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[SS] MissFits

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Re: [SS] MissFits

Post  Kamijou Touko on Tue Jul 18, 2017 8:31 am

«How long's the line for that thing?»

«I think if we ask nicely, they’ll probably let us go next, nya! Given our circumstances~!»

The nya-nya sky ascension guide gave his reply with ominous implication in his typical laid back tone. He just kept on leading the two of them forwards and forwards, a single destination on his mind, ignoring all possible threats or dangers or even speed limits. It quite well seemed as though he was in control of the situation entirely. Somewhat reliable…or not?

«OK, we’re right there~!»

There? Where? They were still up in the air, below them an eternally deep abyss that was the cliff between buildings. The rooftop of the youth gathering was still a bit off and neither would those see them nor could they make the people down there out in any way, except they would have some kind of binoculars with them, which they clearly hadn’t. Or had they?

However, Tsuchimikado was quite sure that this was the right place. He stopped in his tracks for a mere quarter of a second, stretching his arm to give a signal.

Suddenly the path of the human-blow-dryer rocket twisted.


The next instance, without any indicator for it happening, the super high speed projectile was on straight collision course towards them.

With what was reminiscent of bowling pins struck by the marble ball it ran straight into them, throwing the human pins, all three of them, about in overly comedic manner.

Spinning like crazy the two idiots and the other guy would find themselves falling down a great many of metres, at speeds that went beyond any free fall tower, just without the safety gear aspect.

However even with that disastrous outcome Tsuchimikado Motoharu would still wear that broad grin all over his face.

All according the plan...!?
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Re: [SS] MissFits

Post  Fudou Natsuki on Thu Jul 20, 2017 1:06 pm

"You're not getting it, are you? What's that about camaraderie in delinquent groups anyway...? The most logical idea to go by is that they want something, though whether that's fame or another goal they have in mind is what's actually up for debate."

Natsuki could feel some of the blood rise to his temples upon hearing her dismissive attitude, youthful indignation curling his lips in displeasure. Typical elite, I'd like to see her try risking her neck for another; for friends, family, or an ideal. Ignorant. He kept the vitriol to just his expression, however, as he let her continue. Afterall, I’m not here to educate an elite on how we live our lives out here… Oh right... I sort of am. Only just remembering the existence of the other elite student he had come here with, Natsuki spent a moment to ponder why the stage was so silent before returning his attention to the elite speaking.

"... their name spread around nicely. After all... Any of you could be part of the MissFits, or part of the "planned attack" of tonight, trying to shamelessly advertise." Natsuki caught the tail end of what she was saying, before she demonstrated to further her point, "As much as I could be. That kind of manipulation gives birth to a lot more fame than just one group causing trouble only to potentially never get the attention on their actual cause for it. So as I said, the actual question should rather be what they're aiming to do by carrying out attacks at random intervals and with randomly recruited members."

Natsuki sighed slowly, the earlier flash of anger having subsided already during her deduction. That said, even when she made sense, Natsuki couldn't get used to this girl; the moment she decided to open her mouth and actually be talkative, it was either just prickly remarks or with an air of authority. Maddening.

Still, her line of reasoning wasn’t one that he had explored yet. Because his focus had been on revenge & justice, he had only been looking for information on the Missfit’s as an organization. Who & Where. As in which doors would he have to kick in to find a masked face behind it. From an outsider perspective, however, the Missfit’s motives were of more interest than who they were; Why & When. Why do they do what they do, and if there’s a pattern to it. Natsuki nodded, acknowledging the new perspective begrudgingly. He stubbornly refused to admit it was a more important line of deduction than his own, but at the very least it was worthwhile to think about when trying to uncover What exactly the Missfits were as a whole. "That… I suppose I hadn’t thought of that. The lack of a goal… The lack of cohesion is what’s gotten us to talk about them… It’s probably good thinking; not half bad for a Tokiwadai-ojou…" He made sure to muddle the compliment in his own unwarranted air of authority, as if he were judging what she had said and had only given it a passing mark. Interesting deduction aside, to Natsuki, she was still an "outsider" talking about a topic he felt he knew better; and he was a little petty about these kinds of things. His companions would shirk away from meat of the topic, however, but not without spilling some more interesting information:

«… All I know is that there’s another medical transport to some hospital or somethin’. They’ve been robbing these frequently. It’s odd how they’re only targeting one hospital’s, but for some reason even with that set in stone catching them never worked out properly...»

