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[SS] To Eden

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[SS] To Eden

Post  Leivinia Birdway on Sun Nov 25, 2018 11:13 pm

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Leivinia Birdway

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Re: [SS] To Eden

Post  Leivinia Birdway on Sun Nov 25, 2018 11:13 pm

A random global crisis – Angel_Fall.

Like a drop of rain from the clouds.

Something as simple as that could very well distort reality itself.

It happened just this morning.

Something had entered the world and all of a sudden everything had changed.

An unknown entity appearing out of nowhere was all it would take for the frail existence that is reality to break.

No one would feel it, but upon its arrival everything would change. Everything making up the society belonging to the human race.

A man would become a woman. A father was transformed into another’s son. A Japanese twin tail girl could become the president of the United States and a madman his split personality.

There was no boundary. Each and every individual on this world would trade their proper place with that of another. The exterior and interior would switch just so perfectly well. Whoever they were, wherever they were, whatever they did, that great catastrophe would hit them relentlessly.  

There was no escaping. No stopping it. No preventing it. After all, it was entirely unpredictable. Just an event out of nowhere.

That was the great Magic Angel Fall. A spell so absurdly powerful and unseen in this world, that no Magician could have ever imagined it being invoked. No, it wasn’t simply that it hadn’t happened before, its very conception was something each and any expert in the craft would label absolutely unlikely to ever occur. Was there even someone on this Earth capable of executing it in the first place? Just what did it require to master this?

As it had come over everyone and everything some were able to notice.

Some were able to hide behind protection.

A contradiction in the formula?


There existed barriers on this planet that could rival its power. Powerful barriers, on papal level at their weakest. Powerful enough that there was hardly anything that could rival them. They were rare spawns, found in places like the Vatican’s thick unpenetrated walls, the catacombs underneath Saint George’s Cathedral in London or on the inside of Academy City’s Windowless Building. However, even those there were not spared entirely by the Great Magic. While their consciousness would remain clear, enabling them to see the truth, their bodies were still enchanted and thus their roles switched.

In fact, on this world there appeared only two people to be spared from its effect.

One was a spiky haired idiot living an unfortunate life in the capital of science.

The other was the mysterious caster, the culprit behind it all.

The world was in danger. With an Angel’s presence blessing the lands, the potential for disaster appears to be unlimited. No matter where they are, no matter where they would go, it would only remain a matter of time before something would happen. A possibility that in itself is too frightening to accept.

However, hope existed. A straw manifesting in a simple flaw. A flaw so tiny and unimportant it wouldn’t have appeared to anyone right away. Yet that single flaw meant something, did it prevent the spell’s ultimate completion. Until it was found hope would remain.

Therefore, the hunt would begin.

Each and every player in their right mind would send their remaining agents to do the job.

A simple mission in fact.

End the Angel Fall before the world itself would end.

The stage for it was set.

Kwansoji, a city somewhere in South Korea. The spell’s true origin.

Now, may the game for mankind’s hope begin!
Leivinia Birdway

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Re: [SS] To Eden

Post  Leivinia Birdway on Sun Dec 02, 2018 10:54 pm

Chapter I
Invading the city of beauty and arts – Eastern_Eden.

June 3rd, 12:59 P.M.

Far away from the Asian capitals of modernisation and technology that South Korea was so famous for there was a traditional, beautiful yet entirely ordinary countryside. Nature was its ruler, tradition its law and a strange tranquility its demeanour. It was nothing out of the usual to say the least.

There was a road in the middle of absolutely nowhere. In bad shape and not really frequented by any kind of vehicle outside of some brave fool driving their scooter.

However, for some reason an old and battered double-decker-bus as only frequented by the thriftiest brand of tourists was driving right there, headed into the very middle of nowhere, or not? While tourism may have in fact grown more versatile, offering experiences outside of the usual scope, by not simply aiming for the most popular spots but granting new perspectives like a deep dive in the sometimes overly boring thrill of the average normal communities and everyday sights of everyday places, this one was clearly not here for this kind of purpose. No, the route it had taken was one only ever used by those that knew exactly what they were doing. After all, it had been the most prominent with smugglers and others carefully aiming to dodge law enforcement.

Ironically the passengers were actually some kind of law enforcement establishment's members.

There were six people boarding that miserable cheap-skate vehicle.

