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Post  Shiki Sat Dec 19, 2020 9:30 am


The Angel of Death

[Other] 'Shiki' 15526410

"My mind..my body...even my soul have become a weapon. All life comes to a natural end, but I exist to bring lives to a premature one. I gain no joy from it, but it is merely my purpose...Oh and I'm behind on rent, and the landlord is a bit scary."

GENDER: Female
OCCUPATION: Whatever you pay them for.
FACTION: The Nine Dragons

APPEARANCE: Shiki appears to be a heavily scarred, yet physically able young women. Their hair was a glistening silver, with her long haired tied in a long pony tail. She wears an eye patch over her right eye, with the remaining eye keeping a cold blue. Under their clothes, they have a surprisingly chiseled muscle tone, showing the results of many years of physical training under their belt.
WEIGHT: 165 lb
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Besides the multiple scars all over her body, she has a large dragon tattoo on the her back, in a multitude of colors. It doesn't seem to be there for just show, but the meaning behind it would require knowledge of the Nine Dragon's inner workings as an organization.

Straight Forward
A very forward person, something a bit too forward. Shiki is rather blunt and honest, though it is hard to tell sometimes if it's because she cares little of what others might think once she speaks, or perhaps they are arguably socially awkward and doesn't pick on the social cues of what to say to others.
It's hard to tell at times, but Shiki is relatively blank faced when it comes to interacting with others. Her expression rarely changes, as someone who has experienced some of the worst the world has to offer, in the name of the organization. They don't appear to get offended, uncomfortable, or hurt anyone attempts to question her looks, attempt to hurt her, or otherwise tries to get a reaction out of her. That's not to say she's completely devoid of emotion, but it's difficult for her to express anything to others as she has no need.
Mentally Reinforced
During Shiki's difficult and lengthy training as a child, their mind has been made in a way that it cannot break under any conditions. Torture does not work on her, for her mind is unbreakable. Illusions and tricks of the mind do little to effect someone with perfect clarity. This is partially reflected in her emotionless state, however, some of her own...'quirks' make it seem like this mental perfection, doesn't equate to intelligence.
Monstrous Glutton
They say three meals a day is ideal for a normal human being. For Shiki, she does not believe in meals, but instead to merely devour food until one is satisfied. Rumor has it in the Nine Dragons that her Chi manipulation was so entuned with her body, that she must eat seven times the normal amount. Or she is just the sin of gluttony personified. Either way, do hope you are not buying lunch that day. Though she has a unique likeness to spicy food, even of the hottest kind.
Honesty of a Saint
Shiki has never told a lie...well actually, that's not true. For the most part, Shiki typically has no reason to lie unless it involves information she deems confidential, in which she will notify said people that whatever they are asking is information she cannot give. Though she has lied before...she is an awful liar. Their tone won't really change, but have a bad habit of looking away and fake whistling when something comes up. If she was any worse a liar, her pants would be a fire.


  • Food
  • Spicy Food
  • Money
  • Training
  • Rhythm Games


  • Traitors
  • Rent
  • Liars
  • Sharing Food
  • Laziness


  • Honest
  • Loyal
  • Simple Minded
  • Mental Fortitude
  • Efficient


  • Social Skills
  • A little Air Headed
  • Financing
  • Modern Technology
  • Anything that can't be solved by punching it

HISTORY: Shiki's real name is unknown, as she has been given a simple nickname instead, which is often used as her codename as well. Her origins are unknown, but what details are apparent is that she was likely adopted into the Black Dragon branch. The Black Dragon branch of the Nine Dragons is the most controversial among the nine greater families. They are often at odds with the rest of the organization, as they take an aggressive approach toward achieving their goals, compared to those with a cautious, slow, and precise method. They often get the least amount of work among the Nine Branches, as they are mostly seen as a 'contingency', if anything else. The Black Dragon reflects vengeance, storms and catastrophe in some cultures, and the Black Dragon families are no exception, learning spirit arts that are used for more broad and destructive purposes. They are often used to hunt down traitors, or if a job had turned sour, follow a more 'scorched earth' policy of reaching their goal.

Black Dragon disciples are not seen as spies or assassins by other members, but rather they are seen as executioners.

As per tradition in the branch, no disciple of the Black Dragon carry a last name, but rather are given one singular alias in which to forever identify themselves as. The family in which Shiki was taught under indoctrinated her and essentially erased as much of her 'self' as possible, in order to train her into a unfeeling, loyal, killing machine. Even as a child, training was brutal, both psychologically and physically. As a disciple they followed a code of sorts during their early days in the Nine Dragons.

