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[Magician] Edith Harriet Jašarević

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[Magician] Edith Harriet Jašarević Empty [Magician] Edith Harriet Jašarević

Post  Edith Harriet Jašarević Sat May 23, 2020 9:49 pm

[Magician] Edith Jašarević

Inevitabilis110 “The long knife that avenges the fallen”

[Magician] Edith Harriet Jašarević Image0

"Kya hahaha! I'll tear you to pieces!"

FULL NAME: Edith Harriet Jašarević
GENDER: Female
OCCUPATION: Heathen Hunter
FACTION: Necessarius

Edith is short for her age, and possesses petite features. This causes her to be often mistaken as someone of a younger age than she actually is. Edith has pale skin, blue eyes, and purple hair. Due to the fact that Edith tends to keep her hair short with her own hands and a pair of scissors, her hair is usually choppy. Upon arriving in England and making contact with the local church, Edith has taken an immediate liking to the nun outfit, which she now wears despite not being a religious person.

HEIGHT: 147 cm
WEIGHT:  41 kg
Edith looks exceedingly young for her age, to the extent that she is often mistaken for a child. This can be attributed to her baby face as well as her short stature.

Edith has a pretty face, but when she smiles her face goes from "pretty" to "pretty menacing". Maybe it is because of her eyes, maybe it is because of her teeth, or maybe it is because of the overwhelming killing intent...

Dry Wit:
Edith’s first language is sarcastic, followed by English.
Battle Frenzy:
When in battle, Edith tends to have trouble keeping her cool. Almost all her battles involve her screaming bloody curses at her opponent at some point. (The wordy kind, not the magical ones)
She may not want it all, but she wants it now! Edith hates waiting for anything (or anyone)
Edith will not take anything lying down, she will not hesitate to confront people if their opinions differ.
A bit of a Sadist:
Edith enjoys watching other people squirm, especially heathens.

Spicy Foods




Hurting Bad Guys



Hot Weather


Slow people





Decision making


Long term plans

Reading people

Too much thinking

HISTORY:  Edith was born into a family of four somewhere in Eastern Europe, amidst the bitter Yugoslav War. She stayed with her parents, whose names she can no longer remember, whilst her brother Alex, a hot-blooded youth, volunteered to be a fighter on the frontlines. Between the shelling and the snipers, much of Edith’s childhood memories consisted of hazy fragments of running and hunger.
Even with the grim way things already are, life it seemed, always had a way to take a turn for the worse. Edith woke up one night to the glare of a flashlight and the sounds of men shouting. The flames of war had finally spread to her home, the soldiers that night ended up killing Edith’s father and held Edith and her mother in an abandoned school along with some other women and children.
Edith’s mother also died later in the camp due to disease, and it was during this time she developed her insatiable desire for revenge, which Edith believed was the reason she survived.

Edith was eventually freed by a band of guerrillas, coincidentally led by her brother, who attacked the camp and drove off her captors.

Being reunited with her brother did not quell Edith’s hunger for vengeance, and upon consulting with his brother, it turned out he had sought out and started practising magic during his time away. It was from him Edith first peered into the world of the occult. Whilst his brother eventually abandoned magic for a rifle, stating how he found it “gimmicky and unsatisfying”, Edith became more and more obsessed with spells and the magic which powered them. She had hoped with its help, she will be able to stand on her own two feet, and perhaps even track down the people who were responsible for the murder of her parents.

She did, eventually tracked down the captain of the group which was said to have raided her hometown at the time. Edith smashed his skull in outside of a bar with a lead pipe, and fled to England as a refugee. Edith sought out the Necessarius, an organisation where she could use her magic to avenge others who might have been wronged by evil-doers.

RANK: (Not sure)
(MAGIC NAME): Inevitabilis110
(ABILITY NAME): Aspects of Hephaestus

Edith gains her magic through the tales and exploits of the Blacksmith God Hephaestus. By using the standard idol theory, she is able to wield magic in the form of fire and smithery.
In an effort to keep the basis of her magic hidden as what she likes to think as her “ace in the hole”, she avoids using the smithery spells if the situation allows.

Edith mainly uses fire magic, disguising it by chanting/screaming a whole bunch of nonsense reference to a "Goddess" whilst casting it. In order to create the flames needed for her spells, Edith carries a few cheap plastic lighters on her at all times.

The First Flame
Mankind was blessed with fire by Prometheus, who stole the fire from Hephaestus’ forge and brought it down to humanity. Allowing humans to use fire as a tool instead of seeing it as another force of nature, harnessing it without being burned. By calling upon this legend, Edith is able to walk among fire, untouched by its heat.

Blast Wave
Hephaestus’ forge is said to have twenty bellows, contraptions which blow air into the forge in order to increase the heat of its fire. Using this, Edith is able to recreate the image of a bellow’s amplification of fire and direct any open flame nearby into a cone of scorching hot fire.

