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[ Esper ] - Akihide Daisuke

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[ Esper ] - Akihide Daisuke Empty [ Esper ] - Akihide Daisuke

Post  Akihide Daisuke Thu Apr 23, 2020 9:53 pm

Akihide Daisuke

(Your character's Level and Ability name.)

[ Esper ] - Akihide Daisuke DRJpvhDUMAAhNo4

"It’s not much, but with little power I have left ... I can save someone else"

FULL NAME: Akihide Daisuke (英秀 ダイスケ)
CURRENT AGE: 16 Years Old
GENDER: Male ♂
SCHOOL: A Certain High School

APPEARANCE: Bearing a mischievous look, Akihide Daisuke appears to be your standard, run-of-the-mill teenage boy with dark brown hair and amber coloured eyes. Possessing a rather brawny build, this dark-skinned teenager is usually seen in the traditional outfit of his high school. Whenever he’s not in class or under the stern eyes of his dorm supervisor, Daisuke tends to keep his jacket unbuttoned and his right sleeve rolled up in order to move around more freely. Despite being a rather straightforward type of person with few secrets to hide, he does his best to hide the black dragon tattoo around his left arm from his classmates and even the teachers (despite not always doing a good job at it) due to the strict dress code of the school. This stylistic choice isn’t supposed to be interpreted as a symbol of rebellion against the rules but rather a clever way to disguise is due a simple ordering mistake from his mother, especially since Daisuke couldn’t exactly afford to buy a new one until the current one was ruined. But nonetheless, beneath the unbuttoned jacket Daisuke wears a plain white t-shirt along with a small, wooden necklace with character that was supposed to be a good-luck charm.

HEIGHT: 1.75 meters / 5 feet 9 inches
WEIGHT:  74 Kg / 163 lbs
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: A black eastern dragon tattoo inked into his left arm and shoulder.

• (Bad Liar): While some people can be considered deceiving and other are classified as pathological liars, not to mention those who are so skilled in the realm of trickery that they end up being wonderful actors and praised by thousand of fans, unless someone happens to hand Daisuke a script and force him to stick to it at gunpoint, he's pretty much incapable of lying to save his own life. He even admits himself that he is just awful at keeping secrets since they just tend to slip out through regular conversations without him even realising it.

• (Determined): Call it stubbornness or just pure stupidity, Daisuke is one of those people who simply don't know when to back down. This aspect of his personality tends to work as a double-edge sword since it either serves as a great tool to motivate/help him perform a specific task or it simply makes him give up without even trying, firmly claiming that there's either no use or that he's not even going to bother trying. Thanks to this type of mentality, he was able to go through a good chunk of The Power Curriculum Program.

• (Inferiority Complex): As long as he can remember, Daisuke always had and still has the persistent habit of downplaying his feats or achievements to an unhealthy degree, usually passing them off as self-deprecating humour or a bad joke. He usually justifies himself by using the excuse "if you can't laugh at yourself, how will you receive criticism?". This habit only got worse the longer he stayed in Academy City since unfortunately from him, the average standard seems to be quite high and he keeps trying to keep up with the crowd composed of gifted people and geniuses.

• (Lesser of two evils): What many would consider the typical “look on the bright side” type of attitude, it's a sort of personal reminder that no matter how things look at a specific point or time, they could indeed be much worse. During his time in Academy City, Daisuke had the opportunity to witness in firsthand how terrible a situation can escalate, from a training exercise that ended up in casualties to other inexplicable events involving chance, it's easier to see the nicer side of things after a streak of bad luck. Things eventually do change for the better.

• (Hero Mentality): In a city where over half of its population doesn't have any type of supernatural abilities or trait, Daisuke has made a personal oath to grown stronger and use his powers for the good of others, putting his life on the line for the greater good like a true hero. He genuinely believes that anyone can make a difference as long as they try, while some people are better at doing it than others, there's no such thing as "too much help" and sometimes he finds that his body tends to act on it's own.