There is no chaos - only balance.
There is no freedom - only tutelage.
There is no weakness - only perseverance.
There is no emotion - only clarity.
There is no doubt - only loyalty.

Every day, with only the rarest of exceptions, was dedicated to Shiki's training. Physical stress and training, meditation, chi manifestation and eventually using Spirit Arts. She was considered a prodigy in some aspects, graduating from training and becoming a true Reishi at the age of 15, in which she earned her tattoo on her back, as a form of tradition in the Black Dragon branch. She did not garner any hatred after her indoctrination was complete, in fact like many others, when you've become a Reishi, you are given a great level of respect and generosity. And she in turned respected her tutors and higher ups with a new found appreciation for what she went through.

It is unknown how many Shiki has killed upon reaching the age of 22, having been in service to the Nine Dragons for more then 7 years now. Her hands have been tainted in blood many times. Magic Side, Science Side, Reishi or even normal humans, her dipped her hand in every pool and were stained regardless, though sparingly. What is a fact, is she has an 100% success rate over her operations. After all, when the job is complete, there's barely anything left at the sight to prove she was there at all. Though...asking her to be subtle and quiet never seems to work out in the end anyway.

RANK: Reishi
Spirit Art - Reinforcement: Shiki is a master of applying Chi to her body in a way that breaks any form of physical limiters. It takes the peak human condition, and turns it into something truly monstrous. Her endurance, strength, and agility are raised to a super natural level. Chi has always been a concept among eastern martial arts, especially amongst Buddhist monks in the mountains. Reinforcement was born from this concept, many Reishi  practice reinforcement, which is why many are on an Olympic athletic level. But mastering it has never been a focused, except for certain family branches. The process often involves putting the body under immense stress, that is normally lethal to normal humans, in order to be able to incorporate Chi into the body more efficiently.

Skin as hard as steel, speed that could rival modern vehicles, and super human strength that defies logic. This is the level of reinforcement Shiki has. While a normal Reishi could crack concrete, for her she can completely shatter it. She can even apply her the force of his blows in a single point of pressure to penetrate through solid metals. Compared to most Spirit Arts, which often used for indirect ways to affect their targets, this form of reinforcement turns the user, into what could be described as a living tank. She is a force of nature with this spirit art and is relatively feared for it amongst others in the Nine Dragons.

Reinforcement can be applied to other objects, and living creatures. Though it varies in difficulty based on what the object is. The easiest thing to reinforce is the host's own body, as the host understands their own body more then anything, especially a Reishi. Objects such as weapons, structures or are otherwise non-living, is a bit more difficult, but since said objects normally aren't as complex as a living organism, it is perfectly doable, but reinforcing another person is incredibly difficult, and almost has no benefit without remaining in direct contact of 'Shiki' to constantly imbue Chi into said person. She can apply reinforcement to herself and a inanimate object like a weapon rather easily and simultaneously based on size, but if for whatever reason she needed to reinforce someone else's body, she could only reinforce that body in that moment. The only situation this may be useful, is to potentially stabilize someone who is critically injured, not to be mistaken for a form of healing. But considering she is essentially a killer, there has yet to be a situation where she really needed to use it in such an application.

OTHER ABILITIES: Any other talents or non supernatural abilities or equipment used by your character.
Mixed Martial Arts
Reishi typically practice multiple martial arts, incorporating many different styles both in training, and long after. Normally, a regular human may pick a few arts to train under, and specialize to master one. A Reishi however incorporates many, that it cannot be surmised as one given martial art. This allows their fighting techniques to be adaptable and unpredictable at times. When dealing with such warriors, it's best to keep your distance, if you can.

Pain tolerance
Wounds, Mayhem, Violence, Torture. There is nothing you can do to 'Shiki' to get her to brake under pressure. Rip out her nails, break her bones, electrify her body. There is nothing you can do to her that she hasn't already experienced ten times over. All Reishi have extremely high pain tolerances, and she especially has the scars to prove it.

Spirit Art - Chi Healing
A basic skill that is often a starting point for most disciples. Imbuing chi into their body to recover from their intensive trainings. Depending on which family you belong to, your life expectancy may be alarmingly short, unless you pass their expectations. If you can't heal yourself, you can't hope to become a true dragon. It is not a mastered spirit art, compared to reinforcement. Lethal wounds are beyond her capacity, and depending on the severity, you will still receive scarring even after the process is done. Can be performed on one target at a time, and requires meditation.

