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[Esper] Terumi Itsuki

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[Esper] Terumi Itsuki

Post  Itsuki on Sun Jul 23, 2017 3:41 am

Terumi Itsuki

(Your character's Level and Ability name.)

"It's true what they say, karma is a cruel mistress."

FULL NAME: Terumi Itsuki
OTHER ALIAS: "Ikki", "number eleven"
CURRENT AGE: Sixteen(16)
SCHOOL: A Certain High school

APPEARANCE: Itsuki has messy black hair with a dark blue tone to it, he possesses dark blue eyes but they're usually mistaken by a common stereotypical black iris. With pale skin and a small cut on his right cheek there's literally nothing about his appearance that would lead him to stand out in public. His clothing usually consists of a pair of light grey jeans paired with a simple orange t-shirt without any particle logo or design, on top of his shirt Itsuki wears a black bomber jacket with a hood trimmed in white fur, the jacket is opened most of the times. On his feet there's just a pair of white high top sneakers, in terms of accessories the a small pendant similar to an army name tag but its nothing more than a lucky charm. Although many schools around Academy City have a strict dress code, most of them including a traditional uniform, Itsuki was lucky enough to be apart of one with a more liberal one and the only time he has to wear his uniform is on important event or situations where the school is represented.

HEIGHT: 169 cm
WEIGHT:  53 Kg
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: A small horizontal cut on the left cheek no bigger than half an inch.

Itsuki is usually very calm and collected, always with a smile on his face and trying to act as friendly as possible. Although this doesn't hide his true nature, being curious and known to think outside of the box, he sees himself as a relatively cool person, having no problem speaking his mind when he has to, always with a clever and quite direct remark.

His main method of interaction with others, despite being perfectly able of having a normal conversation with others, Itsuki can't help it but to subtlety mock the person he's speaking with. While bearable in a normal conversation, it becomes quite annoying in a serious situation especially if the person in question isn't as friendly or as tolerable as regular person.

Being used to being alone for so long, Itsuki tends to be very prideful and childish when things don't go his ways specially when it's something his interested in. While over competitive tends to stride someone to improve himself, Itsuki is immature to the point where he rather risk something important than admitting his right. No matter the topic, rather it be a small argument or simply game, he hates to lose.

[Lack of Presence]
For some weird reason Itsuki's personality seems kind of dull, weak and especially unnoticed, as to the point of where most people do not even acknowledging the fact that he's actually in the same room. This trait has been with him since day one and despite having it's perks and downfalls, it becomes quite annoying when trying to speak in public and no one seems to care or even notice.

The most humane and truthful emotion displayed by Itsuki, after spending so much time faking reactions and giving sociable acceptable answers in order to fit in, he tends to hold a grudge when it comes to certain things. Spending most of the time as a quiet bystander, Itsuki tends to keep a mental note of everything that bothers him or upsets him in a certain way, and when it comes a point when it's to much to handle, he tends to take more questionable actions.

Despite all his flaws and misfortunes, Itsuki is quite optimistic, always searching for that specific ending or event that will set everything straight. While this might be him being stubborn and trying to refuse the harsh reality of life, it's always a good to know that he still didn't lost hope in humanity.

• Sweet Food and Beverages
• Spacial Awareness Exercises
• Comic Books
• Sleeping
• Exploring
• Caffeinated Drinks
• Insects
• Spicy Food
• Being the center of attention
• Crowded Places

[Pattern Recognition] - Itsuki is a master of pattern recognition, maybe spending all those years playing video-games have finally paid off or maybe it's just something that got better due to the continuous use of his ability;

[Tactical Prowess] - After spending so much times reading comic books, Itsuki has learned basic tactical coordination and strategy building, after watching so many cliches he learned most of them and most importantly how to avoid them. Something that also helps is the fact that his favorite genre of video-games are strategy base;

[Great Physical State] - Despite having a mundane and quite lazy routine, Itsuki was blessed with an above average physical condition. Despite being something quite common in Academy City, it does mean that he has good stamina and Reflexes;