By nature there was the driver, but the other five were different. Different in a sense so simple yet perfectly distanced. They were all Magicians connected to the Anglican Church‘s 0th Parish, Necessarius. Witch Hunters through and through.

What was their purpose in this meagre unsightly piece of land?

You see, the driver – even though he was supposed some overweight nearly bald old guy who looked as though he was trapped between an alcoholic and a severe chain smoker – was replaced by a middle school girl that‘d look more natural in a hoodie with long baggy sleeves instead of the dirty hawaiian shirt she was currently wearing. And all of that was the work of the great Magic called Angel Fall. It had come without warning and exchanged the roles of all of Earth‘s citizens like a large-scale game of musical chairs. A catastrophe no one had realised had occurred. Or rather, nearly no one.

There had been some groups lucky enough to have found a shelter capable of somewhat resisting that catastrophe. This group was among those that were fortunate enough, had all of those been present in the catacombs underneath Saint George‘s Cathedral in London at the time it hit. However, even if they were lucky enough to resist they hadn‘t been spared entirely, had their outward appearances still been exchanged with that of others. As such, on board of this bus there was a battle hardened mercenary bearing the facade of a 1.35m teacher, a self-proclaimed Roman empress posing as a hunt loving pub owner, said pup owner wearing the face of some other person nobody could make a rhyme of and a ponytail butler that was cast into the role of a certain maid that all to joyously would ride on a drum shaped cleaning robot all day. Looking like a parade of clowns to the outside they were unfortunately rather self-aware on the inside.

The annoying tune of an old korean folk song was linger throughout the worn-out bus. The seats‘ leather was damaged, stained and aged, not comfortable and rather smelly. The toilet door was sealed and an «Out of Service» sign the messenger of that disastrous misfortune that was born from the ride going non-stop for bunch of hours.

And yet to make matters worse there was a fifth passenger, isolated on the far back of the upper level, an area that had become an absolute no-go-zone for everyone involved. A curtain had been drawn and all lights turned off. A wall of darkness would remain there guarded by eyes stabbing anyone foolish enough for crossing it to death.

She wouldn‘t tolerate anyone to even take a glance at her. The last person who had – the poor driver, an idiot that had easily chosen the worst possible dialogue options there were – had only been saved from that woman‘s wrath because the others had stepped in, struggling to contain the wildfire sourced in nothing but shame. Such was Kanzaki Kaori, one of this world‘s less than twenty Saints. A woman so powerful that the danger she posed easily rivaled that of a nuclear bomb.

The air was stagnant. The drive long and bumpy. The adventure at this point only a dream. The time of arrival just another unknown value. Were they even moving at all?

And thus the great journey to save the world yet again would commence!
Leivinia Birdway

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Re: [SS] To Eden

Post  Heinrich Steinmann on Mon Dec 03, 2018 2:00 am

Heinrich stretched out on the bus, silently fuming.  His identity was extremely important to him- he had taken the utmost care to hide it over these past few years, to the point that his current companions only knew him by the code names Epitaph and Gentes.  And now some bastard out there was wearing his face, even if it was unknowingly!  The worst part to Heinrich was that although his transformation magic still worked, the only body he couldn't become was his own!

Heinrich didn't trust this current crew just yet.  He had barely met them when Angel Fall had occurred, and now here he was traveling through Korea with them.  He didn't trust them enough to reveal his true name, nor to let them see his face.  You see, despite the fact that he was in casual dress of khaki pants and a white dress shirt, Heinrich wore one part of his body armor: the face mask.  

Heinrich wasn't sure of what he thought of his companions aside from the fact that he didn't trust them.  The Butler seemed calm and submissive, and Heinrich found him quite agreeable.  The Pub Owner seemed like a fun guy to talk to; Heinrich decided he'd be a great guy to hang out with if he was able to open himself up to this crew.  The Roman Girl annoyed Heinrich; why obsess over a decadent and failed empire, trying to restore it when even the greats such as Charlemagne were unable to?  Heinrich felt somewhat biased as said empire had only brought ruin and suffering to his people.  The one who Heinrich was the least sure about was the Saint, yet he felt a large distaste for her.  What kind of comradery was she fostering, isolating herself and acting better than everyone else?