• The colour blue;
• Sweets or any other sugar-based treats;
• Those small butters that waiters serve with the appetisers;
• Most team-based activities since it grants him the opportunity to interact with others;

• Needles
• Jump scares;
• The taste coffee and coconut
• Reading books without any images;

• (Kickboxing): Thanks to the wonderful set of extra-curricular activities that Academy City provides to its students, Daisuke managed to gain some combat experience by enrolling in one of its courses with the intention of learning self-defence. Funny enough, this helped him not only to stay in shape, but in a way also helped him reduce the toll that his abilities take on his body. Despite not considering himself a professional in any manner, Daisuke is still able to hold his on against the common street thug.

• (Pain Tolerance): Due to his less lack of overall common sense, most his personal choices tend to lead him getting hurt in some way, shape or form. From his personal choice of hobbies, to the trials he goes through in the development of his esper abilities, Daisuke finds himself getting hurt so often that he developed some sort of tolerance regarding pain, specially when it comes to minor injuries such as burns, cuts and minor fractures. He tends to often use this as an excuse to avoid going to the hospital due to his fear of needles.

• (One-Trick Pony): A rather unimaginative approach to any problem, Daisuke is the perfect example of a person who tries to force his way through most situations rather than find the most optimal approach to a problem. While some call it lack of imagination and others state that it's just plain stubbornness, Daisuke seem to be fan of the approach that if something managed to work once in the past then it will surely work again in this current scenario. This also translates how he views his Esper abilities, choosing to blast away rather than widen his skill-set.

• (Simple-minded): Not all espers are blessed with giant amounts of intellectual prowess and reasoning. Despite having a few moments in the spotlight, Daisuke isn't exactly the top student in his class, he might be one of the few people who are actually struggling to follow along the line of what is considered average. He always saw himself as more of a "learning through experience" type of person rather than someone who would actually learn through just books and schematics alone, while not incapable of doing like a regular person, it doesn't take much to confuse him.

HISTORY:  Born on September 10th, in a small mountain-town situated on the outskirts of Tokyo, Daisuke was born into a family of merchants that sold general good thanks to a small shop that they owned. Despite not remembering much of his childhood and making an active effort to keep things that way, Daisuke has lived with his mother as long as he could remember since his father left at a early age in what ended up being a messy divorce situation. As he grew up and saw his mother work twice as hard to provide for the family and still keep her shop running to the best of her abilities, little Daisuke would often help around in the store after school in any way he could. From delivering groceries to the house of a client, to filling the shelves of the store, this ended up being the perfect way to teach him about the importance of money and overall responsibilities However, the biggest change in his life came around the age of 11, it had been a couple of weeks since he had completed his elementary school when a small flyer made its way into the store, it portrayed a reality that neither of them thought it was possible, a futuristic city filled with possibilities in what was the next step of human evolution: Technology. This wonderful place was known as Academy City and it had an unnamed program that promised to revolutionise the life of its participants in tremendous ways, not wanting to part from his mother and leave her with all the work, Daisuke ended up crumbling the flyer and tossing it away with the rest of the trash.

His mother in the other hand, saw this as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and spent the next couple of weeks trying to convince him to enrol and seek a future better than what he would have there. Eventually, she succeeded and ended up escorting Daisuke to Academy City, enrolling him into one of their High Schools and into the mysterious course known as the Power Curriculum Program. Despite his struggles, he managed to be accepted into the program and was offered shelter in the school's dorm like many students. With his mother unable to stay any longer due to her responsibilities back home, she made him promise that he would try his best and more importantly focus on his studies. As time passed and Daisuke found a bit of trouble adjusting to the differences between a small town like his and the overwhelming presence of Academy City, it's fair to say that he made his fair-share of bad choices, during a period where his progress seemed to stagnate, he ended up making a few questionable friends that happened to be a part of a group known as Skill-Out, an association within Academy City that fought for the rights of those without abilities that would often be picked on by those with esper traits.

In what was a clear attempt to fit in, Daisuke tried to join their group, going as far as to get a tattoo in order to seem more intimidating and even joining a self-defence course to show that he was also able to fight but as soon as they figured out that he was a participant in the Power Curriculum Program, his chances quickly went out the window. Deciding to give up on the social aspect of life for the meantime, Daisuke focused on the few hobbies that he had left, his progress on the Power Curriculum Program gained a new light under the supervision of a new scientist known as Mr. Takanowa, a man that despite all odds seemed to enjoy a proper challenge. Thanks to his guiding, something that served more as a scripted tutorial rather than a normal self-developing procedure as the program intended. Under his supervision, Daisuke figured out how to manifest his powers by the emission of light-based projectiles that initially seemed to vary in terms of power and consistency, often resulting in light burns on the palm of his hands or overall backfire that ended up in him being projected across the room. Now on his first year of High School, Daisuke's grades seem to be improving and he still practices kickboxing as he did before, even managing to achieve a blue belt thanks to his hard-work and dedication, coming to the realisation that he could easily compensate the toll that his powers took on his body by improving his physical build.

