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[SS] Arduous Tasks

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[SS] Arduous Tasks

Post  Hujisaka Natsumi on Sun Jul 16, 2017 5:17 pm

August 4th, 8:00 P.M


The sound of the merciless breaking of bones reverberated throughout the massive hall, polished to such perfection that one would have no doubt of which school this dormitory belonged to, looking at the state of the floor tiles that could be used as mirrors.

This dormitory may not have been a building standing within the heavily guarded territory of the School Garden, home to Academy City’s elite girls that could overturn the country and its economy from their mood alone, yet the sheer attention brought to every single detail one could ever imagine would quickly bring anyone back to reality that this was indeed, a Tokiwadai Middle School dormitory.

Indeed, despite belonging to the outside of the School Garden in a way that would make people think that it would be lesser important, that European-styled building that served as secondary dorm was never neglected in the slightest, perhaps because it was the home of a Level 5, or perhaps because that was just how high the quality standards of Tokiwadai's Middle School were?

Regardless, those high expectations weren't only held towards cleaning and general maintenance. They were also being held towards their student: social status, ability prowess, grades, physical aptitudes, behaviour, appearances... all of the girls that ever enrolled to Tokiwadai were demanded to have so many qualities that one may think that you were either born an elite, or you'd simply never be allowed to enroll the school like so many rejected souls.

Which was why whenever one of the girls strayed from the righteous path of the elite that would lead the country's future, they would quickly be put back in their places by the strict rules of the school...

However, this particular case was one that left, unbeknownst to any due to her stern expression, dumbfounded the most highly rules and education-oriented woman anyone could ever meet.

Standing in the middle of that marvellous, and gigantic for the unaccustomed, room that shone brightly in luxury were four – no, three youngsters that were complete and utterly dishevelled messes, faced by only one older woman who stood in a terrifyingly refined manner as she pushed her glasses back onto the bridge of her nose.

The fourth “person” was a collapsed corpse with its neck twisted at an angle a neck should never be at.

“I had originally summoned you four thinking I would only be dealing with unexplained absences, seeing how I am no stranger to these three girls regularly granting themselves exceptions to our school's regulations without permission, and likewise they are no stranger to the punishments that have and will seemingly continue to come come their way.”

The older woman who managed this dormitory paused as she sent a menacing smile to the remaining two who only shrieked in reply.

“However, considering how Tokiwadai is risking its excellent reputation by employing you, a man within the women-exclusive School Garden, the headmistress and myself would enjoy being given a thorough explanation on why a teacher of one of the most refined schools this city – or even this country – has to offer, seems to have gotten himself and his students heavily hospitalised to a point where casts are required for healing, in what would appear to be a brawling session young women having been deemed worthy of being Tokiwadai students should never involve themselves in?”

In an oldest-to-youngest order stood Guy Li, Hujisaka Natsumi, Misaka Mikoto, and somewhere along had been thrown the corpse of the departed (?) Shirai Kuroko. All “four” of them, bandaged thoroughly to assist the healing of their respectively heavy-to-noticeable wounds, including one that the eldest girl was desperately trying to hide, were standing under the crushing pressure of the Dorm Mistress's condemning stare.

“How about you give me a summary for now, Li-sensei?”

And it was only reinforced by the heavy words she spoke, a tone that implied that any answer she deemed unsatisfying would be the last.
Hujisaka Natsumi
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Re: [SS] Arduous Tasks

Post  Guy Li Yesterday at 12:32 am

The young man did not flinch with the rest as the sound of vertebrae popping sounded out through the luxuriously decorated room. He didn't seem to be reacting much to anything around him. Perhaps he was trying to think of an excuse to save his skin. Or perhaps he'd given up trying and had accepted his impending doom. Whatever the reason was, Guy Li did not look like a man on death row. There was no panic. No fear.

He looked bored even.

"The truth is..." He started off in a way that only made what followed sound less truthful. Of course he had no intention of telling her the truth. Who could believe such a thing? "...that if it weren't for these girls right here I'd probably not be standing here right now." He admitted. That much was true, in more than one sense. "But they aren't to blame." Was he seriously trying to get them off the hook? "Because I'm to blame."

A premonition of death flashed before his eyes. The stern woman's gaze conjured to mind countless instruments of death, endless possible demises. He felt himself run through by a hundred spears. His heart torn, still beating from his chest. Immolated like an effigy on a bonfire. He stared the shadow of death straight in the eyes.