Heinrich ceased thinking about his comrades or his loss of his face, and returned to the book he was reading.  He had picked up a fascinating biography of the American president Andrew Jackson, a man who Heinrich felt like he could identify with.  Heinrich occasionally lifted his mask slightly to drink water or nibble on a survival ration which he had pulled from storage. Feeling hot, Heinrich made sure no one was nearby before pulling the snakeskin from his pocket and tapping the mask, whispering a short prayer. A shadowy snake appeared from his hand, unhinged its jaw, and swallowed the mask whole. Heinrich checked once again to see that nobody was watching; he didn't want them to see his face, and thought it was a little early to show off too many of his abilities. He curled his thumb and pressed the rune in the ring on his finger, feeling a sharp prick of pain as the needle drew blood. Appearing in his hand was a cloth mask with a smile painted on it. Heinrich repeated the action, and a pair of dark-tinted sunglasses appeared. He put these on, covering his face up once again. Heinrich returned to his reading, shaking his head.  It was going to be a long ride.
Heinrich Steinmann

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Re: [SS] To Eden

Post  Nikolas Remes on Tue Dec 04, 2018 1:15 am

The blonde haired man with glasses still in his distinctive bartender clothes was minding his own business. He was sitting at the front on the upper floor on the left near a quiver with a bundle of arrows, some were notably different and his bow; its half golden and silver design was unique and it glistened from the little light found up there. It hung from the seat next to him whose owner was focusing on the notebook in his hand.

Showing no sign of awareness of the figure in the back, it was more because he kept to himself. He knew what the Saint looked like and how dangerous she was so there was no reason or logic to disturb the women who clearly didn't want to be disturbed. So he acted as she wasn't there, but he did mind to open one of the many upper windows near him so the smoke from his occasional cigarette wouldn't become an annoyance.

He had been focusing on his small notebook for some time, writing and even drawing a rough sketch of the Korean peninsula. With his memory, he didn't really need to write things out to remember, but among his numerous memories he often wrote out what seemed more important to him. In this case, he used it for reference since he had no maps and while he saw this country from maps in the past he didn't have time to bring one with him.

However, anything he would create in his notebook wouldn't be sufficient for magical means, but the point was to track roughly where they were while they had traveled. He noted locations they would pass with additional marks to his sketch from memory and what he saw to see exactly where they were going.

He may never forget, but having references often get his mind to arrive at those memories quicker.

And while he studied his notebook; Leon the greekhound companion who came with him on this mission was the best of his pack at tracking and was very aware of even the slightest movement. The hound had been gazing outside for some time clearly curious about these new lands it had never seen. It would take a distinctive and low pitch whistle for Leon to finally move from the seat a few places behind his master. Strolling up towards the front, the hound also hadn't disturbed the Saint having been trained to not be a bother others unless encouraged.

When Leon reached the front, the bartender would take a moment to pet him. Clearly, he cared about his hounds and Leon was no different, since they were basically his partners in the field.

"You OK boy?" Nikolas asked his hound companion and continued to pet him.

Leon is a good boy.
Nikolas Remes

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Re: [SS] To Eden

Post  Vita Vesta Caesar on Thu Dec 06, 2018 9:52 am

Vita was practically bubbling with excitement. But as with many things in life, such as purchasing birthday presents for your friends or plotting murder, bubbling in excitement was something to be done in private, without making a display of yourself. It was just good manners, and those were something no one could accuse the young empress of lacking.

Even with the world literally ending around her, it seemed good things still happened. Only coincidentally, they had been within the bounds of one of Necessarius' most protected strongholds at the time that the event, 'Angel Fall', had occurred. The world had been normal when they entered, but when they left, it had gone insane around them.

People were not who they should have been. The immediate assumption was that the city had come under attack from some group, but the summons from their superiors quickly put that notion to rest. The event had not only been limited to London. And while the scale was terrifying enough, the implications of the name that it had been given went even beyond that. Angel Fall.

As someone who was once a member of Christianity's largest denomination, she perhaps understood the implications even better than most, though anyone with the slightest knowledge of the occult would know to be afraid. Somewhere in this world was someone who torn an angel down from heaven. A human had accomplished that feat. And somewhere, there too was the angel who had fallen. And she was one of the very few who was expected to deal with them both. Not out of any faith in her ability, but simply because she had been in the right place at the right time. Because there hadn't been anyone else.

