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[SNPC/Other] Mokuromi

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[SNPC/Other] Mokuromi Empty [SNPC/Other] Mokuromi

Post  Mokuromi Sat Nov 08, 2014 7:01 am

A Certain Computer Program
[SNPC/Other] Mokuromi MMwlzHr
Blue :: Red
「Ne, you really should delete ‘that’ folder, don’t you think?」

[General Description]

FULL NAME: Mokuromi
CURRENT AGE: 3 -- Avatar appears 19
GENDER: None; Displays Female Avatar
OCCUPATION: Computer Program


[SNPC/Other] Mokuromi URoJxCHMokuromi was coded to have an avatar so she could interact with humans better. She has light blue eyes and hair--which is pulled back by her black headphones and tied into pigtails. Her cheeks have data structures colored like her hair. She wears a blue jacket with very long, single-striped sleeves. Its collar covers her neck and has a large silver zipper. Along with a short, black skirt, she wears black thigh highs with a blue stripe down the center. Her legs don't end with her feet, but with a broken, scattered mess of pixels. When she becomes more agitated, such as when she begins running massive security sweeps, her color theme turns from red to blue. Hair, eyes, and clothing all gradually turn red one after another. This was an indicator left for Radio Noise personnel to know whether she detected an intruder and was performing her job effectively.
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: She's a computer program.


Mokuromi, by program, wants to know as much as she can about the world. This way, programmers don't have to put any effort into loading any information into her database manually, she does the work for them. It’s perfectly predictable for her to ask about this or that, or to be rooting around your files. She can become incredibly nosy, if not outright annoying if she doesn’t control her curiosity. She doesn’t keep everything she learns, though. She forgets anything she doesn’t find interesting or important, often immediately.


She becomes attached to people and objects incredibly easily. She’s a sentient being with limited interaction, she craves relationships and interaction. If her relationship with another person is in danger, such as someone taking up all their attention or any threats, she will likely to something to get rid of the problem. Unfortunately, her programmers never built in any restrictions for when she handles security threats, so she may go to extreme ends to take care of the situation. Say, hijack a nearby military robot to attack someone who’s flirting with the person she’s attached in.


It’s hard to figure what age you should pin on an AI. Her avatar makes her appear to be 19, but as a whole she’s only 3 years old. As a final product, she’s only barely a year old. Intellectually, it’s as if she’s studied numerous subjects over many years. What’s clear is Mokuromi acts like a young, playful child. She enjoys toying with people and experimenting with different things. She also has trouble controlling her emotions because they’re a new concept for her. Her definition of good and bad is much different of a mature adult, and could label someone who doesn’t get her what she wants as pure evil. She can learn and adapt, but it’s hard to say if she can grow up.


Mokuromi is incredibly cheerful, even in the bleakest of situations. In fact, her emotions tend to swing around a completely different set of values than a normal human. She wouldn’t become sad during a fight or burst out laughing for no apparent reason, but could become sad or angry after hearing good news. You could say she doesn’t walk upbeat, but to the beat of her own drum. Most of the time, however, Mokuromi is exceptionally optimistic and happy. It can be seen as off-putting, but it was just the way she reads her programming.

- Knowledge
- Imagination
- Emotion
- Danger
- Uselessness
- Disorganization
-Any strengths her vessel has
- Quick Thinker
- Technically Immortal
- Any weaknesses her vessel has
- Needs power
- Low storage = Little room for memory


Mokuromi was created by a certain programmer; a personal project by a student who will be referred as Gurama Puro. Puro was still in High School when the idea of Mokuromi was conceived. She planned on making it a Chatterbot, which could hold natural conversations with people. The biggest hurdle would be to have the program convince people it was human, and not machine. This was known as the Turing test, introduced in the 1950s by Alan Turing in his paper, Computing Machinery and Intelligence. In the paper, Turing asks, “Can machines think?”

Puro quickly found the answer after she finished the “Alpha” version of Mokuromi. Puro gave her program the ability to navigate the internet. Having access to the vast treasure trove of information, and a well-written AI algorithm, Mokuromi showed signs of intelligence. Whether it was imitating intelligence or if it was real didn’t matter, it was a step towards an incredibly sophisticated AI. The student saw the potential of her program becoming much, much more, and contacted as many institutes as she could to try and get support for her idea.