[Calculations] - Since he enter Academy City, one thing has been clear, Itsuki simply sucks at math. No matter how much he tries or how prepared he is, every time math has to be involved the result isn't always correct;

[Lack of Combat Experience] - Despite being as Esper, Itsuki never had a real fight in his life and the closest thing to it was a common fist fight where his opponent bumped his head against a traffic post knocking himself out after Itsuki dodge the hit. Ironic but a victory nonetheless;

HISTORY: Itsuki's background isn't nothing out of the ordinary, born in a normal household as an only child, he grew up playing strategy games and reading comic books to spend the time, stories of heroes with great powers and knowledge performing noble deeds inspired him and above all always kept him entertained. Growing up in a normal household he rarely saw both his parents together aside from the rare weekend here and there, however in a weird schedule and something he couldn't remember clearly. The biggest change in his life was when he enrolled in Academy City at the age of seven, the power curriculum program was one of the hardest yet one of the most interesting things in his life, thanks to it he found out he could do things only seen in fiction, as Itsuki found out he could manipulate air and the things related to it, curiosity surged and as a result to it he gained a small injury, a small cut on his cheek due to a broken window blow away from an air pellet. While small and almost non-noticeable, it serves to remind him about the consequence of his actions.

His time in Academy City was focused on his development as an Esper, most of his classes where taught in a way to teach people like him how to understand and utilize their abilities, however there were other moments, at the age of thirteen he joined the archery club and actually gained a lot of experience with it. He did enter a tournament at one time and some of his close friends did come by to cheer for him but unfortunately he couldn't even make it to the top five, ending in eleventh place and gaining the nick name of "number eleven" a silly nickname with no real meaning. While it has no real meaning it adds to the other nickname given to him by his parents which is a basic shorten of his name, however almost no one calls his by that name. At the current stage Itsuki now has a better grasp on his power and is able to use it decently, however he tends to pass out from overworking himself.

Aerokinesis: This ability allows the user to telekinetically manipulate or create various compounds present in the atmosphere in order to generate and/or manipulate the air around him. While some actions require little to no effort such as creating small gales or jet streams strong enough to push people away, other feats such as sustained air blooms or altering the atmospheric pressure in order to create solid constructs require steady concentration and complete focus depending on the task.

His maximum projectile range is limited to one hundred meters in a straight line or an area of effect of approximately 50 meters squared, however this ability only affects areas or spaces where the user has direct or indirect line of sight. Tempests can reach an average speed of one hundred to one hundred and five meters per second however the max output register was of 340.50 meters per second which unfortunately followed up by unconsciousness from the user.

Some applications of this ability consists on simple gusts of wind that can either push or repels targets, using air jets to boost oneself into the air or even use them to dampen falls and on some more advance uses creating air pressure to form solid constructs such as walls, platforms or even small barrier no bigger than a couple of feet across. Since air cannot be seen by conventional methods, neither can the user which can be a downfall if he overestimates the reach of his creation.

Amateur Marksman
Due to extra curriculum activities, Itsuki has gained some experience using a bow and arrow. Despite not being an expert, he is able to hit most targets quite accurate;

Main Theme - Air Gear OST - Chain [Acoustic Cowboy mix]
Battle Theme - Undertale OST - Megalovania
Battle Theme Phase #2 - Boku no Hero OST - You Say Run

CHATANGO NAME: Haven't made one yet
RATING: Mature seems the one with more options.
FACE CLAIM: Akira - Togainu no chi

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Re: [Esper] Terumi Itsuki

Post  Itsuki on Sat Jul 29, 2017 12:45 am

It was a normal morning in Academy City, the sky was cloud and from the looks of it, sudden rain was imminent especially due to the fact that the sun was nowhere to be seen, just a grey monotonous sky covering the entire horizon. Itsuki had just woken up from the sound of his alarm clock and his head was still fuzzy, slapping the bedside table in a mildly fashion, looking for the snooze button to put an end to that annoying racket, he was final able to do so after seven or eight attempts. Laying on his back staring at the ceiling, Itsuki made a mental note of his plan for today, he didn't have any school today since it was a Saturday and he usually didn't have any activities on weekends, looking around the only things he had to do was cleaning and a small grocery run to buy some essentials such as bread, milk, cereals and the most important thing of all chocolate since despite the fact that his school has a regular cafeteria, Itsuki also had a small kitchen in his dorm which basically consisted on a small mini fridge and a cabinet slightly above it, nothing too fancy but it helped during midnight snacks.