Looking at her companions, she saw the consequences of that fact. Necessarius was one of the strongest magical organizations in the world, a preeminent force in the world of the occult, but those few they had been able to gather were haphazard at best. Some random mercenary who didn't care to even show his face and operated under what was obviously an alias. Nikolas Remes, a man whom she would never have worked with again, if not present circumstances. Neither of them brought any sort of calm to her heart when thinking of the task that laid ahead of them. Neither were auspicious partners in the slightest.

Thankfully, the other two presented better tidings. Dewain Luxovius she had only interacted with sparsely in the past, and they had only even met quite recently, but he came off as both amenable and capable, traits sorely lacking in the rest of the group. And for the last of the group, though her impression of their personality was still...pending, given the events with the driver, their presence was a source of great relief. Kanzaki Kaori, one of the world's less than twenty Saints. If you searched the entire world, you would find few personages who Vita would be as glad to have along as her.

But even that was hardly enough to dispel the pressure that weighed upon her chest. So it hardly posed any surprise what welcome news any good news at all was. It had only been coincidence; the five of them had needed to confirm exactly what roles Angel Fall had attempted to force upon. The others had all been strangers, people none of them had ever seen or heard of, but Vita alone was different.

She had taken the appearance of none other than Nikolas Remes, the object of her ire himself.

Stress needed an outlet. And from the start, after the events in that inn, including but not limited to how he had attempted—and would have succeeded, if not for Saravati—to drug her in her sleep, she had fully intended to enact a reprisal. It was only a matter of securing the right opportunity to do so. So when granted such a perfect chance, who wouldn't take it?

Even regarding their current status as partners, well... It wasn't as if their relationship could get any worse than it already was. Poison was poison no matter how you drank it.

That was why she had taken the opportunity, before the rest of the group had boarded the bus when they were performing various last-minute preparations, to chat up the driver. Despite their current appearance, she could tell from their disposition that they were anything but the young girl they appeared to be. She hadn't had any intentions beyond that. But in the process, she had accidentally noticed something very, very interesting. And the time to bring it up was now.

As for why now and not before, well... In the end it all came down to simple boredom, no? The time was ripe.

"So which one of you clogged the toilet?"

She didn't speak with any particular accusation in her tone. By all appearances, it was a simple, honest inquiry for no purpose other than curiosity. Without malice. ...But for a ride as long as this one, the presence of a toilet was a heavy one. It would've been fine if there had been none, but for there to be one, yet have it be inoperable... It was as if it was taunting them.

"While the rest of you were packing up and finalizing your preparations, the truth is I came here to look around the bus before we all left. And at that time... The toilet was still operational," she explained.

"After that, I rejoined the rest of you until we all left, just as you remember. But as you all know, what we found when we actually departed was... This," she said, gesturing at the blocked off stall. "I found the chance to ask the driver about it, and he said that someone did come through after I left, but as he was trying to get a short nap in before departure, he missed who it actually was."

Technically speaking, that was a quite a concern from a security perspective, but having spoken to the driver herself, well, Vita was under no illusions that he was nearly quite so dedicated to his job. Her fellows had likely noticed this as well; in the first place, it was likely a part of the reason why he had been willing to ferry a group so small and odd such as them to such a far-off and remote location in the first place. But that was of little actual concern.

They had security measures of their own. And that meant...

"So it could only have been one of us," she asserted. And unless some passerby magician had just happened to decide to leave a ruinous dump in their toilet, there was little other real possibility. "So could the culprit please raise their hand and admit to the crime?"

Part of Vita's motive was the chance to possibly pin the crime on Nikolas, indeed. She didn't know who actually did it (it certainly wasn't her), but if they didn't fess up, then everyone would certainly still be looking for someone to blame. But also, when it came down to it, Vita was an empress and not an idol. She too had certain business she needed to attend to, whether you called it picking flowers or anything else.

She smiled and spoke politely as she asked her question, but make no mistake.

This was no polite inquiry, but an inquisition.
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Re: [SS] To Eden

Post  Dewain Luxovious on Fri Dec 07, 2018 9:18 am

The bus was rather uncomfortable to say the least. A double decker tour bus wasn't exactly what might expect when it came to long distance travel. Not to mention there was only one bathroom, no refreshments other than lukewarm bottled water, and maybe provided pack of trail mix. Mediocre conditions for a mediocre tour.