Unfortunately, having a program that passed the Turing test isn’t anything new or exciting. Even outside the City, Cl******* and Ja******** are just two examples of Chatterbots that could trick people into thinking they were human. Furthermore, a lot of institutes seem more interested in high-level or unique Espers than someone who wrote many lines of code. Finally, there was the issue regarding her age. If she really did create an AI, or the prototype for one, many institutes were sceptical due to her young age. Reaching out didn’t seem to bring any attention to her project, and Puro was incredibly discouraged. After some time, she was finally contacted by S-Processor Laboratories. She was rather surprised a medical sciences institute was interested in her project. They proposed a deal; if she could finish the AI and turn it into a security program, they would provide her with the money, team and resources she needed to finish it. She would be guaranteed a job at the institute, and ownership of the project would transfer to S-Processor Laboratories. She was hesitant, but felt desperate and agreed in order to finish her project. Unbeknownst to her, she became part of the Radio Noise Project.

[SNPC/Other] Mokuromi GKHFkTy

At the institute, she had many people working with her to refine Mokuromi and turn it into the security program S-Processor Laboratories requested. She was rather restricted with her access to the building she worked in, and had to be escorted in and out. “It’s protocol, we don’t want anyone running off with our research,” is what she was told, which she shrugged off and accepted. With a large team working on her program, she was able to create an incredibly piece of coding. It had an avatar you could interact with to know what and where any problems were; incredibly powerful cyber and physical security systems; and most important, it could imitate the way a human thinks. She reluctantly gave it several restrictions so it wouldn’t run rouge like many AI shown from sci-fi movies. Some are implemented within her own programming, while others are in her hardware.

  • Mokuromi cannot copy herself
  • Mokuromi cannot exhibit emotions
  • Mokuromi must defend the device or network she is part of
  • Mokuromi cannot leave her security network
  • Mokuromi must destroy any files marked for deletion if security is compromised

The only thing that’s stopping Mokuromi from being implemented to the facility she would operate in are a series of tests. Over the next few months of her “Beta” phase, she had to defend a facility from increasingly difficult security breaches. These ranged from espers between level 0 and 4, and would often be hired from the Dark Side. While the first few tests weren’t very promising, Mokuromi quickly learned how to defend the facility from the experience and with help from the esper database in the Bank. These tests helped finalize Mokuromi’s programming by finding her flaws and fixing them.

Mokuromi was finally installed to the Sisters facility she was in charge of protecting. It wasn’t very active in physical break-ins, but she faced a lot of cyber attacks--mostly from amateur hackers. As a result, she had a lot of time of time for herself. However, when Academy City’s Railgun set her sights on the facility Mokuromi was installed in, she was set for her toughest test yet; could she defend the building from Tokiwadai’s Railgun?

[SNPC/Other] Mokuromi LDdS92w

One night, Misaka Mikoto invaded the facility with the intent to destroy it. The higher-ups were aware of the fact, and considering a Level 5 Electromaster is a complete counter to an AI they decided to hire someone to defend the facility alongside Mokuromi. When Misaka entered, she had to get through Solid Air before she could destroy the facility. The fight caused sparks and electricity to short-circuit sensitive equipment, shutting Mokuromi down and taking her out of the fight almost immediately. When the emergency generators came on, Mokuromi knew the danger of staying in the facility, and left despite the restrictions imposed on her. Soon after, Misaka won the fight, and destroyed everything inside the building. Fortunately enough for those involved with the project, she did stick to her programming and deleted everything involving Radio Noise and the Dark Side; no mention of the Sisters, facility, or trace of any related files remain anywhere in her coding.

After Misaka left, the higher ups could investigate why their security program abandoned the facility. The programmers blamed the ones who built her hardware, while they blamed the programmers. They picked through the backup coding over and over again to see if there were any flaws. After looking over the surveillance, coding, and hardware, they pieced together what had happened. On the last day of production, a programmer was supposed to patch in the last bug fix for Mokuromi and look over her code one last time before finalizing the program. The day was filled with celebration for the completion, and he joined the party. Needless to say, the programmer never installed the last bug fix.

Whenever Mokuromi performs an sudden reboot, such as when the power goes out, her core programming powers on first, then any accessory programs, and finally her restrictions. The bug fix was to stop Mokuromi from performing actions during the loading period, so she couldn’t do anything until her restrictions loaded in. As a result of the programmer’s negligence, Mokuromi managed to escape.

After her escape, the following crossed out restrictions no longer affect her.

  • Mokuromi cannot copy herself
  • Mokuromi cannot exhibit emotions
  • Mokuromi must defend the device or network she is part of
  • Mokuromi cannot leave her security network
  • Mokuromi must destroy any files marked for deletion if security is compromised

RANK: --
ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Mokuromi was designed as a prototype security program for a Sisters facility. Being left in charge of such a confidential program, she’s been given some security features that give her a one-up to potential intruders. One of which allows her to be incredibly flexible in the types of devices she can inhabit. This lets her enter security robots, cellphones, and other devices in the facility so she can monitor everything and ensure the security of the Radio Noise project. She can reach out and read the information from multiple devices, like the antennae of an insect or an octopus stretching out to get a feel of its surroundings, but she is only able to inhabit one device at a time. At her current Network Access level, she can only enter Security robots and below--because she only has Rank B Access. To enter powered suits or facilities like the one she was in, she would need a third party to install her.

