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A Place in Time - an RP about interdimensional time-traveling orphans

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A Place in Time - an RP about interdimensional time-traveling orphans

Post  Jayyburdd on Mon Feb 19, 2018 6:28 pm

No one knew how it happened.

Almost 150 years ago, a blast came over the city of Broadripple, consuming it from its core outward. The epicenter of the blast was thought to be the laboratory of physicist Galileo Bronto, now the most despised man in the city's history. Darkness came over the city's people. All around people flew, out windows, down the streets, and vanished into the darkness that had overtaken Broadripple's skies.

Then peace.

Broadripple found itself with a new, white sky, an eternal fog. There was no sun, no clouds. The air was still, without even a breeze or gust to assist the chills on peoples' spines. Slowly, they came out of their homes to examine what had happened. A deafening silence in the atmosphere made it easy to hear shrieks and screams blocks away, the faint sounds of the river flowing.

Galileo Bronto was assumed dead. He was nowhere to be found in the smoldering ashes of his laboratory. His assistant, Jack Blackburn, was found cowering in a pub somewhere down the street.

Nowadays, this new life is normal. People can't leave the city. Surrounding it is a refracted, shimmering mirage of an open field, hills contorting and bending in the distance. If you walk toward the hills, you never return. No one knows what awaits when you step out, except that you vanish once you do.

There is no weather. Rather, random waves of magnetic, temporal force seem to come over the city from time to time. The lights flicker and go out before it happens. Being caught outside during one of these temporal storms have been known to completely lobotomize a person. Depending on their severity, they can turn one's brain to mush if they don't get inside.

The people of Broadripple are a new generation. This city is all they know.

They have never seen a sky. They have never seen stars. They have never felt wind or rain or snow. They have never heard thunder crackle. They've never seen nature, forests and mountains and valleys, oceans and beaches and caves.

Well, all except the children of Blackburn's Home, the only people able to escape. These children have seen more than anyone could ever ask for.

And so much they hope to forget.

  • A friendly, experienced administrative group.

  • A unique roleplay idea with infinite options for creativity.

  • No complicated battle systems, weapon systems, etc. Just write and have fun.


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