«…besides…we shouldn’t in here…really.»

Two separate pieces, both almost equally intriguing. The first bit was a jackpot, and Natsuki positively glowed hearing it. This was a big lead, considering Natsuki had nothing when walking through the door earlier, and with it came a quick rush of excitement that only expressed itself in a slow grin creeping across his face. The second bit came with a bit of intrigue. They had mentioned Missfits might frequent this bar, but was their presence so heavy that …


A gunshot followed by two others rang out through the underground building, interrupting that line of thought. Shouting, screaming, and panic came in it’s wake. Natsuki too, was startled at first, but perhaps due to already being awake from the adrenaline of the previous conversation, Natsuki reacted much quicker than the majority of the patrons whom were simply here to drink and relax. He was already in motion by the time the third bullet rang out. He had calmly set down his drink, wobbled the table to see if it was bolted down, and had climbed on top of it when he was satisfied with it's stability. As he stood up on the table, he looked ridiculous. He knew. He also didn’t quite care. More important things were afoot. There was no thought needed; the sudden gunfire demanded an answer, and there was a quick way to get it.

From a standing position on top of the table, Natsuki confirmed his course and then crouched, looking like he was going to leap off into the churning crowds; However, he froze a moment to curse, "Oh shit, Kana…" before looking back at the two guys at his table. Expecting more from them than he could the Elite, he quickly shouted at them, "My friend on stage? Remember her? Can I get one of you guys to get her and tell her I’ll be… Over there... You know, kicking ass? Thanks, I owe you guys one!" And with that, he leapt off the table and onto the next, neatly hopping over the other patrons either beginning to duck or push in the wrong direction. Sure, he knocked over drinks and glass as he hopped over the crowds, only adding to the screaming and chaos, but it sure as hell was the fastest way to where the shooting was coming from. He wasn’t about to push through the crowds trying to get away, fuck that noise.

Natsuki leapt from table to table supplementing his course by running on dividers to make the best speed; He kept his body low, mostly for balance, but he also hoped to hide his ridiculous approach within the concealment of the panicked crowd. If the shooter(s) were still hostile by the time he got there, he hoped his unexpected arrival and sheer momentum would be enough to get a flying kick in before they could train their sights on him. If they had only come to talk after a few warning shots… Well… He hoped they’d still be willing to talk after their kick, then. They (?) came with guns. He did not. He hoped to even the field a little before demanding answers. And goddamn, if this place is always so full of answers; I have to come here more often!
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Re: [SS] MissFits

Post  Hujisaka Natsumi on Sat Jul 22, 2017 12:37 pm

The most bothersome aspect of this entire situation, to her, was not that there was a group of dangerous delinquents, roaming around the city so full of themselves they'd even announced their attacks, that was honestly something that seemed to be about par for the course as far as Academy City was concerned.

It was very simply that before being a person, it seemed like she was a “Tokiwadai ojou”, a title that had grown the potent ability of grinding her nerves like crazy.

Perhaps it had been her time in this city that had dulled her sense of priorities, or perhaps had it always been that twisted?

Though she wouldn't have the time to answer his more than a little rude compliment and make her skewered lack of care for the planned attack indirectly known.

For that very attack would occur before she could do as much as open her mouth.

Bang, bang, bang!