RANK: None
LEVEL: Your character's Level ranking in the Power Curriculum. (Only edit this in post-approval when a moderator finishes attributing a Level to your character.)

(Afterglow): Also referred to as Light Manipulation, this power grants its user the unique ability to create and even manipulate photons, elementary particles that compose what is formerly known as light. Through the use of this ability, the user can emit light-based projectiles that can be used for either utility purposes (such as creating a reliable light source) or for combat/self-defence (through the emission of beams or other small-scaled projectiles). These light projections can be shot out as a single, condensed beam of light at a target within 30 meters with remarkable precision or manifest themselves as small, baseball-sized light pellets that can be individually controlled within a 15 meter radius of the user. Both variations of these projectile attacks require a 2 second channel and possess a 3 second cool-down between shots or creations. The user is able of creating up to 10 shells and cannot produce new ones until the previous ones are destroyed or expire (183 seconds), each individual shell is capable of producing 1500 lumen of brightness (the equivalent to a standard floodlight) and strike with approximately 300 PSI of force (translating to a common paintball dart). The full-sized beam possesses the combined force of all 10 shells combined and can even be fired through them if all of them combine into a single point, the user is unable to keep both forms of projectiles active in tandem.

• (Boy Scout Training)
Once a year, Daisuke leaves Academy city during Summer Break in order to return home to be with his family. During this time and for the past five or so years, he keeps himself busy by joining the Boy Scouts of his local town since it allows him to explore the wonders of nature, something that is not easily available in Academy City. This has allowed him to gain a rudimentary understanding of basic survival skills such as orientation and First Aid Procedures.

• (One-Time Use Emergency Salve Gel)
Despite being a restricted item reserved for members of Anti-Skill and Judgement, Daisuke was actually able to attain a small test-tube sample granted by him by one of the scientists of the Power Curriculum Program due to the constant backfire of his abilities during testing procedures. This was a one-time gift and Daisuke was given specific instructions to only use it in a case of absolute emergency, such as life ending circumstances.

Standard Theme OST ♪
Combat Theme OST ♫

FACE CLAIM: Ookurikara - Touken Ranbu (刀剣乱舞)

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Akihide Daisuke
Akihide Daisuke

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[ Esper ] - Akihide Daisuke Empty Re: [ Esper ] - Akihide Daisuke

Post  Akihide Daisuke Sun Apr 26, 2020 6:54 pm

Sorry, I meant to post this earlier but something came up.

Sample Test:

Waking up in the comfort of his own bed, Daisuke lazily glanced at the clock trying to figure the time before the faint remnants of consciousness left his body once more. It was around nine in the morning and quite early according to his standards, if this was any other day of the week Daisuke would either be yelled at by his dorm supervision by skipping class or annoyed by one of his fellow classmates that would simply burst through the door without warning, holding some sort of information or thing that would eventually lead into trouble. Lucky for him, today was a Sunday, that great and wonderful day of the week when laziness was pretty my endorsed since allowed students and even some faculty members to relax and take their mind off their busy routines.

”I’m supposed to head to the School District 20’s training facility soon… I should’ve chosen the afternoon spot. Waking up in the morning is such a drag” – He thought as he kicked the sheets to the side and idly got out of bed

Sitting on the edge of his bed, Daisuke yawned as he ran a hand through his messy hair, slowly gazing at the empty bed the lay just a few feet from his. According to his dorm supervisor, his room was supposedly a regular two-person room but his supposed roommate apparently levelled up in the Power Curriculum program and used the bonus to rent a small apartment nearby. This meant that Daisuke had the weird privilege of having a huge room all for himself, which came in handy when you need to do some last minute homework and needed a friend to stay over. Without wasting anymore time, he stood up and walked to the bathroom in order to do his morning routine before getting dressed and heading to the school’s cafeteria in order to get whatever scraps of breakfast were left.
Akihide Daisuke
Akihide Daisuke