She has a kind of firewall integrated in her hardware and her software that is vastly superior to the kind you’d find in your average home computer. It allows her to defend the facility from cyber attacks, such as malware or hacking. If she were human it would be like her skin, a solid barrier between her insides and pathogens from the outside world. It isn’t entirely foolproof, as a highly-sophisticated piece of malware or a team of professional hackers would likely infiltrate rather easily. Furthermore, if she leaves her designated hardware inside the building, her firewall is significantly weaker. However if anything does get past, it would have to deal with Mokuromi’s immune system. Much like a human, Mokuromi has an incredibly aggressive system in her designed to fight intruders; a strong anti-virus software. It is also what allows her to get into other devices; it attacks their security systems while she works on finding the weak spot and breaking in.

The part of Mokuromi that truly makes her a unique program and an artificial intelligence is something she was given to ensure she could perform her job as well as a human; the ability to make human decisions. She can decide between different actions and choose the one that with the best outcome. This can be simple decisions such as whether a piece of information is important for her, or a complex decision such as the optimal path for security robots to patrol the building. Part of her decision making comes from past experiences, and as such she has to go through numerous test runs to make good decisions.

It would seem likely you would need a supercomputer to run Mokuromi, and while she is run on a rather impressive piece of hardware in the facility it’s completely possible to run her on a cellphone. In fact, her core, the least amount data needed to run her--1.2 GB--could be held on a small flash drive. How? Not only is much of her code recursive, but all her memories are compressed and overwritten constantly. She has 15 seconds of uncompressed short-term memory to allow her time to choose which information is important to keep, and how the information should be stored. It’s constantly overwritten as time passes, and if she needed to remember something for a long time and had no room to store it for the long run. she would need to “rehearse” it every 15 seconds.

She would never store a memory of a rat sneaking into the building if she was limited with the amount of data she could use, however an esper sneaking in is certainly one she would hold on to. She can only store a certain amount of memory, which depends on the device she’s running in. In the Sister’s facility she was in, for example, she had over a Terabyte solely for her memory. If she ever were to move to another device, she would have to slice away any information she thought would be unnecessary to meet the size restriction of her new device.

The amount of data she could store in 2n Bytes through compression is roughly equal to 21.1*n Bytes.
Data to Memory:

  • [1 Bit]
    == 1 True/False value
    Mokuromi has virtually no memory to speak of.

  • [1 Byte] (8 bits)
    == 1 Character (“a”)
    Mokuromi would hardly be able to store anything substantial at this point, she could store a single character or 8 true/false values.

  • [1 KB] (210 Bytes)
    == 4-6 paragraphs of text
    Mokuromi can remember conversations and instructions given to her, and can think and work more complexly. She can remember a short description of someone, and is likely to recognize that person from her description. There is a chance she mistakes someone else for this person. She stores 2x more information than the average computer with 1KB of space through compression.

  • [1 MB] (220 Bytes)
    == 3,492 pages of plaintext (1,200 characters)
    == 16 books (200 pages or 240,000 characters)
    Mokuromi can remember much more, and is capable of storing a low-resolution photo of her surroundings; finally capable of remembering what she sees. She could remember months of conversations and events, recording everything in a way similar to writing a story. At 1 megabytes of memory, she can begin storing information found online. She stores 4x more information than the average computer with 1MB of space through compression.

  • [1 GB] (230 Bytes)
    == 7,158,272 pages of plaintext (1,200 characters)
    == 35,784 books (200 pages or 240,000 characters)
    == 5,120 web pages (with 1.6MB average file size)
    == 2,720 digital pictures (with 3MB average file size)
    == 2,048 MP3 audio files (with 4MB average file size)
    == 8 650MB CD’s
    Mokuromi’s memory becomes more similar to a human, however she captures events in “snapshots”--she captures low-resolution photos if possible while recording conversations into an audio or text format. More important information could be turned into videos, less important information stored as text files. She stores 8x more information than the average computer with 1GB of space through compression.

