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[SS] Friends with Benefits

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Re: [SS] Friends with Benefits

Post  Saravati Nair on Sun Oct 07, 2018 8:27 am

“I can cook somewhat.” It was a quick declaration but she was hardly a slouch when it came to cooking. Sara specialized in her own ethnic dishes but she was fully capable of cooking and preparing simple meals. “Ah, but I can’t really handle meat so cooking any meat dishes would be a no-no.”

Cooking probably was not the best option, so she placed her finger on her chin as she tried to list through any relevant skills she had. Unfortunately, that meant knitting and goldsmithing were completely out of the picture as far as useful skills went.

She was a bit peeved that Nikolas knocked on her conversation skills as she did fancy herself to be pretty good in terms of social interaction despite her background. She may have had no real need to prove herself, but she could feel a small part of herself nagging and shouting out “I’ll show him!”

She was perfectly capable of exercising proper social graces.

“I can clean decently enough and act as a waitress. Preferably the latter.”

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Re: [SS] Friends with Benefits

Post  Nikolas Remes on Mon Oct 08, 2018 2:40 am

"Prove it." Nikolas spoke in response to both of them and stood up from where he sat while walking towards one of the many tables. Seeing their master moved had stirred the hounds that were still nearby. Orias had taken Theron near to where she often lays towards the entrance though still in eyesight. Leon had emerged from the outside while sitting near the back patio doors and Argo seemed to have followed Nikolas.  

It was simple and like just throwing someone in the deep end, the bartender truly wanted to see how they would react on the spot. "You work here as a team. Be respectful, be observant and give each customer your full attention. Follow these guidelines and you will do well." Nikolas spoke attempting to explain the gist of how things work.

So basically, take the customers orders and then bring them to Atsa who would be acting as the bartender in this scenario. Normally the bartender would pass it onto the kitchen staff, so in this case just bring them back to me Atsa. Saravati, take the pen and paper and use that to take the customers order and let's see how you go. "

It was a simple challenge, the bartender wanted to see how they actually work. Though there was more to it than just taking orders. Nikolas would be watching carefully on how they react and approach the situation once they rise to the challenge.

"Start when you're ready." Nikolas spoke while pointing towards the direction of the menus currently sitting in a pile and the notepad on the bar.
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