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[Esper] Mori Kita

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[Esper] Mori Kita Empty [Esper] Mori Kita

Post  Mori Kita Fri Mar 01, 2013 2:22 am

Mori Kita
[Esper] Mori Kita 2dqg4l
Level 3, Proximity Teleport
"Oh come on.. I clear have nothing of value on me!"

FULL NAME: Mori Kita
GENDER: Female
OCCUPATION: Student / Waitress
SCHOOL: Haru Chugakko, District 7 (outside the School Gardens)
FACTION: DISPEL (Science side)

Long brown hair kept in 2 pigtails,
hazel eyes,
Slim build,
fair pale skin.
HEIGHT: Shorter than average in height.


"Life is boring if you don't bother taking risks."
There are many moments where Kita takes risks if she has a chance to gain something from it.. so reckless within reason.. even if that reason is just an item that would boost her standing for the next day.
Caring Girl
She is kind and gentle towards her friends; if her friends are in trouble then she makes it her business to get involved, even if that means sometimes going against their wishes to resolve a problem.
The inability to refrain from the urge to steal items for reasons other than personal use or financial gain. This usually gets her in trouble and she does this more often with people she distrusts than trusts.
She can picklock and pickpocket (but she hardly ever pickpockets as she prefers distance between the people she steals from). She doesn't usually steal for money or go out looking for stuff to steal, she just sees something near her and feels an urge to pick it up and look it over later.

Helping others
Drinking Tea
Anime and Manga
Sweet Food

Other theives
Bitter Food
Spicy Food
Unjust acts

Picklocking (She can forge her own tools using her ability)
Pickpocketing (Usually to drop items, than take)
Agility/Stamina (She avoids fights, even when chased)
Pocket-Space storage (see ability for more info)
Parkour - She is athletic and can navigate Academy City by rooftops if she wanted.

Physical strength (she's weak, but agile)
Telepathy (they can detect her pocket-space items)
Her studies (Homework mostly, she finds it boring)
Cooking (Relys on others as her cooking skills are poor)

HISTORY: Mori Kita moved into Academy City to become an esper like her older sister, but before she arrived in Academy City she had heard word that she had died. Information regarding her sister wasn't disclosed and it has remained a mystery.

Upon entering Academy City at a later date, she found trouble moving into the dorms so she was given the offer to stay in 'The Corner Cafe' located in the School Gardens near Tokiwadai.
She lives above the cafe with a precog esper and helps out in the cafe when she isn't either at school, with friends or otherwise out at night causing mischief.

A few claims have been filed against Mori Kita as her Kleptomania has caused her to pick up a few items which some people claim she stole.. however it has been unproven and she holds a clean record with her friends (namely classmates and customers) who respect her as she act really friendly to everybody she greets.

RANK: Operative.
(ABILITY NAME): Proximity Teleport
Proximity Teleport is a point A to point A teleport; which for teleporting kinda seems pointless however Kita has adapted her ability and has began to specialise.

Ability Development experiment data:

Proximity-teleport is a point A to point A modification of the generic teleport, the subject appears to always displace and retrieve objects to the same absolute position in the 11th dimension, which does not correspond to a respective 3-dimensional co-ordinate system. This gives the subject an effective storage space in the 11th dimension where a total mass of 120kg can be held indefinitely and retrieved back to 3 dimensional space, regardless of position changes in 3 dimensional space occurring between displacement and retrieval.

The subject currently appears to be limited to contact teleportation only, on both displacement and retrieval, meaning that only objects can be displaced whilst retrieved objects always appear in contact with skin.

Despite limitations, subject is capable of object offset and rotation upon retrieval as long as contact with object is maintained.

06/05/2010 - System Scan

Subject was tested with a range of masses up to 126kg into 11th dimensional storage, exceeding indefinite mass holding by 4kg. Maximum hold time overloaded was 7 minutes and 43 seconds.

Range testing on both displacement and retrieval, yielded no improvement since last scan.

