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[Magician] Fujiwara Sayuri

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[Magician] Fujiwara Sayuri Empty [Magician] Fujiwara Sayuri

Post  Fujiwara Sayuri Mon Mar 11, 2013 4:34 pm

Fujiwara Sayuri
[Magician] Fujiwara Sayuri Profile_picture_by_fujiwara_sayuri-d4ilde5
"Actions speak louder than words, that's why I use magic"

FULL NAME: Fujiwara Sayuri
OTHER ALIAS: The Girl in the mirror.
CURRENT AGE: 11 years old
GENDER: Female
FACTION: Kita's circle of friends/DISPEL

APPEARANCE: Long blonde hair, green eyes, slim build and wears a forest green dress with a green hairband. She looks like a young version of her older sister Fujiwara Ami who lives in Academy City.
HEIGHT: 142cm
WEIGHT: 34kg

Silent Girl
Normally Sayuri would be quiet lively and talk alot (the opposite to her sister), but after a curse she can no longer be heard (This includes both her voice and any noise actions made where she is the source).
Sayuri is cursed to never be heard for the rest of her life, but she has come to terms with it and despite being targeted by other mages, she remains optimistic and cheerful even when the things that have happened would break most people.
Scaredy Cat
Sayuri gets scared easily and believes in some scary bedtime stories after encountering alot of things that even she cannot explain properly.
She listens to other people's problems and takes notes of what people say to her, even though alot of people tend to talk to her as they think she is deaf and are in fact talking to themselves.
She can be told to wait somewhere and ends up never listening; If she's bored then she will wander off.

Sweet foods
Piano music (She used to play the piano, but can't anymore.)
Playing with her magic
Cute stuffed animals
Helping and listening to others (It makes her feel better helping someone as it takes her mind off her current problems.)
Being ignored (which happens because she can't make any noise.)
Unable to communicate (Dark rooms or her hands grabbed)
Bullies and being picked on (This includes being targeted by mages.)
Vegetables (She is just a picky eater for her age.)
Fast casting (Most of her spells are instant cast)
Writing skills (She uses a whiteboard to communicate)
Fast Learner (She picked up magic on her own)
Weak strength.
Not athletic and can't run for long.

HISTORY: Sayuri is Ami's younger sister (Ami is one of Kita's friends from DISPEL), she is part of a split family which is half esper and half magic. As her older sister went off to become an esper in Academy City she spent her time becoming a self taught mirror mage.

Sayuri used to live with her father (the magic side) until something happened and she was caught in a conflict between the two sides.
After being chased down by a group of mages she was cursed "To never be heard from again" however she managed to warp the spell luckily and instead of killing her it only silences all noise sources from her. (Meaning she can't speak.. and can't make noise.. like picking up a bat and smashing a window... the window would make no noise upon shattering)
Should the spell ever be dispelled then it would recast itself and that could result in Sayuri's death.

RANK: Affiliate.
(MAGIC NAME): ~Mirror371
(ABILITY NAME): Mirror Magic
Sayuri is a magician who is main specialized in mirror magic; which allows her to use mirrors to her advantage.
Mirror Walk
Sayuri can walk between mirrors by entering them into the mirror world.
It is filled with darkness and the only light sources are from other mirrors; it doesn't scale the same as the real world so it can be much faster to travel between locations.
Mirror Cloning
Using a hand mirror Sayuri can clone items by pulling them out of the mirror to make a duplicate.
The new item will have the same properties as the original until it is dispelled. There is a limitation on how many items can be pulled out of a mirror as they are essentially manifested items so they can disappear.
Spell reflection
Using her handy hand mirror, Sayuri can redirect spells at her opponents and even warp some more complex spells.
Spell Tracking
Although its not very accurate, Sayuri can track spells using mirrors.

CHARACTER THEME: Sayuri's Theme , Causing mischief

PLAYER'S NAME: DarkOnistar.
FACE CLAIM: A Certain Corner Cafe.
MISC. INFORMATION: The mirror world.

It is a magical realm which can only be accessed via magic and its properties are similar to the windowless building, the imaginary district and Aureolus Izzard's reality warping magic.

They say "Break a mirror and receive 7 years bad luck" and in this case its because mirrors are gateways to the mirror world and from the inside they are the only source of safety and light.

As you wander further away from a mirror in the mirror world you will find the world to begin to distort until you come into range of another mirror. Different things can manifest in the mirror world which are based off the reflections of the people who have traveled inside; these reflections can look like clones but are very similar in concept as the Level Upper incident.

Mirror clones/reflections from the mirror world cannot pass into the real world.

Original character profile
Fujiwara Sayuri
Fujiwara Sayuri

Posts : 88
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Location : The Mirror World, Academy City

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[Magician] Fujiwara Sayuri Empty Re: [Magician] Fujiwara Sayuri

Post  Fujiwara Sayuri Mon Mar 11, 2013 5:11 pm

Sayuri walked down the streets of Academy City it was getting dark and most students were heading back to the dorms.
'Its getting late, I think Midori might be worried' Sayuri thought as she kept walking, she had been wandering for the last hour and was lost but she couldn't seem to get help from strangers as they ignored her.

"Erm excuse me!" Sayuri yelled out.. or atleast that was what she wanted to happen. Her voice didn't leave her mouth despite the fact that it looked like she was shouting; almost as if somebody had took a volume control and muted her.
The next stranger walked past her with absolutely no notice of the girl and she was beginning to wonder if she should actually tug on the arm of a stranger to get their attention.

As Sayuri looked around looking slightly panicked at her situation she suddenly heard a noise in her head.
"Excuse me, are you lost miss?" A telepath girl wearing a green strap appeared behind Sayuri and spoke directly into her head.

Sayuri tried reply back 'Yes I am' but even telepathy seemed to be part of her curse so it seemed like a one way communication. This however didn't discourage Sayuri who immediately started writing on her whiteboard.
"Yes, I'm lost" She displayed the whiteboard to the girl who frowned wondering why she didn't just think aloud.

"Where are you trying to get to?" The telepath asked.
Sayuri simply thumbed through her pockets and showed a piece of paper with an address on it.
"Alright, I'll go lead you there. By the way, what's your name?"
"Fujiwara Sayuri" Sayuri displayed on her whiteboard.
"Alright Sayuri-chan, we'll take you back before it gets too dark out" The telepath said reassuring the younger girl.
Sayuri responded nodded happily and said silently aloud "Thank you" which the telepath saw and still wondered about this girl, but dismissed the thought as quickly as she thought it and led the girl to her destination.
Fujiwara Sayuri
Fujiwara Sayuri

Posts : 88
Join date : 2013-03-11
Location : The Mirror World, Academy City

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[Magician] Fujiwara Sayuri Empty Re: [Magician] Fujiwara Sayuri

Post  Aleister Crowley Wed Apr 03, 2013 9:19 pm

Aleister Crowley
Aleister Crowley
General Superintendant of Academy City

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[Magician] Fujiwara Sayuri Empty Re: [Magician] Fujiwara Sayuri

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