beaten up she was, she would keep on running right towards the battlefield, ready to swing that useless right fist of hers for the happiness of a girl in need.

Hadn’t she forgotten about something, though? From the beginning on there had been another girl in dire peril. A certain freeloader waiting to be saved from the brutal torture that was hunger on a hot summer day…a maiden in distress on the verge of transforming into the immortal demon king.

Such misfortune.
Kamijou Touko
Kamijou Touko
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