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Fun with Fake Character Profiles

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Fun with Fake Character Profiles Empty Fun with Fake Character Profiles

Post  Autumnus Springs Sat Jun 15, 2013 3:05 am

Obviously, certain characters could nevet, ever work in this RP without pushing the edges of sanity.

This is where we make profiles for those characters.

In essence, this is a place for faked character profiles, made for humorous purposes.

These characters ARE NOT GOOD EXAMPLES. If you want to make a character, and want to see good examples, check out accepted profiles.

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Autumnus Springs
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Fun with Fake Character Profiles Empty Re: Fun with Fake Character Profiles

Post  Autumnus Springs Sat Jun 15, 2013 3:55 am

Bubbly the Porpoise

(Baron Bubbly)

Nobody has taken a photo of Bubbly the Porpoise and lived to tell the tale.

"Hi, Kids! It's me! Bubbly the Porpoise! You'll never see me coming!"

FULL NAME: Sir Bobby the Porpoise
OTHER ALIAS: King Porpoise, Colonel Porpoise
CURRENT AGE: Appears Six (Actually two)
OCCUPATION: Hand Puppet used for educational purposes.
SCHOOL: A Certain High School
FACTION: Unknown

APPEARANCE: Bubbly the Porpoise is a grey felt hand puppet modeled after the finless porpoise. He is therefore perpetually six years old. He has flippers which can be controlled with the thumb and pinky finger. He is used to teach Calculus. He has a little blue beret that is attached to his head, and a Velcro stick can be attached to either of his arms.
HEIGHT: Nine inches
WEIGHT: Around 5 ounces
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Is a hand puppet of a porpoise

He has taught many students calculus, apparently.
Excited about Math
He really, really is.
Will never give up once he has set his mind on something.
He keeps a detailed list of everyone who has wronged him.
Never leaves any evidence, and destroys every record of his involvement in a crime.


Anything that prevents him from getting any of the above.
Flash Photography


Bubbly doesn't wish to divulge his weaknesses.

HISTORY: One day, Bubbly the Porpoise was found in a storage closet. No one sure how he got there, but he had a strange penchant for calculus. He was used as an educational tool by instructors in order to teach this subject. Times were tough, so he had to take a part time job helping teach oral hygiene. Bubbly was popular with students, and gained several awards.

One night, it was noticed that Bubbly the porpoise had been sneaking around outside of the school, however. No one was sure what he was doing, a fact which remains a mystery to this day. People who ask too many questions seem to be found missing.

Bubbly lives a humble life as an instructor by day, but at night, he becomes a creature of darkness, spoken about only in the faintest of whispers in the shadiest parts of Academy City. While many see Bubbly as a lovable oaf, in reality, he is as ruthless as he is adorable. If you are outside at night, and you see Bubbly, call the authorities immediately. DO NOT ENGAGE.

RANK: Unknown
NO ORDINARY PUPPET: Bubbly is capable of moving on his own, at about the speed of a regular porpoise in the water. He can also move on land at the same speed.

It's a little freaky actually.
OTHER ABILITIES: Any other talents or non supernatural abilities or equipment used by your character.
Good at math
Bubbly is good enough at math to act as an educational instructor.
Bubbly knows 81,543 ways to kill a person and make it look like an accident.
According to eyewitness accounts, Bubbly stuns his enemies with sheer cuteness.
Sleight of Hand
Capable of making small motions quickly to hide his true intentions.
Capable of faking official documents.
Has spies everywhere. Including the person you saw on the street just before, that man on the bench who was reading a newspaper, the waiter who asked if you needed more water, and the man watching you right now.

That is all.

Joke Character by Autumnus Springs

Autumnus Springs
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Fun with Fake Character Profiles Empty Re: Fun with Fake Character Profiles

Post  Jack Nightingale Tue May 13, 2014 11:16 pm

Jack Nightingale

Puella719 "Behold, the loli!"

Fun with Fake Character Profiles 4758-934723854

"Want some candy, little girl?"

FULL NAME: Jack Nightingale
OTHER ALIAS: That Old Pervert, Freak, Old Man Lolicon
FACTION: Peversion Propagation Committee (PPC)

APPEARANCE: He looks like an unassuming old man. He consciously tries to keep this impression so that little girls are not wary of him.
HEIGHT: 4'4 ft.
WEIGHT:  108 lbs.

They are the reason I live!
Their splendor surpasses that of the stars.
I beg of you, never grow up!
Komoe-chan, the eternal loli. What is your secret?
All ye sinners who have gazed at busty bodacious babes, repent, and see the truth! For lolis are the truth.

Stalking lolis
Smelling lolis
All females that have too much 'bust' or 'bounce'.
Dragging lolis into perverted situations
Peeping on lolis
Dealing with busty babes and onee-san types

HISTORY:  In his youth, Jack worked as a freelancer. One day, he went to Academy City and experienced many fantastic adventures. But in the end, he was unsatisfied. So he searched. In the end, he discovered a strange organization. They were known as the Perversion Propagation Committee. Amidst that group, there was an amazing elderly man. The man was elderly even when compared to him, and that's saying something. That man taught him the meaning of life. That man, his sensei, taught him the of wonder and majesty of the world's little girls. Then he grieved. He grieved that he had wasted so much of his life, and watched so many little girls grow up, and lose their wonder and majesty. So he changed his magic name and joined the PPC. He joined it and returned to Academy City, to search out its wonderful lolis.

RANK: Vice President of the Lolicon Brigade
Puella719: Behold, the loli!
Perverted Situation Creator: First he must obtain the undergarments of a loli. Then, he must pray to the Lolikami. Then, for each hour he prays, the owner of the undergarment shall be plunged into embarassing and perverted situations.
How could he stalk lolis if he wasn't stealthy?
Dirty Minded
As a proud member of the PPC, he has one of the world's dirtiest minds.
Infiltration Specialist
He honed this skill in his youth, and makes good use of it in the present.
Sharp Eyes
Whether a panty flash or an unguarded window, none shall escape his gaze.
Parental Avoidance
A must-have skill for a member of the Lolicon Brigade.
Feigned Innocence
In order to gain the trust of lolis everywhere, when in public he plays the role of a kind, loving old man.
Jack Nightingale
Jack Nightingale

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Fun with Fake Character Profiles Empty Re: Fun with Fake Character Profiles

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