The noise scarcely bothered her trained ears, nor did she turn around in a shocked manner, knowing that it would bring about more injury than a calm and rational approach. It was almost as if she'd predicted it from the moment she felt someone was trying to advertise the pre-planned attack. She merely turned ever so casually like a young girl looking for a friend in a crowd, looking at the entrance where someone with a currently indistinguishable appearance was forcing their way through with violence.

Unlike Natsuki, she hadn't been flashy in her method of approaching the situation, seeing how in this crowd of screaming and fleeing youngsters, someone would have to take control of the situation before the situation became much more dire and they found themselves involved in a deeper incident.  

She wasn't jumping on tables like some kind of uneducated monkey.


No, all she had done was simple a single word, wonder if she had been forced into a competition of who could involve themselves in the most problematic situation between herself, and a certain boy and girl she knew...

and walked forwards, in a stroll alike taking a walk in a park.

The only thing that would hint at otherwise was her cautiously raised hand.
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Re: [SS] MissFits

Post  Tsukomata Kana on Wed Jul 26, 2017 3:48 am

Kana was simply waiting for the idol to go ahead and decide on whether they should simply give up, or how they'd get through this minor hassle they had all been dragged into. However, it seemed that wasn't what was going to come at all. It wasn't a new concept that an idol would act differently once they were off the stage, that was to be expected. What was unexpected was that she seemed to immediately disregard the entire event.

«Ah, no. Let’s grab a bite! There’s some super good underground pizzeria in some nearby school’s basement!? You heard~!?»

Kana was confused to say the least. What she wasn't confused about was that she should simply abandon this and return to Natsuki. She had work to do, continuing their investigation. It was obvious she had no time to go enjoy dinner with either Kamijou, or the idol.

She turned to face Touko, expecting to see her ready to simply walk away as well, however Kana noticed that it seemed like she was actually upset. Kana felt like it had been a waste of time, but she didn't actually think someone would get so angry over it.

While it was surprisingly she'd be so upset, it wasn't surprising that Touko adamantly refused to join in with the idol's plans. Afterwards, while Kana had difficulty understanding what she had meant by it she implied she would drag her along anyway. Tsukomata was unsure how to read the girl at this point. Did she actually mean that, or was she simply going to insist.

"No, I do not plan to join you tonight, sorry. I actually have something important to take care of."

Tsukomata had no plans of discussing the matter any further. It was as simple as that, regardless of what the idol had wanted. She seemed to be the type who thought she could always get whatever she wanted, and while Kana wasn't entirely sure why she wanted to go to some pizzeria, it wasn't anything she had interest in. She had spent enough time being delayed from her investigation as is. Hopefully Natsuki had managed to find a lead.

Yet, it seemed like there would be no discussion or anything at all. Before she even had time to realize it, someone was grabbing the idol from behind. It was strange, Kana normally was quite observant of her surroundings, she hadn't thought herself so lost in thought so as to be this distracted, despite reacting so slowly to this sudden appearance, however Kana was ready to to try to take action, at least she would be normally. This was when things were starting to simultaneously become clear and unclear. The explanation for why she suddenly was having trouble focusing, thinking at all. Not just that, but her entirely body was no longer listening to her. Suddenly collapsing down to her knees and hands, as she stared at the idol being dragged off. She glanced to the side, and noticed that it seemed Touko was in the same condition. Someone had somehow managed to drug them, or something similar. After those last thoughts, she collapsed down onto the ground, falling unconscious.
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Re: [SS] MissFits

Post  Kamijou Touko on Sun Aug 06, 2017 11:29 am

Between the lines 1

Summer nights in Academy City were something truly special. Laden by the typical Tokyo summer heat and humidity the atmosphere would feel a bit heavier and hardly chilly. If any place was ever chilly it was likely somewhere run by a customer satisfaction oriented company or maybe a luxurious dorm’s rooms.

However that wasn’t all. Very unlike the big city, Academy City became a silent place at night time. One so silent it was extremely odd for a place categorised as «city». With most of its citizens holding onto the student status and thus being bound by a strongly enforced curfew, the people loitering around outside legally were reduced to the slim number of adults.

