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[Esper] Shimanka Etsuko [in progress.]

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[Esper] Shimanka Etsuko [in progress.]

Post  Shimanka Etsuko on Mon Jun 19, 2017 9:30 pm

Shimanka Etsuko


"Um, excuse me, sir. Your AIM-field is in the way."

FULL NAME: Shimanka Etsuko
CURRENT AGE: 15 years.
GENDER: Female
SCHOOL: Sakugawa Middle School

APPEARANCE: Etsuko usually doesn't stand out. She has a fragile and skinny build, as she doesn't see a reason to go out and exercise. Because of this, her skin is also rather pale. She has creepy, big eyes and nobody seems to like her strange stare. She had dark brown hair once, but since she participated in the power curriculum, her hair color changed to a weirder one. She always wears her school uniform; When she's not, it will be something decent and frilly most of the time.
HEIGHT: 159 cm
WEIGHT: 42 kg

Refined girl
She is a proper, young lady. Polite and friendly conversations are very important to Etsuko; She never utters a swear, und usually speaks with a gentle voice. She is known for her dry sense of humor, though.
The control freak  
She likes to be in control of every situation. Etsuko often goes to extreme lengths to keep up with organisation and well thought out plans... Causing her to get carried away in the process und completely forget the task at hand. She ist not a fan of spontanous actions.

Neat & High-strung
Etsuko hates everything that could even be remotely seen as 'dirty'. She feels really uncomfortable in messy rooms, especially at a boys place, and usually finds an excuse to clean the place up. She's really organised and tidy with her own things, to the point where it might be seen as neurotic. She likes to sort her manga accoring to color pattern. Etsuko has a problem with her nerves, especially considering her orderly nature and incapability to deal with chaotic situations. According to her classmates, she once had a nervous breakdown during an exam just because she had to cross a few of her sentences out.

Girl next door?
Despite all her negative qualities, she's a good person at heart. She will stand up for strangers and friends in trouble alike. She is very trusting of her friends, to the point she might get easily fooled by them. She strongly believes that everyone deserves a second chance. Etsuko has a surprisingly optimistic outlook on life.

The Siren
She is quite the avid singer and plays piano since her childhood. She loves music, and would like to perform in front of a larger audience. Etsuko mostly listens to classical pieces, but she also likes to listen to the newest pop-songs.


+ All sorts of sweets
+ Videogames (espacially Dating Sims & Eroge.)
+ Cooking
+ Music & Singing
+ Cute boys
+ Manga
+ Tea
+ Rainy days

- Rude people.
- Dirt
- Sport

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RANK: //
(Psychometry): Her power is the basic form of psychometry. By touching an object directly, Etsuko is able to read and channel it's "memories", as she herself calls it. In fact; Similar to an AIM-field, every object is surrounded by an energy field. Her power simply allows her to access that field and gather information and knowledge about the item. However, her visions are not really clear. Etsuko describes them as 'Flickering lights, blending images and feelings.' She can see the relationship to it's owner, sometimes even events from it's past. The functionality of her power often depends on the object and it's history she's trying to read. When irritated or distressed, Etsuko experiences trouble in keeping up connection. She also gets overwhelmed by her own visions sometimes, especially if the object is associated with violence.  Etsuko can only focus on one object at the same time;


Weapon of choice
Her weapon of choice is an old, rusty frying pan named "Jenny." She often carries her around - Certainly not to 'cook something up'. This frying pan doesn't look like much, but it helped her through hard times...
Poison cooking
She is a lethal chef and can not produce a meal without making it inedible. Jokingly, her friends call her culinary skills 'far more dangerous than her actual esper abilities'. Her food is known for causing headaches, diarrhea and unconsciousness. Unfortunately, cooking is one of her favorite things to do...

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