Chi Sense
Another basic skill for any Reishi, differentiating the unique signatures of Chi in all living things. It takes concentration at first, but after training it becomes a six sense invaluable to an organization mostly comprised of Assassins and Spies. Everything has a unique signature, while some will look very similar, like differentiating between two individuals, no signature is the same. Even if the user has never used Chi or even is aware of it's existence, everyone has it one way or another. Athletes and Martial Artists at times may accidentally use Chi in their respective sporting events, and never realize it. Chi sense is used to detect signatures in a large radius, respective to the user, which is often useful for finding their intended targets or analyzing for potential threats. It is also why Reishi can easily enter a building and leave without anyone knowing, as they always know where everyone is inside said building.

Bodily Knowledge
This is merely a representation of Shiki's knowledge on how the body works. From blood flow, chi flow, pressure points, joints, whatever would be useful in a combat situation. Knowing the body in and out, it's strengths and weaknesses, could lead to new opportunities during a fight. Having a mastery of this knowledge like Reishi, might be able to discern even the unseen conditions such as minor disabilities, hand dominance, ect based on their body language and behavior.


PLAYER'S NAME: Shiki/Koyoko
DISCORD NAME: Mr. Box-kun #6196
FACE CLAIM: Original Art
MISC. INFORMATION: Any other important information regarding this profile.

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[Other] 'Shiki' Empty Re: [Other] 'Shiki'

Post  Shiki Tue Dec 22, 2020 8:12 am

Vladivostok, Russia
3:42 AM

Vladivostok is one of Russia's largest ports, attached to the Pacific Ocean. Metal shipment containers come in and out by the thousands, and it is almost never a quiet day. Even the military have their own specific section, guarded by Russian Armed Forces (RAF), who deal with imports and exports of valuable materials or weapons specifically related to the military. However, this night was a very special one, were about to receive a very valuable asset.

After all, just a piece of Academy City's military tech, is invaluable to any military R&D division.

In one of the large warehouses, several SUVs appeared in a line, the warehouse itself seemingly guarded heavily by several squads of RAF. They were maintaining a tight perimeter, around the section of warehouse, displacing any civilians who go too close. Anyone that got too curious were given false charges of smuggling, and were taken away to God knows where. They weren't going to risk losing this opportunity by letting anything slip.

There were five SUVs, unmarked and without plates. They would park in a line inside the mostly empty warehouse, where a representative of the Lieutenant General of RAF was there to oversee the transaction. Inside the SUVs were several members of a smuggling organization, that was recently hired by an anonymous individual inside Academy City to transport the materials. No words were being exchanged, no questions being asked. It was going to be a quick transaction, as an act like this has never gone unnoticed.

The SUV's brought out separate, large cases, each requiring at least two people carrying, then being laid out and presented with a simple digital lock system. Once opened what was inside were...metallic parts?

"One HsPS-15 power suit...Or rather a partly disassembled version of it. These are unmarked productions, with all known tracking devices removed entirely. You may not have the tools to reassemble them traditionally, but I suppose that's something your egg heads can figure out...As agreed, once we confirm payment via electronic transaction."

Everything seemed to be in place, as two men went to analyze the smuggled technology, and confirmed that it was what they were promised, nothing seemed to have been tampered with, no explosives, they were the genuine article. With this, the RAF, when they learned how to reverse engineer and reproduce something of a similar article, will have a substantial advantage over their economic and militarized rivals.

The possibilities were endless on how they can utilize this technology for their infantry.


<:: This is OWL-2, maintaining 5,000 meter altitude. Anti-radar and jamming systems green. Weather green. Payload dropping in three minute ::>

Meanwhile, in the cargo bay, that was left completely empty besides two individuals who were seemingly having a one sided discussion. And it didn't seem to be going well...

"Like. I. Said. Your paraglider opens automatically as you reach a certain altitude. The landing is your responsibility as the paraglider is programed to self pilot back to a pick up point. It is not a parachute, there is no strings, handles or drogues to pull. You just jump out of the plane when the door opens and that light turns green. Jeez, what kind of mercenary are you..?"

The operator helping with the automatic paragliding device on the strange woman's back, seemed to be getting more of a headache as they talked. The person he was dealing with was repeatedly asked how to operate 'the thing that goes SHWOOP and lets you pretend to be a flower in the wind'. After several minutes of difficult deciphering and decryption, the operator realized what she was asking about was a parachute. And had to spend most of the flight trying to explain to her what she had was NOT a parachute.

