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[SS] Arduous Tasks

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Re: [SS] Arduous Tasks

Post  Kira Kohaku on Sun Aug 05, 2018 12:15 am

Despite her tone which stood in state of superimposed warmth and disappointment, Kuroko had failed to break that barrier of Mikoto’s. At least, that’s what it seemed at first glance. But, the cracks of her mental resistance were beginning to be laid bare.  

A single luminescent blush came to grow more and more vibrant with every denial and Kuroko had been in the business of law enforcement long enough to catch those very very simple tells. Though, one could argue that any idiot could do the same at this point.

But, the meaning behind it all was something Mikoto had still worked her hardest to conceal so Kuroko could only speculate. Perhaps it was embarrassment from having such a dedicated and reliable underclassman worrying for her well-being? That would absolutely be the grade S best case, heavenly wonderful scenario.

Or was it a secret as pink as the blush on her face that was keeping her from speaking?


Shaking her head, she forced off that behemoth of a possibility from her mind. There was no way she would entertain such an idea. NOT A SINGLE WAY.

Unfortunately, her questioning was cut short as Mikoto finally decided enough was enough as she changed the subject back, once again, to how late they were and that they needed to go.

Her grasp had been cut short as Mikoto took the opportunity to make a break for it, only for her to crash in an undignified manner into another girl right outside. On the other side of Mikoto was another girl Kuroko had never met before.

If Kuroko were a clique girl, she would have taken offense at the other girl’s casual address of Mikoto, but she was not that petty. Even if that girl had ruined her chances to figure out what Mikoto was worked up, she was not that petty.

But, even so, she could not stifle the urge to ask a blunt, simple question. “Who are you?”

Her petty vengeance would come at some point.
Kira Kohaku
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Re: [SS] Arduous Tasks

Post  Misaka Mikoto on Mon Aug 13, 2018 5:40 pm

Recovering from the impact of her much too rushed fleeing attempt, Mikoto stood up and started dusting off her skirt.

"Oh, Misaka-san. Where are you heading off to in such rush so early?"


She gave Aiko a fair bit of a blank stare; something very unfortunately typical of her stay in Tokiwadai. If most people knew her and could recognise her within moments, it was much more difficult for her to place names on faces, which made discussions all the more awkward.

“Well, it’s just the usual, I guess…”

It wasn’t like she didn’t care about people, but more that it was humanly impossible to keep track of everyone who knew her. As such, Mikoto did her best to ponder on a way of discussing without asking the quite rude "who are you" question she was dying to ask.

"What ab-" She was almost immediately cut off by an interjection from her dear friend, stating as such with almost miraculous timing...

“Who are you?”

Truly, Kuroko had an amazing way with words as a Judgement officer.


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Misaka Mikoto
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Re: [SS] Arduous Tasks

Post  Aoki Aiko on Mon Aug 13, 2018 11:29 pm

Aiko was a bit relieved as Misaka got back to her feet and looked to be unhurt.

“Umm... Well, it’s just the usual, I guess…”

(Huh, a much more evasive answer than anticipated...) The look on Aiko's face changed from apologetic to one of burning curiosity. It was vague answers like these that piqued her curiosity and sent her straight into interrogation mode. However before she could start barraging Misaka with questions, a voice pulled her attention away for a moment.  

“Who are you?”

The question came from a girl Aiko hadn't noticed at first. She seemed to be coming out of the room Misaka was exiting as well. (Is this her Roommate?). Regardless, from the look on her face and the tone of her voice it sounded as if she was, somewhat hostile. She seemed to be younger than Aiko, and for that matter younger than Misaka as well. (Was she really her roommate?). The girl was probably a first year, and because of that it wasn't at all surprising that she didn't recognize Aiko. Because of her somewhat strange appearance and her tendencies to get into peoples business but also help them with their problems, most of the students who had been around for a while knew Aiko, or at least knew of her.

Shifting her gaze to the girl behind Misaka, Aiko responded

"Me? Oh, I'm Aiko, Aoki Aiko. Are you Misaka-san's roommate? What's your name?"

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Aoki Aiko

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Re: [SS] Arduous Tasks

Post  Kira Kohaku Today at 7:58 am

That was the answer she received. How very anticlimactic. Though, to be fair, it would have probably been more strange if the answer packed more punch. They were all, after all, supposed to be middle school girls of Tokiwadai. A snippy retort or veiled jab would have been way too out of character for someone of their class.

Well, out of character for someone who wasn’t Kuroko, at least.

Yet, as much as she wished to give a pointed retort, the black-haired girl whom she had questioned gave no openings in her cookie cutter answer.

Even so,

I must know who thinks they can casually speak like that with onee-sama!!

After not even making the slightest attempt to hide the pure rage that she was containing, the twintailed brunette let her the rage be wiped away from her face as she gave the most courteous smile she could and took a curtsy.

“It is a pleasure to meet you, Aoki-san. I am onee-sama’s one and only squire, Shirai Kuroko.” While keeping a smile of the utmost artifice up, she once again questioned Aoko. “May I inquire as to what your relationship with my dear, dear onee-sama is?”
Kira Kohaku
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Re: [SS] Arduous Tasks

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