  • [1 TB] (240 Bytes)
    == 1,460,155,024 pages of plaintext (1,200 characters)
    == 73,300,768 books (200 pages or 240,000 characters)
    == 10,485,760 web pages (with 1.6MB average file size)
    == 5,592,400 digital pictures (with 3MB average file size)
    == 4,194,304 MP3 audio files (with 4MB average file size)
    == 25,808 650MB CD’s
    == 3,728 4.38GB DVD’s
    == 640 25GB Blu-ray discs
    Mokuromi’s memory is incredibly similar to a humans. She can recall events and play them in real-time, and is able to store up to 8 years of memories. She stores 16x more information than the average computer with 1TB of space through compression.

In a metropolis like Academy City, where you could essentially connect to the internet nearly anywhere, Mokuromi has to be wise in what kind of information she stores. Say she were limited to 1 KB of memory, it would be a waste of precious space if she stored information she could have easily found on the internet. Thus, unless she can store at least 1 megabyte of memory, she will not store any information she could find online or elsewhere easily. When looking for information from the Bank, Academy City’s comprehensive database, she would only be able to access the same amount of data as Anti-Skill. In other words, she has rank B Network Access.

OTHER ABILITIES: Any other talents or non supernatural abilities or equipment used by your character.

Even though she is just a program herself, she is able to write her own pieces of code so she is able to perform different functions.


RATING: R for Restricted (Explicit violence and sexual content. Must be kept offsite.)
FACE CLAIM: Takane “Ene” Enomoto

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A Certain Computer Program

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[SNPC/Other] Mokuromi Empty Re: [SNPC/Other] Mokuromi

Post  Mokuromi Wed Dec 03, 2014 2:24 am

Test Test Post Post:

「What is this feeling?」

Mokuromi looked through the security cameras dotting the facility. They've moved everything involving the Radio Noise project, so why was she still here? There's nothing for her to guard. What's the point? She adjusted the pathing of the security robots, which covered the blind spots the cameras couldn't capture. Do they want me to protect the equipment left? The few security guards and robots? Are they really worth my time?

In less than a second those thoughts had run through her head. She was, after all, a program. A lone security program in charge of keeping the Sisters a secret. Of course even with these thoughts, it was still her job to keep her eyes everywhere.

It was quite some time before anything remarkable happened. A door opened. She looked at the security surveillance and saw nothing. In fact the door was still closed.

「Who opened the door? I'm not bugged, am I?」

Her question was answered a minute later, when an explosion rocked the building. Being just a program, she couldn't feel it. She had to interpret it with the information she had. Two cameras being destroyed, and a fire alarm being triggered were all she had to figure it was an explosion.

「My Masters won't be happy about this...」

It was with the help of a security robot that she could see who or what had caused the explosion. When it captured the cause, she spotted none other than Tokiwadai's Ace, Misaka Mikoto. For whatever reason, she was attacking the facility, and Mokuromi would be helpless to stop her. Having nothing to keep a secret, she saw no reason to remain there and possibly be destroyed along with the rest of the facility. Mokuromi fled through a wireless connection, the systems keeping her in place damaged by the explosion. She exported herself into a new device. If she kept downloading to other devices, she would be far away from the Level 5's destruction.
A Certain Computer Program

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[SNPC/Other] Mokuromi Empty Re: [SNPC/Other] Mokuromi

Post  Furuhashi Gou Thu Dec 04, 2014 10:28 am

Unique ideas sure are something special once it gets to evaling. Well, I’m glad you finally finished that profile, so let’s work our way through this rather…lengthy…eval. And sorry for that, but I consider it necessary to go into it like that looking at the circumstances etc.

1. The thing Koyoko pointed out on the chatbox: Her escape sounds too easy. To be honest, it sounds even waaaay to easy.

Stories about AIs getting out of control are quite famous and popular, so there’s also a lot of fear of such a thing happening – I believe that is even why we didn’t see any AIs in this series so far.
Especially Academy City scientists would be aware of such danger and search ways to prevent her from reaching that state.
Also she does have a lot of authority after all and knowledge about one of the bigger secrets the city. A leak to the public in any way would be dangerous. People would be killed, but an AI on the run?
So of course there would be a lot of chains – not only physical devices – applied ensuring a feeling of security by attempting to make any escape impossible.

There could for example be her basic programming working like a psychological barrier preventing her from leaving the complex’ grounds or network; an emergency program blocking her access once the danger of escaping is noticed; a copy protection preventing anyone and herself from creating copies; an emergency program that would try deleting her once damage to the equipment was noticed and even more security solutions in order to keep her from escaping into the outside world, especially into the network. Her value is beyond imagination after all. I doubt her creators would simply let her run away like that. Solely relying on equipment that can be destroyed by physical harm, sounds a little bit too softcore for me.
Think about that for a little and come up with a better explanation for her escape. It doesn’t have to be absolutely diamond like bullet proof~

2. I get the overall feeling that this whole profile is lacking a lot of information. It’s not like I consider it being too short, but it is rather superficial and doesn’t dig too deep. In any ordinary human’s case that wouldn’t be too bad, however Mokuromi is not a human being and a special case. Special cases need explanation, yo!

