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[Magician] Lev(Product not yet ready)

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[Magician] Lev(Product not yet ready)

Post  Lev Sakarov on Wed Oct 25, 2017 7:26 pm

Lev Sakarov

"the one waiting at the edge of hell"

" The greatest sin is to be alive without living. "

FULL NAME: Lev Sakarov
GENDER: male
OCCUPATION: Detective/Executioner
FACTION: Necessarius

Tall, charismatic redhead could be a tag when you are looking for porn on the internet. In Levs case it is rather his day by day looks. 1,86cm and 78kg are the numbers if anyone likes to know, it may be more or less depending on the last time he did care to do weight ins. I mean he is no boxer, so why should he care as long as no buttons on his shirt are exploding due to overweight. He loves to dress in a casual style, with a jacket and shirts. You would notsee the malice in his eyes, because they look pretty sleepy even in action he might rather look a bit out of place. Except for him being poorly shaved, you can say he looks rather clean. Maybe a future fan favorite?
HEIGHT: 186cm
WEIGHT:  78kg

For a man in his twenties he seems way to calm, when it goes about working or doing anything really. It is weird, since one of his punchlines consists of telling people, that it is a sin not to live his life. Maybe being lazy and relaxing is part of his way of "living". Many people don't seem to get him and his superiors, are also not fond of this trait.
Even if he is rather idle, there are certain things that seem to wake him up to be more out going. One of this thing is getting back at someone. Eye for an Eye is the short description of this issue you could say. Beware of the man, that crosses a line, he will forever be marked until they are even. His vengefulness is part of his more developed sense of guilt.
-Sense of Guilt
He does not like to be indebted to anybody. Pretty much like a Lannister, Lev also always pays his debts. That is why he also hates to not get even with people, who cross him which leads to vengefulness. Actually the reason for him working at the church of England is because of a debt he wants to repay, otherwise he probably would have opposed them.
-Quick to fall in love
Something that is hard to describe in one word, but you could call Lev someone that can be charmed pretty fast and easly, and not only from women. And it is not exclusive to "Love" in relationships. It can overlap byond, to things like good food, interesting books, movies, games many more. Maybe it is a form of Greed, but he seems to be able to control himself.

-Relaxing/being idle
-Live itself

-cold weather


- Physical ablities:
A core feature of him. He may be idle in his training, but he seems to be rather agile for a magican who usually tend to rely on their spells rather than their bodies. It would not be a wise decision to fight him in close range, without having abilties or being actually trained to do so. It also goes well with his weapon specialist training.
- Ancient Weapon Specialist:
He was trained in many forms of weaponary mostly consisting of weapons people used thousend years ago. He prefers spears, but is also rather fond of daggers, maces, staves, crossbows etc. It is not all about weilding but also recognizing and categorizing. He knows most of the strenght and weaknesses of them, but he is rather cluesless of modern weapons like guns, except basic knowledge most people have of them.
- Perception:
Lev has rather good eyes and brain functionality. He is ablte pay attention to details way better than most people, making him a rather good detective you could say.


- Idle/Lazy:
Part of his personality, which transitions into a weakness in itself. He is not really fond of using force or fighting. For him it is always more like a "really do we have to?" situation. If it is not about revenge, you will never actually see him iniate combat or attack someone. Which makes it also easy to trick or ambush him, since he relies on peoples good will.
-Long Range Combat:
His Training and magical abilities never relied much on Range, which built up to be a flaw in his fighting stlye. He may be able to avoid fights on long range and get close to enemies, but if someone can pin him down for a long time he will succumb to the situation and try to get away. Sometimes it is better to live and fight another day.
He can be distracted rather easly, if there is something more entertaining to do than fight. Pretty woman actually could easly make him blush, or get his affection if they try to charm him. Otherwise talking about topics he is interested in could make him dwell into it and even forget why he was there to begin with. This makes it easy for "prey" to get away or even getting his sympathy.

HISTORY:  Lev Sakarov born in St. Petersburg, is a child of a russian mafiosi Alexander Sakarov, and a japanese prostitute Ayumi Hizuki. But he was no accident, it was rather a love child. Both even married, after she got pregnant, which made her also quit her job. While Alexander stood by working as a mobster, since their organization had a lot of influence even on the government. They had their own form of paying "taxes" and in return many of them would not even have issues with the police, as long as they did not draw any attention. His father was working as a hitman or you could say a headhunter. His job was tracking down individuals, who were due to pay their debts or traitors who left their ranks. The only way to leave most of this places is by death. Some may try, but only few succeed. So growing up, Lev had a pretty good life and was mostly spared from the dark side of his families business. But the older he got the more did his father try to introduce him to his job. He kind of wanted his son to continue in his place later on, since with good training he could make it pretty big. His father even got to be the right hand of the actual boss. Actually the daughter of their Boss and Lev were childhood friends and grew up together. They visited them pretty often. Her name was Catarina, but since birth she had issues with her limbs, so she could never actually walk, without help. Even if Catarina was used to be disabeld she never really accepted it. Always tried to work her legs, train them and ask for the best doctors to see what can be done. But nothing really helped, which made her envy everyone else, especially Lev since he was in a really good shape, but pretty lazy. Catarina scolded him for it, telling him he wastes his life and he should use his body to achieve something, maybe be an athelete and win some championships. Over the years Catarina got more and more depressed, even when both her and Lev bonded pretty well, it seemd not to be enough. You could say they fell in love with each other, but it took some time for them to admit it. Especially for Catarina since, she was obsessed with her situation. Lev did not understand why it was such a huge burden on her, but he tried to help her.