-Let's see, I just need to open the balcony door a bit for the room to clear and pick up the socks from the floor.

Basically dragging himself out of bed, Itsuki started cleaning his room in stereotypical boyish fashion by grabbing everything that was spread throughout the floor and throwing them into a pile in the corner of the room, not the most effective way to due it but at least things weren't spread everywhere in a sloppy mess. After that was done, the next step was to go brush his teeth and wash his face, along with other daily routines, nothing too fancy or time consuming just the basic and with that out of the way he could finally get dressed and go outside. His clothes weren't nothing out of the ordinary, vulgar sneakers, a regular pair of light grey jeans paired with a simple orange t-shirt with a black bomber jacket with a hood trimmed in white fur. Placing the first step outside his comfort zone, the immediate thing that caught his attention was the huge difference in temperature from outside the dorm comparing to the outside to the point where a simple breath turned into a small cloud of fog.

"Holy crap... it's so cold even my skin hurts"

Walking towards the nearest convenience store, Itsuki placed both his hands inside the pockets of his jacket after closing the zipper, as he walked he started bumping into people, one or two people on a morning jog or simply going to work since day offs weren't the same for all the people in the world. After stopping near a crosswalk and crossing towards the other side, a weird looking pretentious high schooler a couple of years older, bumped into him full force while he was crossing, he didn't even say sorry of even recognized Itsuki's presence, while annoying and quite rude, Itsuki simply shrugged and kept working. After arriving to the convenience store, the boy grabbed a small basket and started picking up things he needed, a box of sugary cereal, a milk bottle, half a dozen chocolates and sugary candy bars not to mention a loaf of bread. With all he needed, Itsuki stood in line waiting his turn to pay for his things, funny enough, at the precise moment when he was getting called next, the same cocky teenager passed in front of him holding a cake and a couple of motorcycle magazine.

As the waiter noticed the cut in line, she looked at him a bit confused by what happened but Itsuki waved indicating it was ok, she nodded and started the process. Looking at the person who cut him in line, Itsuki looked from up to bottom and grinned, as the guy grabbed the cake and started walking out of the store, Itsuki used his esper abilities to shifted the cake's gravity making him slam into the stranger's face. The store clerk and some other customers laughing calling it karma for cutting the line but Itsuki simply kept it for himself and paid for his stuff before leaving, returning home Itsuki snickered as he ate one of the candy bars he had just bought, with was nice to get a small revenge on that jerk and it wasn't nothing severe so he didn't break the "no esper abilities in public" rule, especially because no one knew or noticed his doing. Arriving to his dorm in a couple of minutes, he planned what to do for the rest of the day, something easy and carefree would probably be the best.

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Re: [Esper] Terumi Itsuki

Post  Hujisaka Natsumi on Mon Jul 31, 2017 7:49 pm

Hello there and welcome.

Perhaps temporarily or not, I'll be the one handling this evaluation as our evaluating mod seems to have a lot on his plate. Let's get started.

Looking at the history, there is one big flaw that prevents me from tackling it as a whole and that's the inclusion of gemstones in your character's background. Gemstones are naturally-occurring Espers, people who have supernatural abilities without having gone through the curriculum that would normally bring forth an ordinary student's power.

However in this case, your character (and even his babysitter? How? Why? People don't need to be Espers to have a worth in a character history. And why do you even need a babysitter in middle school like somehow she's going to prevent furniture from flying around?) is described as having almost always had an Esper ability and being scouted out precisely because he was not an Esper from Academy City but from the outside.

This is strictly forbidden on the forum for two reasons: one being that they are extremely rare (only a handful are known in canon) and therefore normal players are not allowed to play out any (as written in the rules which I do recommend you read, or reread, for better understanding), let alone as a first character from a new member.