"Disappointing. I was hoping that this contract will give me an opportunity to learn the parashwoop I've seen in these 'spy films' a colleague showed me...I am now saddened."

Though the girl expressed her discontent with this turn of events, her face didn't really show it, merely looking down at the floor of the stealth plane as it neared closer and closer to the target location. She was someone hired from the outside of Academy City, hired specifically to handle this leak that had occurred. She doesn't know any details besides the location and rules of engagement. She doesn't need to know why, she doesn't need to know who's involved, none of it mattered. The reason behind her presence even being here was to give Academy City plenty of plausible deniability over what will occur in just a few moments.

"Parachute...Haaaa...This is Duringer, payload is ready for drop off...or rather as ready as it's going to be. Ready on your signal."

The Operator just gave the heavily scarred girl a thumbs up to be in stand by position, before walking over to the end of the cargo plane, waiting patiently.

<:: 30 seconds till insertion point. Opening Cargo bay ramp. ::>

It was an uneasy silence between the RAF and the smugglers. The smugglers were easily outgunned, and as they waited patiently for the funds, the creeping suspicion that they may get snuffed to cover their tracks was becoming more and more alarming. They even had a Light Armored Transport (LAT) outside the building, with a DShK heavy machine gun mounted on it. The smugglers had no more then twelve armed guards, of varying military training, compared to the RAF who had both the numbers, and knowing the escort was hand selected, were probably higher in specialization.

The representative for the Lieutenant General was talking to those who analyzed the parts, and nodded firmly to the side.

"Thank you for your services. The payment has been sent to your employer's account. All that's left is to conclude this transaction."

Almost immediately after that suspicious last statement, both sides raised their guns. A firefight was surely going to occur, it was a matter of who would finally make the first move. Who would it be? The Smugglers? The RAF? Neither. As the result was obvious to those who have seen the darkest despairs in the world.

The ones who have always been a step ahead of the rest of the world...


With a loud crack, the ceiling of the warehouse busted open, metal and concrete fragments peppering the immediate area, a wave of wind and cold flushed the room with dust and debris as those closest were knocked off their feet. The room quickly coming toward confusion, though because the threat was not discernable, those who remained standing were uncertain of the threat and weren't desperate enough to begin blind firing.

Panicked yells and calls were being made amongst those conscious enough to try and get a grip on the situation. But before the dust even cleared, the threat made itself abundantly known.

In a near instant, the scarred woman had appeared through the dust and lunged at the nearest target, taking their hand as it impaled through their kevlar vest, and out toward the back with a splatter of blood. They RAF soldier didn't even have time to scream. With the momentum carried from the motion, the woman whipped her arm to the side, letting the inertia into the nearest solider who had the weight of 200lb+ corpse slamming into them like a professionally thrown soft ball.

"Contact contact!!"
"Fire at will!"
"Who the hell is she?!"

A series of loud, deafening cracks of the muzzles of guns popping off in several directions are heard, reverberating off the walls, as there was now a panic. Sparks flight, the embers of tracer rounds passing through the dust in a fantastic display. All can be seen by some are the after shadows of men trying to fight a woman cloaked in black.


She didn't say a word, her fists shattered bones, ruptured organs. Her open hand like a finely sharp blade, wringing through the flesh of her targets. The only thing that came from her lips were slow, meticulous, deep breaths. She was fast, and very difficult to hit, but with this many men, someone must have shot her by now, and yet it felt like it wasn't even a matter of missing, but the bullets just didn't have any effect on the on the girl. It was likely shooting BB's against a brick wall.

"This isn't working! We need a new plan- GWAAAH!"

A RAF soldier cried out for anybody to step up and come up with a quick way to stop the threat, before their head was suddenly grabbed and was caved in against the stone floor, the woman merely taking one single and precise movement to kill a man and shatter their skull. Their standard firearms were not working. They must be dealing with something of the supernatural, and the only logical conclusion that it must be an ESPer of some sort. Though there was no discernable way to figure out their ability.

In just a few short minutes, most of the men inside were already being pulverized with overwhelming force. Some tried to flee to the vehicles parked at the entrance, but were immediately gunned down by the DShK outside, at least those who were clearly the smugglers. The LAT outside was unaware of who the real threat was, and gunner quickly dispatched whoever was not in a uniform.