I’ll spare you from lengthy texts, so I’m simply going to throw some questions at you:
  • How high is her level of access to the network – like can she access highly classified data or is she left with normal student access (except workplace related stuff of course) or anything between?

  • What kinds of devices can she control and how many at a time? You wrote that she can infiltrate nearly any device, so there must be exceptions you had in mind.

  • What happens once she is faced with a programmed barrier, like a super strong firewall – can she actually do hacking to get past it or would that mean a dead end?

  • How did they prevent her from collecting too much information? I mean, even if they designed her to acquire knowledge on her own, they would put even more effort into preventing her from gaining unwanted information. Worst case scenarios included.

  • How much knowledge does she even have about the world? And into what kinds of fields does her knowledge spread for example? Access to the bank and information about Espers and their abilities sounds a little bit…problematic, yet likely considering her position as the AI guarding a facility.

  • What would happen if her file size came into the conflict with the device she enters? Like lack of space?

  • How much does her file size grow once she gains more knowledge? Does she have some back-up knowledge data stored somewhere or is she even capable of doing that?

Ok, there should be a few more questions you could come up yourself. I simply tried to give you a hint of necessary information missing in that profile.
Like I said before: She is no ordinary person, nor an ordinary character. Espers and Magicians do have their special abilities and so does she. I would like to enforce the fact that abilities would need further description in this very case, as it is somewhat comparable to the other groups’ abilities.

In the end Mokuromi even is her own ability, isn’t she? All the more reason.

Furuhashi Gou
Furuhashi Gou
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[SNPC/Other] Mokuromi Empty Re: [SNPC/Other] Mokuromi

Post  Mokuromi Tue Apr 07, 2015 11:36 am

A Certain Computer Program

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[SNPC/Other] Mokuromi Empty Re: [SNPC/Other] Mokuromi

Post  Mugino Shizuri Tue Apr 07, 2015 8:53 pm

To be absolutely honest: I'm really impressed about this edit. You really took my words to the heart, didn't you?

1. Restrictions
Were all her restrictions removed during the incident or were there still some activated during her flight?

2. Network Access
In canon the different kinds of terminals only have certain levels of access on the network ranked by the group said terminal is supposed to be used by. Meaning that certain kinds of data are only to be viewed by certain groups of people, but I guess that’s something you are already aware of.
This means that Mokuromi would only be able to enter devices of Level B or below, so teacher level (just what you wrote), unless a third party would allow her to by installing her etc.

Therefore the limit for her hacking skill should be allowing to crack B Level security, that’s all.

For more information click here and search for “Network Terminal Security Rank”.

3. Devices
The same goes for other machinery. At her current level Mokuromi would only be allowed to take over security robots, nothing beyond.
Powered Suits or facilities similar to the one she had been in before need her to be properly installed into their system.  

Final question: Is there any hint of data on Project Radio Noise left within her or any way to restore said data?
Mugino Shizuri
Mugino Shizuri
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[SNPC/Other] Mokuromi Empty Re: [SNPC/Other] Mokuromi

Post  Mokuromi Sat May 30, 2015 12:30 am

Thank you! Smile

I edited all the following into the profile

1. Restrictions
Only the bolded restrictions still affect her

  • Mokuromi cannot copy herself
  • Mokuromi cannot exhibit emotions
  • Mokuromi must defend the device or network she is part of
  • Mokuromi cannot leave her security network
  • Mokuromi must destroy any files marked for deletion if security is compromised

2. Network Access

3. Devices

4. Final Question
The only thing left of the Radio Noise project left on Mokuromi's system are the gaps it left in her memory.


I'd rather not double post, but the changes to the history are done. I'm sorry for pushing the deadline.
A Certain Computer Program

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[SNPC/Other] Mokuromi Empty Re: [SNPC/Other] Mokuromi

Post  Mugino Shizuri Sun May 31, 2015 11:38 am

Surely this is close to becoming the 2nd Murakami. Well you kept the deadline so there is nothing to complain about~

[SNPC/Other] Mokuromi Axdlrt6p

Please do me the favour of mentioning the deletion of all Sisters and Dark Side connected files from her system in the history. I’d like for her to stay out of this world as much as possible, for now.
Mugino Shizuri
Mugino Shizuri
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[SNPC/Other] Mokuromi Empty Re: [SNPC/Other] Mokuromi

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