The second one, in this history's case specifically... is simply that this entire history doesn't make sense and is impossible even by bending canon, and here's why:

This will be long.:
Having a normal childhood is not as rare as you'd think in Academy City, the focus is just simply more on those who haven't had a regular one in order to give them a quirk in their personalities and have them stand out from being either “normal students” or “edgy dark side agents” though the success rate of that depends on the player's writing themselves as it doesn't always end up being a solid backstory and more of a ridiculous tragedy fest.

It's unlikely that Itsuki would openly stand out from having a normal childhood since most of the introduced Level 0s to Level 2s have had normal childhoods, and only from Level 3~4 do you start seeing more regularly people with special social standings or other peculiarities though even them could have led normal lives.

Next is the apparition of his power: it's simply too powerful for a child's first usage of his ability. Depending on the fridge's age and model, it could be as heavy as 150kg not even including the food inside, which means that for someone who's subconsciously using his ability he would be one hell of an outstanding gemstone to lift a fridge without having ever used or honed his ability before. Some Academy City students don't manage that even after years of training.

(Also, slight nit-picking here, I've had my share of childhood and adolescence injuries and can guarantee you that a scar from a glass shard cut disappears after months)

Following that, why does the babysitter need to be an Esper for her to have validity in the history? Heck, why is she a babysitter in the outside despite being aware of her gemstone abilities when she could be living in Academy City and be remunerated as the rarity she is? I dunno, if I had that much worth as an individual born with supernatural powers I don't think I'd spend time babysitting some brat.

But that's just some casual comments because we're entering the not-so-fun and not-so-logical part here. Firstly, Academy City has absolute control over Espers and Esper-related research, meaning that if a gemstone were to appear then they would already be on their case specifically, they wouldn't be seeking them out like some kind of volunteers looking for youths willing to serve soup to homeless people on their Summer free time.

Secondly, “by some esper guy with the ability to tell espers from humans apart,” that's a no. Solely because the only way to actually detect an Esper is by their AIM field, which, if you've paid attention to the universe, you will know it to be almost indiscernible to the naked eye without heavily specialised equipment. The only exception is the Esper ability capable of locating and tracking AIM fields: Takitsubo Rikou's AIM Stalker, one of the potentially single-handedly most powerful and broken ability.
Novel spoilers:
Its potential alone, if her ability were ever to grow, could allow her to simply decide who would be a Level 5 and a Level 0 regardless of rankings, curriculum growth, and whatever the hell else Academy City could ever have to offer.

Thirdly... uh, that's really not how anything Esper-related works. Barring gemstones (which I've already mentioned are forbidden and I will not be making an exception to the rule here), a normal person can only become an Esper once their brain has been tempered with by the usage of drugs and other rather traumatic manipulation when you look deep down into it, making students the most preferred target due to the fact that they're still growing and their brain can be much more easily influenced to welcome an ability. Tests aren't done on the outside, but on the inside where all of the specialised equipment is and where they can make sure Itsuki will never flee and risk giving out any potential information on Espers and gemstones to outsiders.

(Second nit-pick here, he grew signs of his Esper ability after elementary school and a few years later enrolled in a middle school? Is that some kind of educational system I'm not aware of? And if you mean kindergarten then... that's literally so much more earlier than nearly anyone else in Academy City save for a handful of exceptions.

Third nitpick, why would he be shunned out by his classmates for his ability? Teenagers are quite fond of the supernatural and nearly all of them admire Academy City as the place they'd always want to live in and then become superheroes or things like that. It makes no sense he'd be ignored and given the cold shoulder for something they would admire having? Heck, even if that's the case, why did he take that reclusive personality along to Academy City now that he theoretically should have finally found a place to fit in with his ability without being shunned out?

Fourth, why the hell would they almost wait until high school for him to move to Academy City? That's literal years of potential growth wasted on nothing. Were they waiting for him to accidentally drop another fridge on himself, or worse, someone else, since there was no way for him to hone his ability without entering Academy City, making the ability just as dangerous as when he was a child if not more once you start adding potential teenage rebellions and hormones into the equation?

