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[?] A Certain Masked Man

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[?] A Certain Masked Man - Page 8 Empty Re: [?] A Certain Masked Man

Post  Oda Taichi on Mon Feb 04, 2019 3:08 am

As that same green light burst through the wall of the branch, there was no doubt who was up there with Uiharu. Well, that's only considering if she was still there. He had come a bit late to the scene in context to the time that message was sent. That devilish women was an immense problem and probably more so in a tight space. It would require room to manoeuvrer to avoid such a deadly ability and attempting to block it with obstacles was pointless considering its destructive capability.

While his normal tactic was to rush in he decided to actually take it quietly this time. He had the benefit of being in this building numerous times so he roughly knew the layout. The judgment office was on the second floor of this five-story building and so he had to be wary about going up to that floor.

Either way he couldn’t just simply face that woman again with just his hands, rushing in with fists only will not get anywhere with someone with her powers. So he had thought for a moment as he realised the floor he was on, the first floor he knew there were some storage lockers for the equipment used by Judgement members depending on the requirement.

Taking it slowly he would make his way into the room, thanking his stars the doors hadn’t be locked and probably because not everyone had left the building. Though concerned opening the door would make too much noise, Taichi did so slowly before entering the equipment room.

Most equipment used by Judgement was designed to analyse crime scenes and in case of dangerous situations like riots to clear and control civilians.

Signal flares and Riot shields were probably the most useful items here.

He would grab two flares and holster for them while also picking up a riot shield. He really wasn’t sure what he could do with the shield, but he often would be the one to grab one in such situations and this was a habit. But he had an idea regarding the signal flares and was actually inspired by the masked man from the fight the other night.

Having got what he needed, Taichi would head back out the room to the bottom of the stairs leading to the second floor. He couldn’t just go up just yet and made sure to place the shield down quietly. He wasn’t entirely sure about his next action and the loud and terrifying noise caused by that women’s power had reminded him what he was facing.

“Bloody violent and ugly.” Taichi had said who immediately covered his mouth with his hand after saying those words. He started to worry that out of frustration from the situation he said that too loudly.

It was clear that she wasn’t the only one upstairs, while he couldn’t make out what they were saying above there was obviously different voices. He was an idiot by many standards, but the attack dog wasn’t a complete fool. The only reason based on their last encounter that this violent women would be here was because of that message Uiharu had sent.

That means someone was here already to prompt Uiharu to send that message, the question would be who? He wouldn’t be entirely sure from his position, and decided the only way he was going to hear anything properly was too get closer. He would do just that as he slowly crawled up the stairs to take a peek above the top step.

Should he succeed in doing so without being notice, the boy who clearly was way over his head would equip one of the two signal flares.

He had not intention to reveal himself and only risked getting closer to scope out the situation. The lack of knowing what was going on had clearly been tormenting him from the inside.

He had a promise to keep and he was determined to keep it.

The question being; ‘how would he do it?’

Oda Taichi
Oda Taichi
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[?] A Certain Masked Man - Page 8 Empty Re: [?] A Certain Masked Man

Post  Hujisaka Natsumi on Sun Mar 03, 2019 8:22 pm

A door lightly creaked as a breach was made between the metal frame and the door.

It was far too small for anyone to notice were they not to pay attention to the metallic noise, but from it peeked an amber-coloured eye that was attentively surveying the corridor.

Though she was in the other floor’s office on the other side of the hallway, it was quite visibly and audibly apparent to Natsumi that the events of the previous night were re-enacting themselves. And, for better or worse, the entire damn cast was here with a flower-headed girl that appeared similar; though Natsumi wouldn’t be able to make out the full details given the small window of view she had.

Now, she had been tasked to either retrieve that which the masked assailant was after or take care of him directly... well, ideally, both. But needless to say, she felt less than enthusiastic about the latter prospect, and so, she had spent a couple minutes pondering her options. And though she was at a loss on how to proceed, new footsteps could be heard approaching from the entrance near Natsumi’s hiding spot. Cautious footsteps, but each step closer made it clearer for Natsumi: it was the boy who had followed her the whole bloody night and day.

She almost cursed out that he’d managed to follow her despite her precautions, but then an idea came to mind. Mayhap it was a blessing in disguise; this could be, in fact, the perfect opportunity to grasp her primary objective.

(OOC: Cheers for your permission to control things a little, Yawkkun~!)

The door carefully creaked some more, and from it emerged Natsumi in her hoodle, slowly creeping onto a non-expecting Koyoko like some kind of stalker.

“Mhh….? Gyah?!!” He screeched out at the sight of the hooded figure suddenly springing on him and firmly grasping him by the arm. “The hell you– Oi, don’t you dare…!”

The poor boy, with an abnormal ability to survive even the most dangerous of situations, had been now used as distraction bait as he found himself flung onto the laser-beaming woman while Natsumi slipped between the two of them to seize Uiharu’s arm and pull her away from the masked man.
Hujisaka Natsumi
Hujisaka Natsumi
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[?] A Certain Masked Man - Page 8 Empty Re: [?] A Certain Masked Man

Post  Damion Koyoko on Mon Mar 11, 2019 7:26 am

"Tch..Where is she..?"