One such adult was Yomikawa Aiho, another Tessou Tsuzuri.

During day time they were teachers, however at night they would serve Anti-Skill, the city’s equivalent to a police force.

«….aaahh…I can’t wait to get home and fall into my beeeed…resting my feet….my head…everything….aaaah…..why was today so exhausting…..!?»

No longer capable of walking upright Tessou Tsuzuri, a woman that fit the image of a no-good teacher all too well, let her entire upper body hang down limply, whilst somehow managing to trudge forward on her shaky legs. With her wavy, not to say messy, green hair tied to a pony tail on the verge of coming apart, her thin framed glasses and a frail stature that in no way suited the thick padded military style uniform, she obviously didn’t match anything she should have. If anything, she was the kind of teacher loved by her students for her overall lack of qualification and dominating clumsiness.

In fact, though, going by how messy her hair was that very moment, one could quite well tell how exhausting her day must have been, a thing quite natural for summer vacation in this city.

Right by her side, however, was…

«Come on. Shift’s not over, Tessou-sensei. Get yourself together and pull through. There’s nothing to look forward to, if you haven’t given 100% to your job till the end!»

…her polar opposite.

Tall, strong, beautiful and obviously a potential to become a man’s dream if only she cared a bit more about her looks. Yomikawa Aiho was the perfect kind of teacher, a bit frightening even, with her dedication to her job welling over at every instance. She was the kind to have the ideal looks, that would steal male teachers’ and students’ hearts alike, if it wasn’t for the fact that she’d wear a shabby PE uniform all day. She was tall, her hair long, reaching down to her hips, her uniform suiting her perfectly and unlike her partner she showed not a single sign of exhaustion, walking upright in all her strength.

«Besides we’re not done yet for tonight.»

«Iiii knooow…it’s just…these extra shifts keep piling and piling! …I just want to…rest sometime…»

Faced with her superior’s energy, Tessou just couldn’t keep up her pace. Her voice as weak, every breath she took painful and every further step draining her already non existent stock of energy even more. Was going way below zero even possible?

«And? You know what we’re doing this for. We can’t just stop here if it’s just that holding us back. We both signed up for it, didn’t we?»

Yomikawa’s answer was her solid dedication. Even though she was smiling, a serious air was all over her, when she suddenly stopped in her tracks to face the other teacher.

«We’re both teachers. So it’s expected of us to do extra shifts if it is for the students’ sake. I don’t care if it’s a sleepless night, week or month. If they need us we need to be there. And right now that’s all that matters.»

No matter how dire the situation, no matter how disheartening, no matter how straining, as teachers they had chosen their path for a reason. A reason that wouldn’t just allow for them to slack off. Of course Yomikawa was entirely convinced by this mindset, but it wasn’t just her.

That frail and clumsy no-good teacher wasn’t different either. She may have been the worst kind of role model for her students, however, they still loved her, much like she loved them.

«Y-y-yes Ma’am!»

Somehow forcing her overly worn out negative energy level body’s back into a position quite close to straight, Tessou made her return. She was shaking all over, tiredness written all over her unwashed face and yet there was this visible spark in her eyes. Dedication.

Yet, just a moment later she let her head hang wearily again.

«…uuuh…do you really think we’re gonna find anything tonight…?»

«Even if we won’t, we have to keep patrolling and wait for any reports. Any clue. Any hint. Anything counts. Bastards like those can’t be allowed to run freely like this.»

At last her voice adjusted to the truth of the matter. This was hardly anything laid back or normal. This entire incident was far too serious to slack off.

Tessou’s response this time around was only a short nod, then the two of them finally continued on through the city’s empty streets.

There was no one around, no one in sight, no one to hear. It had been like this for a while. The facade of just another uneventful night.

It would only be after a while that Tessou Tsuzuri would speak up again.