Catarina pushed herself so far that she was getting closer to suicide, even telling Lev that she hates herself and wants to end it. Since she saw now reason to go on living in her state. Something Lev could not agree with, which concluded into a promise that he made. "I will find a reason for you to live! "(I want to be your reason!) the second thing was, what he thought, but could not actually bringt out to tell her, at that moment. She smilied and seemed to consider giving him a chance, which led to a lot of ideas. While Lev was mostly burdend by training to become his fathers equal(where he actually learned to be a weapon specialist, and got his good perception from), he used up his free time to spend it with Catarina. He took her out on trips even sometimes around the world, but even if she smiled more often than usual, there was always a creeping feeling of darkness around her. You can guess what happend...

One day he tried to take her out again news came, that she was found dead in the bath cutting her wrists. Only a letter left, one for the family and one for Lev. In it was written:
"Dear Lev,
The Last couple months were great. Never before in my life I was more happy than spending this time with you. Yes it is save to say, that I love you. Even so, I don't think that love alone can fix this, fix me.
I am sorry that I made you break your promise. I thank you for the time and energy you spent with me. It is a debt I can never repay, but I hope this last words will bring you some closure. All my life I was fighting a destiny I could not change. I envied you for your ability to run faster than most of men of my father, I wished I could ran by your side. The only thing I saw was your back, while I was chained to my bed... this body. It was thanks to you that at least for one second, I actually believed that I don't need to be able to walk, as long as you were by my side. I soon realized that this would not work for me, this lingering of live would eat my sould, until my envy for you became hatred. And I could not bear to hate you. I am so sorry Lev, but there is one last thing I wish for you. Please don't waste your life on somebody else, like you did for me. Should you still wish to be with me, I am waiting at the edge of hell for you, always in envy but never lost in love.

You can guess, how much it hurt Lev to read this letter. From today on it never let him go. It was the key to lead him astray from his actual career. It was the trigger to lead him to the occult. He was looking for ways to see Catarina again. He left Russia with 20 years and hunted down leads. First he looked into necromancy, which was a rather delicate form of magic he could not grasp. But there seemed to be other ways. He found something, more fitting. A Gateway to hell, where he could maybe meet the ones lost. And since most people commiting suicide usually are going to hell. It was only fitting to look into this form of magic. Lev may not be able to get her back, but his studies suggested a way to meet her again. It was a magic that led you to another dimension, Limbo. The Edge of Hell so to speak, where he hoped to maybe get a look without actually crossing over himself. For that he uses the cross itself as an Idol, since in christian mythology it says that the only way to leave limbo was by the redemption of Christ. The reason for him to go this far is not for love anymore, since he accepted her death already. But it is rather because of a debt he brought upon himself. He wants to see her, so he can make her say, that she wants to live again. It may seem egoistic, but he can't get by until he finds a way to do so. It is where his magic name Limbus013 became his own. Related to his life and the magic he uses itself. His magic has potential, but it is not powerful enough to actually be able to meet the damned. Staying to long in Limbo wears you out, as it will either consume your existence or trap you forever. One day he wants to achieve his goal and actually bypass limbo so he can reach out to hell. A goal that would probably make him a target for the organization he actually works for now, Necessarius. There was no big or glorified reason to join them. It was them who tracked him down and made him an offer to join them. It was also a good way to avoid conflict with his father and the russian mobsters that were not really fond of him turning away. The only reason they let him go, was because of Catarina and their bond. Now he uses the abilties his father trained him for, and his magic to work for the church of england. Lev believes that Necessarius could be helpful in his research and he will stay as long as he deems them to be useful.

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Re: [Magician] Lev(Product not yet ready)

Post  Leivinia Birdway on Fri Nov 17, 2017 5:59 pm

What's to progress on Lev?
I know you were ill, but I was told about that a bit ago, so time for a push~
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Re: [Magician] Lev(Product not yet ready)

Post  Hujisaka Natsumi on Fri Nov 24, 2017 7:39 pm

The reminder was a week ago, and since then no updates nor news were given. If this isn't heard from and have been brought to somewhat close completion by tomorrow night, I'll be closing this evaluation and rejecting the profile as per our agreement to give members one-month to complete their characters.
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Re: [Magician] Lev(Product not yet ready)

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