It was most bothersome for a particularly sharply dressed man with a long pony tail.

'This is awful..truly truly awful.'

The people of the Anglican Church, those tasked to deal with the potentially world threatening disturbance, the people who he dare say were his compatriots. They were all tired and bored. It was a butler's worst nightmare. A guest's unhappiness. Not only was everyone so bored and uninterested at the surrounding scenery, but the bus was so low tier, it felt like an insult to Dewain personally.

Or perhaps this was a trial of Danu, to see to it that his service goes unhindered, even in the most bleakest of environments. Dewain had filled a rather large duffle bag with assorted items that is meant for magic. Even back up materials for the rest of the magicians just in case they misplaced their belongings.

What Dewain however did not forsee, was this situation. He would of brought a tea set and even use some of his magic to brew everyone something relaxing to drink. To calm the nerves. But what an amateur mistake he made! Despite being considered top of his class, there was still so much to improve on, being an agent of Necessarius truly challenges his profession.

"So which one of you clogged the toilet?"


Sitting a few seats in front of him a small blonde girl, who he recalled was Vita Vesta Caesar, said something rather out of the blue, with a horrifying lack of alarm in her tone. Someone had clogged the only lavatory in this horrid vehicle.

"While the rest of you were packing up and finalizing your preparations, the truth is I came here to look around the bus before we all left. And at that time... The toilet was still operational. After that, I rejoined the rest of you until we all left, just as you remember. But as you all know, what we found when we actually departed was... This... I found the chance to ask the driver about it, and he said that someone did come through after I left, but as he was trying to get a short nap in before departure, he missed who it actually was."

The toilet was out of order. How could this have happened? Worst of all, it could of been one of the guests, who rudely decided not to report this to him immediately. Then again everyone barely knows him, which might be his own fault for not giving higher quality service. Afterall, he has already remembered everyone's name by heart at this point.

"No no no! This won't do, this won't do at all." Dewain said, putting away a small book he used to past the time up until this point, putting away his glasses and reaching into his vest pocket, pulling out a pair of pure white gloves and began putting them on. His foot stepped confidently out into the aisle, stepped back toward the end of the bus with a glint in his eyes that could easily be mistaken for murderous intent. "Do not worry, Miss Caeser. I'll handle this...No fair lady should ever have to deal with such awful conditions."

A fight was about to begin. He'll be dead before he leaves this bus without making sure the bathroom was perfectly fit and clean for use.

It wouldn't take long for him to get through the door, despite it having an out of order sign and slamming it shut behind him, with a series of noises sounding off inside. The atmoshpere quickly went from it's over the top seriousness, back to it's mundane sense of false mystery.
Dewain Luxovious

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Re: [SS] To Eden

Post  Heinrich Steinmann on Sat Dec 08, 2018 12:55 am

Annoyed, Heinrich put down his book and rose. He considered it to be somewhat a non-issue, and figured it would get cleaned up rather soon. But the others were making an issue of it, and therefore he needed to join in, even if it was just to regain a sense of peace and quiet on the rickety old bus.

"Do not worry, Miss Caeser. I'll handle this...No fair lady should ever have to deal with such awful conditions." Heinrich looked up and saw the butler pull on a pair of gloves before disappearing into the bathroom. Heinrich's eyes widened with disgust as he realized the butler had no tools to clean with, just the gloves. He slowly walked to the bathroom door, and then pressed in on his ring. Being the sort of man who's always prepared, a plunger appearing in his hand. He wordlessly flung the door open and threw the plunger at the butler before slamming the door shut and walking back to his seat, shaking his head and muttering to himself "Filthy Animal."

As Heinrich sat down, his mind began to wander the old days, before he had gotten involved with the mess that was magic. The fighting had been bloody, but it was easy. Everything made sense, and he was still a scientific person. He thought to even earlier years. "I wonder what Mother would think of me now? The son of a renowned physicist, banned from partaking in the sciences, utilizing the occult. Would she have been ashamed?"

Just then, Heinrich remembered something relevant to the current situation. He had seen both the Pub Owner and the Saint go into the bathroom before the bus had left. Which one of them had caused this predicament?
Heinrich Steinmann

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Re: [SS] To Eden

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