"What the hell is going on here?...And why isn't the radio working?! Is someone jamming us?! This is Gamma-5-1, we need immediate assistance at Warehouse 12! Does anyone hear me, over?! My men are getting slaughtered by an unknown enemy!"

The LAT driver was trying to get a hold of their superiors to report what was going on, and request reinforcements, but remarkably their communications were not working. No thanks, to a certain stealth plane still hovering at an extremely high altitude. Though eventually the yells and gunshots would cease inside, as the warehouse became completely quiet.

The DShK gunner would quickly turn their gun toward the entrance, as they waited to acquire the target.


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[Other] 'Shiki' Empty Re: [Other] 'Shiki'

Post  Aleister Crowley Tue Dec 22, 2020 9:34 am

Right, so this one is my responsibility.

Bear in mind most of the points I'm going to bring up are probably down to a lack of any real reference point (aside from our quick conversation over discord) so I'm not trying to take you to task for any of it. But now that we've got a couple of examples of Reishi profiles here, here and here you should have something more to go on. That said I am a little disheartened to see that the first character of a faction of spies and assassins is a straightforward brawler that pretty much disregards that aspect of them. But it's your character, I guess.


First off is the ability. Reinforcement is pretty broad as far as things go, and the degree to which you've applied it here has the potential to make her pretty OP as far as other PCs go. I'd ask that you pick a specific function of reinforcement to focus on.

My advice would be defense (reinforcing the skin to repel strikes or weapons in a similar way to 'Iron Shirt Chi Kung' practitioners who in legend were able to repel blades with their skin alone) or strength (reinforcing the fist to provide a harder punch etc. would be similar to 'Iron Palm' practitioners who were said to be able to pierce through a ribcage with their fingers). Speed tends to be both difficult to write for and makes for more boring fights for a number of reasons.

(Also of note is that historically these abilities had weaknesses as well. Iron Shirt was still vulnerable to pressure points and the iron palm guys basically crippled their hands to the point they couldn't even write.)

The use of reinforcement on external objects is a problem more from a consistency and internal logic reason. Chi is life energy (basically) and wouldn't have any effect on an object. Maybe it could be channeled through it perhaps, but not to actually affect the object itself.

And third is the healing ability. It depends on what you have in mind because right now it's a bit vague. Having something that speeds up recovery is fine, but it shouldn't be repairing wounds or mending bones at a visible rate. Basically you're not goign to be patching people up and getting them back into the fight straight away.


Okay. That's the substance. Now for the style.

Reishi are all based around fantastical martial arts. So I'm kind of surprised to see her combat abilities basically listed as 'knows MMA'. Again, this is more a matter of having nothing to compare it to, so I'd recommend checking out the other profiles and seeing what sort of thing you can expect from these guys.

First and foremost these guys are basically pulled straight from old kung fu flicks and Wuxia stories. If you're looking for inspiration, those are a good place to start along with manga series like Fist of the North Star and manwha like The Breaker.

A Reishi's Spirit Art is linked intrinsically with their identity and their fighting style is the most obvious expression of that. A character raised and taught from birth to adopt a certain mindset and who spent most of their life rigorously training under a certain philosophy would inevitably find themselves molded by that philosophy.

In short, they fight like something out of a martial arts movie. Street thugs, trained competitive fighters and even military operatives aren't going to compete. Depending on the style some might use more acrobatic and elaborate moves like somersault kicks. Some might be a bit more down to earth and all about raw power in simple, straightforward blows but either way, it's going to be unlike a regular brawl.

They're specialists, training in one style their entire lives in the pursuit of utter perfection. And as their mastery grows the feats they can achieve grow too. Overall take a specialisation and make it a theme. Then think what kind of abilities you can develop that theme into. What kind of techniques could spring from that?

Which brings me on to names.

Style and technique names should be elaborate, vaguely symbolic and grandiose. A Reishi doesn't use mundane martial arts like Karate, Muay Thai or Silat. They use Mountain Crushing Fist, Eight Star Phoenix Boxing or Heaven and Earth Harmony Style.

Likewise, once a Reishi distinguishes themselves enough to get a reputation they'll probably earn a title or alias. These are generally descriptive of either their abilities or their general personality. The Angel of Death is kinda plain and to be honest, a bit generic.

A Final Note:

And lastly, this is more a matter of warning. Do you really want to play a stoic badass? Because historically we've had a lot of trouble with them being able to integrate. People find those sorts of characters hard to write, especially when it comes down to character interaction with other players.
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