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[ Esper ] - Akihide Daisuke Empty Re: [ Esper ] - Akihide Daisuke

Post  Shokuhou Misaki Mon Apr 27, 2020 6:29 pm

I have been revived ☆ And you all know what that means, right? Eval time ☆

I. No brains @ Nagatenjouki Academy

Of all schools in Academy City, Nagatenjouki is both the best and most prestigious. And, unlike the majority of the elite schools, this particular one didn’t earn that rank due to the many high level Espers it has, but because it has the very elite attending. This means the students there are more likely to be academic aces, of which many even work in research laboratories. One prime example for that is Nonutaba Shinobu who – even though she is a teenage girl – invented a complicated memory manipulation system such as testament. However, looking beyond that, this school’s prestige basically demands for its students to represent it accordingly.

Both are factors that actually do not suit Akihide quite well. After all, he is more of a delinquent kind of character with inferior academic qualities. For those reasons alone Akihide Daisuke is not a very good fit for Nagatenjouki Academy.

The best course of action here would be to pick a different school to assign him to.

II. Less is More

First of all, allow me to list the capabilities this ability has from my understanding:

a. photon creation

b. photon manipulation

c. manipulation of objects’ interaction with light (aka invisibility)

d. manipulation of people’s photo sensitivity

e. manipulation of light’s density + lasers

f. solid/hard light creation

While a and b are tied together under the core principle behind standard photokinesis, the remaining c, d, e and f are pretty much unique abilities of their own. So unique that each could pose as an ability of its own. And that is bad. After all, the ideal ability is one that heads into more of a single direction.

However, not all of them could even work.

D, the way you described it, does not fit into the category of photokinesis, since it enables him to manipulate the photo sensitivity of people’s eyes, which is more of a biological manipulation than anything else.

In another way, F’s creation of hard light is not even physically possible, as I was told. While there has been a similar ability on this forum in the past, this did have an explanation deeply rooted in real life physics. Similarly, the ability to give light the capability of pushing objects is not in the range of possibility either. This is due to the fact that photons themselves have a way too minuscule mass to exert the required physical force.

This ultimately leads us to the conclusion that only c or e could work as potential abilities here.

Personally I would recommend going down route c as the manipulation of objects’ interaction with light is a pretty unique concept that hasn’t been seen in here before. However, choosing it would most likely exclude most standard photokinesis properties.
Shokuhou Misaki
Shokuhou Misaki
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[ Esper ] - Akihide Daisuke Empty Re: [ Esper ] - Akihide Daisuke

Post  Akihide Daisuke Tue Apr 28, 2020 8:33 pm

I changed schools as it was advised and rewrote my entire ability to focus just on two things. I hope it this makes more sense o/
Akihide Daisuke
Akihide Daisuke

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[ Esper ] - Akihide Daisuke Empty Re: [ Esper ] - Akihide Daisuke

Post  Shokuhou Misaki Fri May 01, 2020 4:44 pm

I like your edits so far. Things are better now ☆

However, we’re not through just yet. Back to…

II. Rounding up the Ability

Right now the ability itself allows three core capabilities: Make (bright) lights, create photon projectiles and fire lasers. That’s still a tiny bit too much. After all, the divide between creating a beam of condensed photons and giving them enough mass to exert physical pressure is pretty broad. So broad even that both should be abilities of their own. Meaning that you need to pick one.

Beyond that, there is also a visible lack of explanation behind the ability’s baselines. As things are right now the profile says he can create laser beams or physical projectiles. However, where is the ‹how› in all that? We do not expect you to go deep into science, but given that Esper powers in this setting are very strongly rooted in real life science, a minimum wink into that direction is necessary. Please expand your explanation a little.
Shokuhou Misaki
Shokuhou Misaki
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[ Esper ] - Akihide Daisuke Empty Re: [ Esper ] - Akihide Daisuke

Post  Shokuhou Misaki Fri Jul 17, 2020 12:18 pm

It's been over two months since the last update on this one. Is this still being worked on?
Shokuhou Misaki
Shokuhou Misaki
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[ Esper ] - Akihide Daisuke Empty Re: [ Esper ] - Akihide Daisuke

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