OTHER ABILITIES: (uses of Proximity Teleport)
Storage space via 11th dimension. Only works on skin contact and item teleported away will teleport back to point A which is relative to herself. If Kita teleports to the 11th dimension then she will teleport back to the same spot since its relative to her location on the world.
Object Displacement
Kita can also displace things like other teleporters such as Kuroko, by simply teleporting things through other objects and displacing what was previously there. Kita has used this as her weapon by simply having different items of different sizes and in her terms.. 'flash teleporting' by making the object teleport in and out. To another person's point of view Kita can merely cut through any object with ease thanks to the laws of thermal-dynamics.
Offset/Rotation of objects
Kita can teleport items back to skin contact, but there is no limit on what angle she can teleport a given item back. Meaning on touch-contact you could find another character upside-down on the floor.

Mori Kita's Theme - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmuZ5z91Lgs
The Corner Cafe - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1H8n7PRWORA
Memory Lane - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qq1ANk_RVbY
Giving chase - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Puqupnx1vqo

PLAYER'S NAME: Mori Kita (DarkOnistar).
FACE CLAIM: Mori Kita, A Certain Corner Cafe.
The name DISPEL is for 'Make troubles disappear' and they are a group within Academy City like ITEM, GROUP, SCHOOL.. etc.. anyway their goal is reconnaissance. People who are blackmailed into working for GROUP would likely of been followed by somebody from DISPEL at some point.

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Mori Kita
Mori Kita
Level 3 Proximity Teleport

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[Esper] Mori Kita Empty Re: [Esper] Mori Kita

Post  Mori Kita Sun Mar 03, 2013 12:52 am

Post 1 - (posted at 0:48am GMT)
On a dark rainy day all that could be heard outside was the sound of the rain hammering the ground as if it were oil boiling in a pan.

A crash from a rooftop door and Kita burst through panting as she stumbled through after the long stair climb. Looking around Kita hurriedly observed that there wasn't any rooftops she could easily access from where she was, leaving her trapped with potentially dangerous people about to enter the same rooftop as her.

"There's no where to run" A tall hunched man walked through the doorway followed by two henchmen.
Kita stepped to the side of the roof while looking at the men. "I sort of gathered that" She quickly glanced over the edge.
"Hand us the disc!" The tall hunched man shouted as he approached.
"Oh come on whats so important about this disc?" Kita said flailing her arm out while holding the disc case upside-down and thus dropping it over the edge.

Kita's expression changed as she realized her mistake almost the same time as her pursuers did.
"Er.. oops.." Kita replied as she dodged a punch from the tall guy and jumped over the edge of the rooftop.

As Kita fell she teleported to the same location constantly so that she could reset her gravitational forces and land safely. Upon landing Kita briefly looked up to see the group stunned for a moment to see that she had landed alright as they expected her to go splat from such a height.

Sticking her tongue out and signaling a wave with her hand briefly she left as the guys on the rooftop looked at her angrily and rushed for the staircase, however by the time they'd get back down to ground level they'd know she'd already be long gone.
I think I could of done better as I was at a writers block and pressed for time when posting this.
Post 2 - (timestamp: 1:06pm GMT)
Kita yawned as she walked downstairs into the Corner Cafe; it was early morning with sunbeams piecing the glass from two sides of the cafe where glass seperated the cafe from the streets.
"Good morning" Kita said as she caught a glance of the manager.
"Your up early" The manager responded as he was getting ready to open up.
"Yeah I'm supposed to be going to some study group today" Kita responded as she walked over and helped take chairs off the tables.
"You mean the extra curriculum program?" The manager didn't bother looking up at Kita as he spoke.
"How did you know?" Kita said before pausing and then continued helping, realising that she already knew the answer.
"Ever since you were hospitalized and that letter from 'A Certain High School'" The manager said as he took the last chair down and walked over to the doors ready to open them.

"God its such a pain" Kita sighed to the fact that it was her fault. "I didn't even get anything back from such an experience. You'd think a level up would let me gain any range.. but no, I end up becoming a pack mule!"
The manager stopped to listen to Kita and then looked back at the cafe doors and unlocked it. "I wouldn't look down on your abilities, you have some pretty rare ability which you alone have come to terms with"
Kita shrugged and began to go through the now unlocked door.
"Have you forgotten your bag?"
"Nope. Why would I need one?" Kita smirked
The manager laughed. "Have a nice day" Kita just waved back in response before walking through the mostly empty streets of the School Gardens; which would normally be filled with students but it was still too early for the average student to be out and about.
Here is another test post. I'm at a writers block again and I tried to do a small conversation scene which I wonder how I could of done better.

Post 3 - (Fanfiction.net Omake)
~ A broken hair clip ~

Dusk was upon Academy City and a group of 3 people were all listening one by one to a song, each with their own reactions to how they thought of the song.