"That's right. It's all my fault these poor girls are in such a sorry state. You shouldn't be punishing them, though. You should be commending them." He declared passionately like a witness giving testimony in court. "They saved me from a savage beating that would have no doubt ended my life had it been allowed to continue."

He continued to recount his tale, leaving out the specifics, such as the fact that the one delivering the beating had been the psychotic Esper Accelerator, and that the entire incident had been a risky gambit to end a sinister plot by the city's own upper echelon. Instead, the villains of the piece were a gang of delinquents nearly twenty strong! Maybe even fifty! He had been lucky that he had been calling Natsumi at the time (to ensure that she was back in time for the curfew, of course!) and that she had been able to mobilize the others to come to his rescue.

"It was only out of concern for my well being that these fine, upstanding girls decided to discard the rules. And be sure that they did not do so lightly." He glanced at the Dorm Mistress, saw her expression flicker with doubt. He was playing it up too much. He needed to reel it back in before she saw through him completely. "You should be proud to have such fine individuals in your institution."

"I see. So that's really what happened?" The woman in glasses looked implacably through him. Her poker face was unbeatable!

"Absolutely." He declared decisively with a firm nod.
Guy Li
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Re: [SS] Arduous Tasks

Post  Hujisaka Natsumi Yesterday at 12:46 pm

As an answer to his final plea, she thoroughly analysed the girls that had accompanied him to this place, girls that would usually far too often disagree due to their differences in personality and world views.

Though Mikoto inspired a sense of uncertainty on whether to call out on Guy's nonsense and admit she had been the one to cause all this trouble, she scarcely needed to as her expression spoke volumes to anyone, and particularly the older woman.

On the other hand, Natsumi felt like the embodiment of bewilderment, an emotion not often seen on that girl's face. It seemed like she was actively struggling to not physically show how shocked she was at the idea that he would try to sell any story that included her helping him out of the good will of her heart or some other bullshit.

As for Kuroko, though she did not have the opportunity to speak or express much, the girl was usually one to only participate in a cause if it was worth fighting for, even if Mikoto's involvement would sometimes blur the lines when she had to make a decision. She was certainly not the type of girl to willingly get in trouble just for the hell of it, even moreso as a Judgement officer.

A subtle sigh escaped the Dorm Mistress, much to the amazement of anyone who would notice it.

“...Very well.” Though the words spoke of reassurance, anyone who was familiar with this demonic rule enforcer would know that this was not all. “Though it has been delayed by these regular instances of rule infringement, this dormitory's annual event will be held in a few days.”

A small but audible yelp had escaped Mikoto, though the woman paid it no heed.

“Therefore, the next few days will be early ones. You four will pour your heart and souls into ensuring that this dormitory is as clean and spot-on as it was when it was first built, will participate in the preparations of this event afterwards, and will also be cleaning the school, its pool, and the inside dormitory in your “free time” while you're at it.”

The merciless sentence has been given, not sparing the self-proclaimed “culprit” of these events, which would soon be addressed personally as well. Though for those who always sought out the good in any given situation, it could be said that this would be an excellent exercise to train one's ability at time management and efficiency.

“Li-sensei, you are expected to be in the headmistress' office tomorrow by 5 A.M sharp. I will see to it that you are given a place to rest in the inside dormitory, so that is where you will be sleeping until the event ends, tonight included. It will make it easier to recover from your wounds instead of running all over the place, will ensure that you do not arrive late, ensure you arrive at all, and I seem to understand one of our girls will find it drastically practical anyway.”

This time, an audible yelp had come from Natsumi, but it hadn't gone ignored unlike Mikoto's.

“Speaking of, Hujisaka, how is it coming along?” She spoke vaguely, as though talking about a deep secret she trusted scarcely anyone else here would understand anyway, and those who would would understand not to reveal it for now.

Natsumi took a long glance at Guy from head to toe in scepticism, likely the only permission she would get to speak in this situation, and returned a stiff reply.

“It'll be done by the time the event starts.”

The Dorm Mistress gave a firm nod, surprisingly acceptant of the answer. “Good. That will be all. Considering what awaits you four, I suggest you sleep and rise early. There is much work to be done. And Li-sensei? 5 A.M sharp.” She gave a final reminder as the heels announced her departure and return to her office, likely to make the call required for the arragements at the other dormitory.

The moment she was out of sight, a collective sigh was released by the group having seemingly stared at death right in its eyes, and escaped its fate.

Only one question remained for the young man, spoken by Natsumi and Mikoto alike and one that Kuroko, who would be coming back amongst the living any minute now, would likely support.

”Are you actually retarded?”
Hujisaka Natsumi
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