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[SS] Shenanigans

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[SS] Shenanigans

Post  Kinoshita Nori on Fri Jul 06, 2018 3:23 am

June 16th District 7
5:00 PM

This place will do

A mischief glint appeared in the boy’s eye as he opened the door to MocRonall’s and stepped inside. The restaurant wasn’t crowded but it wasn’t empty either. As he entered a few customers looked over at him with curiosity before they turned back to their friends at the table. As he moved towards the counter he could hear them whispering about him and new eyes falling on him as he was brought to their attention. None of it was new to him, it had happened before and it would happen again due to what he chose to wear. He was wearing a blue tracksuit, a black watch that seemed to be measuring something other than time, and a pair of blue sneakers but what was catching people’s attention was the red ribbon eye mask and red cape he wore.

Superhero cosplay, that what it looked like to the people in the restaurant. Yet a hero was the furthest thing from what Nori was. He wasn’t benevolent, merciful, or even kind. Any thought of heroics has been purged from his mind long ago and was replaced by villainy. After getting to the counter and placing his order he scanned the restaurant around him looking from person to person.

I wonder who a good target would be

By the time his food had arrived the whispering had come to a stop. Things seem to have returned normal within MocRonall’s as Nori looked for a table until someone decided to open their mouth as he walked by.

“What’s up hero? Save anyone today?”

There was a obvious mocking tone in the voice and it only took a moment for the villain to find its source. The questions had come from someone who seemed to be about Nori’s age. He had a single metal earring decorating his right ear, a couple of scars decorating his face, messy black hair, and his clothing was dirtied up as if he had recently been in a fight. His appearance just screamed thug. Sitting across from his was a girl who looked just as rough though her clothing was relatively cleaner than her companion’s and it was fairly obvious that the thug was trying to impress her.

Congratulations! You’ve official made yourself my entertainment

“Not today. Though while we’re asking question when was the last time you took a shower? Got quite the scent on you”

The masked villain mockingly pinched his nose as he finished his sentence. It was childish but his goal was to get on the thug’s nerves and it worked. His target began to get to his feet and his face had contorted with anger.

“What did you say?!”

Too easy! He’s got a short fuse, couldn’t pick a better target even if I tried

“Hitoshi, sit down now”

The girl suddenly spoke up and immediately Hitoshi obeyed. The masked villain hid his disappointment as he made eye contact with the girl that had ruined his fun. While her friend was hot headed he could tell with that she was far more level headed. So after making one last comment he walked away and took his seat own table.

“You’re friend here is a lot wiser than you are”

The eyes in the room that had begun watching him again during his confrontation with Hitoshi moved away from him as he took his seat. The girl had ruined his fun but there was still time to cause a bit more trouble. He would just have to be more careful this time and move the attention away from himself. As such his attention moved towards a plastic bottle of soda sitting on a table within his ability’s range. It only took him a moment to begin freezing the soda inside causing the pressure inside the bottle to rapidly increase. A second later the bottle exploded soaking its previous owner as he looked on it shock. Back at his table the masked villain tried to look as surprised and shocked as possible while he laughed maniacally on the inside.
Kinoshita Nori
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Re: [SS] Shenanigans

Post  Takamiya Jin on Mon Jul 16, 2018 1:42 am

Ah, MocRonall's™️. The de facto gathering place for all manner of unimportant side characters. Plus, the cheapest burgers this side of Academy City. Not that he had any intention of paying for them in the first place.

His name was Takamiya Jin, and he was a pain in the ass.

In comparison to certain other parties among the day's visitors, Jin didn't particularly stand out. His reputation had spread further than his name, and even that was more well known than his face- And, being in the midst of summer, it was far too warm for the troublemaker's signature jacket. Instead, he could be found in a tee, the inexplicably misspelled English words "BLEW BOLT from the" emblazoned on the front.

I wonder who a good target would be

Unknown to either, the same thought crossed their minds at the same time. What a shame, for if either had known, the race to find some wood to knock on should be quite the sight.

As a villain and a punk squared off for the timeless game of "fifth grade insults," Jin sidled into the crowd of spectators wishing for a good show.

"C'mon! Knock 'is block off!" cheered(?) one such spectator, who insisted on pronouncing his short ŏ's as long ō's.

Alas, the good fun was spoiled as the punk had a companion with (pssh) sensibilities. But all was not lost, for, as much as Jin enjoyed watching a good show...

He much preferred to be acting in one.

Suddenly, a bottle exploded. Some unfortunate soul was, without warning, drenched in a syrupy liquid. Only a fool would think it had nothing to do with the previous, nearly avoided scuffle. Not that Jin cared all that much, as he munched on his burger.

Blech, pickles

Casually casting the offending chow in the nearby trashcan, Jin maneuvered for a better position to act from. The masked youth had made himself a target, and for no reason that had to do with the narrowly avoided kerfuffle.

It was just that his outfit stood out, and caught the eye of a certain nuisance.

Wouldn't it be funny, when he tried to pick up his food, if the tray was glued to the countertop? Bonus points, if it were to come free at the perfect timing, sending mister mask tumbling along with his lunch.

He shouldn't have made the mistake of standing out more than Takamiya Jin.
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Re: [SS] Shenanigans

Post  Kinoshita Nori on Thu Jul 19, 2018 8:33 am

The masked villain suppressed the urge to smirk as he looked at the shock on his victim’s face as the content of his soft drink splashed all over him. If one looked close enough they would also notice that inside the remnants of the bottle was frozen soda. It was a simple trick though it’s effectiveness as a distraction would only work for a moment. After the initial shock of the explosion wore off people would look for the person responsible and after the scene he caused earlier he would be one of the first suspects.

He was going to need something to move the suspicion on to someone else or find a way to make him look innocent. Until he figured that out he was in no position to pull off anymore pranks. While causing trouble was his goal getting caught so quickly would just be pathetic.

So what do I do?

As Nori contemplated this he took a bite out of the burger he had ordered. How was he supposed to get someone else to cause a commotion without bringing attention to himself? By the time he had finished up his burger he still hadn’t come up with a plan and the shock off the explosion had definitely worn off. If he didn’t figure out something soon he was definitely going to be found out.

Fortunately just as he was getting up to get rid of his trash a solution presented itself. His tray didn’t move at all as he attempted to slide it towards the end of the table. Considering his own attics he had a pretty good idea what was going on here. He had become a target for some other esper looking to be a nuisance. The villain couldn’t judge the perpetrator since he came here to do the same thing but regardless he still found it mildly irritating. At the very least he could take advantage of the scenario. You can’t be the culprit of the pranks if you’re one of the victims, right?

So he began to pull at the tray trying to move it from its place despite knowing it was under the influence of an ability. Needless to say people began to look as the false hero struggled to move the tray. If the ability was deactivated the force the boy was currently putting into the tray would sent it flying into the air along with his drink, which would drench Nori’s pants and shoes as it crashed landed into the ground next to him. Embarrassing himself was infuriating but now he had killed two birds with one stone. He had made himself a victim, thus hopefully taking him off the suspect list, and by looking through the crowd for their reactions he could find the culprit.

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Re: [SS] Shenanigans

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