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[SNPC/Other] Kihara Junjo WIP

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[SNPC/Other] Kihara Junjo WIP Empty [SNPC/Other] Kihara Junjo WIP

Post  Shokuhou Misaki Sat Jan 02, 2021 11:58 am

[SNPC/Other] Kihara Junjo WIP Kihara10

«Limitations? There are none! Never were!! Never will be!!!»

FULL NAME: Kihara Junjo
AGE: 39 years.
GENDER: Unknown.
Kihara Junjo is no fixed value. Their outer appearance is as fluent as their whims are. Some times they are tall grown male, other times an old lady, a teenage girl, elementary school boy, middle aged woman and so on. Essentially, catching them in the same shape multiple times is borderline impossible. Except for just a single one. Their favourite.

A bright skinned teenage girl with long blonde her tied into two buns, beautiful golden eyed face and refined – not sexy but also physically tough – body. Neither too tall nor too small, at 165.71 metres and with a perfectly adequate weight, this form both represents perfection and imperfection. The ideal self for Kihara Junjo. Or rather a self they entirely obsessed over. In addition to the school girl look also falls the standard attire, consisting of a white sailor uniform with navy details and red ribbon, short skirt with spats reaching right above their knees and seemingly ordinary loafers.

However, that’s where completely normal ends and their own style starts. When out for serious business, they normally wear their mobile Core Editor device, which expresses itself through numerous pipes running across the surface of their body, attached to circular points with internal injection needles. The core of that being a oversized collar device worn around their neck and a black mask with the same cables attached covering their mouth and nose.


prone to any sort of obsession they can develop
At their core Kihara Junjo is a human. A human that has fallen victim to their own vices. Or in this case obsessions. It ranges from their overarching obsession with achieving the state of the apex predator, down to everyday things like attempting to solve a crossword puzzle in a magazine, finding a specific hair pin which was limited to 100 pieces and sold out ten years ago or eating only foods that expire today. Whichever obsession they come across, they normally fully sink in it until it burns them out. Still, it’s another level of ecstasy with them.

an evil born from an abnormal worldview
Evil is just a matter of perspective. If one doesn’t understand the basic idea of morals or ethics, can any of their actions be actually labelled ‹evil?›. Kihara Junjo’s only code is that of science. There is no black and white. Not even a single colour to perceive, just the idea of pursuing science. And science allows for any means to be performed, as otherwise it will never be able to take form. The countless conventions the world has set up to allow it to remain within the boundaries of ethics are nothing but a hindrance in their eyes.

anti-identity, anti-life, anti-respect, anti-anything
Why be in favour of anything? Why waste your time with foolish concepts that do amount to absolutely nothing? What worth does identity have? What worth does life have? What worth does respect have? What worth does anything have? None at all. It’s a waste of time, much like the countless books, blog posts, movies and whatnot people have made about it. A hindrance to human evolution, in fact.

a firm believer
At the core of their being Kihara Junjo has a sense of faith. Not faith in anything paranormal, meta human or in absolutely any way supernatural. No, what they believe in is the potential of the DNA and the possibility of drawing out infinite potential from it. A potential far superior to any of that super natural nonsense Academy City’s Power Curriculum Program is blindly pursuing.

If you have not caught onto it yet, then now is the time. Kihara Junjo despises the very idea of limitations, roadblocks or hindrances. Anything the like is their sworn enemy and they will make sure to overstep or – if not otherwise solve-able – obliterate them. Become one such thing and, surely, you will experience their full blown obsessive wrath.


Kihara Junjo’s life started out just like any other scientist’s.

Desires are strong aspect of their craft and Junjo had always been one to fall flat to those.

A long time ago they had graduated with a couple PHDs in biology, chemistry, biotechnology, genetics and many other associated disciplines at one of the top universities in the world, giving their expertise only a bottom line. Their core interest always being the foundation of the code behind the existence that are humans: The DNA.

Throughout their youth, their research would take Junjo across the world, before finally returning to their point origin, the very capital of science: Academy City. Now having taken all sources of knowledge from across the world, they were now equipped with the ultimate toolbox any scientist in their field could desire. And being back at the centre of the Kihara family, it was time for their insanity to fully blossom.

At only age 16 Kihara Junjo managed to crack the conception of the human DNA, developing the first prototype of a device called ‹Core Editor› which can actively rewrite the human DNA. Essentially, this enabled them to – much like their brother – transcend the limitations posed upon any living being. Thus, what were normally facts set in stone such as hair colour, skin colour, body type, gender or even age would fall entirely under their control – only limited by a lack of data or imagination.

However, why stop at great achievement?

Now, able to rewrite their DNA, they next set their eyes on finding the path to create the ideal being. To become it. The apex predator.

Over the years Kihara Junjo has become involved with varying projects. Among these was not only their DNA editing technology but also the conception of cloning technology, which was later to be used in the Sisters project.


Core Editor
The epitome of Junjo’s work that allows them to unlock the unlimited potential of the genetic code. The Core Editor takes the form of a technological suit integrated into the user’s body through a series of tubes and is also capable of changing its size and form based on its wearer. Vectors carrying DNA, restriction endonucleases, CRISPR Cas9 complex, and various other molecules necessary for gene editing are pumped through these tubes into the user’s body allowing them to alter their DNA on the fly while the suit helps catalyse the various transformations that stem from these alterations. The changes are determined by the input put into an interface that can be found on the sleeve of the device. For quick use various genetic alterations are grouped together in sets called Types which are designed to optimise certain characteristics.

Toga Himiko from Boku no Hero Academia.
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