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Esper - Kagou Minamoto (WIP)

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Esper - Kagou Minamoto (WIP) Empty Esper - Kagou Minamoto (WIP)

Post  Kagou Minamoto Tue Mar 09, 2021 5:26 pm

Minamoto Kagou

(Your character's Level and Ability name.)

Esper - Kagou Minamoto (WIP) LGWIsn

"Quote by your character, establishing their personality."

FULL NAME: Kagou Minamoto
OTHER ALIAS: Any nicknames, code names or aliases your character is known by.
GENDER:  Female
SCHOOL: Tokiwadai Middle School
FACTION: Judgement


Kagou is described as a young teenage girl with a light skin complexion. She has bright red cheeks along with almond shaped eyes that are colored yellow. She has flowing brown hair that reaches below her back. Furthermore, her bangs conceals Kagou's forehead. She possesses a red hair ornament that rests atop of her head. The hair ornament is tied to resemble a bow. She's of average height, roughly standing about five feet and six inches tall. Along with a small frame to her design.

WEIGHT:  120lbs

Has a red hair ornament

She’s an ebullient bodied young woman, as she expresses difficulty suppressing her enthusiasm about something she enjoys. One of the ways she shows off her high-spirited nature is through her love of music. Growing up with music gave her a sense of awe, as she wishes to possess musical talents like the greats. Kagou can’t help but feel esthetic whenever she encounters unique sounds. This always gave birth to her habit for humming as well as whistling to a melody she recently heard.

Another aspect of her design is Kagou's courageous acts to conquer the path leading to success. Whenever an obstacle is in her way, she charges forth without questioning it. Because of this, she wounds up getting scolded for her foolishness. While others may see her acts of courage as a fool's pride, but to her it means that she refuses to give up. How the young Kagou displays her bravery is through the means of sticking up for someone, or refusing to stay down when badly injured. Kagou's bravery clouds other feelings, more than others, as she views them as obstacles.  

Kagou is the type of girl who turns a blind to the unforeseen future, pretending to view the world with an unrealistic mindset. As a lively young woman, she feels oblivious to the contents of the world, like a naive child unaware of the danger threatening her ordinary life. Kagou chooses to ignore the harmful aspects of nature, because she’d rather focus on the good than the bad. She displays a sense of gratitude for the world by looking forward to the following day, whereas most individuals would curse the life they were given. She was raised this way, as a reminder to remain hopeful for a brighter future. Kagou's lively behavior is expressed when around friends, as well as with strangers. She sometimes speak with a sing-song tone when around others. She always display a cheerful smile whenever Kagou's around people she cares about. If she were to discover that someone important to her is hurt, she’d find a way to deliver the pain back at them.

Kagou stays firm to her beliefs, more so than abandoning them like a coward. If she were to go back on her word, then that'll mean she's no better than the people she avoids to become. Kagou is attached to the idea that she can accept the world for the way it is, but deep down she feels like the world is tainted with despair. She wants to find the solution to people's madness and purge them, that way the world can know true peace. Until she finds the solution to eliminate the problems, she'll continue to march forward hoping to release the damned from their misery.

Kagou is hesitant to boot, as she's unwilling to do certain things. At times Kagou shows certain amounts of concern for her actions, as she doesn't know the damage she may cause in the future. She rather avoids dealing with the consequences than facing them. Provided that she doesn't get caught doing something she believes is unacceptable.

Warm Food
Bad Breath
Expensive Things
Her courage is what gives her the strength to push through her challenges.

Her taste in music allows her to have good listening skills.
She's prone to daydreaming, as a result she'll miss out on important details.

She sometimes get herself beat up due to her brittle state


Born to loving parents who were compassionate about their professions. Long ago, her mother was once a renowned archer in the archery club in one of the schools in their previous homeland. During her youth, she secured many awards for her precise accuracy. As a lethal marksman, she was complimented for her noticeable accurate ocular abilities. Due to her burning passion for archery, she trained to be like her mother, if not better. Kagou's father wasn't the sports enthusiast like his wife, but he was a successful musician with acceptable talents to reel in fans from different corners of the city. What came about to the pair's sudden fateful meet up was that the sister of Kagou's mother was once a musical artist before falling ill.

Her mother was reminded about the two's interest in music, but what came as a surprise to Kagou's mother was that her father would go and attend to her matches. Whenever he was free, he'd spend his freetime checking some of the sports activities going on, so he happened to watch her perform in an awe inspiring level. He held an attraction for tomboys at the time, so the talented pair began dating. Although their meeting felt a little rocky, as her mother was a cocky brat during her youth. The two managed to get along after getting to know each other better. After several years, the two started imagining what it would be like to have a child blessed with their talents. Despite both of their rough starts, they believed that their child can grow up with a happy lifestyle. The pair's bodies couldn't keep up with time. Their professions were demanding, so the two had to retire from their craft and looked to pass their gifts onto Kagou.

Kagou began her life sharing the blood of two talented individuals. At a young age, she was swarming with friends, quickly growing popular with the guys in her neighborhood. However, it was more than desirable to have to turn them down, as her parents didn't approve of her dating at a young age. Kagou's father was overprotective around Kagou, as he often threatens to bring about the forces of evil into their life. Kagou couldn't tell whether or not he was joking, but he was known to others as a comedic gentleman. Kagou gets along with most children her age, more so than her mother was when she was Kagou's age. But there were some who proved to be a nuisance. Regarded as a weakling, she didn't win many of her bouts. She was known to pick fights with bullies, even though the situation was none of her business, yet part of her wanted to stand up and be there for someone.