Flame Geyser
Hephaestus is also known as the god of volcanoes, by imposing an image of a volcano erupting at a point, Edith is able to cause columns of fire to erupt from the ground. These eruptions can only occur if there is already something already burning near the surface of where she targets. As this spell is not one that creates volcanoes, but merely erupts them, therefore the symbolism of a volcano must first exist for the spell to take effect.

For her smithery and metal magic, Edith carries an iron rod with her, which she uses to symbolise a hammer. As a hammer shapes metal, her rod shapes magic.

Hephaestus is known to make the finest weapons in his workshop, and almost any fine metalwork imbued with magic in Greek mythology was said to be a work of his. Using this connection, Edith is able to transform any nearby metal (or her iron rod) into any shape she desires.

Hephaestus is famous for his traps, with the net used to capture Ares and Aphrodite one of the most famous cases. Using this legend, Edith casts an area “net” that prevents movement from the area inside of the net to the outside of the area defined by this net.

Hephaestus is also famous for his automatons which he had built to do his bidding. Using this legend and given enough time, Edith is able to create humanoid “robots” out of nearby metals which are decently hardy and can follow simple orders, but are noisy and much to Edith’s distress, slow.

Fighty Fighty Time~
Having grown up in a warzone and currently a part of Necessarius, Edith is highly competent in CQB and enjoys a close up fight.

Listen to me Sing!
Despite her otherwise unrefined and what others like to say “brutish” personality. Edith has a surprising talent for singing, combined with her love for idols, she transforms into a completely different person when given a stage, some lights, and a microphone.

A Metal Stick
Yes it’s the rod she uses for her magic, but at the end of the day, a metal stick is a metal stick, and metal sticks, whack.

The Heat is On
Edith carries a few fire-related objects in some of her many pockets, including matches, slow matches, oil cans, and disposable lighters.

CHARACTER THEME: Theme pending

PLAYER'S NAME: Edith Harriet Jašarević
FACE CLAIM: Clarissa from Epic 7

Test Post:

The warehouse was not exactly a large one, or a nice one. But that did not really matter to Edith, it is sufficient for the task she had at hand.


The task at hand was currently bound to a chair in the manager’s office upstairs, went by the name James Green, and had information on a particular group of magicians the Anglican Church wanted to do away with. 

“Those were some flashy moves you got back there mister, lotsa bright flashes and big bangs.”

Edith grinned ear to ear as she made a show of looking at the man

“That means you’re a magician right? That means…”



“...I can get a little rough with you right?”

Edith paused, reached up to the bare light bulb above her and gave it a little sway, giving the room that cliched interrogation feel. She stared at the light for a few seconds, paying no heed to her burning retinas and enjoying the atmosphere of her makeshift torture chamber.

“Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!”

The blows were dealt with her favourite iron bar, directed at the man’s ankles.


"Now talk, I want to hear about your friends."


“Oho? Staying silent are we?"


Edith smiled, that was definitely broken.


“Oopsies, I have forgotten about your gag. My bad my bad.” Edith put on a sweet worried voice as she removed the cloth that was tightly stuffed in the man’s mouth. “Here we go, now that’s easier to speak through right? And there I was thinking you were just being brave and holding out for your friends.”

“P-please don’t hu-”



That one was right across the face. 

“I am not here to listen to your requests, heathen! Talk and I might consider killing you quickly.”

“Mumble mumble mumble”

“Hmm? What’s that sweetie? You can’t say anything coherently because I just broke your jaw and left cheekbone? Wow, how perceptive of you~”

Edith jammed the end of her rod into her captive’s mouth before continuing in a cutesy child-like voice.

“Oh no, how am I supposed to get to your friends if you don’t give me their locations?”

Shlick, thwack! 

“Then I guess I’d just have to wait for them to come to me~”


At that moment, Edith heard a loud crash from outside and glanced through the window. A gaping hole has been punched into the shutter door of the warehouse, armed and ready magicians poured in through it.

“Oh yes it seems your comrades are right on schedule."


"Oh of course I know all about that tracking spell you have on yourself. To be honest with you, I wasn’t really beating you up for any information." Edith gave her rod a little flick and adjusted her coif, "I just got awfully bored."

Edith sighed and pointed her rod at the bound man once again, but this the end of the rod was flattened into a sharp point. It had changed its shape sometime during Edith's monologue.

Now then, I guess I ought to finish you quickly and go give your friends a warm welcome.”

Last edited by Edith Harriet Jašarević on Fri Jan 15, 2021 7:51 pm; edited 4 times in total (Reason for editing : Changed face claim to a more obscure character, and updated appearance descriptions accordingly.)
Edith Harriet Jašarević
Edith Harriet Jašarević

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[Magician] Edith Harriet Jašarević Empty Re: [Magician] Edith Harriet Jašarević

Post  Aleister Crowley Mon Jan 18, 2021 10:49 pm

OK, the second profile of the night.

