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[esper] Hantanaka MaE

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[esper] Hantanaka MaE  Empty [esper] Hantanaka MaE

Post  Hatanaka Mae Thu May 21, 2020 11:51 pm

Hatanaka Mae

 Quantum Tunneling - Level (tbd)

[esper] Hantanaka MaE  239-2394162_anime-girl-wavy-yes-i-got-a-anime

"I'd give anything to see someone smile."

FULL NAME: Hatanaka Mae
OTHER ALIAS: "shadow doll" 
(rumor of someone she scared on accident)
GENDER: Female
OCCUPATION: works in a cafe/coffee shop
SCHOOL: Tokiwadai Middle School

APPEARANCE: She has medium length curly black hair. Her eyes are emerald green and has pale skin. She is quite short and frail compared to other students. She usually wears her Tokiwadai uniform but sometimes puts her hair in a ponytail.  
WEIGHT:  101 lbs
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: has multiple scars on her back due to childhood issues.

- clumsy
She trips and falls often even in the most dire situations. At her job she is known for nearly breaking every dish she touches. Sometimes by accident she'll fall through objects. 
- people-person 
She is a definite extrovert who smiles brightly to everyone she meets. Mae is completely open to trying new things and meeting new people. She's rarely down and loves to uplift those around her.
- self conscious
when she was younger she was bullied which took a hard tole on her self esteem. She wont show it but is very sensitive. She's a people pleaser and wants to make everyone happy.
- childish
She has huge sweet tooth and does silly poses. She laughs a lot even at the weirdest things. She ships people who she thinks would be cute together and becomes a matchmaker.
Serious about people close to her
Her friends are family to her and would do anything to protect them. If anybody were to harm the people she loves or cares for she has a complete personality change. She becomes enraged and hostile towards the person.

making people laugh
her friends

falling through things
her past

close range combat, baking, acting
long range combat, her parents, tight spaces

As a child Mae's mother was neglectful and abusive towards her. Her mother had a bipolar disorder which caused her to lash out when she was triggered. Mae had also been bullied at school since she had been deemed a level 0. She wasn't aware of her ability and for part of her life remained a 0. She had an older brother named Kagura who would protect her from her mother and people at her school. Kagura was two years older than she was and was a level 4. 

Mae's mother turned over her children to an agency for experiments in turn for money. Mae and her brother were used in a project to discover the limits of their abilities. The scientists were interested in Kagura's ability to bend matter and used Mae as leverage. Over time, Kagura had reached his limit but the project insisted on continuing. He died during their harsh experiments drowning Mae in guilt. Later realizing both sibling's had the ability to control matter the project went on years after. She was tortured and tested like guinea pig. After, an experiment gone wrong caused the building to burn down.

When Mae was rescued from the building she was enrolled in Tokiwadai due to her level increase. She has attended the school for a year and never spoke of her past. Mae took this as a chance for a clean slate and abandoned any memories of her past except her brother. She keeps his picture in her dorm and blames herself for his death. She believes if she had known about her ability sooner she wouldn't have been so defenseless. Mae acquired many jobs to pay for her living and partial enrollment in Tokiwadai. 

RANK: Your character's rank within their faction if applicable.
LEVEL: Your character's Level ranking in the Power Curriculum. (Only edit this in post-approval when a moderator finishes attributing a Level to your character.)

(ABILITY NAME): Quantum Tunneling

Her ability controls the timing of atoms electrons within something and allows her to pass through it. The basic human has a 1 of 10000 chance of going through an atom and passing through. Mae's increases her chances by 100% by giving her the ability to control their timings. She can pass through anything made of matter including people. She can only pass through one object at a time. This usually includes any physical esper abilities. 

This works by Mae moving the atom's electrons of an object into the same atomic space of her own. She can be within an object for limited time and cant hide or stay within it. If she were to stay longer than allowed the atoms would reject each other's electrons and eject her. She can use this as a boost into the air but if not concentrated she can experience injuries. 
OTHER ABILITIES: she good at acting which she usually puts to use when distracting someone or getting answers out of someone.

CHARACTER THEME: A selection of musical tracks to act as your character's motif or background music. Can include as many or as few tracks as you wish.

- https://youtu.be/X_I-lLfzVLo

PLAYER'S NAME: Hatanaka Mae 
CHATANGO NAME: Your name on our Chatango chatbox. (Optional)
RATING: The maximum age rating for RPs featuring this character. M for mature (Violent or suggestive content such as 'Ecchi' or 'fanservice' scenes.) R for Restricted (Explicit violence and sexual content. Must be kept offsite.)
FACE CLAIM: The name of the character and the series they come from if known.
OTHER CHARACTERS: Other characters you are currently running in this RP.
MISC. INFORMATION: Any other important information regarding this profile.

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Hatanaka Mae
Hatanaka Mae

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[esper] Hantanaka MaE  Empty Re: [esper] Hantanaka MaE

Post  Shokuhou Misaki Fri Jul 17, 2020 12:34 pm

Since there has never been a test post. Is this still being worked on~?
Shokuhou Misaki
Shokuhou Misaki
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