«But…really? Drug traffic? I’ve heard about a lot happening…but this sounds so troubling…»

«Mh. Whichever it is. If it happens in this city, it always means trouble. We just have to hurry before it becomes even more of that.»

They both were in full gear. It wasn’t just padded bullet proof military style uniforms like those you’d expect of Anti-Skill at all times. There were guns, both pistols and a rifle, non-lethal grenades and even a high voltage taser at their belts. Signs of just how serious the situation was.

But that was natural.

The danger was real and it was already spreading.

From there on out they’d have to fight with their best.

Trudging through the night on their slow feet, their watchful eyes would wander all over, until they would find anything.

If it would be around the next corner, in an hour, in a few, all that didn’t matter.

The night was still young and from the prospect of it, it would be long.

They just couldn’t tell how long…
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Re: [SS] MissFits

Post  Kamijou Touko on Sun Aug 06, 2017 12:45 pm

Chapter 2

Straight towards the A

Kamijou Touko could feel the world twisting, turning and blurring all around her.

She could feel how heavy everything had grown in just a moment.

She could tell how unnatural the development was, as her legs gave in and her eyelids’ resistance would break just the next second.

As her eyes witnessed the petite former stage idol being dragged away by that owl, she felt frustration at her inability to do anything about it.

She saw the girl’s struggle. She saw the abductor’s lack of mercy.

She felt the urge to help.


Ugh, what’s going on…? My head…?

It was just the same feeling you had after pulling three all-nighters straight in a row. It was as tough every last bit of her energy had been drained and her mind was hammering the limits down upon her with the mercilessness of a drill instructor from military movies.


Come on body!! COME OOOON!!!

She was forcing it with every fibre of her being. And then she did something oddly cliched.

She smacked her own head in a desperate attempt to knock it back on track.

The sound of glass shattering.

Suddenly it all had died down. The haze was erased, the weariness of her body fading and her normal perception of the world quickly recovering. It took a moment of adjusting, but that was all.

In the distance she could still see them run, that strange owl headed abductor and the girl that was struggling against them. It was likely that struggle that had slowed them down a bit, as they still were on the same corridor, just about to leave through the back entrance to the building.


Kamijou didn’t commence the chase she’d been preparing just a moment ago, as her mind ran across another realisation


She quickly turned for the twin-tailed honour student by her side, only to notice she lay collapsed right there.

It was only logical, but with everything going as hasty as it did there was hardly the time to adjust left. Kamijou acted rashly. Without wasting another moment to dumbfounded staring, she immediately touched the girl’s head with her right hand, dispelling whatever it was that had caught them. After all, if Imagine Breaker had worked before, there must have been some sort of ability at work.

Her mind was still a bit hazy here and there, yet it was still in a state to allow for some quick thinking, even if..admittedly…it wasn’t the best.

«Tsukomata! Tsukomata? Tsukomata, can you hear me? Are you alright?»

Grabbing the other girl’s shoulders with her hands and shaking her like crazy, the pointy haired girl didn't so much as think about a proper way of treating someone who’d just collapsed. If at all she was only thinking about a way to handle everything with as much rashness as there was, running down a purely idiotic on the spot checklist like someone aiming for the best time in a video game.

«Someone took her! I need to hurry!»

There was just that. She wished to go after the endangered girl, yet couldn’t leave behind the other. Even if it was her goal to save a girl right there, she still had to make sure the one with her was alright as well. The ability used should be dispelled, but that didn’t mean there was no lasting damage whatsoever.

So still shaking the Tukomata like a really dumb overdramatic idiot, Kamijou wouldn’t let off until she was convinced. Even if it meant having to transition into the most suicidal sprint to make up for all that lost time, afterwards.


Kitani Ringo was a delinquent through and through. When the System Scan had labelled him Level 0, three school years in a row, he finally decided to quit school for good and began to hang out with the type of no-goods you’d find anywhere in the city’s back alleys.