This one is going to actually require some time and effort as there are a few issues here. Unfortunately, I've got to take this seriously in Iva's absence, so you're getting the full treatment here.

This section seems quite bare at the moment. I'll need more detail on the various aspects of her personality as they're outlined here and also, as I often tend to stress (because it really is important) think ahead about how your character is going to interact with others and how you see them getting involved. Because anti-social characters tend to be difficult to write into an RP. Especially ones who lack any redeeming personality qualities.

There's also the In-universe aspect to consider here. Why is anyone going to put up with her if she's aggressive, unlikeable and difficult to work with? She'd have to be good at her job. Damn good, to be considered a viable asset and not a liability.

Once again, it seems lacking in detail at the moment. I famously hate walls of text, but the history here can really be summed up in a few lines because it describes a couple of instances rather than the general situation and her reactions to it. You mention that her mother's death had a strong effect on her. That's good. But what about the rest? How did these experiences shape her? How did she deal with them on a practical level? Was she living on the street, stealing to survive? Foraging and living off the land? Relying on the charity of others? When she was with the guerillas, was she actively participating in the fighting? Helping in a support role? Treated as a burden? What sort of effect would those experiences have on her? It gives the impression that a lot is being glossed over here.

Secondly, her brother rescuing her is fine for a coincidence, but the part about him being her gateway into magic seems out of place. Mainly the sense of flippancy with which magic is approached. Magic in-universe is something you really have to commit to heavily to see any sort of result. And once you're in, you're in for the long haul. You don't just drop it like a hobby. It's tied heavily with your personality and your life goal. Besides, if you can perform actual miracles (from a regular person's perspective at least) why would you drop that for a rifle?

And then she just ups and joins Necessarius after getting her revenge? At no point prior does it seem like 'delivering justice' is really an important motivator to her. In fact, going by her personality alone she seems much more like the 'fuck you, got mine' type. How would she even discover the existence of such an organisation? It seems more likely she'd be tracked down by them and targeted for elimination. Perhaps if she's lucky they might decide she's worth giving an ultimatum (work for us or die) or perhaps she goes to them after taking out the magician sent to eliminate her?

Given that a magician's magic name is tied strongly to their purpose in life, there needs to be a deep-seated reason for her to decide to devote her life to avenging others.


As we've established in the serious talk channel, magic is hard because it requires a lot of thought compared to Esper powers.

My first thought is; there's a lot of abilities here, but not very much detail.

You give a basic overview of what each power does. But it's hard to get a definite feel for them. How powerful they are, what is required to activate them (this is a big thing with magic in To Aru. Some sort of symbolic act or item is usually required.) Duration, output, examples are all good ways of fleshing out her powers and getting a more rounded skill set for her. At the moment it seems a bit scattershot.

Blast Wave directs flame into a cone of scorching heat. But how does the size and intensity of the original flame affect her output? Can a match flame create a cone of the same size and heat as a blow torch? That seems a little unbalanced. How long do these cones last? What's their range? How freely can she manipulate their direction or movement? How does she recreate the image of bellows?

I'm not entirely clear on how Flame Geyser works. Is the pillar summoned from the ground near any existing flame? How long does it take to manifest (instantly seems, again, a bit unbalanced.) How tall does this pillar of flame get? How wide? Again, how is this linked with the intensity of the original flame? "the symbolism of a volcano must first exist for the spell to take effect." is a bit vague. How does the existence of an open flame symbolise a volcano? How does she 'impose an image of a volcano erupting at a point'?

For Forge, how quickly does the metal change shape? How precise are these shapes she can form? How much concentration does it take? Presumably, she's limited by the amount of metal present. Can she weld different metals together or form them into an alloy? Would doing so be difficult. Does her shaping a metal have any effect on brittleness or malleability?

How does Entrap work? It's a barrier that keeps people inside but does it prevent movement from outside to inside? How does she cast the net? Is it a physical motion? How far can this net affect? Does that include vertically? Does it have a specific chape and how does she define the boundaries?

Automaton is going to need a lot more detail on the capabilities of these automatons. When you say 'simple' orders, what qualifies as simple? How do they react to situations outside their orders? Do they stop until receiving new orders? Do they go berserk? How far can they adapt their processes to complete these orders? How sturdy is 'decently hardy'? How strong are these automatons, are they all the same specifications or can she create some more suited to different tasks? How many can she create and keep working at a time and how do they receive orders? Verbally? Through runes or some sort of link to Edith?

I apologise if it comes across as me being unfair or a bit of a dick, but I need to be thorough.
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