The grey haired boy had followed the young pyromaniac, and while keeping watch at the entrance originally, the commotion coming from inside gave extremely bad vibes. And considering he himself had not seen anyone leave or enter quite yet, he can only assume she is still inside, most likely dying. Then again the fact that the building wasn't burning down was a good sign. Within the abandoned the abandoned hallways, there was absolute silence, Koyoko not using his air displacement sense quite yet until he's closer to the noise.

"Why the judgement offices though...This can't be about the package right..? That kind of shady crap wouldn't be here unless..and officer confiscated it I suppose...but with that laser bitch around...? Unlikely.."

The foolish boy was getting closer and closer to the commotion, the sound of a struggle, nearing a set of doors that might lead him to it. He didn't need to even peek himself, as he could just use his ability to see inside.

And yet...

“Mhh….? Gyah?!!”

Luck was most certainly not on his side.

"The hell you– Oi, don’t you dare…!”

Koyoko beloved, fair, and considerate ally, had immediately thrown him to the wolves, the young man crashing against a certain brunette and hitting the hard floor with him practically laying on top of her currently, face to face with death. This current situation could only get worse if this was a romcom.

"...I'm fucking DEAD!!!"

Was the only thing the boy could say, before immediately getting up and launching himself away with a pressurized air blast, crashing into the door Natsumi ran through, hitting a nearby wall, and blasting once more down the hall to quickly get away before the beam beam girl could instantly vaporize him.

Damion Koyoko
Damion Koyoko
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[?] A Certain Masked Man - Page 8 Empty Re: [?] A Certain Masked Man

Post  Aleister Crowley on Mon Apr 15, 2019 11:33 am

«He…he is after me! Use me as yo-your ba-bait!»

The girl gave a bold cry of defiance. What followed was long, dreadful silence as she waited for the knife-wielding phantom to emerge from the shadows. He was fast. She might not see him coming. She could only hope that her 'saviour' would.

The commotion erupted suddenly.

A familiar voice from the stairwell acted like a starter pistol.

A second voice, crying out in dismay moments before a body was propelled through a door and into Kazari's saviour.

A hand grasping her arm, yanking her away from the gaping hole in the wall. Dragging her off to God knows where.

How many people were after her? What had she gotten herself into? Overcoming her initial surprise, the small girl with flowers in her hair dug in her heels and pulled away, twisting her arm so hard she thought it might break. Her newfound courage would not be so easily conquered. She would resist with all her might.

It had taken only an instant, but in that brief window of time those assembled had lost sight of the ghostly spectre of the Masked Man. And now every corner. Every shadow concealed the threat of death. And without knowing his ability there was no way of predicting from where he might strike, or in what manner.

A moment passed and the fire suppression systems activated throughout the building with a high, insistent whine and a fine spray of water. The acrid fumes of melted concrete and plastic and all sorts of assorted matter that had been in the path of Mugino's beams had apparently triggered the alarms.
Aleister Crowley
Aleister Crowley
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[?] A Certain Masked Man - Page 8 Empty Re: [?] A Certain Masked Man

Post  Mugino Shizuri on Wed Jun 12, 2019 10:44 am

It could have gone so perfectly well for that boy plagued by insane luck, but destiny – just as usual – was a bitch.

Therefore when he was sent stumbling towards the harbinger of destruction in hopes of knocking her over, the ideal path for survival that should have opened in his imagination would be shut immediately, as her already on edge perception immediately shifted towards him.


With the speed and precision of a pure professional that woman immediately reacted to the incoming obstruction, swiping his legs away with a swift kick of her own before following it up with that slender other leg of hers transformed into a vicious hammer meant to pummel down upon his back to deliver him to the cold and dirty floor where it would make sure to pin him down almost definitely.

However, while she would make sure for annoyance B to be neutralized the true intention of the attack had escaped her entirely. An obstruction was an obstruction after all. And it had served its purpose entirely well had someone else emerged from the shadows, removing the girl that had all too kindly offered herself as a bait from plain sight and into the shadows.

And to make matters even worse water would start spraying from the ceiling showering the entire space, followed by the all too awful sound of loud blaring sirens.

Picking up on noise as faint as that enemy’s movements was no longer possible. Nor would picking up on any other acoustic trace be.

She sighed.

Someone had snatched the bait and with it most certainly the best hint at fulfilling the mission. They were hiding somewhere in the darkness. Much like that mask wearing freak who had yet to unleash his fury. There had been an entirely useless idiot that had hopefully been neutralized just now. And the loud alert would not go unnoticed for sure.

A many-sided stalemate framed by annoyingly pressing circumstances and a lot of unknowns.

Who were the enemies? How many factions had been present? What were their objectives?

«Fine. I’ll let you rats slip away. As long as I get my kill on Mr. Sneaky-Mask. Deal?»

There weren’t many choices to make, but sometimes the sour apple was still more appreciated than starving to death.
Mugino Shizuri
Mugino Shizuri
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[?] A Certain Masked Man - Page 8 Empty Re: [?] A Certain Masked Man

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