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[SS] Loan Sharks

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Re: [SS] Loan Sharks

Post  Aoki Aiko on Mon Nov 12, 2018 1:49 am

"Alright Helpful Wanderer; there might be something you could do to help."

"Say? Can you move well with your ability active? There is a meeting we need to crash over there and we can't be seen or the bastard would know something is up."

'Of course I can move and use my ability.' Aiko was about to say before 'Rika' continued...

"Or would I need to Princess carry you?"

This changed things, being carried around sounded like a silly, fun time to Aiko and she was all about that.

"It's very challenging to use it and move at the same time," Aiko stated. Oh course this was blatantly false. She had just been using her ability while moving back in the employee break room at the restaurant. However 'Rika' was not away of this, unless she could see through walls. Even so, Aiko didn't make any attempt to make her remark seem at all truthful. 'Rika' being someone from the Dark Side would have no hesitation in knowing that this statement was false.

"It looks like you'll have to carry me," Aiko exclaimed as she glomped 'Rika'. "Carry me, we have a meeting to attend."

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