He wasn’t someone who thought much and on top of that easy to anger. It was a miracle by itself that he hadn’t attacked the teaching staff at his school or his classmates, when talk about him not being as good as the others around him had been raised. However, once he joined up with the likes of himself, that changed.

Suddenly he did stupid things like get involved into fights over even the sight of someone using an ability or someone even giving him an odd glance to begin with.

In the end, though, that made him a name. He was violent, his friends were violent, everyone close to them was violent. Barking Wolf no longer was a group anyone could stand, since, well, they were violent.

Tonight had been another prime example of that.

They were on blind rampage.

After having been attacked by a certain group of even bigger idiots, they had immediately grabbed guns and run straight for an establishment they thought would help them good. However, much like their personality demanded, they hadn’t just knocked or started conversation off with a friendly smile on their faces…

No, they had fired three times, stirred a lot of panic and began to shout.


Kitani Ringo was in the lead. Tall as he was, wearing a blue jeans jacket with ripped off sleeves to accentuate his thick muscular arms and dark cargo pants tied by an overly long studded belt, he already gave of the basic image of someone who had no idea of what he was doing. However to top it all off his ugly unwashed face bore more piercings than was good. His neatly shaped rockabilly style pompadour hair swayed as he started waving around the gun in his hand, firing a few more shots into the air.


It only needed the addition of foam from his mouth, then the image would have been perfect.

His comrades, much like him, were ugly incredibly unfashionable, yet muscular and armed thugs. One held onto a shotgun, another a SMG and the rest pistols or iron clubs. They were eight in numbers, but that was hardly necessary, considering that even a single one was probably on par with a MMA fighter, at least effort wise.

And yet, there was an even bigger idiot.

Nobody had noticed him, as nobody would have even thought as far as to expect somebody to be this reckless.

However that boy was and Kitani, the aggressive idiot with the gun, was the first to notice before the flying kick struck him straight in the face, knocking him off his legs and back into his company of which some were knocked over, while the rest simple sidestepped.

Struck by the shock of the unexpected counter attack, the other eight of the group found themselves thrown into disarray, resulting in a short period of lasting hesitation.

«…ghn…whatcha waiting for you idiots…GET HIIIIM!!!!»

Only when their boss recovered and gave the order, the remaining eight were knocked back to their senses, immediately making their move. Not the ones with the guns, but three with iron bats or rods in their hands began their charge, simultaneously going for the one boy that had greeted them all so nicely.

It was an all out attack, not really coordinated and blinded by rage.

Yet a hit would still be a good hit, a critical one even.
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Re: [SS] MissFits

Post  Tsukomata Kana on Thu Aug 10, 2017 3:38 pm

«...mata! Tsukomata? Tsukomata, can you hear me? Are you alright?»

As her mind began to return to consciousness she could faintly hear Touko shouting for her while she was shaking Kana a bit violently.

«Someone took her! I need to hurry!»

Opening her eyes around the point of hearing that she tried to take in and understand what had just happened. Surprisingly it wasn't very long before Kana's face went from that of someone who looked confused from having their sleep disturbed to that of an almost scarily serious glare. Having taken in the situation, and remembered what had just happened in full.

"I'm alright, don't worry. But you're planning to go after her? Kana considered how the girl had been acting near the end. While Kana didn't fully understand the motives the girl didn't seem exactly like someone she would want to help. It wasn't very long, but she didn't want to leave Touko to handle this situation alone. While she hadn't the best opinion of her before, she did stick around and help. "I'm going with you, okay?" Kana wasn't sure how much time passed, but if she was eager to take chase maybe it hadn't been very long? She was a little unsure of why she fell unconscious, but that wasn't the main concern for now it seemed.

She would need to find a chance to let Natsuki know the situation, but it wasn't a good opportunity now, she could tell Touko was ready to rush off and she was ready to follow her, though she wasn't exactly the best runner.
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