Despite her clear signs of bravery, they didn't get her much out of trouble. After coming into Academy city, she began hoping to leave her mark. She had undergone an evaluation process, unlocking her esper powers that laid dormant within her core. Kagou would spread her gifted talents in music throughout Academy city, as she took an interest in becoming a violinist. She used her parents popularity to rise through people like list, but soon boys began flocking over her musical talents. Something she didn't expect to happen in a short amount of time. Kagou practiced on her craft, so that she can be like her father one day. In terms of academics, she found it difficult to focus in class. Often find herself daydreaming and getting scolded for her disruptive behavior.

RANK: Your character's rank within their faction if applicable.
LEVEL: Your character's Level ranking in the Power Curriculum. (Only edit this in post-approval when a moderator finishes attributing a Level to your character.)

She possesses an innate ability to manipulate vibrations. The application of her ability revolves around the intensity of vibrations. Increasing the intensity of vibrations allows her to create violent unbalanced movement within an object or beneath the surface. An example of the use of vibrations is a guitar string. Whenever someone plucks the string of a guitar, the result will have the string vibrate in motion due to the interactive elements that enable the string to be pulled, or the sound of a humans heart thumbing in the persons chest. The repetitive nature of sounds create vibrations, as the more it occurs the greater the vibration grows. Vibrations revolve around the speed of an object or an action that's being act upon.

Manipulating the friction of on object, causes it to emit a vibration. The beating sound of something is used to create effects. The ringing noise of a loud object can cause ones hearing to dampen, or enough vibration on the ground can cause slight tremors to happen which makes traversing difficult. Her vibrations is restricted to a certain distance, as the further she uses her vibrations the less intensity it has, while shorter distance can emit greater strength.

The strength of her vibrations is similar to a church bell, which means if those close to the source will suffer a short lag in their movement. But those who're further away will only experience minor instances in their movement, but not enough to hinder themselves immobile. The range of her vibrations is 100 meters wide that can cause small cracks in the ground. She suffers a brief imbalance in her movements, which decreases her ability to move from one place to another. She's required to take frequent breaks, due to her body vibrating from the vibrations that were deployed.

OTHER ABILITIES: Any other talents or non supernatural abilities or equipment used by your character.
Excellent Hearing
She possesses exceptional hearing abilities, which allows her to tune into sounds that are distinct in nature. Furthermore, she's capable of telling apart the difference in the tone of one's voice.
She adopted her mothers sharp eyes which allows her to pick out details at a far distance. She's quite accurate with her descriptions, as a result of her mothers adaptive vision.
(Your character's ability)
A brief description of this ability.
(Your character's ability)
A brief description of this ability.
(Your character's ability)
A brief description of this ability.
(Your character's ability)
A brief description of this ability.

CHARACTER THEME: A selection of musical tracks to act as your character's motif or background music. Can include as many or as few tracks as you wish.

FACE CLAIM: Amber - Genshin Impact
MISC. INFORMATION: Any other important information regarding this profile.
Kagou Minamoto
Kagou Minamoto

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Esper - Kagou Minamoto (WIP) Empty Re: Esper - Kagou Minamoto (WIP)

Post  Kagou Minamoto Thu Mar 11, 2021 4:14 am

Gifted individuals originates from a long line of well trained geniuses who knew of their craft from the back of one's hand. One take was all they need to achieve their worldly desires. Through trial and error brought forth the gifts that they now cherish deeply into their souls. Similar in nature to a mother showing their child with love, because that's the mothers pride and joy. Few geniuses knew how to harness their talents, while dreamers stood in awe as they swept the crowd with their marvelous gifts.

The female violinist struts along the streets of Academy City, accompanying her is a school of passerby's. Each of them walking up and down the crowded sidewalks on a windy evening. To the left of her are shrimp sized misfits running around, doing what little children do best. The young violinist manages to Bob and weave her way out of the chaotic seas of pedestrians, finding herself in what appears to be a local food store. Kagou's stomach growls from beneath the abyss, as it unleashes its hunger in the form of a demand. Kagou's face spelt fatigued, after running a few errands around the city. The cold air of the food market beats at the young violinist youthful face. She scans the store, browsing through a wide array of dishes to whip up in the kitchen.

But she's by no means a talented cook. Kagou's less of a cook than her mother is, as she's more likely to burn the house down to the ground. To avoid that outcome, her father limits the things Kagou can make. Thankfully she didn't arrive at the food store to by something to cook, for the young violinist came to eat something small. After digging through her pockets to see if she has any spare change left, a sour look came about. "Hold on, I know I gathered some change on my way here..." It didn't take long for the violinist to know that she was robbed, but after double checking to see if she isn't hallucinating. Her look turned from sour to utter defeat. pick-pocketing s-" before she could finish swearing to whomever commited the act. A young man walked through the automatic doors of the food market, appearing to search for someone. It became apparent to her that the one he's looking for is her, as his fiery red eyes directed her attention. "Excuse me miss, but I believe this money belongs to you."

The mysterious black haired male, towered over the girl by several centimeters. "Who is he? Someone's bodyguard?" She asks herself, before accepting the change that was stolen from her. "You musnt get too careless around here, or you might find yourself in another situation." She explains with a brief smile on his face. "Thank you for your help!" she says with a startling expression before bowing her head. "By the way, whats you-" soon as the brown haired violinist lifted her head back up, the raven haired gentleman already vanished. The only thing remained was his scent that reeks of vengeance. "Must've been in a hurry or something, however, I have this odd feeling that he isn't someone to mess around with" she assumes before giving off a quick shrug.

Kagou Minamoto
Kagou Minamoto

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