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An Archbishop's Guide on what to consider before making an Esper character!

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An Archbishop's Guide on what to consider before making an Esper character! Empty An Archbishop's Guide on what to consider before making an Esper character!

Post  [Old] Index Fri May 16, 2014 1:11 am

An Archbishop's Guide on what to consider before making an Esper character! Laura01_zps9b0ca1e7

As the mod in charge of approving profiles I'd like to point out some things that I've naturally picked up on when looking at new Esper profiles. Some of which are a repeating pattern that people seems to like using which becomes a dull pattern as far as character development goes so I will list them here, the things you should try and reconsider before using them in your profile.

Please remember that if you register yourself as a student body in Academy City that unless you specify and elaborate further, remember that you are probably a ordinary teenager at best. 14~18.

I will go onto explain some things that might seem quite obvious but...

My teen Esper can't be this Ninja Warrior!
Not many teenagers come with a black belt or 8th dan in a martial arts. Students in Academy City aren't naturally bred killers or soldiers of fortune in the making. Aside from their Esper abilities they aren't any different from students you see at your local schools so please do not assume they will be experts in the art of killing using a martial arts of any form unless revised and elaborated with great detail why a 14 year old is a trained assassin able to stop someone's heartbeat with a single punch.

Swords, the weapon of all Heroes!
Swords! Probably the most overused equipment for any rp boards. Unless they are some sort of a Spiritual Artifact (really exclusive to Magicians and even then I'm restricting them mainly because of the ridiculous amount of Sword users we have already) a Esper isn't going to have one. Actually let's keep it simple and say Espers can't equip swords full stop, why you ask? Academy City has advanced technology that is decades more advanced than the outside world, why would anyone use swords in this day and age when they have laser guns? Hell I'm sure if you asked anyone locally whats more lethal, swords or guns, I'm sure they would say guns. We're also going to ask well how does a 14 year old have swords and guns anyway? Smuggled them through customs by purchasing it off amazon isn't going to convince me.

Everyone is Tragic!
Personal tragedy. Yes it happens and we all know it helps build the foundations of a character growth and I really don't mind the idea of adding some kind of tragic event that happened when they were young. Unfortunately I'm starting to see a general pattern most people seems to run with so please try to minimize it if you can and say you became a orphan with nothing to lose or that you live for vengeance against a sibling who murdered your parents and everyone you ever cared about. If you notice there are alot more normal students in Academy City than ones with a dark past. I would however like to encourage people to really think twice about this before making a super tragic story. When badly done it just sound super awkward!

Why people do what they do? Whats the reason behind it?
Most people do things with a clear reason. Just because your family is rich they won't necessarily subject their heir/heiress to potentially dangerous experiments and environments like Academy City just to learn a few Esper tricks. Yes there are some parents who might want that for that child and if your character fits into the few then you'd best explain why your parents or guardians thought it's best for them to send their child into Academy City. What motivates or drive them? Please explain otherwise it just seems really random they suddenly decided "Right kids, we're gonna ship you off to Academy City! No buts! Get in the crate now!"

"Hah! You activated my Trap Card!"
Esper powers that somehow is suggestive to power play is banned full stop. So if you think your ability will block off someone's escape root or conveniently summon a nuclear warhead next to their heads or mind control them into eating 500 hamburgers and pass out from dying to overconsumption of unhealthy junkfood then please stop yourself the hassle and revise your ability because it's obvious this will be brought to your attention by moderation.

Dual Skill
Your Esper can't be a Dual Skill. There's no negotiation around this so stick to one concept of Esper ability.

No Gemstones!
Moving on, you cannot be an Esper that are born with their powers. This is called a Gemstone and canonically they are considered as extreme oddities outside Academy City. We know it happens in one out of billions but that doesn't give us the reason to allow rpers to make them so focus on the fact that your Esper will have to be a candidate who went through the Power Curriculum to cultivate their powers instead of suggesting that they were born with it for simplicity sake.

Why custom School?
Custom schools. I advise you stick with canon schools mainly because if you go around creating your own schools you'll find that all you're doing is restricting yourself the opportunity to rp with other rpers and canon npcs.

Dark Organization?
Creation of Dark Organization inside Academy City? My answer will be no. Same as the custom school deal. You'll just find yourself isolating yourself to the point unless you actively make rp ideas for such organization you're going to find it very boring with nothing to do with said organization.

In Academy City it's rare to see a foreigner. It's mentioned several times that Frenda is one of the few foreigners to live in Academy City. Course we have foreign Magicians visiting Academy City all the time but the same really can't be said of Espers. In fact.... I don't believe theres a Esper in Academy City that isn't Japanese. Feel free to quote me on this but yeah a vast majority of them are Japanese students as such we would like it if you would reconsider making a foreign exchange student type Espers. We've had a surprising number of them in the past and quite frankly it just feels like Academy City is becoming more and more populated with nothing but foreigners.

Happy Happy Family!
Totally not a thing. Of all that is Academy City, this is not a place to raise your children in. With 80% of the inhabitants being students, the vast majority has been sent there from outside to live far away and distanced from all the loved ones. That’s what a boarding school is after all.
It isn’t like there is any place for family housings anyway.

Mind Controlling Espers
Are a big No No! There's no negotiations about it. Mind Controlling would be considered unfair on the other RPers and will be banned full stop.
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