I guess these aren't really nitpicks anymore.)

Next, uh, what Level 5 are they referring to? None of them have an ability even remotely similar to his. Heck, again, why? They all know you don't willingly come up with your ability, that's like saying “lol you're an electromaster you're going to be the next Misaka Mikoto xDD”. As a joke, sure, but them being serious enough to actually tag them as a “rip-off” of a Level 5 when there are only 7 out of the entire Academy City population and none of them have an ability that resembles his in the first place?

Also, you don't introduce your ability in class, abilities get tested during System Scans for the entirety of Academy City's schools. Otherwise abilities aren't allowed to be used or only in very life-endangering situations. You just get introduced as a classmate as you normally would in any other school in the world and any ability deduction is left to circles of friends/bullies/classmates. Himegami Aisa didn't get described as a Level 3 Deep Blood when she enrolled into A Certain High School, did she?

Finally... you really don't need to dedicate parts of the history to nicknames. I'll admit knowing that he won a raffle so poorly managed no one actually figured out who was the winner doesn't tell me more about him moreso than about his school's sheer incompetence, which isn't what we're looking for, nor are we interesting in entire paragraphs of justification for a nickname. It tends to be somewhat worrying that an absurdly good chunk of the history is dedicated to why he gets called the way he does like his actual character isn't actually interesting enough to comprise of his entire history.

Overall, the history shows a very clear lack of understanding of our rules, the types of characters we accept on this forum, and understanding of canon material even if we are sometimes willing to bend things a little for the sake of originality. Itsuki is painted as an otherworldly special snowflake with an amazing ability not even hardworking students of Academy City manage to match (hell, why is his AIM field specifically more unique than others?), stuck in a non-logical situation of his parents not doing anything with him knowing he has an Esper ability and will continue being a danger to him and others if it's not being supervised under Academy City's care.

It also makes it seem as though natural-occurring Espers are a regular thing on the outside (instanced by two in a single history, one whose ability is hardly even relevant to anything story-wise) when they are not only forbidden on the forum but a simply rarity in the first place, and does not seem to understand the implications of what an Esper truly is to Academy City's eyes.

Therefore, I'm going to have to request a complete change of the history to something that is both more appropriate in regards to canon and our forum rules, but also that doesn't paint Itsuki as some kind of special snowflake of an ability user by actually seeing growth occur throughout the history and not having him be the gravitational hulk right from the start.

I also have problems with the character's personality and general test post. From what I'm reading, he doesn't seem like someone that would be easy to get involved with seeing how he's got apparently no appreciative feelings for others beyond simple courtesy, meaning that he's not exactly the first person people would be inclined towards hanging around. Your test post also worries me as to your plans with him as Academy City is not an everyday school setting and I would have enjoyed seeing him in a bit of a thought-provoking situation rather than such a boring scene of him opening his windows in winter and being an ass towards a queue-skipper implying that wouldn't cause trouble in the entire store (which would then likely cause business to stop and the place to be on lockdown while they'd be trying to figure out who did it, why, and give the appropriate telling off. Academy City isn't a place for rebels to act like assholes even if they're justified and after living there for a while he should know better).

The way he is, I'm honestly worried about whether he'd be able to fit in threads well. A bystander is going to have a real hard time becoming an active part of any story especially if he literally wants to just witness it instead of experience it. That reasoning feels like it goes against RPing and its possibilities in more than one way.

And finally, the ability. I'll be clear and concise here, due to past experiences we've had with gravity users, we have decided to no longer approve gravitational abilities of any sort unless faced with a very specific situation which we've yet to encounter, and unfortunately this isn't such a situation. Seeing how the part of the history dedicated to the ability is flawed anyway, please change your ability to another after you've changed your history (which I would prefer to not be oriented towards his ability) so that we can actually tackle it.
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Re: [Esper] Terumi Itsuki

Post  Itsuki on Mon Aug 07, 2017 4:55 am

Sorry for the delay, I hope its decent now...

I changed the story to something less protagonistic and adjusted the personality to be more proactive...

also changed the skill Im an airbender now xD air power

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