Several minutes later each person in the group began experimenting with their abilities.

Out of the 3 people there was a pyromaster who summoned fire in his hands, a telekinetic guy who was simply moving trash from the floor about more seamlessly than before and then there was a girl who just held out her hand disappointing.

"Well this was all nice and all, but it didn't seem to work so I'm heading back"

"Woa, wait a minute miss. You haven't paid the fee yet"

"Fine take it. It wasn't really worth it anyway" the girl said throwing a couple hundred yen on the floor and walking out the alleyway where she had listened to a song which was supposed to be forbidden.

As the girl walked to the exit of the alleyway a firewall appeared. "Hehe, this isn't nearly as much as this is worth. I may have to rethink my figures" The pyomaster grinned.


Meanwhile outside the alleyway a guy with short black hair was carrying heavy books from the local library for project work. He cursed to himself as every so often he kept dropping a book from the top of the pile he was holding.

Dropping a book he decides to rest the pile on the ground a put the other book on the top ready to be picked up again when he notices a girl from the same school as him. It wasn't anything odd to see her taking a short-cut through an alleyway, but when fire surrounded her he noticed something was up so he kicked the pile of books to the side and hoped nobody would pick them up.


"Its not even drugs and your already high on that thing!" the girl mocked. "I don't have anything else to give you"

"Sure you do" The pyromaster smiled. The girl noticed the two espers eyeing her; making her feel uncomfortable.

"Oi leave her alone!" the guy with short black hair was on the other side of the fire.

"Oh if it isn't Mr knight in shining armour to save you!"

"I don't need no shining knight, nor do I need some thieving pricks" the girl said touching the wall concrete wall beside her and having it reappear infront of her as a floor across the firewall.

The girl was about to cross the gap when the fire changed creating some kind of fire elemental. Both the girl and boy stared at the fire elemental while the two attackers smiled evilly.

Out of nowhere an umbrella appeared in the girl's hand, she waved it against the side wall of the alley cutting through the wall like a lightsaber. "Don't make me have to use this" the girl spoke coldly.

The pyromaster stepped back and let his flames die, he didn't fancy being cut up.

Ignoring the other esper the girl turned around and began to walk away. "Look out!" the boy who was watching saw the telekinetic use the rumble created by the girl against her by levitating it up and throwing it in her direction.

A piece of rumble hits the girl knocking her down. The telekinetic grinned standing where he was until he noticed the boy who shouted out earlier wasn't there any more. 'Where did that..' in mid thought the telekinetic guy gets a full punch to the face as he appears out of the corner of the telekientic's eye.

Out of the punches exchanged by the two guys, the guy with short black hair was victorious. He made sure his enemy was unconscious before checking on the girl who had been knocked out by the kinetic impact from earlier.

"Damn well broke my hair clip" the girl said as she was distracting herself from the blood trailing over her. A hair clip lay broken on the floor and looking at the girl her hair was a mess. Originally in 2 pigtails was now only 1 pigtail with the other side ruined and covered with blood.

"Its alright I'll get an ambulance, keep it together.. er"

"Mori-san" the girl spoke still staring at the hair clip because she feared that seeing the blood she could feel would put her into a panic.

"Don't worry Tanaka-kun will buy you a new hair clip. I promise"

The boy stood up and got out a mobile to call for help. When he turned back to Mori-san he noticed she had fallen unconscious again.


It wasn't too long before an ambulance arrived to carry Mori-san off to hospital. She didn't regain conciousness straight away and unaware to Mori-san Tanaka began visiting the hospital in hopes she would wake up.

Days passed and Mori-san eventually woke up in hospital to find some flowers; stuck to the bottom was a receipt saying it was paid by 'Tanaka Kiyoshi'.
One of my older posts, but contains typos and another original character I own (Tanaka Kiyoshi).

Last edited by Mori Kita on Sun Mar 03, 2013 1:25 pm; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : added additional test post.)
Mori Kita
Mori Kita
Level 3 Proximity Teleport

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[Esper] Mori Kita Empty Re: [Esper] Mori Kita

Post  Aleister Crowley Tue Mar 05, 2013 12:02 am

Aleister Crowley
Aleister Crowley
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[Esper] Mori Kita Empty Re: [Esper] Mori Kita

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